tagNonHumanMine...Yours Pt. 12

Mine...Yours Pt. 12


Author's Note: Wow...took a while to get this out. Finally had more time again, and will get more out as I am able. I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I love getting them and each time I see a new one it just spurs me on to write that much faster. I ask that those of you who are anonymous, please put down a couple of initials or a pseudonym I can use to keep track of you all. That way when I get a chance I can answer questions for you.

Thank you all for reading.




Chapter 34: Past (continued)

I said nothing, just stared out from under my hood at Gwen who took a few steps closer to me. I got scared, but not as much as I would have a day or two ago. It was almost as if having to be on my own, without my Master, made some of the emotions I had trouble with seem less. They didn't seem so huge anymore. Maybe it was learning as much as I have about the people around me made me better able to cope. Maybe it was the shock of Greg getting hurt the way he had and what Mr. Brooks and I had done about it.

I don't know...

All I know is things made more sense to me and I didn't feel the extremes of emotions as much anymore. Well, the exception being how I ripped apart Tarfal. I think Greg would say something like, "That's fine...he had it coming!"

I watched Gwen warily as she looked me over, "You are! You really are a virgin succubus! How is that even possible?" Jemima stepped closer too, but she seemed to be watching Gwen more than me. Gwen had pulled another book out of her backpack and I was starting to wonder if her bag didn't happen to have magic in it like that one lady in the movie...what was it called? She was a witch that watched over two small children and Nancy loved that movie. She would sing along with the lady about, "...tidying up a nursery." I only watched it because Greg had suggested I watch something called "Disney Movies." Nancy told me that was the one I should start with.

I scented her bag, but caught only her smell, no magic on the actual fabric. She pulled out a small tattered book that was handwritten, and carefully leafed through the pages. What she saw made her look up at me in surprise.

"Lucretia...I...I have questions, can we meet back at our house? I have some enchiladas in the freezer we can bake and I want to, if you don't mind..." She wrung her hands a little and then blurted out a stream of words that made me thing of water running from a hose.

"I know you want to go back to Greg, but he's fine and I have never met a virgin succubus and I want a chance to ask you questions because I want to know if the wish is real and why you haven't lost it yet since I thought that was the first thing you all did!" Gwen took a deep breath and then held her hands to her temples staring off past my shoulder.

"If you...no, you are a virgin. That's obvious since Greg is still alive and this could mean all of our research is slanted on your kind of outsiders which means we have been getting it all wrong and then why did I have to learn all those lessons if they were skewed...?"

Jemima put a hand on Gwen's shoulder, and gave me a slightly proprietary look as she kissed Gwen's cheek. It didn't bother me, I had my own...sweetheart... Just thinking that word made me smile inside. Thinking of my Greg made me feel warm along with the ache. Surprisingly my lower lips clenched! I ran a hand over my hip curiously. The only times I felt that were when I was in a fight, not just a sparring session, but like the last time I fought with Greg, when I let my armor come out. I never got a chance to talk with him afterwards, but I wanted to tell him he had done very well. He had moved so fast to dodge my attacks, he had been so smooth and graceful in his movements...

I had wanted to drain him so badly right then!

It was normal for me to get aroused from the hunt, but this. I had felt such a rush of sensation when I had made myself vulnerable to Greg. He had been going downstairs to train in his basement. Seemed silly to me to train down in the dark, but...that's the way my Master is. I can't argue with the results he received from it either. He had seemed sad, and I remembered how he had been vulnerable to me. Still amazes me that he did that! Greg had shown me the type of relationship he wanted, he had trusted me. So now I showed him trust as well, to let him feel better.

His teeth on my neck, and his hands on my body...I had almost orgasmed just from that! Later on, when we had been kissing on the roof as we watched the sun sink...set I mean. He had trusted me and I had held back. That trust was valuable to me, I can't explain it, how much it meant to me. Now here I am getting aroused at the thought. How many changes am I going to be going through, and when will it stop? How...Will I still be me? I glanced aside at where Tarfal had been beaten and grinned a little to myself.

No...I will always be me! I don't think that will ever change...

