tagIncest/TabooMidwest Mom Ch. 05

Midwest Mom Ch. 05


As the summer progressed the family continued their sexual dalliances. It was the perfect situation for exploiting the naughty fun of inter-familial sex. Nobody was innocent. Rob was intimate with his wife Sandy, but his real fantasy object was his daughter Diane, who teased him mercilessly, and who graced him with the occasional blowjob if the opportunity came up. Chris continued to be most fascinated with his mother's body but he periodically messed around with his sister. And Diane, well, she was able to take as she pleased. She was the only one aware of all the convoluted sexual connections in the household and she loved the power that came with that knowledge. In a sense she was the impresario of the incestuous relations. She loved to keep tabs on all of the illicit relations and if she got bored she would even take steps to instigate sex between her family members if she had nothing else to do at the time.

So the summer progressed splendidly and the family's collective libido was constantly stimulated. Externally they appeared to be a perfectly normal, attractive midwestern family. But beneath the placid exterior there was a storm of sexual pleasure, as they exploited the usually platonic family roles for deviant purposes.

Yet, summers like this one pass too quickly, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, Sandy realized Chris would be returning to the East in just 10 days. Diane would also be starting a new semester, and with Chris gone, she would go back to spending most of her time on campus. As much as Sandy was anxious about the stability of her family in light of her affair with her children, she knew she would be sad when it ended.

Even more than the mindblowing sex, Sandy loved the togetherness of their adult family. She knew it was a rare thing for children to grow up and maintain familial harmony into adulthood. She relished the time they spent together and the wonderful dynamic they could establish.

These thoughts inspired Sandy to plan a camping trip together. They all loved the outdoors, and it would give them a chance to be together one last extended time before summer slipped away from them. She was sure her family would agree.

When she broached the subject that evening at dinner, Rob and Diane were more excited about the idea than Chris. It dawned on Sandy that he was filled with regret about losing sexual access to her. He knew they would likely not be able to be intimate if the four of them were together for the whole week, and it was obviously weighing on his mind. It made her swell with pride to realize how important she had become to her hunk of a son. And she made a mental note to spend some extra special time with him before they left.

The next day she found Chris reading with his shirt off outside, enjoying the mellow sun of the morning, before it became too hot. She stood behind him for a moment before announcing her presence, taking in the sight of his tanned and rippling physique. The way he wore his glasses and seemed so absorbed by his book made him even more attractive, she thought. Not just a hunk of meat, she thought. But a hunk of meat nonetheless. She smiled as she felt herself becoming wet and allowed thoughts of their coupling slip into her mind. She was tempted to reach down and stroke herself, before realizing she was outside for the whole neighborhood to see. But then her eyes focused on the bulge in Chris' pants and a thrill raced up her spine. Screw the neighborhood! Just to indulge the perversity of the idea, she slipped her handed into her shorts and dipped a finger into her moist slit. It felt wonderful, and she dallied a bit before strumming her clit briefly, and then reluctantly removing her hand. What a hussy I am, she thought, and the thought thrilled her.

Approaching Chris, she put her arms on his broad shoulders and lovingly massaged his muscles. He put down the book and leaned back, relaxing into her touch.

"I'm headed to the store to get camping stuff. Wanna come?" she asked.

Chris opened his eyes then and looked up. He could see her breasts at the top of his field of vision. He could tell quite clearly from her elongated nipples that she was aroused. Parsing her words, he mused about how he'd much rather come than go to the camping store. But knowing his randy mother he wondered if they might find some way to do both. Plus, he liked spending time with her, and shopping at the camping store was better than just ordinary shopping.

"Mmmm," he moaned, expressing his feelings of laziness in the warm sun and the pleasure of her casual massage. "Sure. I gotta go grab a shirt though."

As he rose from the chair he brushed by her, allowing his semi-stiff rod to trace along her hips. They moved around each other like lovers, exploiting any opportunity for the odd touch or expression of affection. Luckily the neighborhood was pretty well empty on this weekday morning, and their subtle touches went unnoticed to all but themselves. Rubbing his hand across her lower back and butt, Chris lingered just a bit before moving along inside to put on something decent for shopping.

