tagBDSMMike & Peggy Ch. 05

Mike & Peggy Ch. 05


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so. That said, your votes and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated.


Now on to the story:

In the following weeks things evolved slowly. Mike and Peggy were getting together every weekend, and always she would tease him mercilessly and he would make her cum as much as she wanted. Sometimes they would get together during the week, but that always included serious cock teasing but never Mike cumming. Most weekends, usually not until Sunday, she'd get him off with a hand job. Occasionally she would find some excuse to make him wait until the following weekend so it would be two weeks worth of blue balls before he got any relief and there was the intermittent 'mistake' where she stopped stroking him just as he'd start to cum, leaving him extremely frustrated and unsatisfied. He was 'required' to keep from cumming during the week. She kept promising that there would be a blow job in the near future, but that never seemed to materialize. And, she would still be 'busy' at least one night per weekend every two or three weeks.

Mike was seriously starting to ask himself if this was really worth it, but for some reason he didn't really begin to understand, he just couldn't let go. It was as if the worse Peggy treated him, the more hooked he got.

As time went on the situation just got worse. Now nearly every weekend Peggy would be busy at least one night. Mike was getting to see her less and less often. As a result he had started spending more time with Mary. It had taken a while but Mary had gotten over being mad at him. They had established what was at first a shaky peace, but Mary had come to grips with 'just being friends' or so she had convinced Mike. Their platonic relationship was something Mike really enjoyed. It took his mind off Peggy when they couldn't be together. One of the ground rules had become that they never mentioned Peggy. They went to movies or out to eat and since Mary had dropped the slutty act, Mike found she was very intelligent and fun to be with and talk to. He was growing very fond of her, like a sister almost. She had even stopped dressing so provocatively when they were together and so she didn't exacerbate his nearly constant blue balls, but being so damn good looking and well built she sure didn't help them any either.

A typical week was going by in late spring and Mike called Peggy to arrange the coming weekend. She told him she had something going both nights, and she could tell that Mike was getting very angry.

"Mike, how about this? I should be done around midnight on Saturday and I could come over then. We'd spend the rest of the weekend together, okay?" She had never suggested anything quite this outrageous before, but she had a plan.

As angry as Mike was, he actually started to stand up for himself, something he rarely did with Peggy. This was just about enough for Mike. Not only was he on the verge of not seeing her the coming weekend, but the prior weekend had been one where Peggy managed to find a reason for not getting him off. It had been almost two weeks since his last orgasm and he was horny as Hell and sporting serious blue balls as usual.

"Look if you're too damn busy to spend any time with me in the evening, let's just forget the whole fucking thing! I've about had it with this shit anyway!" Mike was really getting worked up.

Peggy was surprised at his reaction since he was usually such a milquetoast. But she was ready.

"Mike, look, I'm sorry I've been so busy. I understand why you're so upset. You have every right to be. Look, I'll make it up to you if you let me come over after midnight on Saturday, and I promise I'll always keep one evening for us each weekend from now on."

Mike was still angry, but he was such a sucker for her promises of good things to come. He was not stupid (well, not IQ wise at least!) though and he wanted to have assurance of what 'make it up' meant this time.

"How are you going to make it up to me this time, huh?" he was still pretty angry as well.

"Mike, you know how I've been promising you a blow job for a long time now?"

"Yes," he said hesitantly, but his heart was starting to pound.

"Well, if you let me come over Saturday night, after well after, I'll give you that blow job. I promise." Knowing what would hook Mike for sure, she went on before he could say anything. "And I won't make you wait until Sunday, I'll do it as soon as I get there. Mike, when you cum in my mouth you'll be so glad you said 'yes'. The answer is yes, isn't it?" she said in her sweetest voice.

Mike had a raging hard on just listening to her. He hesitated before answering, but only because his heart was pounding so hard he could barely speak.

In a halting voice he said, "Well, okay. You PROMISE, right?"

"Yes sweetie, I promise. You won't be sorry!"

