tagGay MaleMilitary School Ch. 04

Military School Ch. 04


This is the story of a late bloomer...a kid that never had much to do with anything sexual all the way into his late teens. I am sure there are a lot like me out there, but most of us are too embarrassed to admit how long it took for us to reach full sexual awareness. I guess it depends on your upbringing and where you grow up and who you happen to grow up with. I was in Catholic School all my high school years and the Nuns basically scared us all away from sex and sin.

In an environment like that you just don't ask the right questions and ignore any strange urges that might bother you from day to day. For some reason the first 18 years of my life were totally innocent and free of any, shall we say, lustful thoughts. That ended pretty quick when I went to Junior College at a military academy. This is the 4th chapter that brings me to the beginning of my second year at school. I had learned a few new tricks over my summer and was anxious to show them to my roommate. I hope you enjoy my story....

At a military school all normal things slip away and you have to adapt to chicken shit rules that any sane person would run from. The first year in a hell hole like this is crammed full of hazing and abuse. The cadets that make it thru the first year get to come back and be little tyrants toward the new first year cadets. Heck...payback can be sweet.

My roommate for the first year was a guy a little older than me. His name was Joe and he basically introduced me to full orgasm sex. When I arrived at school last year, I was innocent and had not even shot my first load. Joe changed all that and we had formed a close relationship around giving each other great handjobs We never went beyond that stage but believe me we pumped each others cocks like there was no tomorrow.

If you have read the first three chapters of this story you know I went a 'little' further than handjobs over my summer vacation. I had Joe in mind all through my learning experiences this summer. I was really looking forward to surprising Joe with my...shall we say...new talents!

When I arrived at school that first day I went straight to my assigned room. Joe and I had requested that we be roommates for our second year when we left the previous year. I was the first to get into the room and had started to unpack when Joe walked through the door.

Joe walked in with his duffel bag on his shoulder. He dumped it on the lower bunk and said, "Hey shithead, how are ya doin'?"

I looked up from what I was unpacking and smiled. "Hi Joe, it's nice to see ya again. Did ya have a decent summer?"

Joe shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ahhhh just the same old shit. Parents were always busting my balls. No friends left to hang out with. You probably had the same shit to put up with, right?"

I smirked knowingly in obvious agreement.

Joe said, "We are gonna have a better year this time, at least. No crappy fun and games from senior cadets anyway. I can't wait to find a freshman to shine my shoes and take care of my Goddamn laundry. We shouldn't have to do all the shit work this year either. "

Joe and I chatted for the rest of the afternoon as we unpacked and got ready for the new year. Being a military school we still had all the shit details of uniforms and military parades and drills. It was all a pain in the ass, but at least when we finally graduated we could enter military service as Warrant Officers. That was a big reason to tolerate all the extra shit ya had to do in a military school. All the while I was chatting with Joe I had the hardest time, keeping from bringing up our 'special' relationship from the previous year. I figured Joe would indicate when he was ready to address that white elephant! I had fantasized and jerked off a hundred times over the summer about Joe's cock. Since it was the very first cock I ever touched it was...shall we say...special.

Day turned into night. We returned to the barracks after having third mess (dinner). There wasn't all the harassment we had the first year. We could hear the cadet officers yelling at the plebes on the first floor. We were on the second floor of the barracks. Juniors and sophomores had the second floor. Seniors and officers were on the third floor. They all had private rooms. We would not rate those until our last year.

Taps were always played at 10 PM at night. That was when lights were to be out and we were supposed to be in our racks. The weather was warm so Joe and I had the window wide open for air. We were in a room near the end of the building. There was a lamppost directly outside our window. We immediately realized that our room was pretty well lit up even after lights out. Joe took the lower bunk as per usual. Taps played and we crawled into bed in time for bunk check. After lights out, there was always a cadet officer or faculty officer that checked each room and asked, "alright?" We had to respond with our own 'alright'. This indicated we were there and in bed. It was sort of a head count like prison.

After all was done, Joe and I laid there, not saying a word. I wondered if Joe was thinking what I was thinking. I had actually sprouted a stiff hardon thinking that Joe may have the same remembrances that I did. All I could think of was what Joe and I had previously done, and what I really wanted to do now!