As he re-emerged outside, Sandy tossed him the keys. Chris usually let his mother drive. He didn't mind driving, but he wasn't in the habit since he'd moved out east. And he wasn't the type of guy who needed to be in control of everything. But he didn't question. He caught the keys smoothly and started for the car.

Chris was actually enjoying it. The roads were pretty empty and he was feeling the same thrill of a kid at a go-cart race – enjoying the power of the engine beneath him as he shifted gears. After such a long time without driving, even the subdued pace of the suburban streets was entertaining.

Distracted by the activity, Chris' mind was, for once, not concerned with his sexy mother. Perhaps Sandy noticed this and wanted to regain her sexual control over her son. Or perhaps she had planned all along. But, in any event, she slowly moved her hand to his lap and drew down the zipper on his khaki shorts. Before taking his penis out of the fly, she put her palm down on his lap. She enjoyed feeling his cock beneath the fabric as it firmed, complicating the movements of his powerful legs against the pedals. But before his cock was fully engorged she had deftly slipped it through his boxers and fly and was slowly stroking it. It was, as always, beautiful to her eyes. It looked so powerful, even angry, in its rigidity, but it was soft to the touch, especially the almost velvety feel of the light purple head as she moved her cool palm and fingers over and around him.

Sandy knew exactly how to manipulate him. Almost as if it were her own, she knew where to teasingly touch to ratchet her son's pleasure steadily upward. She wasn't jerking him off. She was just toying with him, touching him gently in all the right places as he distractedly managed his way through the labyrinthine streets. She noticed he drove right at the speed limit, apparently not in any hurry at all to get to the store.

But it was not a long trip, and as they pulled up in front Sandy withdrew her hand. She would have tried to put away his pecker, but she wasn't skilled enough in the arts of manhood to stuff that rod back into his clothing. She was always amazed that men could do so, as cocks seemed so huge and present when turgid and so blithely absent from view in normal day life.

Chris seemed disappointed to have to put himself away and go shopping. But he knew his mother wouldn't leave him in a lurch for too long. And if his skills of detection were correct, she was quite aroused in her own right. So he did the best he could to restrain his cock from public view and followed him mom into the store, focusing squarely on her twitching ass as he walked.

They needed a few sleeping bags and a propane stove, but Sandy was in no hurry. She liked browsing the selection with her aroused son at her side. She could feel his gaze on her body as she walked slowly around, and it thrilled her. She pretended to look at various camping implements but a great deal of her attention was on her son, whose presence at her side weighed heavily on her mind. As a result there was more than a few subtle contacts between them. As they turned a corner she would let her breasts graze his arm or back. And once as they moved behind a rack of clothing in the corner of the store, she even went so far as the grasp his crotch briefly with her hand. She was satisfied to feel that it was still semi-rigid.

As they found the sleeping bag display a salesgirl noticed and came over to offer assistance. Sandy took notice of her cute, youthful face, and straight brown hair drawn back into a ponytail. The girl's tits were fantastic. Even through the red vest she wore it was obvious that they were full, yet still perky with youth. They seemed to almost leap away from her chest as she approached. She also wore short khaki shorts and her tanned legs were absolutely perfect. Simply put, this girl was stunning.

"Can I help you?" she asked, directing her question at Chris instead of Sandy and angling her body in a way that indicated interest in something more than just a sale.

Chris flashed a winning smile and met her gaze confidently. "We're in the market for some sleeping bags." As he paused Sandy noticed her son's calm confidence and reflected on how attractive he must have seemed even to the gorgeous salesclerk, who was probably about 4 years younger than her son. "Any suggestions?" Chris finished.

She was flustered. An attractive girl herself, she probably wasn't used to young men who were able to deflect her charm with such ease and send a jolt of cool sexiness right back at her. "Umm," she mustered, "well these are on sale." She pointed to some bags displayed on the wall.