That ended the conversation and Mike could hardly sleep that night. It was Wednesday. Three days to go!

By Saturday night Mike was like a caged animal. He spent most of the evening pacing around, not able to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. He'd had a couple of beers but just a couple. First, he didn't want to end up drunk and second, Peggy frowned on him drinking very much.

It was almost midnight, the approximate time Peggy was due . . . 12:00 . . . 12:10 . . . 12:20. Still no sign of Peggy. At 12:30 Mike was getting frantic. Peggy was always late, but he wasn't thinking clearly at all. What if she didn't show! Finally at 12:35 she waltzed through the door as if she was right on time. Mike let out such a sigh of relief it would have been hysterically funny if anyone had noticed. Peggy certainly didn't, preoccupied as she was with her own thoughts.

She looked fabulous, dressed to kill, showing lots of cleavage and thigh; it was a much sexier outfit than she usually wore when she went out with Mike. And the look in her eyes had a wildness Mike had never seen in her before. She also looked flushed, with a rosy glow on her cheeks.

She didn't hesitate. She grabbed Mike by the hand and all but dragged him into his room, closing the door behind them. She spun and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deep and hard and long. To Mike's great surprise he could taste booze on her. Mike had never seen Peggy drink anything other than an occasional glass of wine, but she didn't seem drunk.

She released him just long enough to whisper in a very husky voice, "God Mike, I am so horny!" and then she laid another lip lock on him while she started to undo his shirt.

Mike was totally taken aback. Peggy had NEVER acted like this before. Not so aback as to hesitate however. He was quickly removing her clothes too.

Peggy released his mouth again to whisper in his ear, "Mike, I can't wait to wrap my lips around your big hard cock!"

Mike nearly came in his pants, which were half way off by now. His cock was as hard as it had ever been and his breathing ragged. Peggy could tell he wouldn't last long if she wasn't careful.

In less than a minute they were both fully undressed and the instant they were, Peggy almost threw Mike onto the bed. She was like a wild animal.

Before Mike even could react, she had his cock in her hand and was sliding her lips over the head. Mike groaned loudly. He was already in ecstasy!

Peggy had his cock covered in her saliva in a matter of seconds and was pumping up and down slow and steady. She kept at this for only a few strokes however, before stopping and saying to Mike, "Oh God baby, I'm so horny, do me too, okay." As usual it wasn't a question, but Mike couldn't have cared less. He would do anything if she kept sucking his cock.

Mike swung around so they were in the classic 69 position, each on their side. Peggy spread her legs very wide so Mike had unimpeded access to her pussy. As soon as Mike started to lick, Peggy slid his cock back in her mouth. That was all the encouragement Mike needed to attack her slit with gusto.

Mike immediately notice noticed how sopping wet she already was. Normally it took a while for Peggy's juices to really start flowing, but that night she was already wetter than he'd ever seen her. She did say she was extremely horny, and evidently it was true. He also noticed that she tasted different, more bitter and salty than usual. With the attention she was giving his cock, he barely gave any thought to these differences, however. He was getting the best blow job of his life; well the first actually, but nothing could be any better.

Peggy was going slow and light, to be sure he didn't cum before she was ready for him, but that was okay with Mike. It felt absolutely wonderful. His cock was in cock heaven. A couple of times she stopped just for a second or two to speak, each time encouraging him to stick his tongue deep inside her and taste her juices. As long as she kept sucking his cock Mike would have done anything, but this was not something she'd ever asked of him before. Nevertheless he complied like a man possessed.

The first time he stuck his tongue really deep in her hole was all it took for Peggy. She came and came hard. Mike was nearly drowning in her love juice. She paused and just held his cock in her mouth while she shook. As soon as her climax had passed she urged Mike to do it again.

With the expertise of many months, Peggy knew exactly how much Mike could stand. She pushed him right to the edge of cumming and was able to hold him there for a long time without much difficulty. Mike was so wild to cum he would do whatever she directed.