Joe didn't say anything for what seemed like an hour. I was trying to control myself, which was difficult. I had a rock hard boner and was very tempted to go somewhere and jerk off. I decided maybe a little movement would signal my desire to Joe. I rocked back and forth slowly and it didn't take long for Joe to respond.

"I knew it Perv! You are still jerking that cock of yours, aren't ya? I wondered if you would do it the first night back and what da ya know...wacka wacka wacka! Guess I'll join in, if it's still alright with you?" Joe whispered feverishly.

I laughed it off and said, "Hell, why would you think I stopped? You like it as much as I do. Why the fuck did we apply to be roommates again...good looks?"

Joe laughed quietly as I felt the bunk start its old familiar rock and roll. I knew then, it was gonna be a good year.

With the ice broken I started to jerk off for real as I knew Joe was doing below me. I leaned over and looked down at Joe. The dimly lit room allowed me to see the familiar hot sight of Joe stroking his uncut cock. I could see his cock head appear and disappear in and out of his foreskin. "Looks like you've been spankin' the monkey all summer like me." I chided.

Joe didn't say anything. I was getting hot watching him stroke. I could tell he enjoyed showing off. I stroked slowly. I watched as I lay on my side. My cock was aimed out over the bedside. Minutes went by and I could see Joe speed his rhythm as he neared climax. I knew I was almost ready to shoot and soon saw Joe frantically pump his cock. The sight was enough to send me over the edge and I let loose with several ropes of cum out over the edge of the bunk onto the floor. Joe shot his load onto his stomach and I could see some had landed on his face. As my orgasm subsided and Joe realized what had happened, I heard a forced whisper, "What the fuck! You shot all over the floor asshole! I'm not cleaning it up!"

I laughed and hopped down to the floor to wipe up the evidence of my cock play. As I wiped the floor with what was to become my dedicated 'cum rag', I noticed Joe wiping himself off, but was surprised to notice him lick a small drop of cum from his upper lip before he finished wiping his face and belly. I finished cleaning up and stuffed my rag into my laundry bin, where any self respecting cock jockey keeps his 'cum rag'. Joe held out his rag and said, "How about stuffing this away for me?"

Without much hesitation I took the towel and transferred it to Joe's laundry bin. As I did this I felt the wet slickness of his cum and purposely made sure my hand got wet with his cum as I stowed away the towel.

I quickly hopped back into bed and rolled to my side with my cum coated hand nestled under my cheek. The aroma was intoxicating. I nervously said, "Good night Joe, maybe I'll join ya next time, like last year, OK?" I prayed Joe was thinking the same thoughts I was.

Joe giggled his reply. "That sounds like fun to me. I was afraid things might have changed over the summer and you wouldn't be into that stuff anymore. To be truthful I couldn't wait to find out!"

"Well, now ya know. We're gonna get along just fine. Hell, at least this year we don't have shitheads fucking with us like they are doing downstairs as we speak. Those new plebes aren't gonna get much sleep tonight. You'd better get some rest too; I have plans for you later."

"What plans?" Joe asked.

"Ahhhh just plans...you'll find out." I laughed and turned to go to sleep as I enjoyed the aroma of Joes cum on my hand. I fell asleep as I licked the slick nectar.

The next few days were filled with the startup activities of the year. Assignments were made for formations. We each had our own squad and platoon designation. Classes would start quickly so we had to get our books and supplies together along with uniforms and of course the M-1 rifle we all carried for manual of arms drill and parades. The rifles didn't have firing pins but they were the real thing. Everyone at school had to take care of his rifle like it was a baby. If ya fucked up you could easily be sleeping with it for a week. Believe me; trying to sleep with a rifle on your belly ain't no picnic.

The days turned into weeks and the routine life on base started to form monotonously. Joe and I had started to get comfortable again with each other. It was a week or two after arrival that I got the nerve up to jump down and sit next to Joe as we jerked off. We did the deed almost every night. It's was great being 19. It seems to me now, that I had an endless supply of hot thick cum back then. Now I'm an old man and even though I can't do it like I did back then I still get a good jerk off in when the wife's away! I still enjoy eating my fluids like back then too, but that's another story. Check it out. The title is "Cum Fetish" under the Fetish Catagory!

