tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Walk Home

Michelle's Walk Home


Michelle is 22 years old, and about 5'4". She has dark hair just a little past her shoulders. She wears big glasses that accentuate her beautiful dark eyes. She is a small girl, weighing only about 105 lbs. Her tits are small, only a B-cup. She has a tight little ass that really looks good in her tight stretch pants as she walks past the house on her way to work at the local Kroger store.

Michelle usually worked the afternoon shift, but this week she was working the late evening shift, until midnight. I was in the store late one evening and asked her about it. She said that she didn't mind working late, but that she was a little scared walking home that late. There are a couple of places along the side of the building that are really dark and those are the only places that bothered her.

We had done a little fucking a few weeks before, so she was able to talk to me about almost anything. She said that if a guy attacked her it really wouldn't bother her too much, as long as he didn't hurt her or leave any marks that her husband would see and be curious about.

I smiled and said, "Oh, really?" She laughed and told me to behave myself. As I walked out of the store I started to make plans. I have a very weak pellet gun that I use to sting stray dogs and it looks very much like a real automatic pistol. I decided to use that and really scare her. This was going to be a lot of fun, if I could do it without hurting her. When I got home, I found a dark cloth bag, some nylon wire ties like the cops for handcuffs, and some masking tape.

At about 10 minutes to midnight, I went out the back door of my house and hid in one of the dark places and waited. I didn't have too long to wait before I heard her walking toward me. As she walked passed I stepped out and pulled the bag down over her head, a real shame because I like looking into her eyes when I am fucking her. When the bag hit her shoulders I pulled it tight around her neck, pushed the pistol against the back of her head and in a deep voice said, "Don't scream or I'll blow your head off!" I told her to put her hands behind her put the nylon cuffs on her wrists, not too tight. After her hands were secure, I pulled the bag up far enough to put some masking tape over her mouth, another shame, because she gives really great head. Then I pulled the bag back down around her neck and tied it tight enough to scare her, but not tight enough to leave any marks for her husband to see.

I put the pistol in my pocket and grabbed her wrists and pulled up on them to make her bend over. I played with her little titties for a minute and started pulling her into the corner of the park toward some brush. She tripped as we entered but I didn't let fall, no marks you know. I turned her to face me and she whimpered as I pulled her shirt up to get at her tits. I slapped her fairly hard, (still no marks) and said, "Shut the fuck up." I pulled her bra up over her tits and sucked on first one then the other until they were both hard and pointed. I mauled them for a while, careful not leave any marks, but hard enough to hurt a little. She squealed quietly through the tape and started to moan.

I pulled her pants down around her ankles and grabbed her pussy mound very roughly and told her to stand still. I went around behind her and cut the nylon off, I had plenty, and pulled her shirt and bra off. I stretched her out on the grass and used more nylon ties to secure her wrists to a large branch that had fallen out of a tree. She was now on her back with her arms straight out to the sides, and her pants and panties around her ankles. When I reached for her pants, she tried to kick me. Of course, she couldn't see me and missed, but I couldn't let her get away with that so I quietly leaned over and flicked my middle finger on her clit as hard as I could. It had to hurt like hell, but I knew from experience that she liked a little pain. I told her to hold still or I would beat the fuck out of her with a stick. I took her pants off and used more nylon ties to secure her feet to widely spread trees. Now she is spread out and her body is really on display. She is beautiful.

I start eating her nicely trimmed cunt and she really tries to hold still but soon she starts to moan and to hump her hips up to meet my tongue-lashing. I love to eat pussy and could do this for hours, but I know I don't have too much time. Her husband will start to worry if she is too late. I eat her pussy until she is nearly ready to cum then back off and shove my cock brutally into her cunt. She starts to cum immediately and I seems to last a long time. After she calms down, I pull out of her tight little pussy and she moans like she is disappointed.

I cut the ties off of her feet, one at a time, and pull them up to the same branch that her hands are tied to and tie them very wide apart. Now she is completely naked and bent nearly double. Her pouting pussy lips and tight little asshole are wide open for whatever I want to do. I start eating her pussy again and let my tongue do a little walking. As I lick her pussy and asshole she is moaning and trying to catch my tongue with her pussy. It's kinda funny watching her stab around with her hips. I stick my tongue as deeply into her asshole as I can, until it is nice and wet and relaxed. I slowly get into position to fuck her asshole and she is shaking her head "no". As the head of my dick touches her sphincter, I shove it in to the hilt. She squeals several times and I hold still to let her get used to it. When I start to stroke her asshole, she meets me half way on every stroke.

When I start to get close to cumming, I start to ease the bag up enough to get the tape off and caution her not to scream. I'm glad that I used masking tape because it is easy to remove. After the tape is off I start pumping her asshole for all I'm worth. Just before I cum, I take the bag off her head and she can see who has raped her. I pull out of her ass and move up to plug my cock in her mouth. She smiled at me and engulfed my cock for a few strokes, until I start to explode in her throat. Then she pulled back so that only the head was in her mouth so that she could taste my cum. It is one of best orgasms I have ever had. After I take my cock out of her mouth she smiled and said, "Thank-you" and cleaned the cum off my cock with her tongue.

When I have recovered enough to stand up, I do so and get my pants pulled back up, then turn and start to walk away. She almost yelled too loudly for me to get back there and untie her. I turned to look at her and laughed then turned away and took a few more steps. I went back and cut her loose, she jumped up and hit me playfully and gave me a big hug. She told me that, at first, she was really scared. Then, after she could that I wasn't going to hurt her, she really got in to it and had three great orgasms. I must have missed one.

I helped make sure there was no grass in her clothes and helped her get dressed. We started walking toward her house and I left her a few doors short with a hug, a deep kiss, and a promise to do this again when she least expects it.

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