Chris smiled slightly and looked on with an expression of expectation. The girl reddened slightly, but after an awkward beat she finally regained some composure. "They are thin so they're good for summer camping. Plus, they are pretty compact so its easy to carry them." Chris nodded, and it was clear to Sandy that he didn't care one way or the other about sleeping bags. Meanwhile, the salesgirl was quite ready to retreat. Chris was obviously not interested in her and she evidently didn't know that much about the merchandise in any case. "Anyways, just lemme know if you have any questions or anything, ok?" And she flashed a slightly bitchy smile at both Chris and Sandy before retreating to a comfortable distance.

As the salesgirl walked away Chris smiled warmly at Sandy. She melted. It was clear that, just now, he had only eyes for her, and she could feel his love for her pulse across the distance between them. After that, they finished up their shopping in a more businesslike manner. Both of them were horny and they were understandably quite eager to make it back home to do something about it.

In the car Sandy once again released Chris's dick. She held it firmly, and once or twice, on a quiet stretch of road she even leaned down and engulfed his head with her warm lips, lapping it quickly with her tongue. They drove with the windows down, and the saliva on Chris's dick was a bracing sensation. As they approached their home they passed a neighbor they recognized who was out walking her dog. Sandy took the opportunity to be naughty. She kept her hand on Chris's cock as the stopped at a stop sign besides the dumpy old Mrs. Cartwright.

"Hello there Kristen!" Sandy said, with the usual fake enthusiasm of middle-aged housewives. As she did so, she stroked up and down on Chris' cock. He was both petrified with fear and stoked with immense passion.

"Oh, hiii Sandy," she responded, drawing out the vowels in a way Chris found annoying. "Its nice to see Chris is home for a visit."

"Oh yes. Its so very nice when he comes," Sandy continued, giving him a knowing squeeze. "There's just never enough time for family." As amusing as he found the double entendre, Chris wanted nothing more than to get home and rip his mother's clothes off. His worst fears were realized as he heard the tone in the old gasbag's voice that indicated she was gonna start into one of her monologues.

"Oh I know, its so hard to find the time. I remember when Sam used to visit..." Sandy was half-turned towards the woman, while she kept her hand behind her stroking up and down on her son's cock. For Sandy it was a very exciting ploy. She nodded politely, but her every attention was on the smooth hardness grasped by her left hand.

After several minutes, Chris was just about to go crazy. He involuntarily groaned just loud enough for Sandy to hear and his dick started to make indications that it was ready to shoot of in her hand.

As exciting as it would be to make her son come in such a compromising position, she had other plans. So she stopped her ministrations, and rudely interrupted Mrs. Cartwright in the middle of a sentence. "We're in a hurry. Gotta go!" With that, Chris almost burned rubber as he accelerated from the stop sign, leaving old Mrs. Cartwright confused by the side of the road.

Arriving home, they almost raced out of the car and into the house. There they encountered Diane on the couch, tossing a tennis ball up and down with an air of boredom.

"Hi honey" said Sandy, but she didn't even slow down on her way upstairs. Chris didn't even bother with a greeting.

"Jesus, you two. Nice to see you too!" Diane called up the stairs after them. "Wonder why you're in such a hurry!" But there was no question in anyone's mind. Especially not for Diane who had detected the enormous bulge in her brother's half-zipped fly and the flush in her mother's cheeks. She wondered if they would even make it to the bed.

Although she was curious about the goings-on upstairs, Diane forced herself to wait for a few minutes. The faint gasps and moans were having their effect and she wanted to let herself imagine the sexy scene before surveying it first hand. After all, she was a wise young girl, who knew well that the thrill of sex is mostly due to expectation. So she let her mind fill in the picture as she moved her right hand under her waistband and onto her shaved cunt. Twiddling her clit, she was surprised how quickly she was becoming aroused. Just one minute ago she was a million miles away from the idea of an orgasm, and now a very satisfying one was building up after just the slightest bit of masturbation. She took hold of a nipple with her right hand and started to pressure her clit more vigorously with the tips of two fingers. It felt wonderful. But she didn't allow herself to go any further.

Instead, she composed herself and walked up the stairs, nearing the crescendo of lusty noises from the master bedroom. They weren't going to last very long, she thought, wondering what happened to drive them into such a frenzy upon returning home.

