Miss Jennifer's Sissy Housewife


I turned around and went into my room, taking out my three suitcases full of girly things from the closet. I put them on my bed, and began to unpack, laying out on the bed everything that I'd need to make myself as pretty as I possibly could. First I got my two bags of makeup, my makeup mirror and my cute little pink purse and took them to the bathroom counter and set them there. I laid out my perfume, six or seven pairs of earrings and a pretty and very feminine pearl and silver choker.

Then I went back and laid everything else out on my bed. She'd said she wanted me to look pretty and feminine, so I knew I had to go for the sweet feminine housewife look, rather than the slutty whore look that I also loved.

I laid out all my lingerie, in pink, white & black; brassieres, panties, corsets, nylons and pantyhose, both still in their packages and out of the packages, ones I'd worn before. Six golden blonde wigs in different styles, from almost waist length to the shortest, about nipple length. Big, full 54DD silicon filled falsies as well as smaller 38C falsies. Two of the suitcases held nothing but sexy high heels; spiked platformed patent leather high heeled pumps in hot pink, medium pink with little ankle straps, very light rose pink, black (with hot pink soles), and fucia – all closed toe pumps in the latest styles. I also put out some of the older styles, 2 to 3 inch platforms with 6 & 7 inch heels, and one pair of ultra high 6" black open toes spiked heeled pumps.

Then I laid out the different clothes that I thought might make sense for my first appearance as Miss Jennifer's wife. My newest black club dress, a gorgeous chiffon creation from Frederick's of Hollywood with long sleeves and a blousy but very short skirt, my amazingly feminine Isabella sissy dress all in pink chiffon with ruffles and lace everywhere and a matching pink pinafore that I'd gotten from an online sissy store, and several short little mini-skirts in black, white, and different shades of pink and with black, white, and pink lace tops to mix and match with the skirts. My little pee-pee, which had gotten rock hard when my wife was telling me how useless I was, got rock hard again, and I knew I'd better put a rubber on it so that my pre-cum wouldn't get my panties or skirt wet, so of course I did.

Then I began to get dressed, loving it as always, loving the way I transformed myself into a sweet, pretty ultra-feminine girl.

I narrowed my choice down to three possibilities, either the sissy dress from the Sissy Store, the black club dress from Frederick's of Hollywood, or the gorgeous hot pink cutoff hot pants with a lovely hot pink blouse that I'd only gotten from Frederick's online store a few weeks earlier. I just couldn't decide for several minutes, but then decided that I should try to look as much like a really pretty but fairly conservatively dressed sweet little housewife, just ready to greet her husband at the door after work, and figured that the hot pants outfit might be too slutty, and the sissy dress just a bit too ultra feminine and sexy – so I decided to go all in black lingerie with the black club dress from Fredericks – but with my super favorite Bombshell Pink platformed spike high heeled pumps from Frederick's as a counterpoint to the beautiful black dress.

The first thing I put on was my black satin and lace bra from Suddenly Fem, size 38DD, and I quivered all over as I filled it with my big 54DD silicon filled falsies (just the one set of falsies as I didn't want to overdo it by making my tits too big!), loving the look of the full-to-overflowing lacy cups of the lovely Fredericks support bra with lots of uplift to push my big boobs up and together. Next I took out my favorite light golden blonde wig, falling way past my big, full breasts, putting it on and spending nearly five minutes brushing it out so that it fell, soft and silky, about my shoulders and down past the cups of my bra.

After my wig came a gorgeous pair of black and pink crotchless panties, also from Fredericks, and then a rubber on my little pee-pee so that my naughty precum wouldn't get my panties, nylons or dress dirty, and a pair of all sheer suntan support nylon pantyhose over my already smooth shaven legs. I loved the feeling of the silky soft nylons over my smooth feminine legs, and I just adored the way my legs looked as I posed there in front of the full length mirror in my adorable blonde wig, black satin and lace bra, and the gorgeous crotchless panties.

The final touch was my fantastically beautiful high heeled pumps in Frederick's trademark color Bombshell Pink with inch high platforms and 5" spike heels, contrasting delightfully with my black lingerie making my calves arched in beautiful feminine curves, and forcing me to take tiny little steps when I walked, making my butt sway back and forth delightfully.

The last touch before I went to do my makeup was the gorgeous black crepe club dress, low cut to show off the cleavage that my Frederick's push up bra gave me, and very short, not more than 3 inches below my crotch, almost 5 inches above my knees.

Dressed completely as a sweet, pretty dainty little housewife I went into the bathroom where all of my lovely feminine makeup waited for me. First came my wonderful light facial powder, and I took my time covering my whole face with it, loving the way it made my complexion soft and feminine. After the powder came my absolutely favorite part – putting on my lipstick. First I smoothed a thick coat of the most beautiful lipstick I'd ever owned, a super bright Fluorescent Hot Pink from the Lime Crime makeup company followed by a super sparkly Milani lip gloss called Starshine. I used a dainty little lip gloss brush to paint the glistening lip gloss over the hot pink lipstick that already covered my lips.

