tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMindy Main's Traffic Stop

Mindy Main's Traffic Stop


Mindy Main was happy, and it wasn't just because half an 8- ball had found its way up her nose this afternoon. She was finally quitting the porn business once and for all. Like most women she had gone from being a stripper to a sometime hooker right to taking hard cock on film. The transition had been both seamless and degrading. Now she was getting married, and would be able to leave all the endless filming, the boring start and stop fucking, and the sleazy "producers" behind. Her white convertible sped along the breezy California highway. The radio was cranked up, and Mindy shook her jet black hair, cut short to her jaw in front and showing her neck in the back, to the music. Her aviator sunglasses gleamed in the hot sun. The coke was a bonus for doing a last solo photo shoot and was making her feel on top of the world.

She had already forgotten about the crude comments the two skeezy photographers had been making as she stripped off her short denim skirt to show a lacy black G string with a matching bra bursting with fake D cup tits. Mindy knew her beautiful pale skin, sexy bedroom eyes, long lean figure, and cute smile were too good for scum like "Mike" and "Jimmy", if those were the dolt's real names. She was off to a better life. Forget all that it had taken to get there.

On the side of the highway, Officer Starnam was finishing off the last of a flask of cheap whiskey. His black and white cruiser reeked of booze. Despite being more than half drunk he was much less than happy. Starnham's life had been going into the shitter for years, and had finally hit rock bottom just last month. After his wife died young, the rugged policeman had poured every last bit of effort into taking care of his 18 year old daughter. She was a beautiful blonde that only California seems to produce and was smart to boot. The young lady was going to college with a proud father encouraging her every step of the way. Starnham couldn't provide money to get her into the best schools, but he tried to support her as best he could. It puzzled him, therefore, when his daughter started to avoid his calls and visited him less and less. When he did see her she was always wearing loose, baggy sweatshirts and seemed tired and unfocused.

One dreadful night he found out why. Starnham was masturbating to online porno - the kind where three short clips of a film are on one page. He preferred it that way, as long drawn-out smut made him identify too strongly with the poor women who had to undergo that ordeal. Starnham had found a particularly hot trio of clips where a young blonde woman sucked a big cock, rode it, and took a large gooey spray of jizz right in her face. In the first two clips the actress never faced the camera directly, but her lips and hips showed she was a pro. Plus her huge silicone tits were clearly freshly done. The last clip was loading as he jerked furiously, ready to cum. That's when he realized it. The wanton, heavily made-up face starting up at a pulsing cock was none other than his own little girl. His world went black.

In a matter of hours he had found the address of the company who made the film. He drove over in his squad car decked out in full uniform. When he knocked, five scruffy looking guys answered the door. Half an hour later all of them were laying on the floor with multiple broken bones, Starnham delivering kick after kick into their teeth, groins, and backs. His fellow officers responded to a disturbance call and had to drag their fellow patrolman, kicking and screaming, to the station. While he was never charged for anything, Starnham's future in the force was screwed. He was put on traffic duty on a virtually empty highway and had taken to drinking to dull the pain. His bleary eyes scanned the remote road for the thousandth time today.

Just then Mindy's convertible zipped by, doing at least 80. Starnham started up the siren and roared out of the ditch in pursuit, glad for any action to break the monotony. He caught up to her in minutes. The raven-haired beauty had been distracted by the drugs in her system and the loud music, but when she saw the cop car behind her, her high quickly evaporated. As she pulled over she quickly stuffed the remainder of the cocaine, partitioned into two separate baggies, deep into the glove compartment.

The door to the cruiser slammed shut and a tall, 50-something policeman started walking toward her car. His steely gray hair and wide-legged gait was the very definition of authority. Mindy was afraid. She didn't want a ticket and the discovery of a little "white lady" to ruin her life. She checked her makeup in the mirror. Dark red lipstick, heavy mascara. Good. She looked at her outfit. Tight blue tank top showing a lot of cleavage. Short jean skirt with plenty of her long ivory legs visible. Even better. Sure she'd changed out of high heels and into flip flops for the drive, but no matter. She'd charm this big dumb pig. Probably get out of it without even a fine.

