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Mind Control + Pervert


My sister's hot cheerleader friend who was 18 now with a made for a thong ass sticking out my passenger car door naked as I opened it. The four lads I just had a toke with on the park couldn't believe their eyes when they saw her naked bent over.

"Fucking hell mate she's hot." The biggest guy said as he leans in squeezing right ass cheek.

All their hands dive in almost instantly all over her ass groping all over, then a fairly hard smack causing her to let out a deep urrrgghh sound.

"Av fun lads, pass that spliff." I instructed and jump in drivers side quick, and get my cock out when under her face.

She's her on her elbows gripping the seats edge moaning mouth closed from their rampant gropings quiet deep groans. lifting her head rubbing cock aside to side over her lips then all over her face, forehead, nose, then rubbing resting between her only slightly parted lips. I watch as the bigger guy smacks her again not hard just firm and gropes squeezing big a handful as he can get of her tanned ass.

"Open your mouth and put your tongue out sexy." I say eargerly. Then with her looking so dirty like this I smack my cock against her tongue as she starts to rub my balls.

Pushing her head down my shaft almost all way in, quickly and suddenly I let out a deep groan of satisfaction as her throat tensed and swallowed around my bell end.

I throw a strip of about 10 condoms to the lads and watch the first on guy the toughest looking of them quickly behind and one pump he slams his cock all in the force pushing her all way down my cock face against my belly.

He shows her really neat totally bald pink tiny lipped pussy no mercy grunting and thrusting hard and as fast as he can. She quickly forces herself back with quite an effort as he's pushing her hips down and forward she's gasps but like a good lil hypno girl three breaths and she's quickly back sucking on my bell end and wanking me beneath her lips.

"Urrrghhh." The biggest guy groaned loudly as he came and her sucking became incredibly fast.

I didn't know a girl could go suck so fast.

"Wow". Amazed I groaned.

Simultaneously she was milking the juices from his cock with the amount her ass moved back and forth as he stood still in her groaning his orgasm out.

I'd given her suggestions through hypnosis to do whatever I say, not to and never be able to remember anything when under. Her names Beth and she's my sister's friend the hottest girl at our school.

The next guy a short stocky guy with a dark cap and hoody on, he put his bell end in and grabbed squeezing both her butt cheeks. His thrusts were slow deep for a minute I popped her head off she was loving it. A look of really pleasure on her face, then abruptly pounding into her, her tits knocking into my cock now she's being slammed forward.

No thought for her now just his own pleasure, he came jerking then his hips and knees shaking as he couldn't pump because of the strength of his orgasm and instant sensitivity of his dick.

Soon as he'd pulled out the next one was in her he was working his way in hands on both ass cheeks squeezing rubbing with little smacks his face was a picture I think it was his first time he came in about 5minutes jus as I felt myself nearing orgasm.

The tallest guy I saw him put his condom on, he had a really wide average sized cock but very fat and wide. He again showed no mercy instantly I pulled her head of my cock, her deep groans then little sighs mixed with a loud moans were so sexy.

"Urrrgghmmmm." She belatedly screamed as he rammed in hard.

I squeeze a both tits I pull, jiggling, shaking anything I can with my hands. Then rubbing my cock on her face her mouth wide open gasping for air she was moaning deeply.

"Arrruugghh, arrrruughhh mmmmmmmmm."

Her back arches as she cums muffling her orgasm grinding her hips as he fucks perving on her tits bouncing around.

Alternately rubbing it on her pussy and pumping his cock into her now I see him begin to rub his thumb round her ass.

"Hey no ass fun I said only I get that." I sternly and intently said to him and he stopped.

He cums in her while smacking her ass hard with sharp smacks and gropes of her ass. The last guy was wanking behind her as I pulled her head into me pumping head faster and faster I saw him close into her and begin thrusting she was really groaning sucking on me I came as he came and realised she was as she had popped of me and was letting out hardcore deep moans thrashing her head. He pulled smacked her ass I leaned over and shut the door and started engine.

"We got to stop at Dan's on way home I owe him 20 pound." I said looking at her roughly wiping her pussy legs wide open in passenger seat.

I get her to keep her top over her tits all way their. I lean over have a feel and a kiss and go through the suggestions so she'll be compliant.

We arrive go in and Dan knows the arrangement he walks over and starts feeling her tits.

"I've wanted to do her so bad she's so hot dude." Excitedly he said as he lifted her skirt and squeezed her ass.

"Fuck me that's a sweet ass." He said ogling and squeezing.

"Doggy style Beth," I said then she got down and stuck her ass in the air..

He was straight down behind her and almost instantly in her pumping for all he was worth wow her tits were bouncing round like mad.] He pushed her cheek to the floor turning her head toward him looking up and back. Hard fast pumps watching his cock go in and out as he felt her tits stopping one at time from bouncing into her chin. He in five sharp thrusts and pulled wiping sweat from his brow.

"Damn she's feels tight man I couldn't hold it I wanted to cum in her ass," Dan said.

"Oh no only I get her ass," I said with a nod and smile as to say you think her pussies tight!

Excuses about the time and we left I got her to suck me all the way to her house. I gave more control suggestions so she'd want to see me again.

I crept upstairs after peeing I look through the gap the door to my step sister's bedroom she was sound asleep just her head out form the blanket. I sat next and gave control suggestions for her to tease me as much as she could without getting caught. I left getting horny thinking what she'd do and if it worked.

My step sister is hot, pert 34b's lovely hour glass 34,24,35 figure she always showed it off in tiny skirts and even tinier tops. My step mom was hot too great 34c tits on her luscious 34,25,36 body. She was quite distant but was great eye candy my step sister was already a bit of a tease her favorite was being on all fours in front of TV picking a DVD, god she drove me mad wiggling her little ass at me most nights and curling up to me always sticking her tits into me.

She came into kitchen and saw id put yoghurt, two bananas and a tea where she would usually sit...

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