Joe and I fell into a routine event most nights, of me, sitting next to him, on his bunk, mutually stroking each other to a strong climax. Each time we did it I felt an over powering urge to lean over and suck Joe's glistening hard cock, but I was afraid of how Joe was going to respond. I had to make a move before I popped a gasket. All I could think of was Joe's hard cock in my mouth and his cum in my throat! I was hopeful after seeing Joe eat that cum droplet from his lip. Maybe he had done stuff similar to my activities over the summer God! I hoped so!

Joe and I became very close. We talked about everything and there was little competition between us. I had my strong areas and Joe had his. I was on the gymnastics team and Joe was on the debating team. That didn't help me much whenever we got into an argument over something. Joe almost always won. Our relationship never grew into a Gay style relationship. Neither of us had the urge to pet or kiss or hug. We both just liked straight cock play. I did let Joe try to fuck me one time. I remember how bad it hurt when his cock popped pass my ring. I made him stop and we never tried again. I asked to try fucking him but my reaction had soured it for both of us. I never have gotten into fucking since, and have often wondered if Joe ever did.

Friday night was a free night on the post and we could do pretty much anything we liked until 11:00 PM. Taps would be played and lights would go out regardless of your being ready or not. In military schools you were sort of a robot to routine. As I mentioned before, every night after lights out an officer would make the rounds and confirm our presence. We knew that once he left that there was little chance of anyone else coming into the room, with the exception of one faculty officer that everyone considered crazy...and a little queer.

Capt. Pierce was the tailor at the school. He took care of all uniform alterations and repairs and was a gruff stocky dark complexioned Greek. He took great joy in yelling at kids and acting like a tough guy. Most younger cadets were afraid of him.

There was a rule that you always worn pajamas to bed with no underwear. Why? I have no idea, but Capt. Pierce was a fanatic at catching guys with their shorts on under their PJ's. He would come into a room and shine his flashlight on any exposed body and if he caught you wearing underwear, he would wake you with a poke of his swagger stick and make you stand and take it off. He would shine his flashlight directly on your cock as you took off the underwear and redressed with the pajamas.

This was a known event at school and everyone dreaded making that mistake. Joe had been caught a couple times. I would lie quietly and peek as Capt. Pierce put Joe thru his routine. I remember one time he caught Joe just after we had jerked off. When he had Joe strip I could see that Joe was still a little 'fluffed' and there was cum in his pubic hair.

That night, Capt. Pierce made Joe stand at attention with his cock hanging out. There were little glistening droplets of cum shining in the flashlights beam. I watched as Capt. Pierce just stood there looking directly at Joe's cock. I could even catch a whiff of cum, still fresh wherever Joe had missed when he wiped himself off after our session.

Capt. Pierce said, "Looks like we have been abusing ourselves tonight cadet. I am going to give you extra duty in the tailors shop for two weeks. I'll make sure you're too tired to play with yourself. Report to me starting Saturday!"

Joe stammered a weak, "Yes Sir."

After Capt. Pierce left I said, 'Holy shit! That guy is a freak! I'd lookout for myself if I were you. I have heard rumors he is a pedophile and no one can stop him in his little castle on the hill."

Joe laughed and said, "Shit I don't care if he wants to queer me. Maybe I can get promoted!"

"I wouldn't count on it" I warned.

We went to sleep fantasizing what would happen in that tailor shop. Was it all rumor? You will find out later in following chapters of this story.

The next night, I was sitting on the edge of Joe's bunk, slowly stroking his cock as he watched with his hands behind his head. I knew Joe was unusually horney that night and was thinking this might be my chance to escalate our relationship.

I said, "How's that feel?' as I gently massaged his ball sack and slowly twisted back and forth on his shaft. I tried to give the best two handed jerk off I could. His cock was hard and slick with precum.

"Mmmmmm, pretty great." Joe moaned.

I took a chance and said, "You ever get a blowjob from anyone?"

Joe laughed a little and said, "Believe it or not I got my first blow job this summer from an old queer in the park near my home. I was shooting baskets as this older guy was sitting and watching. He kept saying things like "Good shot" and "work it!". When I got tired I sat down at the bench he was sitting on. He started telling me how good looking I was and did I ever get to fuck any girls, being so handsome. I could tell he was queer and figured, what the fuck, let's see where this goes."