Starnham reached the passenger side and quietly looked over the young woman inside. She looked pretty damn sexy, though his mind hadn't been working that way in the recent past. Her short hair gave her a punky look, but the features on her oval face seemed to come right out of classic Hollywood. And that body was built for sin. That must be the booze talking, he thought, let's just do the job at hand.

"Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?" Starnham asked in the sternest tone he could muster.

Mindy slid her sunglasses slowly off, and gave the cop her best babydoll voice. "I'm sorry sir, I didn't realize it until just now. I'm REALLY sorry! I know this sounds like a lie, but I'm actually hurrying because I'm late for my rehearsal dinner."

She flashed her engagement ring and her biggest smile.

Starnham felt an odd mixture of attraction and compassion for this girl. She reminded him of his daughter, a child who had to dress and act like a sex object just to get by. So sad. Plus her looks, edgy hairdo and eye-popping tits didn't hurt matters. He decided to let her off easy.

"Well that's okay. The speed limit on this highway is 65. It's dangerous to be flying around at over 80, even if there's no one else on the road. I'll give you a warning. But if I catch you driving at unsafe speeds again the ticket will be a hefty one."

Mindy couldn't believe her luck. She looked right at Starnham with her deep chocolate brown eyes and batted her lashes. "Thank you so much, officer," she cooed.

But then the unthinkable happened. As she tossed her hair and slid the sunglasses back on, a large nugget of cocaine fell out of her nose and onto her lap. The observant policeman noticed it right away. His hand lashed out and tore the keys from Mindy's hand.

"Get OUT of the car," he ordered.

Her heart sank as she slid over the passenger seat. Starnham held the door open while grabbing her thin arm. He pushed it behind her, shoved her over to the front of the car, and handcuffed her wrists behind her. Mindy was bent at the waist over the burning hot hood, and moaned in pain as her exposed thighs made contact with the scorching metal. She howled when the policeman put his elbow in her back, toppling her over. The busty woman's face and exposed chest hit the sizzling steel. It all happened so fast she didn't even have a chance to struggle.

While the pornstar writhed on the hood, Starnham searched her vehicle. In no time the glove compartment was open and two small baggies were in his hand.

"Rehearsal dinner, huh?" The policeman's face twisted into a grim smile. "Two of these means you were rehearsing with an intent to distribute. Might want to let mom and dad know to cancel your restaurant reservations for the evening."

Mindy was panicking. Her perfect plan would crumble all around her unless she thought of a way out of this pronto. What could she offer a tough-as-nails cop? Being that she'd been offering the same thing over and over again to get both in and out of trouble, her response came naturally.

"Please sir, please! Don't arrest me. I'll do anything you want. You can do anything you want to me!" Trying not to act too scared, she conjured the best husky voice that could be managed in the current situation. "If you've seen my movies, you know I can give you anything you want."

The black haired beauty, still bent at the waist, wriggled her shapely ass suggestively. Little did she know she couldn't have said anything worse. Starnham's eyes slowly registered surprise, then rage. This little whore in the short skirt, showing a hint of her black thong between her legs, was a part of the industry that had destroyed his world. Fucking pornography. Maybe it was the pain in his heart. Maybe it was the alcohol in his system. Maybe it was the twisted way in which he had found out his daughter was prostituting herself. Whatever the reason, the cruelest part of him took over.

He grabbed the starlet by the back of the neck. Mindy let out a surprised yelp - she had expected the cop would fuck her and send her on her way. Her sunglasses bent at a strange angle, her hands cuffed behind her, there was little she could do to stop the police officer from lifting her up and tossing her onto the hood of her own car on her back, with her head hanging off the side.

"What the fuck, you stupid pig!" she screamed at Starnham as he walked around the car. Mindy found herself looking at the cop's crotch upside down.

"Flattery won't help you out in this case, little lady", he grimly replied.

The "pig" slowly zipped down his fly, and reached one hand into the pants of his uniform. What he fished out made Mindy Main go ever more cross-eyed than usual. The cop methodically freed inch after inch of half-hard dick, until finally a good nine inches of thick meat hung in front of the pornstar's face. She couldn't believe how big it was. If that monster had been presented to her prior to a fuck scene in one of her movies, she would have thought twice before going ahead with filming. Her mouth hung open in amazement -- which would turn out to be a big mistake.