"...want some enchiladas?" I heard Jemima ask. I turned to look at her. "I can't eat them myself since I am on a liquid diet, but that means there should be more for you." Jemima finished with a smile. It was easy enough to guess they had invited me over to have Gwen pump me for more information about what it meant to be a succubae who had never had sex. I didn't see what the big deal was, but it was something that had caused a stir amongst my sisters. Since I could always take energy with a kiss, I had never had sex. I saw no point to it. Mother had told me that I should lose my maidenhead soon since...well.

Whoever takes the maidenhead of a succubus is granted one wish, the older a succubus is...the more powerful the wish. Most succubae lose theirs once they reach the age of maturity. I was going to lose mine 40 years after that in front of Balmont's entire court. After I escaped and came home...I had no interest in it. Time passed, I grew older and still had my maidenhead. From what Mother told me most wishes were for long life, wealth and riches. Several were to just survive the experience with one of our kind!

That is only after reaching maturity, I wonder what kind of wish my Greg would...?

I pushed that thought away. I know Master cares for me, and he enjoys my company. I don't believe he wants me that way. I am his friend, and he enjoys kissing me. But I feel the need for more, but I am afraid... No, not afraid.

I am...Afraid.

I could kill him since I have never done this act, this sex, with someone before! I wish I had listened to Mother and lost this curse, then I would know how to control it, I could lay down with my Master and feel him, taste him, drink of him...

Jemima is staring at me, "Are you alright Lucretia? Looks like you were having some deep thoughts there."

I nodded, "Yes...I think I would like some enchiladas. Ummm...meet you all at your house?"

Gwen still looked flustered as Jemima took her hand in hers, "Yeah Lucky, we will meet you there. I got the good brand of root beer you like too."

I smiled at that, gave a careful sweep of the area and shifted to my regular form and took off into the night sky.

I like the sky here, it's a different color than at home, and the stars are generally one color. Compared to the dark purple sky of home, with its multi-colored stars that seem to wink on and off as you watch them. The sky here is more peaceful. A rich black with pin holes of light peeking through. I tried to replicate it once with a piece of velvet cloth that Greg and I found in one of the dumpsters at work. I poked holes in the cloth with my claws and put it over the light in my room but it didn't work very well.

I also blend in better, my dark grey skin against the black, no one notices me and I am free to fly as I wish. Sometimes when Greg is alone at work I take that time just to fly and watch the world underneath me. I watch the people, how the act and how they treat others. I listen carefully to what they have to say, and how they say it. I see how women dress and how it is similar to what I like to wear or how it is different. Humans are so different from each other.

One woman wears a high necked dress and a strange cloth over her head and is speaking plainly to a woman who has ink in her skin and is wearing next to nothing. I wondered why the woman wore a long dress while the other wore so much less. I don't normally wear clothing, except when in human form. I had asked my Master about that and he just scratched his head a little. He does that sometimes when he is not sure how to answer me.

"Well, Lucretia. When you are all grey skinned and wings...clothing just looks wrong on you. I mean, how are you going to wear a shirt with wings anyway? But when you look human..." I remember him blushing and looking down and away a little as he cleared his throat.

"When you're human looking, and naked you're kind of distracting. I don't really want to walk into stuff or trip and fall all of the time from looking at you!"

I didn't mind him looking at me at all! Honestly it didn't occur to me that it would be a problem. He had been quick to assure me it wasn't, but after a few days of him walking into chairs and door frames I relented and started wearing clothing again. It was nice to have him not be so...what is the phrase?

No...it's a word...? Ah! Klutz! It was nice to have him not be such a klutz.

I arrived back at home and landed in the backyard. I looked around at the fruit trees, and the yard. I noticed my broken sliding glass door and sighed. I forgot to open it when I flew out to help Gregory.

I walked inside and saw my stereo equipment was turned off. That surprised me. Normally it would play on repeat until...

"Good evening Lucretia..." a male voice said behind me.

For a moment I thought it was Balmont and I spun to face him, but it was a slender man standing in the broken doorway of my bedroom. He had a long peacoat, and a dark baseball cap, and his green eyes glittered in the dark. Like how Greg's glows when he is using his power. I remembered those eyes...

