tagLesbian SexMiranda and Geraldine Ch. 05

Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 05


Chapter 05

The wealthy woman submits completely

Geraldine awoke remembering last nights feeling of contentment, with her lowly position of pet-girl, and cringed from the disgrace of it. That young girl had stuck a butt plug up her ass, attached a tail to it, and she had thanked her for it. How low could she get! The memory of being fucked by the girl left her breathless. It was appalling waking up knowing she had enjoyed it!

Was she a submissive lesbian, or had that young girl corrupted her. Had the slut of a girl broken her so completely, she could now be rebuilt into a perverted slut, just like her? It seemed that way, for she was unable to resist anything the girl wanted. The girl had her performing, like a simple little puppy, for her mistress's amusement.

The girl was only eighteen, yet she had kept her dancing to her tune, first with blackmail then with a regimen of punishment and humiliation. Having given in to her so often, it was difficult to resist the damn tyrant. A need to keep her happy, to keep their dreadful secrets, had become a powerful motivation.

She couldn't get it out of her head that this young girl was her mistress, and must be obeyed. She had to admit to being submissive, even so, she must wrest back control from the damn girl somehow for it was entirely wrong. It must be stopped.

"Come on sleepy head, little puppy-girl must wash and get ready," Miranda told her.

The presence of her mistress snapped Geraldine back into the role of an obedient puppy-girl. Geraldine sprung up out of the bed. It was her bed, in her home, yet she was being treated like an errant pet. She was a thirty-two year old, mature woman, yet she had handed over control of her home, and herself, to this young slut of a girl.

Not being told to dress she ventured naked, into the kitchen, to find her mistress.

"Breakfast, pet, you know the routine by now. Hurry up," Miranda scolded her. She slapped her bottom a stinging blow.

"Sorry mistress," Geraldine responded automatically, as it seemed almost normal to be naked and be chastised by this young girl.

She sat at her mistress's feet lapping breakfast from her dog bowl. Her pet name, Susie, was stencilled on it, not for her, but for a pet she once owned. She had fed the pet in this very bowl and now related to the bitch, Susie, while lapping up breakfast. She was being treated the same as Susie and felt a new found sympathy for the animal. From the incessant domination, she was beginning to feel owned like a pet too.

Geraldine had been named Susie, by her mistress, when the collar had been fastened around her neck. Was this Susie's revenge for those times of mistreatment? If so, it had been paid back a hundred times, and more.

"Let's get this butt plug in place. No pads or tail this morning, as the gardener is due soon," Miranda told her.

Thinking about the gardener distracted her from the ordeal of having it fitted. Why had mistress mentioned the gardener?

"Pet will soon get used to it, so pet won't need to have it in all the time," Miranda informed her.

Geraldine worried about what that meant too.

Wearing nothing, except the butt plug, Geraldine cleaned her mistress's house, acting as the girls maid in her own home, wondering if this was a step up from being a puppy-girl, or not. At last the chores had been completed so she could join her mistress in the study.

While squatting on the floor at her mistress's feet, awaiting instructions, she glanced at the screen. The damn girl was editing another video! It showed her licking mistress's pussy followed by an awful close-up of her smiling into the camera. There were pussy juices glistening over her lips and face. She was mesmerised by the images of her acting out the part of this girl's pathetic little pet, crawling around the lounge; it even showed the butt plug being fitted.

What was so condemning was that she seemed to be enjoying it. Was that another of her tricks, or was it a revealing truth?

"Come on pet, enough work, lets play," Miranda announced.


Miranda pulled a squeaky bone, from under a cushion on the sofa, and threw it across the lounge carpet. "Fetch puppy-girl," she laughed.

Geraldine scampered on all fours toward the toy and picked it up in her teeth. She went bright red with embarrassment on finding it had been Susie's toy. Only a year ago she had thrown this for Susie, yet now, she was the puppy playing fetch for a strict mistress.

She scampered around, soon losing the initial inhibitions, enjoying the praise and stroking when returning the squeaky toy to her mistress. Somewhere inside there were feelings so demeaning, they had to be suppressed. As ordered, she barked like a puppy, imitating her own pet, Susie.

Miranda watched the way pet's breasts jiggled as she quickly crawled back to her with the toy. That wasn't the reason for the game though, it was to reinforce her role as a submissive, yet it was exciting the woman. She also noticed pet was getting used to the butt plug, so it would soon be time to change it for a larger one.