Starnham had forgotten about consequences, about the fact that he was exposed on the side of the highway, or that the young woman in front of him had travelled down the same sad path as his daughter. All he wanted to do was take dirty, brutal revenge against the circumstances that had ruined him.

He grabbed his hardening cock, slid it over the big-titted bitches' aviators, and without warning began jamming inch after inch into Mindy's surprised face. She tried to close her ruby red lips and teeth but it was too late. The thick head had already passed them, and the width of his shaft stretched her mouth to the limit. Being upside-down gave her even less ability to resist.

At first Starnham had only managed to get a bit of his cock into her trap, but Main decided that if she was going to get this over with quickly she'd better start opening up her throat. Deep-throating had never been one of her specialties. She wasn't quite able to suppress the gag reflex like some sluts, who could take a dick this big down to the hilt without coughing. Now she'd get a chance to improve her skills - like it or not. The officer grunted as his veiny club hardened. He felt the back of the pretty starlet's mouth and just kept pushing. Her throat opened and embraced the spongy head like a warm glove.

"Uhhhh," grunted Starnham, and he began to push further. He felt his broad head pass a tight entrance and the next inch slide in to take its place. It had been a long time since he'd felt the touch of a woman, let alone gotten a blowjob. He was gonna make this one count.

Mindy couldn't breathe, and started hacking up phlegm right away. Trapped upside down and handcuffed, there was no way she could stop the assault as the policeman's throbbing rod ground forward. The gooey spit ran out from the corners of her gaping lips, pouring down the sides of her face, into her hair, oozing across her sunglasses. She tried not to panic and breathe through her nose. The cop grabbed her heaving tits through tight blue shirt and rammed his hips into her face. Mindy's tank top and lacy black bra were pulled down, exposing the deep slope and tiny brown nipples of her massive breasts. Mindy gagged hard as three, four, and then five inches of rigid dick were forced into her throat. The sticky mixture of her slime and his precum surged out all over her beautiful face and his heavy balls.

Starnham pulled out. He didn't want to kill this whore, just make her hurt. He rolled a hacking and spluttering Mindy Main over onto her chest. The poor girl yelped from the renewed pain of hot metal touching her exposed cleavage and thighs. The officer unbuttoned his dark blue shirt, and roughly wiped the slut's face and hair. Her sunglasses fell to the dirt. Mindy squinted her big brown eyes against the sun. Right side up, she could at last make out the penis that had been pillaging her mouth. It was perfect. Fully hard, the cock stretched to its full ten inches of pink, pussy-pleasing splendor. Below it hung two big, heavy, hairy balls surging with years of stored-up semen. Viscous rivulets of her phlegm lazily dripped from its length. Despite her situation, Mindy couldn't help but stare in awe.

"I thought all you porno bitches could suck the polish off a doorknob," joked Starnham. "You must be new, because you couldn't even take half of this baby!"

"Please, please officer, please let me go! I'm sorry for the speeding and the cocaine and for lying to you. Please just let me drive away. I won't tell anyone," the starlet begged.

"You promise not to tell?" He eyed her suspiciously.

Main was only too happy to agree. "Yes, yes sir I'll..."

She was cut off mid-sentence as Starnham shoved his dick back into her mouth. The purple head scraped her teeth on its way down. Mindy wasn't expecting this renewed attack and started gagging the minute his cock hit the end of her tongue. But this time the cop wasn't stopping. He'd teach this preening prostitute a lesson. Grabbing two handfuls of jet-black hair, he jerked his hips forward violently. Mindy's whole body twitched as six inches of steely dong embedded itself half in her mouth and half in her wind tunnel.

"Yeah, that's right, more than halfway there whore," Starnham hissed. He reached back to pull up Main's skirt, sliding another two inches into her aching maw in the process. The combination of the dick's three inch width and amazing length had her coughing up spit like never before. Wad after wad of sloppy lubricant welled up in her throat, and like a tidal wave rushed over the massive member. It coated the penis inside her mouth and splashed around the suffocating python to meet the light of day. Globs ran down her chin and stretched jaw, pooling between her big tits and sizzling on the hot metal hood.

