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Mini-Skirts & Legs


Foxxy Net News host and reporter, Donna Fiducia, was in a very good mood this fine summer Sunday morning. She had just found out that she would be given a new chance to host what had been her Sunday Morning Report show.

Donna had been very popular in this show, but a new regime, with a new program director, had come to Foxxy News and decided that some tweaking of the on the air talent was necessary.

The very pretty, 40ish mother of two, had the rug pulled out from under her; so to speak; by the new powers that be.

It was explained to the lovely, long legged, blonde that her ratings were slipping and that some 'new blood' was needed to improve things. Donna knew that this was not the case! Her Sunday program was the lynchpin of the Sunday Foxxy News schedule!

People, [especially the male viewers], tuned in to Donna in droves. Her fine interviewing and journalistic skills; could only be matched by one or two of the other on the air ladies at Foxxy News.

Besides; she had her ace in the hole working for her. Truthfully speaking it was her 'aces' in the hole which made her so very popular: her two, long, lovely, and extremely sexy legs! Donna was no fool. If wearing short mini-skirts and showing lots of legs to the viewing audience got her noticed; then she was the leg queen of the network.

The pretty blonde had her 'forte' down pat. Lots of flirting; lots of slow leg crosses; throw in a sexy, come hither smile; and of course; wear the shortest mini-skirt possible! Along with her fine journalistic skills; no one could touch her!

Mini-skirts & legs! [LOTS of LEGS!]. That was her ticket for success!

Donna was more than happy to comply when the brass called her in this morning. Her replacement; Kiran Chetry; had come down with a nasty stomach virus, and was unable to work.

"It serves her right." thought the pretty blonde to herself when she was informed of this. "I get shuffled off into the netherworld of overnight news update land while this newscaster wanta-be is given my slot! I will use this chance to redeem myself and show this upstart how a host can bring in the viewers and keep them tuned in!

Donna dressed appropriately for the task on hand. She put on a tight, low cut, silk blouse; no bra; which showed off her average size; but lovely breasts to their best advantage. She complimented this by wearing the shortest, sexiest belt; I mean to say mini-skirt; she had! A black micro-mini leather skirt with a slit up one side.

Coupled with some white silk panties, which made her feel soo sexy, Donna was more than ready to prove her worth to the powers that be! The leg show which she had planned for this Sunday morning was going to make men's interests, [and their cocks], stand up and take notice!

Donna was also pleased that her best friend at Foxxy News would join her on this mornings program. The beautiful, leggy, redheaded senior business correspondent; Brenda Buttner!

Donna liked Brenda because she was of the same frame of mind when it came to attracting the male viewers. Wear short skirts; and give lot's of leg views. An 'accidental' upskirt shot of Brenda's, [or Donnas'], legs showing off their silk panty covered pussies; is not out of the question.

Sex sells! And this was one lesson that Donna and the pretty redheaded Brenda knew by heart.

When Brenda came on to the set and settled into the chair next to her; Donna just knew that this final segment of the show would be a killer!

The running joke around Foxxy News was that the lower the stock market fell; the higher the hemlines on beautiful Brenda's mini-skirts rised. The market took a thousand plus point nosedive this week. So naturally Brenda wore what only could be best described as a 'hankerchief'. Brenda's Short, black, mini-skirt was even shorter than what Donna was wearing. When Brenda sat down; her skirt rode all the way up her thighs; exposing a glimpse of her black silk panty covered pussy. Brenda, along with Donna, was sure to make the male audience members dicks get stiff! That was for certain. The tight black, sleeveless, top she was wearing showed Brenda's small but perky, breasts as well.

While waiting for the commercial break to end; the pretty blonde, and the sexy redhead discussed their favorite subject, Men!

One man in particular was on the two lovely ladies minds this morning. The dark haired, handsome, and muscular floor directer; Jack Hoeft!

"I'm glad that Jack is handling the show this morning." Donna said to her co-worker. " He seems to anticipate my every move and can get the right camera angle for the 'proper exposure' if you catch my meaning."

"oh yes; I agree on that!" Brenda answered her lovely friend. "Jack can show off our best 'assets' and make it seem as if it was a part of the show."

The two friends giggled at Brenda's off hand comment. They both had to admit that when they were around the handsome 'Jack-Off' as they refered to the stud floor directer; that they tingled with sexual excitement! One look into his brown eyes just made their love mounds get soaked!

