tagBDSMMike & Peggy Ch. 02

Mike & Peggy Ch. 02


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


As he started to drive, Peggy reached over and started to lightly tickle the soft hair on the inside of his thigh. They hadn't reached the end of the block before his cock was hard as a rock, and she had barely touched it since their shower.

Breakfast was not the mild event Mike had in mind. When the waitress wasn't delivering the orange juice and scrambled eggs with buttered toast, she touched and caressed him in every sexy way imaginable. He was rock hard the entire time. She wasn't going to let him relax for a minute. And he didn't!

This went on for the whole day. Peggy took him shopping, and to lunch and more shopping and finally to the grocery store to get more food. What they needed that for Mike wasn't sure, the house was full of food, but he wasn't going to argue. Finally they were back at the house. She had been finding subtle ways to tease him all day. Mike was so horny he was just about insane!

"WOW! I sure had fun today, how about you?" Peggy teased.

"I sure love hangin' out with you," Mike said honestly, trying to stay with the spirit and not lie all at once.

"Well, let's start dinner, okay?" Peggy went on.

Mike was trying to be a trooper. He helped in the kitchen the best he could. Peggy rubbed up against him way more than was necessary. She was driving him wild.

Once dinner was over and Peggy had supervised Mike cleaning up the kitchen, they went to the TV room to watch the movie they had rented. Peggy had picked it out. It was an old flic. "9 1/2 Weeks" with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. One sexy film.

"Let's take our clothes off and cover up with a blanket, and then watch the movie. Okay with you?" she asked.

Once again Mike had no choice, 'uh, no thanks, let's keep our clothes on' just wasn't an option. And no matter how much he wanted to have access to her naked body, he knew how much worse that was going to make his situation.

Peggy stripped very sexily right in front of him and then bounced off to get the blanket. She was back in a flash. Mike was still undressing. As he was about to remove his briefs, Peggy said, "Oh, Mike. Please leave those on. I don't want this to be too tempting for you, you know!" she giggled.

This was different than before. Peggy let Mike have his way with her body. She even directed his hand to slide over her clit just the way she liked, a couple of times, so as to make him bring her to a more intense orgasm. She had three during the course of the movie, but she never directly touched his cock at all.

As Mike slid his finger out of her sopping wet cunt Peggy said, "Taste it."

Mike looked at her with a rather puzzled expression.

"Lick your fingers," she went on, studying his face. Then it dawned on her, Mike had never tasted a girl before. "You've never gone down on a girl, have you?" she asked gently.

"Well, uh, no, I haven't," he admitted rather sheepishly.

Peggy didn't say a word. She just got up off the couch, took Mike by the hand and led him into the bedroom.

When they reached the bed she lay back and spread her legs, "Come here, I'm going to teach you. Just start licking my pussy and I'll guide and coach you." And so Mike did as she directed. She was very demanding and bossy, telling him exactly what to do with his tongue, where to lick, how to lick. She got him to take long licks the length of her slit with his tongue spread wide. She showed him just how she likes to have a tongue probe deep in her hole, 'tongue fucking' she called it. She especially taught him how to suck and lick her clit; how to tease it out of its hood and then lick its length as though it was a miniature cock. She guided his head rather firmly, positioning his mouth and tongue exactly where she wished.

To give Mike his due, he was a fast learner. In a matter of just a few minutes she no longer was telling him what to do, rather the noises coming from her mouth were the sounds of pleasure. Oh, she was still guiding his head with her hands and pulling him deep into her crotch, but she was now moaning loudly and soon was fucking his face with her thrusts.

Over the next thirty minutes Peggy came three more times. When she was finally sated, she just lay on her back and held his head tightly to her pussy, telling him just to lick deep but gently and to leave her clit alone. She made him keep this up for at least another ten minutes.

Finally she pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply, "Mmm, you taste just like pussy!" she giggled. And with that she told him to snuggle up behind her and cuddle again. She was soon drifting off to sleep.

Mike was as horny as he had ever been in his entire life, much worse even than the night before. Here he was again, with Peggy having cum enough times that he had lost count; his cock encased in his cotton briefs, and resting against her naked, gorgeous, round, firm ass; and still he had no relief in sight!