Mindy looked up at the cop, her brown eyes pleading for pity. But Starnham wasn't even paying attention. He had moved her tiny g-string to the side, and was enjoying the view of a tight milky white ass on display. The officer dipped his fingers into the hanging web of phlegm under his balls, then took the messy fingers and started rubbing in the warm crevice between the vixen's legs. She couldn't believe it, but the maniac cop had found her clit and was methodically rubbing it just right. Stout fingers were traveling the length of her slit and teasing her tiny taint. Despite the terrible situation and her mouth's continuing violation, Mindy was getting turned on!

She tried to moan, but all that came out was a muffled bubbling. "You like that, don't you?", Starnham asked sarcastically.

He returned his attention to the woman's sexy rear. Grinning ear to ear, the cop slid two long fingers into her juicy cunt. Main moaned again, and with the pressure of Starnham leaning over her and the tiny extra space provided by her exhalation the final two inches of his giant tool slid home. Mindy's cute little nose was buried in his thick pubic hair, and her pouty lower lip rested against his straining scrotum. At last she stopped gagging, her entire face shoved full of hard dick.

Meanwhile, back at the photography studio Mike and James were trying not to meet each other's gaze. Both had raging boners from looking over the pictures they'd gotten of Mindy Main. Her beautiful face with thick black mascara and red lipstick enhancing those seductive eyes and hot lips. That punky hairdo. The swelling breasts with their little brown nipples. The sweet waxed pussy. And of course the star's long legs and shapely bottom brought into high definition by a pair of black high heels.

Both men held various objects in front of them to hide the obvious as they packed away their gear. Soon they were driving in awkward silence down the same quiet highway where Mindy had been pulled over only a half hour ago. As they zipped past a bend in the road, Mike noticed an odd sight. A white convertible was parked next to a cop car, and in front of the car a big man, pants around his ankles, was rhythmically thrusting into something.

"Hey man," Mike exclaimed to his friend, "pull the fuck over!"

James did as he was asked about fifty feet past where Mike had first noticed the half-naked guy. Both of them crept along the shoulder of the highway to see what the hell was going on. Craning their necks out from behind a tall bush, the photographers' mouths gaped open in wonder at the sight before them. Mindy Main, the unbelievably hot young pornstar, was laying on the hood of her white convertible on her stomach. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and her skirt was hitched up around her waist. Looming above her, a big fifty-something cop was slowly pumping in and out of her pretty face. He also was busy drilling two meaty fingers into the slut's sloppy pussy, using a free pinky finger to massage her clit and a thumb to trace circles around the rim of her puckered asshole.

Being pornographers, they both had the same first instinct. James silently motioned for Mike to go back to the car and get the cameras. These shots were going to make them some money. Plus they'd get to enjoy watching the object of their desire, pure and innocent whore Mindy Main, get the drilling of a lifetime.

Meanwhile Starnham was starting to get close. He'd never been deepthroated completely before, and the incredible feeling of muscles massaging his meat in a tight hole was overwhelming. Not to mention the woman in question was a nubile minx whose inner juices were leaking all over his fingers. He really wanted to make this last, so he reluctantly slid his digits out of Mindy's quivering quim. Next to be pulled out was his ten inch dick, which Starnham tried to extricate one centimeter at a time. Main had stopped coughing long ago, but was still producing plenty of spit. The cock, shiny with her lungbutter, gleamed in the sunlight as he removed it. Multiple strands of gelatinous goo hung from her lips and chin, some still connected to the underside of the massive shaft. As the head at last emerged with a loud pop, a torrent of scum ran out of the whore's mouth and pooled in Starnham's discarded uniform pants.

Mindy stared up at the policeman, her expression a strange mix of fear, shock, and lust. "Please, please stop," she begged in a weak voice. "I promise I'll never do it again."

"Alright little lady," Starnham replied, "your mouth is safe for now. But I'll be damned if I don't take a look at that sweet cooch of yours."

With that Starnham pulled Mindy by the back of the neck up into a sitting position. Her cute ass plopped firmly into a lake of drool on roasting metal. The whore's face was dripping in slime and her mascara was running down her cheeks. Main's eyes opened wide as the officer knelt down between her shaking legs. He gazed with admiration at a real peach of a bare twat. The lips hung plump and full, and his fingers had clearly warmed her up nicely. He pinched the top of the engorged mound and pulled up, exposing her clit. Starnham licked his lips then took a look up at Mindy's incredulous expression. He dove right in. Sure enough that pussy tasted as good as it looked.

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