Today was no exception to the rule! Donna and Brenda's pussies were soaking wet with their carnal desires for the good looking man.

"I sure wouldn't mind some after the show 'sexrection' from Jack." Donna whispered to Brenda just before the commercial break ended.

"Donna; you're a married woman!" Brenda admonished her pretty friend. But Brenda had to admit that married or not; a sexual encounter with the handsome directer would not be out of he question with either Donna or herself.

Jack Hoeft eyed the two beautiful ladies seated on the set in front of him. A qiuck glance around the studio revealed that all the mens eyes were fixed on Donna and Brenda's, lovely, sexy, gams.

A further glance around showed that every male present was sporting a rageing hard-on! His own male love pole was not immune to this sight. His penis was straining to free itself from its confinement and ravage every lovely fuck-hole of Donna Fiducia and Brenda Buttner.

But first things first. A show had to be completed. The real show would have to come later. Jack had some definate 'sexrection' in mind to give to the two pretty newswomen. His hard cock shoved into every sexual orifice the lovely ladies posessed!

The final segment of the program went off like clockwork. Donna asked the pertinent questions and Brenda gave her expert financial reponses on what investers should do in a market going crazy.

For his part; Jack made sure; in conjunction with the directer in the booth; the young and eager Greg; that every chance to inadvertantly show an upsirt or a legshot did not pass. There was at least three good Donna legcrosses and the final shot of beautiful Brenda was right up her slightly spread knees.

Brenda sensed what was happening and coyly opened her thighs just a mite more. This exposd her firm, lovely legs all the way up to her hot, wet, black silk covered pussy!

Jack smiled to himself as he could imagine all the men in the world wide audience who were now furriously stroking their engorged male members to climax! The sight of Donna and Brenda's legs tends to affect the male population in that way.

When the show was over; Jack walked over to where the two sexy ladies were still seated. He had some suggestions he wanted to give them concerning their performance.

"The only performance I care about is how Jacks' cock will perform up my ass!" Donna whispered in Brenda's ear.

"Not to mention how good it would be in my pussy!" Brenda responded.

Jack made sure that everyone was off the set and out of the studio. Only the set lights were left on. Studio B would not be necessary until tomorrow.

Besides, after the leg show the two lovely ladies had just put on; some major jacking-off was sure to be taking place in every available restroom stall or dark corner of the Foxxy News building!

For some strange reason; Brenda and Donna would always have that effect on the males who viewed their lovely, mini-skirted, legs!

When the set was empty of all others, Jack went up to the two pretty ladies seated patiently in front of him.

" I need to discuss some things with you, Donna and Brenda." He began.

"it's concerning your performance on todays show."

"I know what you really want." said Donna playfully as she eyed the bulge of Jacks cock, straining to break out of his pants. The pretty blonde was forthright in her assessment of the situation.

"You just want to ram your cock up my tight ass and ream me out , but good!'

"And I might add," This came from the sexy redhead Brenda, " You also want to fill my pussy with your hard cock and your hot, cum!"

"Admit it Jack!" Both horny girls were speaking in unison now. " You want to fuck and screw us silly!"

Jack was somewhat surprised but very pleased at the ladies comment. That was exactly what he had in mind!

"well, ladies. You've found me out! which one of you wants my 'sexrections' first?"

"Since this was Donnas' show, I think she has first crack at having you invade her crack!" Brenda smiled to herself as she said this. She was sure that Jack would have plenty of sexual attention to throw her way.

Jack turned toward Donna and slipped out of his pants and BVD's. His erect manhood sprang out toward Donnas' face; stopping just short of her waiting, pouty, lips.

Donna glanced over at her pretty redheaded friend and got a nod of approval from Brenda.

Donna grabbed Jacks' muscular, taut, ass cheeks and guided his rigid love tool to her inviting, sensuous, mouth.

The sexy blonde took the head of Jacks cock into her mouth. Her lips and tongue began to kiss and carress the tip of his shaft. A slow sucking of his penis was begun at this time.

Donna sucked and licked all of jacks cock as she started to slide its length into her waiting throat.

Jack let out a long, loud, moan as his pecker was swallowed hole by the trained and expert mouth sucking it to ecstacy.

Donna had Jack where she wanted him! His engorged love tool in her mouth and she was in control!