"Come on puppy-pet, roll over," Miranda told her. She tickled her tummy and breasts and stroked pet between the legs. "Good puppy-girl! You remembered to shave your cute little cunt. As usual my little bitch is on heat; pet is all wet and sloppy. Puppy-girl gets so excited when mistress plays with her," she laughed.

"I'll have to get my puppy-girl a big Doberman to mate with, just to keep puppy-girl satisfied as it's always so ready for sex," she teased.

Geraldine barked, while shaking her head, rattling the collar. This was going too far! She had completely surrendered to her mistress, so what more could she do to please her, other than roll over and submit.

Geraldine lay back on the carpet with a large fluffy bath towel under her. Her mistress produced a glass phallus, made of larger and larger beads along its length, from the bag of toys and began rubbing it over her pussy.

"Pet is such a wet-pet!" she laughed. "I only have to touch pet's cunt and it starts dripping," she told her pet. Miranda could see the woman hated the term cunt, but she used it to keep her squirming with shame, rather than just to annoy her.

Squatting over pet, she handed the phallus to her. "You do it, play with your pussy for your mistress's pleasure, little puppy-girl," Miranda told her.

"Yes, mistress, thank you mistress," Geraldine murmured. Her mistress was right, the humiliation of being dominated by a young girl, was exciting and arousing. So damn arousing she couldn't help submitting to it, however demeaning the act was.

With both hands she guided the phallus over her wet, open lips. She was enjoying displaying her sex to this young girl, letting go all her inhibitions. "Can puppy-girl use it mistress?" she asked.

"Go ahead, enjoy it," Geraldine said, her own breathing becoming as deep as her pets own heavy breaths. "Just one bead," she added.

The first small bead, of the hard phallus, entered and she gasped as it rubbed against her bud. It was a familiar feeling, enjoyed on her bed in private; never having felt that particular pleasure with her husband. In and out, over her lips it pressed.

"You can use another bead, little wet-pet," Miranda allowed. She refrained from touching herself, preferring to wait.

"Thank you mistress," Geraldine panted. It was so liberating being controlled, letting someone else take responsibility for her naughty actions. .

"Another," she said. Miranda was pleased and excited with the woman's performance, the way she obeyed every word, even though she was desperate for more.

"Please mistress, I need it," Geraldine begged. The disgrace of having to ask this young slut for more, to continue playing with her sex more deeply, was driving her wild with lust.

"Ask me properly, with lots of detail," Miranda teased. It filled her with a sense of power having this once prissy woman, degrading herself, begging for more.

"Please mistress, pet needs to feel it inside, all of it. Pet needs to feel full of hardness, stretching pet's cunt to feel full of cock. Pet wants to thrust it in, rough and fast. Your pathetic pet wants to feel it pressing her clit while fucking pet's cunt with it. Pet needs to cum, mistress, please!" she begged, with an earnest desire.

"Go for it pet, fuck yourself silly for me," Miranda giggled. It was delightful watching this once sexless, stuck up bitch, masturbating for her amusement, and hers too, of course. The woman was now the most sluttish little bitch she had ever seen, and she belonged to her. It was thrilling knowing she owned this wealthy woman; mind, body and soul.

"Oh! Thank you mistress, thank you," Geraldine groaned. She thrust it in, up to the largest bead, only just holding onto it. Her hand twisted it as she shoved it in. Pulling the beads back over her clit she yelped, with the pleasure of it.

"Pet is going to cum mistress, please let your pet orgasm, please!" she wailed.

"Cum for your mistress, little puppy-girl," Miranda said, with an intensity in her voice revealing how close she was too.

"Oh! Thank you mistress! Puppy-girl is having just the best orgasm. Oh! Fuck! Your puppy-girl is having a wonderful orgasm for mistress," she croaked.

Miranda thought that was a lie. Pet was trying to please her, and the words were hot, so a punishment was avoided.


"Open up wide," Miranda said. "No silly, not down there, your mouth," Miranda laughed. She pushed in a mouth piece, telling pet to grip it with her teeth, while she fastened straps around her head. A large black dildo stuck out from pet's face. The woman looked ridiculous, though Miranda could get used to it, if it worked.

