MirrorSex wth Your Thicc-Ass Bestie

Fucking Your Thicc-Ass Tomboy Best Friend in a Fitting Room.
233 words
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Heyz from Dayz!

Enjoy my improv!

POV: Your tomboy besties came shopping with you to pick up a gift. On the way back to the car, she calls you out for ogling a hot chick and you tease her about always being in workout clothes. Knowing she never backs down from a dare, you dare her to try on sexy outfits in a boutique. The zipper seems to be stuck over her thicc ass (you know she never misses legs and glutes day at the gym) so you give her a hand … or two … and what? She’s grinding back into you? It would feel better without your pants in the way . . .

Improv/Vocals/ Production by me

Tags: [Caught you staring] [secretly big boobs] [Sundress] [pinned with my ass] [grinding my thicc ass on your bare cock] [Mirror sex] [Pussy job] [Spanks] [Blowjob] [use my mouth] [hold my ponytail and control the pace] [using your cock to spread precum on my face] [Semi-public] [ass spread, throat stuffed] [Standing fuck] [Cover mouth] [Shoulder biting] [Lap sex][Creampie] [watching the cum run out of me] [hold the moan]

This is a fictional audio role-play created by adults 18+ for adults 18+, with adult 18+ character(s) acted by Dayz. Do not reupload, rehost or do anything else with this content other than listen. (c) 2024 Daisy4Dayz

༺♥༺♥༻ peep bio for more about me ༺♥༺♥༻

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sport404sport40413 days ago

Great story with all the eroticisms we all love from you. The story works well only because your voice brings it all to life. Keep up the good work.

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