The turned on leggy blonde began to deepthroat the handsome stud. The only sounds coming from the sparsly lighted studio was the sucking, slurping sounds of her cocksucking and the moans of pleasure coming from the soon to climax , Jack.

Sensing that Jack was going to lose his load of jism; Donna slipped his cock out of her mouth and took it into her soft, deft, hands. She had another place in mind for Jack to deposit his love seed other than her mouth.

"Not so fast, big boy!" She playfully teased the rigid love tool she held in her hands. "I'm not finished with you just yet!"

Having said that, the pretty blonde stood up and turned her back to the handsome floor directer. She bent over the back of the chair and presented her mini-skirted ass to Jack.

Not being one to look a gift ass banging in the butt; Jack pulled Donnas' white panties off of her round, sexy, bottom. His pecker was stiff in anticipation of the butt ride it would soon enjoy!

Donna and Jack both looked over to where Brenda was seated. The lovely redhead was keeping herself more than occupied by slipping her fingers in and out of her hot, juicy, lovehole. It was apparent that Brenda was lost in her own special sexual ecstacy as she hurredly masturbated herself to a soon to cum, intense orgasm.

Jack grinned at Donna as he guided his erect ass reamer to Donnas' tight, inviting anal opening. Donna squirmed as Jack slowly inserted his cock into her bowels. After a couple of minutes, he had inpaled his cock all the way into the willing blonde backdoor fuck-hole.

"Give it to me hard, Jack! Don't be shy! I need a good ass reaming and you're the stud to give it to me!" Donna was commanding in her request. Her forbidden hole was full of hard cock and by golly she was going to get her ass fucked; and hard!

Jack was more than willing to fulfill Donnas' request. For as long as he had known the leggy beauty; he had wondered how it would feel to ram his lovetool up her ass. The handsome stud started to move his hips slowly back and forth. The pretty blonde newscaster thrust her hips back at him in rythym.

The tight ass engulphed his cock; carressing it; urging it to fill with his loveseed.

Donna was now rocking her hips back and forth as Jack slammed his cock over and over into her anal orifice.

Their breaths became labored as the task at hand neared completion. Donna fingered her hot twat with reckless abandon. Every thrust of Jacks manmeat up her behind was met with a finger thrust of her own against her clitoris and deep into her love mound.

With one last final shove, Jacks' penis began to spuuge and empty its' creamy love load deep inside of Donnas' tight, sexy, ass.

Donna squirmed in delight as Jacks seed shot into her anal cavaty. Her talented fingers and Jacks penis bringing her to a massive orgasm of her own.

When their orgasms subsided, Jack slipped his spent member out of Donnas' just reamed, ass-hole. A stream of warm jism fell from the anal opening and dripped onto the floor.

Before he could catch his breath, Donna took his flaccid tool and began to perform the big nasty on him.

The lovely blonde took the cock which had just banged her backdoor opening and started to lick and suck the jism and anal droppings from it.

Jack had never had his cocked sucked clean after it had just invaded a tight ass. Needless to say, the feeling was exquisite. Donnas' trained mouth and lips brought his little buddy back to life.

In short order, the impending rise of cum filling his scrotum would once again; let loose.

Donna stopped her licking and sucking on the handsome studs pecker. She started to furriously jack off his rigid fuck pole. Soon a stream of hot love goo spewed forth from his spasming penis. He shot load after load of his jism all over Donnas' lovely face.

"That was fun, Jack!" Donna said to the very pleased face of the handsome stud. She then went into her nearby purse to find some tissue to clean her face.

Jack turned to face the beautiful redheaded business babe; patiently awaiting her turn to recieve his 'sexrection'.

Brenda had removed her soaked black silk panties. They were drenched from the juices of her hot, juicy , quim. She had successfully brought herself off twice as Jack had been busy boneing Donnas' sexy ass.

The hansome floor directer got down in front of Brenda's wide spread legs. The view he had of her lovely, firm thighs and open, inviting, redhaired love mound was enticing.

He began to kiss and carress his way up Brenda's thighs and legs towards her dripping, honeypot. He had to taste the beautiful redheads love juices for himself. Besides, after the anal adventure and facial blowjob he had just recieved from Donna; it would be a little while before he could fill beautiful Brenda with his hard cock.

Brenda wiggled and moaned as Jacks talented mouth and tongue worked their way up her spread legs towards her hot prize: her moist, tight, cunny!