Sitting back on the sofa Miranda spread her legs. In preparation she had removed her panties while her pet fucked herself. She clicked her fingers. "Pleasure your mistress, I want a good fucking too," she ordered.

Mutely the puppy-girl crawled between mistress's legs. It took a little while to control the unfamiliar thing, sticking out before her. Her aim improved. She managed to rub her mistress's hard bud, eliciting a sigh of delight each time.

"Now, puppy-girl," Miranda gasped. "Fuck your mistress, slow and firm. That's it," she ordered, when the rhythm was just right. Unlike her pet she didn't like it fast and furious, for she preferred a long, slow, steady screw. Neither did she become so carried away as to lose her mind during an orgasm.

"Your mistress is nearly there, keep going pet," she ordered, as the woman's mouth became tired. Her whole head was nodding in a steady push and pull. She used her fingers too, which was a marvellous improvement, for she hadn't been instructed to do it.

"Yes! Oh! Yes, well done pet," Miranda gasped. Her legs shuddered a little and her feet did the funny little walk, becoming a muffled drumming upon the carpet.

Miranda undid the Velcro straps holding the dildo in place. "Go wash your sticky fingers and clean both dildos," she ordered.

"Yes, mistress," Geraldine answered, with a coquettish little voice. "Thank you for letting your pet pleasure mistress," she added, and skittered off to obey.

Miranda laid back on the sofa in quiet contemplation. This power she was wielding over an important woman would have to be thought through more carefully. She no longer had to be watched or restrained; she was completely subdued, willing to obey the slightest command.

It meant she couldn't let her out of the house without supervision, which was a problem. Geraldine attended meetings at the university and was a CEO of several charities. She could hardly attend important stuffy meetings with her, as a puppy-girl, on a leash.

If she let her out by herself, for something as mundane as the shopping, pet would come back full of sperm, collected from every male she met. She was so submissive and obedient pet might not come back at all, if someone took a shine to her. Some tough character could clip a leash to her collar and just lead her away.


"Hi! Anyone home," a voice shouted from the kitchen.

Miranda quickly clamped her knees together. Walking swiftly to the kitchen she hoped her pet would take some time in the bathroom, after all, she was fastidious about cleanliness and was probably showering. The last thing she wanted was for her pet to come bounding in here naked.

"Oh! It's you," Geraldine managed to smile at the gardener.

"Nice to see you again," he said, eyeing her up.

Geraldine folded her arms over the t-shirt, in a reaction to his stare.

"The payments late so, I need to see Mrs Carmichael to write a cheque," he explained.

"She's getting changed at the moment. I'll tell her, I'm sure she can straighten it out before you finish," Miranda told him.

She backed him out the kitchen door letting him know there would be no repeat performance of last week's naughty display. She had teased him, manoeuvring him into speaking lines used in the blackmail video. There was no need to use him anymore, as the dominant position over Geraldine had gone way past a need for a blackmail video.

An idea occurred to her. There was one thing she could use him for. Geraldine was behaving herself with just the two of them in the house, so maybe she could involve him in the next stage of pet's training.

Miranda returned to the lounge looking for a few items, and took them to the gym. Next, she went to the main bathroom to find her pet.


"There you are pet, nice and clean, ready to get dressed," Miranda commented. The woman looked pathetically excited at the prospect of being dressed, then her face fell to dismay, as it occurred to her they were going out.

Miranda went through the wardrobe hoping there might be something suitable. "This is just the thing," she announced. She watched her pull on a pair of white panties, noting how snug they fitted her bottom and lips. The butt plug showed but she couldn't be bothered to remove it.

"Don't get them wet or you'll be punished, pet," she sternly warned, knowing it would be impossible for her not to.

Geraldine pulled the white pleated skirt on and eagerly zipped it up, obviously thrilled to be wearing clothes. A bra and white top was happily pulled on, completing the tennis outfit.

"That looks just right," Miranda told her pet. Miranda gave her a set of instructions, getting her to repeat them. "Got it, pet?"

"Yes mistress," she responded, with a look of confusion.

"You had better get it right or he'll find out you're my pet, and spread nasty rumours around the neighbourhood," Miranda firmly warned her. Seeing the fear in the woman's eyes was enough. "Now go and wait in the gym. Use the treadmill till I get there," she added.


Miranda waited impatiently for the gardener, Freddie, to come back. "Come in," she said, pretending to be busy at the sink. "Mrs Carmichael isn't exactly ready, can it wait until next week?" she asked.

