tagNovels and NovellasMisery Requires No Talent Ch. 4

Misery Requires No Talent Ch. 4

byBill Smith©

"Justine it is time to wake up," Dennis tells her as he gently shakes her.

Justine slowly becomes aware of someone talking to her. As she slowly opens her eyes she recognizes Dennis. "What time is it," she asks.

"Time is not important, what is important is for you to get up and go to your room and take care of whatever you need to do. And then to come back for breakfast," Dennis smiles and continues to inform her, "so we may continue to pursue those areas that may be important to you."

Yawning Justine kicks off her covers and stretches, and then slowly gets out of bed. Once she is on her feet she throws her arms around Dennis' neck and asks, "Is this the day you will finally fuck me?"

Dennis lets his hands encircle Justine and then drop down to her ass where he begins to gently massage them.

Justine pushes her crotch into his and notice that he is getting hard, "Maybe today is the day," she questions.

But Dennis pushes her away and tells her, "Who knows what today may bring?" With that he helps her to dress in her robe. "Begone."

"Tease," Justine tells him and goes to the front door and then is gone.

* * * * *

When Justine returns she is dressed in a simple white dress and sandals. She notices that room service has been there as there is breakfast food on the table. She looks at Dennis and says, "I guess I missed out on giving the tip to room service?"

"It is okay," Dennis smiles at her, " I told him that you would make up for it on his next trip."

"And when will that be?" Justine smiles back with a raised eyebrow.

"Later. Now before we eat, off with your clothes," he commands.

And she strips.

Dennis smiles seeing that all she was wearing was the dress and sandals.

Justine sees the smile and becomes more bolder, when she sits down she keeps her legs spread wide. She feels a little wicked and she likes the feeling.

Once again Dennis buts a blindfold on her and ties her hands together. Then he feeds her. He spills a little food on Justine's breast and he uses his tongue to lick it up and then sucks on her nipple before returning to his task of feeding her.

Justine feeling wetness beginning to flow between her legs asks Dennis, "Could you suck the other one so it won't be jealous?"

"Yes, but that is all you get for now," and he does so but adds a gentle nip to the nipple causing Justine to cry out.

Once breakfast is out of the way he guides her back to the bedroom and ties her to the bed. Justine feels his lips briefly touch hers and he tells her, "I've got to go out for a while."

And before she can reply he is gone. She sighs and then amuses herself thinking about all the things she did yesterday, which causes her pussy to tingle but she is helpless to do anything about it which causes her to get even more excited. Crossing and uncrossing her legs trying to find some release she fails to hear the knock at the door, or the door opening and a voice saying, "Housekeeping."

She hears a feminine gasp and then a flow of Spanish and she can make out the word housekeeping in English. The woman sounds concern about Justine's predicament and this causes Justine's mind to race with thoughts, "Oh shit I do not want her to go and get the hotel management or for that matter the police either. I've got to do something."

Justine starts talking to the maid in a clam and soothing voice, "It's okay, my boyfriend and I are playing a game. He will be back any minute now and we will make wild and passionate love. It is really is okay. You can clean up the room tomorrow."

Justine was not aware that as she talked to the maid that her legs had spread open, and the maid could see the wetness gathered at her exposed vagina. The maid knew what that wetness meant as she could feel her own wetness start to gather at her pussy. She liked looking at this crazy gringo. Reaching down with her hand she lets her finger slip into this strange woman's pussy. She smiles when she hears the gringo moan as her finger enters her. "This pussy is very wet," the maid thinks and then she pushes another finger in, and then begins to move them in and out.

Justine can't say anything anymore, she just tries to push her cunt down over the fingers as they push into her. It feels good. She wants more fingers and she tells the maid, "Oh God give me more fingers. More, more, more," as she humps those tiny little fingers.

The maid thinks, "Mas? This crazy woman wants more? Okay." And she inserts another finger while moving them in and out of Justine. Smiling the maid puts another finger in Justine's pussy and then another until the palm of her hand is fucking Justine's cunt. She thinks, "Why not," and pushes her whole hand into Justine's cunt up to her wrist and Justine starts to come and buck wildly on the maids imbedded hand. The woman uses her other hand to massage her now very wet pussy but a thought runs through her head and she removes her hand from Justine's well worked over cunt. Standing up the maid removes her shoes, panty hose and cotton panties. Then she almost jumps back up on the bed and straddles Justine's head and says, "Succion! Lenguetada!" and then just sits on Justine's face.

