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Mile High Pilot Society


"Do you need anything, sirs?" she asked, smiling professionally as she stood in the cockpit doorway.

"Actually, yes, Becka. Could you come in here for a minute? And close the door behind you, please."

"Sure," she chirped, obediently latching the door, which was soundproof for the convenience of the pilots. "What can I do for you?"

"Have you ever flown a plane, Becka?" the pilot asked.

"Well, I-," she started.

"It's really fairly simple. Come over here. You can only fly it sitting right here, so you can just have a seat on my lap." She hesitantly made her way over to the pilot, who pulled her down onto his lap roughly by the waist.

"Sir, I don't think-," she stammered, attempting to rise, only to find herself being held firmly in place.

"Now, grab the stick and pull. Go on," he urged, placing her hands on the steering device. She reluctantly gave a little tug and felt the plane lurch upward. "See, it wasn't that hard, was it," he teased. His co-pilot laughed.

She looked down to find the pilot's hand on her thigh, just under the hem of her short skirt. "Sir-," she started, but his other hand snapped up to cover her mouth. The co-pilot moved quickly to attach her hands to some hidden device on the ceiling.

"Now, you don't need to make any noise," he coaxed, his hand still clamped over her lips, "No one would hear you. Just let it happen, Becka, and you won't get hurt...too much, anyway." His right hand pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing her panties and stockings, which stopped mid-thigh. His fingers slid down under her panties and began to rub her. "Aw, Mark could you get her a little wet? This is like rubbing a doll."

"Sure thing." He pulled her panties down and off, pushing her legs apart. The pilot held her legs wide while the co-pilot fastened her ankles securely to the base of the seat. He sat up and immediately began licking her furiously, covering her with saliva and stimulating her quite effectively. His fingers pushed their way inside, making her cry out, both in shock and undeniable pleasure.

After a few minutes she came unwillingly, moaning and struggling quite furiously, and Mark stopped. She felt the pilot raise a few inches off the seat, then saw his pants and boxers slide down to his ankles. Mark picked her up by the waist as the pilot held his long, hard member in position. Then he thrust inside, pushing down on her hips and making her bounce quite painfully. His thick shaft penetrated her deeper and deeper with every pound of her hips.

The thrusts got more and more rough, her breasts bouncing as he ripped into her again and again. Mark pushed her legs wide apart as she bounced and started rubbing her clit, struggling to keep up with the pilot's rapid pace. The pilot stopped bouncing and pushed her hips down onto his thickness painfully, going so deep she screamed. She tried to lift herself up, but was only pushed down even further, his enormous member going even deeper. Mark started licking her again as the pilot's hands slid around to twist her nipples cruelly.

Without warning, Mark stood. "Suck me," he ordered firmly. He shoved his throbbing erection in her face as she hesitantly opened her mouth. "Good girl." She began to lick him as he plunged into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag. His hands twined through her thick curls. She got a rhythm going just as the pilot started thrusting into her again, lifting her up then slamming her back down roughly onto his huge tool.

Marks hands replaced those of the pilot on her erect nipples; his in turn moved down to rub her. It was then that she came, after which the pilot came suddenly, gripping her so hard that he left angry red marks marring her smooth skin. Not long after, Mark came, filling her mouth as she struggled to swallow.

A few minutes later, she stood by the door, fully clothed. "Now you just go see if any of the passengers need anything, Becka. That's a good girl."

"Yes, sir," she said, smiling professionally.

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