He started to hump against her fine young ass. He didn't care about anything except that a few strokes of his cock between her wondrous ass cheeks and he would cum like a racehorse. Another stroke or two would do it.

"Mike, stop that right now!" Peggy said sharply, "Or something is going to happen that we will both regret!"

Somehow Mike managed to stop, but it wasn't easy. And now he was totally crazed. He was ecstatic that Peggy and he were together, but the frustration of his unfulfilled need to cum was mind-boggling. Just as she had the night before Peggy snuggled right up to him and placed his hand on her breast, then she fell asleep. Frequently during the night she would shift or move her ass in such a way as to keep Mike very close to cumming, but without sending him over the edge.

When morning rolled around Mike was a total was a wreck, physically and mentally. He had slept little and was completely beside himself with lust and frustration. He had a case of blue balls the likes of which he couldn't even have imagined before.

Peggy slowly awoke with a bright smile on her face. It melted Mike's heart instantly. She rolled over and kissed him passionately. Her tongue pushed his lips open, slid into his mouth, and intertwined with his tongue. She sucked his tongue as if it were a cock. "Mmm, you taste good," she cooed.

Mike's cock instantly went from half-hard, which was pretty much as soft as it at been all night, to fully erect the second Peggy clamped her lip lock on him. She couldn't help but notice it growing between them. She made enough room to slip her hand between them and hold his cock. "Mmm, that feels good too. Mike you've got a really nice cock and like I told you, I really like to play with it!"

That Peggy knew a 'nice cock' from any other cock wasn't lost on Mike. She was obviously far more experienced than she let on, and way more than he was.

Peggy bounded from the bed and pulled Mike by the hand, "Let's shower together again, I really liked that!"

The shower routine was just like the day before. He soaped her all over. She let him have his way with her tits and pussy, and in the end she guided him to make her cum yet again. When she was clean, satisfied and finally recovered, she did him again too. Only just as every time before, the difference was she would bring him right to the edge and then stop exactly one instant before the point of no return, when any more stimulation at all would have pushed him over.

As they climbed out of the shower, Peggy was in very high sprits, obviously pleased with herself. Mike was in a bit of a daze. He could hardly believe his good fortune. He was amazed that this beautiful, sexy, young woman found him so attractive, and that their sexcapades were about to go one more step, but he was really ready for that next step. And his cock stuck out like a flagpole. Peggy couldn't help herself, she reached over and stroked it a couple of times. Mike groaned loudly.

"It really turns me on that I have this effect on you Mike. It's making me horny all over again, even though I just came," she giggled. She took Mike by the hand again and led him back to the bed. She was far more aggressive now than before and lay down on her back with her legs spread. "Do me again like last night, please." But it wasn't really a request.

She studied Mike closely. If he did what she suspected he would, she knew she had him completely hooked. And he did; he bent over and started to put on his briefs. Peggy almost came just from watching him pick them up.

"Oh, I think you've proved you can resist temptation, why don't you leave those off?" she directed.

So for the first time ever (except the shower of course) they were holding each other close and both were naked. Mike was about to die!

Peggy pushed and directed him so they were in a 69 position on their sides. Once she got Mike started and had guided his tongue where she wanted it (he was getting quite good at licking her pussy, she noted happily) she started to trace the veins in his cock with her fingertip. She could see that they were standing out very nicely. She could feel his moaning in her pussy every time she touched him, but he didn't slow down or miss a beat, rather the opposite. Peggy was cumming again in a matter of minutes. She urged Mike on until she came twice more, which didn't take long. All the while, she just toyed with his cock and balls, keeping him very close to cumming, but definitely not!

Peggy gazed at his cock and balls, so swollen and hard, the skin of his shaft stretched tight, the head so dark it looked like a plum, and his balls definitely bloated with cum. It turned her on so much she could hardly believe it. Mike was a definite prize, she thought.

Finally she stopped him. She was just too sensitive for any more right then.

"Oh Mike, you don't know what a great deal it means to me that you are willing to show me how much willpower you have. I really feel very special and lucky. I'm looking forward to spending much more time together."