When Jack reached his goal; he grinned up at the pretty freckled face of the turned on redhead. He was going to enjoy his meal of Brenda's hot, juicy, pussy; to be sure!

With a quick flick of his tongue; Jack was able to send torrents of pleasure to surge throughout Brenda's body.

His mouth and tongue found just the right spots inside of Brenda's quim. Each kiss, lick, and thrust of his tongue up her love mound brought forth another moan and squirm of pleasure from her.

Jack attacked the nub of Brrendas love muff. Each lick and suck on her clitoris sent a warm, electric response to surge from her womb throughout her body.

Brenda cried out in passion as Jack's talented tongue brought her to climax. She held his head tightly between her lucious thighs and used her hands to burry his face even deeper into her hot, spasming love mound.

Jack savored each and every droplet of the lovely ladies female love sauce. He eagerly lapped and swallowed every drop her pussy could give him!

When he was finished with his meal of Brenda's passionate pussy; Jack looked into her lovely eyes to thank her for the tasty treat.

"You're cock surely must be hard by now!" Brenda was still out of breath from the expert pussy-lapping she had just recieved. She was impatient to feel her love tunnel filled with Jacks' penis. She needed to be fucked now! Damn it all!

Beautiful Brenda Buttner could not believe how turned on she was! It had been a long time since she had felt such passion. You see her husband was pretty much a dud in the sex department. She loved him dearly but the man just can't fuck!

Brenda raised herself off the chair and turned her back to Jack. Bending over the chair she offered her sexy ass and hot cunt to Jack for his carnel pleasure!

The stud floor directer placed himself behind Brenda's beautiful butt.

As he prepared to enter her tight anal opening he was taken aback somewhat.

"Pussy please! That hole is an exit only I'm afraid!" Brenda was forceful in her declaration but Jack didn't mind at all. A hot tight pussy will do just as well; even better maybe!

He bent over and softly kissed each side of Brenda's, soft, sexy, ass. He might not be able to fuck it; but at least he could kiss it goodbye!

Positioning himself behind her hips; he guided his newly recharged penis into the warm, welcoming interior of Brenda's hot, tight, pussy.

He slid himself all the way up her red-haired love tunnel. Her hot pussy welcomed the feel of this hard member filling her quim.

Jack started thrusting his engorged member into Brenda's; waiting cunt. She rocked her hips back in unison as their love dance began.

Jack increased the tempo of his pussy pounding. The beautiful redhead met each hard thrust with a backward hip thrust on the love tool pleasuring her.

A shortness of breath came to her as her impending orgasm approached! Jack could feel her pussy tighten around his male fuck tool.

Finally a cry came from Brenda's lips as her orgasm hit her like a runaway train! Jack groaned as with one last push his penis began to spew forth its creamy, hot, seed of love deep inside of Brenda's spasming love hole! Her pussy gripped and milked every last drop of cum he had!

When their orgasms were finished; Jack just lay silently on top of beautiful Brenda. His now flaccid penis not wanting to leave the warm friendly confines of Brenda's pussy.

He kissed the back of Brenda's neck to thank her for the sex ride he had just received.

Brenda, as Donna had done earlier; wanted to orally thank Jack for the lovely fuck.

She got down in front of Jack and began to kiss and lick his penis. The wonderful sensations created by her expert mouth soon caused Jack to fill her mouth and throat with his cock.

Brenda bobbed her head to a fro on Jacks penis. Her mouth and tongue savoring its texture and taste. She deep-throated him with lust. Her goal was simple; to fill her mouth with his hot seed.

When Brenda started to suck on the head of his cock once again, Jack could hold back no longer!

His penis twitched and spasmed as he shot stream after stream of his hot tasty cum into beautiful Brenda's mouth. She savored the taste of his jism and eagerly swallowed every drop down.

When she was finished thanking him; she gave his spent member one last kiss and lick. This sent a charge throughout Jacks body! The lovely, sexy, redhead sure knew how to suck cock!

Brenda joined Donna in cleaning herself up and dressing. The look of satisfaction on Jacks face as he settled himself into the chair to recuperate from his fuck-fest signaled that he had given all the 'sexrection' he was able to today!

Donna and Brenda kissed Jack a hard passionate kiss goodbye on his lips.

As the two pretty, sexy, Foxxy News ladies went down the corridor; Jack couldn't help but notice the swaying hips, the sexy ass, and the gorgeous long mini-skirted legs which greeted his vision.

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