Justine knows what is happening and she responds by licking the wet cunt from end to end and this causes the maid to moan. Then she starts to sink her tongue into and out of the unknown pussy fucking it like it was a little dick. The maid tries to get as much of Justine's tongue into her pussy as she can while she wiggles and squirms on Justine's face.

After a few minutes of tongue fucking the maid pulls off of Justine's tongue and puts her clitoris on the exposed tip. Justine understands and sucks the maid's clitoris into her mouth, gently biting it while her tongue starts to dance across the exposed head. In no time the maid starts to moan louder and louder and then comes almost drowning Justine in pussy juices. Try as she might Justine can's swallow it all and it flows down her cheeks and chin. Finally the maid pulls away and gets off of the bed. Justine can hear rustling of clothes and assumes the maid is putting her undergarments back on, and she is correct.

"Fatuo," the maid says as she tweaks both of Justine's nipples, then bends over and kisses Justine's very wet lips, "Gracias." Then she starts to clean up to room, humming a Mexican tune of some kind but she never touches Justine again. Once the room is clean she leaves.

Justine hears the door close. "Damn she could have at least used her hand on me again," she cries to herself as she opens and closes her legs trying to find release. But to no avail and after a while she gives up and falls asleep.

* * * * *

Justine is awaken by a kiss this time. At first she can't tell if it is a man or a woman and then she just doesn't really care and gets into the kiss. Then she is awake enough to realize that it is Dennis.

He breaks the kiss and says, "Taste like Mexican food to me. And it tastes pretty good."

Justine starts to ask but decides to keep quite.

"Well I think that it is time to try something else," he tells Justine as he unties her hands and then removes her blindfold. "How would you like some fresh air for a change?"

Blinking her eyes she looks at Dennis and ponders his question. "Are we going out," she asks.

"Yes it is time to move on to other adventures, and I have some new clothes to add to the effect," Dennis says with a smile as he reaches into a sack and removes an item. He holds it up for Justine to view it.

"I thought you said we were going out to get some fresh air?" shaking her head she tells him, "That is a red night gown, a very pretty one but still a night gown," Justine says with a sigh.

"Justine I take your blindfold off but you still can't see," he shakes his head. "This is nothing but a red dress, I know it is a little fancy for so early in the afternoon but it is not sleep wear unless we chose to make it sleep wear. I chose for it to be a dress. Here are matching panties and sandals."

Justine looks at the panties and shakes her head before speaking, "Dennis, this would not make a good handkerchief much less panties. And the shoes, well those heals are almost stilts. You can't be serious?"

"Justine I used the blindfold to cut through your value system. I can promise that if I had not used a blindfold on you for almost two days you would not have been receptive to all of the things you have experienced. And if I am not wrong, I think that so far you have enjoyed everything, am I correct," he asks.

Justine pauses before answering, "Well, I think I see your point but, that is still a nightgown."

"If I had left the blindfold on you and dressed you in it and taken you outside, do you think you would have realized that it was a nightgown?" Dennis looks at Justine and waits for her answer.

"No," she says.

"Good now go to your room and get ready to go out," Dennis commands, "And put on only these clothes. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."


Justine picks up the clothes Dennis had gotten for her and heads to the living room where she had placed her white dress and picks it up..

"No," Dennis commands, "Leave that dress here and go to your room as you are. I want you to understand that being nude is one thing and wearing clothes, any clothes, is another thing."

Justine removes her room key for her dress and with head down she walks out the door. She keeps her head down and walks to her room where she inserts her key and enters the room. She can't help herself and finds her pussy once aging getting moist. She looks at the gown and feels the material and says to herself, "At least he has good taste."

* * * * *

Dennis hears knocking at his door and opens the door to find Justine there dressed in the red silk dress, sandals and with makeup on. He invites her in as he turns away and walks to the couch where he sits down. Looking at the still standing Justine he tells her, "Turn around so I can look at you."