Mike was lying on his back with Peggy's love juice all over his face, and his cock throbbing. Peggy had just lain there for a few minutes catching her breath, but now a big grin spread over her face. She sat up and then crawled between Mike's legs facing him. She spread his legs so when she sat back on her feet she had perfect access to his equipment. Mike was staring at those tits, but also looking a bit puzzled.

She took his balls gently in one hand and held them and rubbed the underside of his cock with the flat palm of her other hand. He groaned loudly.

"Oh Mike, I can tell how badly you need to cum. My God your balls are full and your cock feels like it's on fire." His cock was twitching and he was going slowly insane. He thought that finally she was giving in and going to let him cum. In fact just as that thought occurred to him, she convinced him he was right. She started to slowly pump his cock and scratch his balls at the same time.

Her telling him she knew how bad he needed to cum, only made it worse.

"Oh God Peggy, that feels so good! I really need this," Mike moaned.

"You can just imagine how good it's going to feel to cum, can't you Mike? You be sure and tell me when you get real close okay? If you don't, then I'm going to think maybe I can't trust you after all!"

Mike just moaned and nodded his head, he couldn't even speak coherently.

Peggy just kept softly squeezing his balls and slowly, very slowly stroking his cock, being sure to run her thumb over that very sensitive spot at the cleft in his glans, and making certain that on each stroke her hand slid onto and then back off the corona. Mike was almost delirious. He was moaning and squirming. He was getting very close now.

"Be sure you let me know when you get close!" Peggy reminded.

"I'm just about there, I'm gonna' cum!" he croaked.

"Hold back just a little longer, try real hard, hold back!" Peggy urged. If Mike hadn't had his eyes screwed shut, he would have seen the wild look in her eyes, like a lioness or other big cat which had just seized its prey.

"Be sure now, hold back, but tell me when you can't take any more. I don't know your cock that well yet, so it's hard for me to tell for sure," she lied. This young cocktease absolutely knew her way around any man's cock. She knew exactly how far she could push him and still have him not cum.

She held his balls very loosely now, knowing they would give him away.

"Now, I can't hold it any more, OH GOD I'm cumming!" Mike screamed.

A split second before he started to yell, Peggy had seen that he was there. She instantly released his cock and gently, but firmly squeezed his whole sac and pulled his balls away from his body, choking off his orgasm just as it started.

"AHHGGGGG! Shit! Oh Peggy, why?" Mike yelled as his eyes flew open and he looked at her!

"Mike, I told you I have to be positive I can trust you completely, and that means showing me that you are willing to wait until next weekend to cum!" She paused and then went on, "You've never had a girl push you that close and stop before, have you?" she asked seriously, but the laughter was barely contained. She knew that of course he hadn't.

"NO! I haven't. Why did you do that? I thought by what you said you meant you'd changed your mind and were going to make me cum!" Mike was trying not to let his anger show, but was pretty miffed.

"Mike, doing that a few times before you actually do cum will make your orgasm much more intense. I'll show you next weekend."

"All it does is make my balls ache and make my need to cum severe!" he protested.

"Trust me Mike, it will be the most mind blowing experience you've ever had. You can already tell how good it's going to feel when I do make you cum, can't you?"

The fact was he knew that in his condition right now, cumming would be explosive, but his head was spinning. He realized that she was planning on doing this little routine more than once next weekend before he would get to cum. He was starting to think about her going home so that he could at least masturbate and get some relief! Peggy had other plans.

"Wow, I'm hungry. Let's grab something to eat before we continue," she said, pulling on her shorts and short tee and heading to the kitchen. Slowly Mike found a baggy pair of sweats and followed her. The sweats, while reasonably comfortable due to their loose fit, were tenting quite severely.

By the time he got to the kitchen Peggy had dragged sandwich makings out and was well into fixing them a big lunch. It was creeping up on noon already. They ate in near silence, but as they were finishing Peggy finally spoke.