As she got to the door, her mother shrieked loudly, followed by heavy gasps as she orgasmed. Meanwhile Chris was above her, driving into her quim with a fury. His face was set with determination as he peaked. His hips stopped driving rhythmically, and started to buck spasmodically as he spewed, releasing into his mother for what seemed like 30 seconds. Diane took all of this in with an unself-conscious fascination, and with a hand deep in her own pants, and pussy, as well. She had to admit her brother and mother made for a very sexy image.

Finally Chris collapsed, his powerful chest pressed against his mother's breasts. He moved his hands to her head and cradled it. Face to face, it was clear that they were far gone into a world of post-coital bliss. It almost sickened Diane to see the way they gazed into each other's eyes as they gently swirled their tongues in a loving kiss.

Diane wasn't so cynical to interrupt though, with some kind of snide remark. It was her, after all, who walked in on them having sex. But she was also quite turned on herself. So she moved to the bottom of the bed. She could see her brother's balls, as he was still buried in his mom's cunt. She hopped on to the bed and lifted his recently emptied ballsack to reveal the stem of his dick framed by her mother's full outer pussy lips. There was a bubbly film of their combined fluids dressing the bottom of his dick and her lips. It made Diane's mouth and pussy water in equal measure.

Moving her mouth to their conjoined sex, Diane lapped at the frothy discharge. It tasted of salt from semen and sweat. But she still detected the sweeter taste of her mother's contribution underneath the strong flavors. The taste was driving her wild. Wild enough to disrupt the two of them by pulling Chris's hips back and removing his dick from Sandy's cunt. Fortunately he didn't object and his dick pulled away, leaving a gaping hole in her mother's quim, and followed by a small flood of pearly white sexual fluid. As the penis pulled away from its sheath, several strands of cum stretched along with it and fell onto Sandy's thigh along with Chris' cock. Chris now lay on his side and continued to make out with Sandy at the head of the bed.

But Diane didn't notice this new position. She dove into the sticky mess at her mother's quim. There was no method to her movements – she just wanted to lick and suck everything she could out of her mother's sex. First she made her tongue as broad as possible and licked all the way up her mom's cunt, gathering all the fluids stuck to her outer lips. Then she licked down again before narrowing her tongue and plunging into her vagina, tongue-fucking and suctioning out her mother's well-fucked hole.

But the fluids kept on coming. It took Sandy no time at all to bring off another orgasm as her daughter almost maniacally labored at her sex. The stimulation was even sufficient to bring Sandy's gaze away from her son to take in the pleasing sight of Diane's head bobbing up and down at her crotch. Soon Diane stopped tongue-fucking and moved to her clit. The sensation of her soft tongue pressing the sensitive button almost took Sandy's breath away, and a powerful orgasm immediately ripped through her. It took her by such surprise that she actually growled out loud in pleasure. It was a guttural moan so intense that Chris jumped with surprise.

Diane heard and felt the manifestations of her mother's orgasm and was ready to join in the fun for herself. Her quim was absolutely on fire. She had the idea to move to the head of the bed and straddle her brother's face until he brought her to a satisfying climax. But as she moved forward she decided she didn't want her brother's scratchy chin caressing her lips. No – she wanted her mom to bring her off. Diane knew her mother had never eaten pussy before, and while under normal circumstances that would cause her to prefer her more experienced brother's cuntal attentions, it was exciting to her to think about her mom's face covered in her juices. Sandy wouldn't need any special skill anyways, as Diane planned to mash her clit and lips against her mouth and tongue and ride her violently until she got off.

Sandy had no time to object. She barely had time to cognize the fact that her daughter's pussy was aimed straight for her mouth. As she laid back on the pillow her daughter's sex enveloped her mouth and nose. She was struck by the pleasant taste and wondered why she hadn't ever eaten pussy before. It was actually quite enjoyable. Not that there was much to do – she merely stuck out her tongue and let her daughter grind her clit against her nose. Whatever efforts she made just to continue breathing were evidently enough to ensure her daughter's continued heightening excitement. Finally, with a high-pitched whimper Sandy felt the vagina muscles surrounding her tongue ripple with orgasm. Then a warm rush of fluid seeped out of Diane's pussy and drenched Sandy's mouth and chin.

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