He looked annoyed. "No it can't, I've got expenses," he began to complain.

"OK! OK! I understand. Look, she's halfway through an exercise routine. I can interrupt it for you but you've got to do me a favour. Don't tell her I interrupted it, OK?" she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked, looking puzzled.

"It's a new fad she's got a hold of. An exercise routine while hypnotised -- no pain, no strain. It'll be a pain in the butt to interrupt it now and get her set up again. She'll give me a hard time too. Just don't tell her next time you're over, OK?" she asked.

"I know what she's like, I won't snitch on you as long as I get my money," he assured her.

They walked in on Geraldine using the treadmill. The wiggle of her ass in the short skirt was tantalising. Freddie looked at the woman then at Miranda, with a quizzical shrug. "What now?" he whispered.

"Geraldine, stop the exercise," she said loudly. "I'm supposed to be here all the time, to make sure nothing goes wrong, but I just go and catch up on the chores," Miranda said, with conspiratorial wink. She switched off the machine.

"I have a bit of fun with her too sometimes, want to see," she giggled.

He shrugged his shoulders not understanding what was meant.

"Down on the mat," Miranda said. She watched the woman pretending to be hypnotised, pretty sure the gardener would be convinced.

"On hands and knees, crawl over here. Promise not to tell anyone?" She asked.

"Yea sure, I don't want to lose the contract. What about this cheque," he asked again.

"Don't worry! She won't remember a thing, that's the whole point of this new fad. It's so she doesn't have to remember the tedious exercises. Bark like a dog," Miranda said. For a minute she thought the woman would refuse and give the game away. Instead she carried it through by barking at them.

"Good doggy," Miranda said, while patting her head. "She had a go at me for being late so I though a payback was called for. You don't think its mean do you," she asked.

"Yep, it is, but so is she," he said, with feeling.

"Go on, have a go. Get her to do something stupid," Miranda told him.

"You sure she won't remember?" he asked, sounding worried.

"I'd have been sent on my way long before now, if she had," Miranda assured him. "Here let me show you. Mrs Carmichael is a good little puppy," Miranda said, in her best condescending voice. She could tell it was hurting the woman badly to be playing out the puppy-girl role in front of the gardener, and Miranda loved it.

She picked up the squeaky toy and tossed it across the gym. "Go fetch, puppy-girl," she giggled. There was no way the woman could get out of this, without revealing the truth, so she was stuck with the deception now.

Miranda watched him studying the skirt riding up, as the woman crawled quickly over to the toy. Her ass did look good in the white panties! He was keenly watching her tits swaying beneath her on the return journey, so she knew he was hooked.

"Good puppy-girl," Miranda said.

"Get her to roll over and play dead. Knowing what she's like, I'm sure you deserve a bit of revenge," Miranda encouraged.

"She can be a bitch at times, most of the time," he mused.

"Roll over and play dead, bitch," he told Geraldine. The command was less assured than Miranda's but there was a touch of bitter feeling there, adding an edge to the order.

Geraldine had become so used to submitting she quickly obeyed. It would have been impossible not to, after such a damning performance. The last thing she wanted was for him to find out about this dire situation with the girl, and spread it around.

"Stroke her tummy," Miranda told him. "You're such a good little puppy-girl, aren't you," she smiled, directly into the woman's eyes, with a knowing look. Geraldine barked, almost thankful she didn't have to speak.

The guy continued to stroke her tummy, getting pretty close to being intimate. Her shirt was up exposing a bare midriff, and the waist band of the skirt was pretty low.

"I'll go find the cheque book and get her to sign one. Keep an eye on her for me. I wouldn't want the bitch to escape and entertain the local mutts," she laughed.

"She's always been an awkward bitch. She had me re-lay the patio outside the sauna, for no good reason," the guy grimaced. He was obviously enjoying this, seeing it as a just revenge.

Miranda stood watching for a moment in the doorway. He wasn't bothering to try out a demeaning trick; he just continued stroking her tummy with a hand circling wider and wider over her body.

Geraldine looked at her with a pleading look in her eyes. She was used to submitting to her mistress but this was deplorable. How could her mistress leave her in the hands of the gardener like this? There was no-way she could just stop pretending to be hypnotised, after humiliating herself before them both.

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