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Mind Games


It started like it does for most couples, with one of those throw away comments.

Having been together in a long term relationship for nearly ten years, our sex life had developed quite naturally.

Looking back now though, those early days of insatiable sex desire would not hold a candle to what we get up to these days.

Thanks to our over active imaginations and our recently discovered willingness to make a few of our fantasies come true, we now have a sex life worth writing home about.

Well...writing about anyway.

It involves threesomes when we both go out and pick up men who end up back in our house naked fucking my lady with me.

It involves sudden impulse decisions to drive to visit our new found friends where we drink a few wines, laugh about nothing in particular then all end up in bed together.

But as they say, there's nothing like the first time.

Our first three-some was an amazing experience with a man we met online called Steve.

After chatting for a while in a chat room, he sent us a picture. He was not a model (nor are we) but he wasn't ugly either. The thing was he had a impressively large cock.

When I first saw it all I wanted to see was Steve fucking my lady with it, when my lady Karen saw it, she almost fainted with desire.

Soon Steve was calling us from his mobile phone telling us he was five minutes away. Next thing he was sitting in our lounge.

It took a bit of small talk and quite a few wines, but very soon we were all nestled on our three seater couch, Karen in between me and Steve.

Steve was hesitant at first, but by now there was no stopping me, so I made the first move.

By kissing Karen and slowly starting to fondle her breasts the mood soon changed from convivial conversation.

Soon Karen was moaning gently as I kissed her deeply and started to unbutton her blouse. I was getting quite involved and had almost forgotten Steve was there.

That was until Karen turned to face Steve and kissed him as passionately as she was me just moments before.

The realisation of what we were about to do then hit home.

The scene before me was like nothing I had ever pictured.

Karen and Steve were locked in a passionate kiss and obviously Steve had been busy at work while I had been kissing her beforehand. Her skirt was hitched above her waist, her legs splayed apart and Steve's hand was rubbing her opening.

Karen had been busy too, Steve's semi erect cock was now protruding out of his jeans with Karen's hand wrapped around it.

I have no idea how long this sordid scene went on, but it was long enough for me to get the biggest raging hard on of my life.

Now clearly drunk with desire, Karen rolled off the couch onto her kness in front of Steve and pulled his jeans and underpants down past his knees.

She then looked him the eye and took his engorged cock in her mouth, slowly at first, then with more and more enthusiasm.

I was entranced.

Steve was moaning and encouraging her with dirty talk. Caling her a slut and a bitch only seemed to egg her on however.

She soon got on all fours, still sucking Steve's now fully erect 9 inch member, and removed her panties. This presented me with a umimpeded view of her now soaking wet pussy.

She was wetter than I had ever seen before, with pussy juice soaking the inside of her thighs.

It didn't take much encouragement, in a flash I was kneeling behind her fucking her pussy like a madman.

Karen then turned and started sucking me for Steve to start fucking her. But she was a little unprepared for the reality of a 9 inch cock that was thick as well to start sliding into her pussy.

When Steve first entered her she baulked and grimaced, but soon relaxed and took it all.

As Steve's rhythm picked up so did the volume of Karen's reponse. Even with my dick in her mouth she still managed to scream and moan like a woman possessed.

This went on for quite some time with all three of us managing to suggest various positions and somehow get into those positions.

Karen was now in charge of the proceedings, which led to an unexpected turn of events.

Karen stood suddenly, put her hadns on hips and said simply: Right, you have seen me sucking that huge cock, now it's your turn.

I was stunned and started to try and object, but the look in her eye was very familiar to me. It was not to be questioned.

Steve was now standing in front of me and that huge cock was inches from my face. That close it looked like a bloody tree trunk, but I nervously got hold of it and starting licking his cock.

It was a weird sensation, but very soon, encouraged by Steve's moans and Karen's obvious pleasure of watching, I was sucking furiously on Steve's cock.

It was actually a huge turn on.

Then Karen suggested a double penetration.

So with Steve lying on the floor and Karen stadling him (watching his massive cock slide into her in that position is still a favourite memory of mine) I approached her from behind.

It was a slow and gentle process, especially with that python of Steve's already lodged in one hole, but I did get my cock in her ass.

Cue another round of Karen writhing and screaming with pleasure. She loved it!

By now I had cum once already but had been able to carry on unabated, but round two was now brewing, as was Steve.

Karen then rolled off Steve onto her back and lay on the floor, I immediately started fucking her but Steve whipped off his condom and started wanking furiously over Karen's face.

Grunting uncontrollably he then came. He first spurt shot over Karen's face and landed somewhere near the fire place, but his second, a big blob of thick creamy cum, landed right on target across Karen's flush red face.

I was banging away like a man possessed and right on the last stroke pulled out and came across Karen's breasts and face as well.

When we finally managed to speak we all agreed what a fantastic experience that was.

Steve has yet to revisit us, but we still manage to chat online now and again.

He doesn't know he wasd the first of many and has no idea we have also managed to have a couple of hugely heonistic evenings with another couple.

But that's another story.

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