It had probably been about 20 minutes and Peggy had just cum for the third time. Mike felt like he'd swallowed a quart of her jizz. She had just never been this wet before. "Mike stop," she gasped, "I can't take any more right now."

Mike's jaw and tongue ached and he was glad to comply.

Peggy started to firmly but very pleasurably caress his balls and do firm, long, wet strokes of her mouth up and down his cock shaft, sucking the head at the end of each stroke before starting back down.

Mike was going crazy, moaning and yelling.

"Oh God yes, oh shit. Peggy!"

She knew he couldn't last any longer and kept sucking as he erupted into her mouth.

Mike screamed as he came. It was by far the most intense orgasm of his life.

In the morning Peggy had Mike lick her to a couple of orgasms before they got out of bed. Peggy then slipped on Mike's bathrobe and went to the toilet. On her way back she ran into John and Ryan on their way to the kitchen.

"Jesus Peggy, did you finally let him join the large club of 'I fucked Peggy'!" Ryan barked. Neither John nor Ryan liked Peggy because of the way she treated Mike, although they saw it as his problem for putting up with it. Either way the result was they treated her with little respect.

"It sounded like you nearly killed him!" he continued laughing.

The feeling was mutual, "No, asshole, he didn't get laid. It was simply an intense moment!"

And off she went.

She and Mike spent most of the day with her teasing his cock and balls by pushing him to the edge of orgasm and then while he 'rested' he licked her until she came. There was no cumming for Mike that day, of course. And by night he had another serious case of blue balls but, amazingly, he didn't care. He thought the night before had been worth it.

And so yet another segment of this most strange relationship began. Every two or three weeks Peggy would be 'busy' but she'd talk Mike into letting her come over after being 'busy'. She was easily able to convince Mike the first few times with a promise of a repeat blow job. After a while though, she stopped promising the BJ, but always agreed to make him come that same night. The blow jobs still happened about half the time though, and Mike came to almost like the nights they got together 'after' better than the regular nights. Another thing that amazed Mike about these occasions was how incredibly horny Peggy was. He could tell this because she was so much wetter than usual and always insisted that he eat her first thing on her arrival. Her climaxes were much stronger during these instances and it was at those times that she craved his tongue deep inside her. Naturally by the end of a weekend of this type, Mike was back suffering from a tremendous case of blue balls with no hope of relief for at least another week.

Spring turned into summer and campus was much quieter. Peggy was doing a special summer program on the arts, Mike was behind in credits because of football and was taking a light load to catch up, and also working part time and Mary, whose family didn't have much money, found a job on campus that was just too good to pass up. Besides, she was getting paid and getting class credits too. John and Ryan had gone home for the summer; so Mike had the place to himself since they had to all pay rent anyway to keep the house the following year. So life went on about the same, Peggy treating Mike like shit, Mike having a hate/love relationship with himself, but still feeling madly in love with Peggy, and Mike and Mary maintaining their close platonic friendship.

Summer hadn't progressed very far when Peggy added yet a new kink to the long list of cock teasing tortures that gave her such a rush to inflict on Mike. She started insisting that he let her tie him up and tease his cock.

She'd get him tied to his bed, spread eagled on his back, and then play her games. She'd stroke his cock slowly, bringing him right to the edge of orgasm, and hold him there as long as she could before stopping just shy of his release. Mike would squirm and moan and beg her to get him off, which just turned Peggy on all the more. She would verbally tease him about how hard his cock was, how bloated and purple the head would get, how full his balls were and mostly about how badly he must need to cum, but wouldn't be doing that for a long, long time! She would subject him to sessions that were hours long. And when she would just have to give him a break if he wasn't to explode, she would lower her soaking pussy down on his face and have him lick her until she came, encouraging him by suggesting if he did a really good job she might just finish him off. Surprise, surprise, he never did perform quite well enough. Many times she'd end these sessions without letting him cum at all.

To be continued...

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