tagBDSMMisadventures of a Career Girl 001

Misadventures of a Career Girl 001


There seemed to be no stopping Janine; she was on her way. In some respects, had already arrived. She had joined the firm right out of law school. Being a lot older than the typical law school grad and female besides had caused many to underestimate her and she had used that to her advantage. No one made that mistake anymore. Three years later she was usually the lead attorney on the cases she worked. The people that had shown her the ropes when she started were now working on her team. They were still junior partners; she was a full partner. There were only 2 factors holding her back: she not only took pro bono cases, she actually invested the time to win them and, unbeknownst to her, the senior partner preferred large-breasted women.

There was more than one senior partner but everyone still referred to the man in charge as "THE senior partner". It had always been an exclusive firm, the best in the city which was why Janine had joined, and the highest level was reserved to very few. In fact, no one had made senior partner since he had done so twenty-five years earlier. The other senior partners, referred to in just that manner, didn't come to the office. There were three of them and only one was still active. He litigated out of his gated Florida community.

It was already being said that the next person to be offered senior partnership would be Janine. The other full fledged partners deeply resented her meteoric rise, of course. All of them had labored for many more years to reach the position and most of them were already hard at work exploiting her weaknesses to poison the mind of the senior partner against the wunderkind.

But it was not her small chest or the warm heart beating beneath it that would endanger Janine's career. She had a deeper secret. A darker secret. Janine was a worthless slut. She not only knew it but it excited her. She would often fantasized about being treated exactly how she deserved to be and have to rush home to masturbate furiously. It wasn't a dehabilitating weakness, in fact it usually worked to her advantage. She could be hard as nails, play the cold bitch perfectly without the slightest hint of remorse. Then she would go home and massage her clit and fantasize about a suitable punishment for her behavior until she came all over her long fingers. Afterwards she would lay there sobbing softly in shame.

It was late in the day when Janine got the bad news from Veronica Zipp. Zipp was the only other female full partner. She often handed out the assignments for the senior partner. She thought of herself as his second in command, someone that would already be a senior partner if he didn't guard his prerogatives so jealously. Janine thought of her as a glorified messenger girl but she kept this to herself. Zipp was matronly without being warm and appeared to be aging fast but doing her best to conceal it with ever thickening layers of makeup. Her full breasts were sliding southward but she valiantly strapped them up as high as they would reach. Janine had seen her wincing in pain and rubbing where the straps cut into her when she thought no one was looking. She wasn't wincing now, as she came into Janine's office uninvited there was a satisfied grin on her face. Janine knew that couldn't be good.

"Here it is", Janine was told as a file hit her desk. She saw that it wasn't a case but rather a personnel file. She left it alone and looked up questioningly. Zipp wanted to make Janine ask but couldn't contain her enjoyment. "You have been assigned a trainee." Again Zipp paused and waited for Janine to comment; again she was disappointed. Trainees were supposed to be assigned to junior partners but Janine wasn't about to complain now. It would do no good. Zipp had no control over the assignment and was just the willing bearer of bad news. "She's outside", with that the older woman's smirk faded slightly and she left without another word.

When she was gone Janine opened the file and read it through with a practiced eye. It was no task to figure out what was special about the new lawyer. Her name was Melisandra Lowell, one of THE Lowells, as well as a grandniece to one of the other senior partners. Undoubtedly she had requested the best attorney to train her. Janine had no false modesty about her skill in the law, it was the one thing she wasn't insecure about. The newcomer expected the red carpet treatment but Janine had no patience for spoiled little rich girls. The debutante would have to wait.

At 4 PM her assistant poked her head in the door and asked her if there was anything else. Janine dismissed her without looking up. The freebie case she was working on was interesting, not like the usual crap the firm made money from. When Nyoko reminded her about the girl still waiting Janine just nodded absently.

Another hour passed before the door suddenly opened again. Janine raised her head just in time to meet a hard slap to her cheek that sent her sprawling out of her chair. "How DARE you?! How dare you leave me waiting? You are a miserable piece of shit, aren't you?!"

Laying there Janine was stunned. She didn't know what had happened. She could have done many things. She could have came off the floor and hit the angry girl back. She could have launched into tirade. She could have gone into hysterics. She could have fainted. She could have sat there quietly until she figured things out. But she didn't do any of these things. Instead she uttered a single word that would change her life forever. She told the truth. "Yes", she said.

The girl standing above her blinked once in confusion and then reached down to slap Janine's other cheek just as hard. She repeated her question and Janine repeated her answer, ducking her head lower. When she looked up again a knowing smile was spreading across the new girl's face. The hand snaked down again and Janine flinched but it curled into her long hair and jerked her painfully to her feet. She was pulled face to face with the now grinning young lawyer and then forced down roughly across her desk. Her skirt was hiked up over her waist and her panties thrust down to her ankles. A ruler came out of her desk drawer and was briskly applied to her upturned bottom. The fingers in her hair pinning her to the desk didn't give an inch.

Janine's mind was spinning. She was being treated with such indignity by her supposed trainee and she was not only taking it but found herself beginning to enjoy it as well. That changed when the girl above her began to apply the ruler in earnest. She let out a short scream and the beating stopped but only for a moment. Her panties were removed and shoved into her mouth and the hand in her hair pulled her head back painfully. She felt hot breath on her neck as the girl whispered viciously in her ear.

"I know about you, you whore. There was a girl in my sorority like you. She was a worthless little bitch too and just like her you are going to be my slut. You will do as you are told or I will do THIS to you." With that the assault from the ruler resumed. Janine started to resist but then the ruler smacked wetly on her exposed pussy and she knew she was lost. She began to scream hopelessly into her wadded up panties.

The next time the spanking paused, Janine thought it couldn't get any worse. She was wrong. The ceremonial gavel given to her as an award at law school was lifted from her desk and shoved forcefully into her pussy. She began to cry in humiliation. "Oh you aren't fooling me, cunt. I know that the tears mean you like it." Again the ruler began to swing. She felt as if her ass was on fire. She wiggled helplessly but the combination of the stinging blows and the improvised dildo in her cunt was causing a buzz to spread through her body. She realized in horror that her orgasm was fast approaching.

Her tormenter realized it too. The gavel was removed from her pussy and shoved unceremoniously into her tight asshole. It may have looked a bit silly sticking out of her bottom like a wooden tail but there was nothing amusing in the way Janine was thrashing in need. The ruler abandoned her ass and rained blow after blow directly on her pussy. Again she heard the insistent voice in her ear, "Cum for me, you cunt! Cum and you will belong to me fully, you miserable piece of shit!" With a wail even her panties couldn't fully muffle, Janine's orgasm overtook her and she collapsed into a writhing ball of flesh.

When she came around she was again on the floor and again the young lawyer's hand was pulling her hair to get her attention. Her panties fell out of her mouth as she was forced to her knees. The gavel was in front of her face and she looked up at the girl. "Clean up your crap, you contemptible cunt." Feeling lower than ever Janine opened up and accepted the shitty wooden shaft into her mouth.

"Go and fix yourself up", she was instructed, "We are going back to my new apartment. I haven't found a boyfriend yet and you will do in the meantime." Janine crawled to her private bathroom not out of subservience but simply because her ordeal left her too weak to stand. She spent most of the rest of the night learning to suck pussy to the blueblood's exacting specifications.

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