"You failed in your job Lucretia..." He said quietly. "I hired you to destroy the Gatewatch, and you failed."

I remembered the wizard now, I tried to catch his scent but it was clouded. He stepped into my room making me bristle and I growled at him. He paused, considering me, then stepped back outside.

"You made me assurances, saying you were more than strong enough to do the job, and I watched and took pleasure in your devious way of handling the situation. Causing an orgy...feeding off the energy and then planning on killing everyone there? It was a masterful plan...until it wasn't." He said as he ran his thumb over some broken glass in the door frame. It pricked him slightly. I then could smell him more clearly and I opened my eyes wide in surprise as his scent filled my nose.

I could never describe his scent since it had always been muddled with magic, I kind of knew it, but it still smelled different with the interference of the energies he contained. Most wizards and mages are careful to always hold onto their magic, to keep it at the ready so we can't smell them. This is why I had slashed Gregory's leg when we first met, so I could accurately get his scent to track him. A part of me winced inside as I remembered doing that, but I didn't care about him then like I do now.

I now could smell my summoner accurately, and I remembered where I had smelled this scent before...

"Nancy..." I said softly. His head came up and his glittering green eyes narrowed.

"What did you say?" He replied in a low quiet tone.

"You smell like Nancy...the rat." I said a little louder, taking a step forward. My claws on my feet tapped the floor underneath me.

"Your Allan Wade Dickson...you had a familiar named Nancy Drew." I said a little louder. "You threw her away for a...tiger striped cat."

He paused while watching me carefully. "I don't see how that applies to you failing in your contract. You have been close to your targets for months now and never finished the job, why?"

I chuckled, "You know as well as I do the reason why! You would have felt it, the shift in allegiance. I have a new Master now. All old contracts are null and void when new leadership is established."

Allan nodded his head in understanding, then crossed his arms and his voice took on a business like tone. "I see...so when your contract is at an end would you be interested in finishing the original job for me?"

I didn't want to, not really. I had made friends with Gwen and Jemima, maybe not Hildy...not yet at any rate. But I didn't want to see them die. However, it would not be good to shut all negotiations down. Let him leave with a hope for things in the future, while I make my own plans. William needed to know the identity of the wizard, and so did my other friends.

"I am open to renegotiating our deal...based on what you have paid so far. The spell for replicating food was handy. Perhaps you have another to add to the offer?"

Allan shook his head and gave a low chuckle, "No, I don't think so...well, maybe...depends on if you can get me a trophy from them? Maybe bring me the cards of the witch, a few liter of the vampire's blood and the canines of the Werewolf and we can talk about another spell?"

I pretended to consider, but on the inside I was disgusted at the thought of what he was asking me to do. I was picturing in my mind taking Gwen's cards from cold, lifeless fingers. Jemima struggling as I had her pinned and drained her blood into a mountain dew bottle, or ripping Hildy's teeth from her head. I shuddered and Allan must have misinterpreted it. He smiled openly.

"Ah, the famous blood lust of Lucretia! I sometimes wondered if you were more valkyrie than succubus."

I forced myself to smile back and wondered at my own reactions. A small part of me liked the idea, but a much bigger portion felt it was wrong to do such a thing.

"When my contract with my current Master is done, then I will find you to reopen negotiations." I said finally. Allan nodded and began to leave, then asked over his shoulder as he walked into the backyard.

"Just curious, but have you fucked your current master yet?" I grit my teeth at the offhanded way he said that, but bit back the harsh response. I remembered that to a succubus sex was just business, so it was normal to ask these kinds of questions.

"No..." I said pleasantly. Not a half second later something struck me hard and fast in the back of my head. I was knocked forward through the air past the grinning form of Allan Dickson into my backyard. I tumbled in the grass, pulling my wings in so I could roll easily. I finished the roll and groggily got to my feet. I shook off the shock of the blow and grinned.

So...who was going to be my next victim?