"You know Mike, I haven't felt this way about a guy in a long time. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you are willing to put up with all that I've asked of you to prove I can trust you. But I PROMISE you won't regret it. I feel closer to you than I think I ever have to any guy before!" And as she finished talking, she leaned across the table and kissed him deeply.

The sweats were no longer loose, but Mike was on cloud nine. He could hardly believe his good fortune. Everything he had endured for the last several months was going to be worth it after all. But God did his balls ache to cum.

"Peggy, that we're going to be together from now on definitely makes it worth it. I actually feel pretty fortunate. You are really special to me."

"Oh Mike, that's really sweet! I now know I can completely trust you. I can, can't I?" she said with such innocence that Mike blurted his reply.

"Yes! Of course you can!"

"Well, I'd better go soon. I don't want to be here when your roommates get home. In fact I want to talk to you about that, but let's go back in the bedroom for a few more minutes before I leave." And again she got up and went that way without waiting for Mike to move or reply.

By this time it was afternoon, and the break and the food had allowed Mike to calm down to the point where his cock was nearly soft, the 'killer kiss' notwithstanding.

By the time Mike reached the bedroom, Peggy had stripped off her clothes again and with that angelic smile of hers was looking at Mike. "Slip those off and come lie on the bed". It was more of an order than a request.

Mike did as he was told and Peggy crawled up on the bed and kneeled between his legs again. Before she even touched him he was almost fully erect. Even though this time he knew what was coming, certainly not him, he couldn't control his excitement. Peggy knew she had a gem in Mike. She again started to give him a torturously slow hand job and simultaneous ball massage. It was only a few minutes before Mike was on the verge of exploding again, but Peggy managed to keep him there without going over the edge for a good long time.

Mike was squirming and moaning and finally couldn't control himself any more. "Please, Peggy, please. I'm going nuts, please make me cum this time. You can trust me, honest you can, but I just have to cum! Please don't do this any more."

"Oh baby, I know how much it aches. You are being soooo good about this. I know you probably want to cum more than ever in your whole life. Just a little bit more and then next weekend will make it all worthwhile. Just a few more strokes and I'll stop, okay?" she giggled.

"NO, that's not what I mean, please don't stop, MAKE ME CUM, PLEASE!" Mike begged.

And just as Mike's balls tightened and his cock was ready to erupt again, and he thought maybe she would make him cum this time - she stopped again.

Mike groaned loudly, "Oh Peggy, why do we have to wait until next weekend, please make me cum."

"Mike, I understand how desperate you are, and I don't blame you for begging like this, but in order for me to be positive I can trust you, we have to finish this. Or else I won't be sure! Don't you see?"

Well, Hell no he didn't see, but he muttered, "I guess." On the inside Peggy was turning handsprings. She could scarcely believe how far she was pushing Mike and he was still going along with it. WOW, was this going to be a tremendous turn on for her. In fact, she was so excited she lay down next to him and said, "Mike, please, do me with your mouth one more time."

Mike gave a deep sigh, but positioned himself to use his tongue on Peggy's sweet twat yet again. In a matter of minutes she had cum twice more and her juices were all over his face. His hard-on hadn't subsided at all.

"Mike you are so good to me, I'm really going to make this up to you next weekend, I promise. You won't regret a minute of this! Now I'm going to make you almost cum one more time, and then I need to go."

"Peggy, no more, please. I really can't stand any more. You've made me need to cum so bad, lets just wait until next weekend, okay?" he said, realizing there was no way she was going to make him cum before then.

Peggy knew she had pushed Mike as far as she could, but figured there was one thing she could do to convince him to go through yet another cycle of teasing.

"Not even if I do it by sucking your cock?" she asked with that same smile.

Mike was speechless. He'd never had a blow job in his life. The thought of his cock inside Peggy's mouth was making him delirious. He didn't respond at all.

Peggy didn't wait for an answer, she knew he wouldn't stop her. She slid around and took his cock in her mouth very slowly, just letting the head sit inside her mouth. Mike moaned loudly. She licked the underside of his cock just below the head a few times. Mike was groaning loudly already. Peggy finally closed her mouth over the head and started to slide his cock in and out of her wet mouth, taking nearly its full length on each stroke, but going very slowly.

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