She does.

He notices that the hem of the dress is only about 6" below the cheeks of her ass. "Face the wall and bend over."

She does and touches her toes.

"Yes," he thinks to himself, as she bends over the hem of the dress pulls up to reveal her ass with the string of her panty buried in her ass. A very stirring sight indeed. "Turn around and squat."

She does and the hem of the dress pulls up to reveal the little bit of red panty that he can see between her thighs. "Yes, I do believe that will do nicely. Stand up."

She does.

Dennis takes her by the hand and leads her out the door. He looks at her as they are walking to the elevator and sees her head down. "Raise you head and walk with dignity and grace. Let those who are fortunate to see you know just how beautiful and sexy you are."

She does as he commands, at first with hesitation and then she thinks, "What do I have to lose?" And with that she puts a smile on her lips and holds her head up high.

They reach the elevator and Dennis pushes the down button. Facing her he smiles and bends forward and kisses her gently on her lips. "You are the most beautiful woman in town," squeeze her hand and then turns to face the door of the elevator.

The door opens and there are two men on it, their eyes focus on Justine. Then their eyes travel up and down her body like a light on a copy machine imprinting every bit of data on their minds.

As Dennis leads her on to the elevator Justine looks at both of them and says, "Good afternoon." Both of them smile and almost choke trying to respond to her greeting. Justine smiles and then turns around to face the front of the elevator. She can feel their eyes scanning her back from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Dennis puts his arm around her and pulls her to him which causes the dress to ride up revealing more of her legs to the men.

As the door opens Justine bends over to adjust her shoe giving the men an eyeful. She thinks she can hear one man moan. Then she stands, slips her arm into Dennis' and they walk off the elevator. She can hear the men stumble trying to be the first to get off the elevator so their eyes can focus back on her. She smiles, "This is kinda fun," she thinks.

Dennis leads them to Valet Parking, where he hands them a claim check. Then he directs her to the front drive and in a few moments a little red convertible sports car emerges from the parking garage. He pulls her forward towards it. As it stops the Doorman opens up the passenger door and greats her with a smile.

"Yes I know what you are smiling about," she thinks as she smiles back.

Dennis releases her hand and walks around to the other side of the car.

Justine only pauses briefly to look down at the little sports car and then across at Dennis who is smiling and waiting for her to sit down. She looks at the runner who had fetched the car from the garage who is also looking at her. She turns around and sees there are several men looking in her direction. With a smile on her face she backs in towards the little car and lowers herself to its' seat. As expected the dress rides up to her hips exposing all to prying eyes. With a smile on her lips she spreads her legs wide as she twists in the seat pulling first one leg and then slowly the other leg into the car. Then she raises her ass and slowly pulls the little dress down to cover her now damp panty.

Dennis laughs out loud and gets into the car. His laughter brings the Doorman out of his trance and he closes the passenger door wishing both a good day.

Justine looks up at the Doorman and hinks, "Sonny I'm old enough to be your grandmother." Then she looks down and she is eyeball to eyeball with his crotch as the sports car sits so low. "My God he has an erection," runs through her mind, and she turns to look at the runner and he to has an erection tenting his trousers. She looks at Dennis as he drives the car forward and ask, "Did I give those two young men an erection?"

"Damn sure wasn't me," laughs and accelerates onto the street.

As they drive the air blows through Justine's hair, and around and inside her little "dress." She almost feels naked being out in public dressed as she is, and it is exciting as she squeezes and unsqueezes her legs.

Out of the corner of his eyes he sees the movement of Justine's legs. "Put your hand inside of your panties and masturbate," he commands.

Justine is so turned on already that she eagerly complies. As her right hand slips under the little wisp of silk her fingers quickly zeros in on her clitoris and then slides downward to become moistened with her wetness. Then she slowly rubs her clitoris up and down. As she plays with herself she looks around at all of the people who are either walking or driving and wonders what they would think if they knew what she was doing? That thought and her rubbing causes her to moan out loud.