"It wasn't long till he asked if I ever had a girl suck me off. When I said no, he started to describe how great being sucked felt. Eventually he got to the point he said, guys do it best. I said, "I'll bet" and sure enough he said, "Interested?" "We ended up going into the public restroom and he sucked me dry in a stall. Never saw him again, but damn, was it a good suck job!"

There was an awkward silence as soon as Joe finished hi story. Joe giggled under his breath and whispered a weak, "You wanna try it, fag boy?"

There it was. I had been jerking off to the thought of sucking Joe's cock since school started. I tried to not act anxious. I wanted Joe to think I had never done it before, and that I was not sure.

I said, "Ahhhhh... I don't think so shithead." I hoped for his continued coaxing.

"Have you ever thought about it?" He pressed on and said, "If you do it first I might try it."

My cock was jumping and stiff as a stick in anticipation of getting to suck Joe. I said, "Fuck you, I bet if I did it you'd chicken out and I'd be the cocksucker...no way."

"Come on." Joe urged "If you do it I will, I promise...Come on, I took a shower and it's all clean...come on... just a little?"

I was still holding Joe's cock and gently twisting and pumping as we had this talk. I could see precum running out of the pucker formed as I stroked upward and Joe's foreskin closed. I was getting so hot thinking, this is it!

I leaned forward slightly so my head was directly above his cock. I held it straight. Joe tried to thrust his hips upward. He pushed at me in a wanton gesture. I looked at Joe and slowly lowered my face to his waiting cock. Joe's eyes were wide open in anticipation.

I ever so lightly licked the tip of his cock and was rewarded with a moan. Joe's cock thrusted upward, so that the head of his cock slipped into my mouth for just a second. I tasted sweet precum. I faked revulsion and surprise. I snapped a sharp reprimand and said, "Stop it , you shithead...lemme go slow!"

Joe moaned, "Oh god, please suck it a little...I won't cum, honest. That is unless ya want me too." He joked.

I slowly lowered onto his hard cock and engulfed as much as I could without gagging. I could feel Joe tense and his cock stiffened. I bobbed up and down and made wet sounds as I started to acclimate myself. Soon I didn't care if Joe suspected anything about me. All I could think of was his wonderful hard cock quivering in my mouth. I licked the underside as I bobbed up and down the full length of his cock. I could taste his precum. It was only a few minutes until Joe started to tense and said, "Oh god Rick, I'm gonna shoot if ya don't stop."

I had become so turned on sucking that delicious cock I paid no attention to what he was saying. In only seconds Joe shot a hard blast of cum against the roof of my mouth. I stopped my motion and stayed still on his cock as he finished his orgasm. I felt his cum form a puddle on the floor of my mouth. He spurted several times. When I could tell he was done I slipped off his cock and spit his load into his pubic patch. I didn't want Joe to think too much about my sucking. I was afraid he would suspect I was more experienced at this than I had let on.

"Ahhhhh shit!" I continued to feign revulsion and spit several times to make it seem to Joe that I had never done this before. I would eventually tell him about my home escapades, but wanted to go slow. I also knew that Joe would probably not reciprocate this night. I was sure he had lost his sexual fervor like we all do immediately after cumming. His cock was growing limp as I held it.

I stood up and went to get my cum rag. We didn't say much. After Joe and I wiped up...I crawled into my bunk without a word. I tried to jerk off without Joe knowing. As I Slowly twisted my rock hard shaft, I shot my load inside my pajamas and rolled over. I fell asleep almost immediately. I am sure Joe did too!

The next morning I woke with my cock pasted into my pubic hair. My cum had dried over night. We both started our morning routine without saying a word. I knew Joe was probably just starting to realize what we did. I knew he was conflicted as to the fact he owed me. It's always clearer after the cum has flown and cocks are limp. I tried to compose something to say to ease the tension.

When we both had returned from the head and were getting dressed for morning formation I tried kidding a little. "Well...you never said thank you ya know. What do you think I am, a cheap fucking date!? Ya know I don't do that with every asshole that begs for it! Fuck you if ya can't take a suck!!"

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