"That's all I needed to hear..." A rich, deep voice said as a large dark form moved out from my room. I couldn't understand how something so big had hidden itself so well that I didn't notice it in my own house. Forward swept horns, aggressive and menacing showed first in the moonlight as a large head with long hair pushed forward, four wings with rich brown feathers spotted with pure white feathers followed behind him. He was huge, his chest was heavily muscled and he was larger around than our refrigerator in the kitchen. He stood tall on the porch just outside of my door, wings spread, I saw the white feathers coincided with my memories of hurting his wings.

It made me grin wider

This was it! I had him! Here and now! I had a Master who had given me no limitations, I was at the peak of my power and now my enemy was right in front of me! I rushed forward, my wings folded into spears. I felt the lawn tearing under my claws as I dug in for traction. Then slammed hard into a green shifting barrier of translucent energy...

I stumbled back, shocked and shook my head once. I saw Allan standing with one arm extended towards me, his fingers spread.

"Thought I came here unprepared Little Bird?" Balmont's voice sent chills through me. "Thought that I wouldn't have someone to anchor me in this realm of forgotten lords? You underestimate me that much?"

Then I heard a small clinking sound of metal on metal, and it made that earlier chill feel like a warm wind in comparison to the ball of ice in my belly. I knew that sound very well. My fingers itched, as they wanted to move to cover my shoulder and hip. My eyes searched over him and saw it. Thick links the size of walnuts, dark as coal except for scripting and pictures of different spells engraved in silvery metal etched in every link. I knew each spell I knew by heart, I had been presented that chain as my spell book by Balmont. Only I had learned to late what it really signified.

He held up his right arm, around which it was wrapped from elbow to wrist. He shook his arm once, slowly from side to side, and I flinched as I heard those links clink together.

"So you remember your leash Little Bird?" He said softly. "You remember how to perch on my wrist? To fight when I wish you to fight? You remember your Master?"

I growled and shook my head at him, squaring my shoulders.

"I am Not your bird! I am Not your pet! I am the daughter of a Queen and I Have a Master!" I shouted at him. My legs still felt weak as I watched that damn chain. The metal digging into my flesh and the cold seeping into my body as I was locked in place...

Never Again! I would die first!

The green shield from Allan vanished, and I considered my old employer, "You brought him over...? Why?"

Allan's face changed, and he looked almost crazed with anger as he spat out, "You failed! That's why you stupid whore bitch!"

I took a half step back even though I was a good distance from the porch. The calm cool collected Allan of just a few minutes ago was gone, replaced with someone who looked insane!

"A simple job! SIMPLE! You almost had them too and then you fucked it up! A human comes in and beats you, I don't care if he is a mage or not. You are a damn succubus and are supposed to turn men's minds to mush and you can't even do that right!"

Balmont placed a hand on Allans back, rubbing him gently. A wing went out to shadow the smaller wizard.

"Allan Wade Dickson sacrificed much to bring me here, to get his revenge." Balmont said slowly. "He contacted me about his desire to see the Gatewatch destroyed for killing his Sire. Told me how you tried and failed."

Allan looked up then and said in a much calmer tone of voice, "My Dad summoned a being from the fourth Plane and used it to learn how to cure a form of breast cancer my Mom had. Soon we published the results, my Mom was cured...then the Gatewatch came. Two men and a woman. My dad told them what he had done and why...said he would do it again to save someone he loved. They killed him right there. The woman stepped forward and we found out too late she was a vampire when she drained him right in our living room!"

I pondered this, still watching Balmont warily and wondering what this all meant...then it hit me.

"That was the old Gatewatch...the new members haven't done anything to you so why kill them?" I asked

Allan looked about ready to fly into a rage, but Balmont's hand on his back soothed him. I was curious about this, I knew it meant something...

"I want to hurt the old Gatewatch like they hurt me...death is too quick, torture too fast. Even if I could make it last the rest of my lifetime it wouldn't do a thing. Mom went insane after watching Dad be murdered in front of us. The vampire did something to Mom so she wouldn't remember, thought he died in a traffic accident. She ended up dying herself a few years later. Now it's just me...me and all I want to do is to make them suffer."

His face hardened after saying all of that and he looked up at Balmont who gave him a reassuring smile.

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