Then the car stops. At first Justine does not know why and then she sees the traffic light. The car is next to the sidewalk and people are walking by or waiting for the light to change. They are so close that she could reach out and touch them but that would mean removing her fingers from her clitoris and this is not going to happen. A lot of the men are looking at her, at first she thinks they can see her playing with herself but realizes that they can't see that as the little car is wrapped around her. She smiles and a lot of them smile back, and she thinks if they only knew what she was doing... Then she closes her eyes, bites her lower lip and climaxes as little moans escape from her clenched jaws. When she opens her eyes she looks at Dennis and smiles, and that is the first time she sees the bus that has stopped on their left. There must be 10 or so people looking at her, some smiling and some with far away looks in their eyes. She smiles at them and removes her fingers from her sex and brings them to her lips and licks them.

Dennis laughs and accelerates from the intersection and Justine laughs with him.

Justine does not pull down her dress as they drive through the downtown area of the city. She feels sexy and alive feeling the wind and the sun on her thighs and especially on her panties. As they drive she thinks to herself, "To those who can see all of her she wishes them well and if it cheers them up or makes them excited then good for them. If it does the opposite and makes them angry or sad then they need to take a few minutes out and examine their life."

She is so lost in her thoughts that at first she is not aware that they have stopped and Dennis has turned off the ignition. He is calmly looking at her and says, "Enjoying your thoughts?"

She smiles and looks around to notice that they are parked in a Mexican Food Restaurant. "Didn't I already have Mexican today," she asks with a smile.

"That my dear was just an appetizer," and he opens the door and climbs out.

Inside the restaurant they are directed to a table and with suggestions from the waiter they place their order. The waiter brings back their wine and as Justine looks around she noticed that there are a lot of people in the restaurant with about an equal number of men and women, but the women were mostly sitting with women and men with men. As she gazes at some of the women some of them gaze back approvingly.

"Are my eyes deceiving me or are we in a gay restaurant," Justine asks shooting an inquiring look at Dennis as well.

"No it is not a gay restaurant, it just happens to be one of the best Mexican Restaurants in town. And it just happens to be in a section of town that a lot of gays like to live in and hang out at. Does that thought cause you concern," he asks.

"Hm, now that you mention it, it is not a real concern as I have done a lot in the last two days that perhaps a lot of women here have done for a long time. We are kinda like sisters in that area or at least kindred spirits," she reasons out loud. With that thought she finished off her glass of wine and excusing herself she goes to the restroom.

Justine did not notice but as she stood up a young lady at the next table stood up as well and followed her to the restroom. Dennis smiles as he could see the look of lust in the young woman's eyes as she followed Justine to the restroom.

As Justine finishes up her business in the stall she opens the door and steps out to notice a very tall and slender young lady staring at her. Justine in turns stares back and the young lady blushes and lowers her eyes and speaks to Justine in a very low voice almost a whisper, "I know this is going to sound really strange but,... eh..., you look like my mom but so much prettier and sexier. Whew I said it," and she breathes a loud sigh of relief.

Justine continues to look at the young lady expecting more.

"That didn't sound so good did it," the young lady looks up at Justine. "I always thought my mom was beautiful but I was never sexually attracted to her, or at least on a conscious level I wasn't. That is, I guess, until you walked into this restaurant. One look at you and my heart stopped, my nipples hardened and the crotch of my panties were soaked. I have never been as attracted to anyone like I am to you right now."

Justine smiles at the young girl and asks, "What is your name?"

"Lisa," was her reply.

Justine walks up to Lisa, takes her hand and pulls her out of the restroom and towards the table where Dennis is sitting. Looking at Lisa, Justine nods her head to the vacant chair becking her to sit and she does. Sitting down and looking at Dennis, "This is Lisa. She wants to play, and she wants us to be her parents."

"Okay," Dennis says and looks at Lisa. "I want you to dress like Justine is now but in black. No underclothes and you will do as directed by me or Justine. Understand?"

"Yes," says Lisa with a bowed head.

Dennis takes out his pen and writes down the name of the hotel and his room number. Giving the paper to Lisa he states simply, "Be there tonight at 8:00PM. Do not be late. Now get up and go back to your table and friends."

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