Next I used a classic pink blush on my cheeks, mostly on the apples of my cheeks, but also highlighting the upper parts of my cheeks. I followed that with a soft almost sparkling pink powder blush over the dark pink crème rouge, the glistening pink powder slightly toning down the dark pink but highlighting my whole cheeks with the shimmery lighter pink. I just love the way I look when I finish doing my rouge and blush. After that I did my eye shadow, starting with a coat of gorgeous bright shining pink eye dust from the Lime Crime company on my lower eyelids and the crease of my lids, then adding a softer shade called Gurls Love Pink on my upper eyelids, the outer edge of my eyes, and just a tiny bit of the Gurls Love Pink under my lower eyelashes.

Finally came my second favorite part, doing my mascara. Since I knew that my wife was expecting me to look like a pretty sweet and good little housewife, I decided to be very careful with my mascara. I'd learned the best way to do my mascara from watching YouTube videos, and using two different mascaras, one for the all plastic comb type applicator and the other for the ultra black thickening mascara that I'd carefully apply to the comb applicator, I took nearly twenty minutes on my lashes, applying at least six coats of very light mascara on both upper and lower lashes, then letting it dry in between as I'd learned by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube until my eyes were complete. I knew that I looked just gorgeous – and hoped desperately that my beautiful wife would approve.

Lastly I sprayed my favorite perfume, Youth Dew Amber Nude, on my ankles, knees, the inside of my wrists and below the curve of my jaw and behind my ears, then fluffed out my wig and sprayed the perfume in a fine cloud so it would envelop my golden blonde hair in its scent, then put on my jewelry, delightful dangly silver earrings and the pearl and silver choker. Finally, knowing that I was as pretty and feminine as I'd ever been, I went back to the door to my wife's bedroom to see how she would react. Tremulously I knocked on her door.

"What?" she answered.

"Um, I finished dressing, dear. I wanted to know if it's ok for me to come in and...and see if you think I look enough like a real girl to be your little housewife for you..."

"Fine. Come in and let me see you." So I opened the door and walked in, dressed and made up as pretty as I could make myself, feeling as sweet, feminine, girly and submissive as I ever had in my life, and hoping so, so much that she'd think I looked enough like a real girl to become her little subservient housewife.

I was hoping that she would approve of the way I looked, maybe even compliment me, or tease me, at least give me some kind of reaction as I walked in dressed completely as a woman, in my hot pink platform spike heeled pumps, nylons, miniskirt, long blonde wig, earrings and lovely makeup with my huge 54DD fake tits, but she just looked at me without any expression at all.

"Hmm." She just kept looking at me with no change of expression, but I could see her eyes traveling up and down over me, moving from my long thick golden blonde wig down over my smooth shaven feminized legs to my hot pink spike heeled pumps, then back up, stopping on my face.

"Well, I guess you've been dressing up as a girl a lot, haven't you?" She said. "Um...yes, dear, I...I guess I have."

"What's your name anyway, you sissy faggot?" she went on. "I obviously can't call you by a boy's name with you all dressed up like that, wearing all that makeup, and just calling you 'sissy' or 'faggot' may get tiresome. Do you have a girl's name when you're dressed up like that?"

'Umm..." I stammered. "you...you could choose any name that you want, dear. Anything you want is fine, of course."

"No. I asked you what your name is. I'm sure that if you've been dressing up as a girl all this time, putting on makeup and wearing a wig and high heels and everything, you must have a girly name for yourself," she said, and sighed, "So what is it? What is your girly name? If you're going to be my little housewife, you shouldn't be shy about telling me your girly name."

I knew that I must be blushing so brightly that the reddening of my cheeks must be obvious even through my rouge and sparkly pink blush.

"Umm...my name...umm...my name is Tiffany, dear."

"Tiffany". She grimaced again. "I suppose I should have expected something like that. Tiffany is definitely a sweet little girly name, although all the Tiffanies that I've ever known have been a bit on the slutty side." She giggled. "but then I guess you'll fit right in." She paused, then ordered, "Come closer." She pointed to the floor right next to the edge of her bed. "Stand right there."

Of course I immediately came towards her, taking tiny little steps in the gorgeous pink pumps.

She looked down at my legs. "I see you shave your legs. Did you just do that now, or have you been shaving your legs regularly? Of course I wouldn't have any idea, because as we both know, I haven't seen you without your pants on for quite a while."

"I...I always keep my legs shaved, dear. I...I don't think my legs look very nice in nylons unless I keep them shaved..." My voice trailed off, but then I went on, "And...and I shave my underarms and....um...and my groin too, Miss Jennifer. Except for a tiny patch of hair...I keep myself as soft and feminine...down there...as I can."

"Well, I have to agree with you about shaving your legs, and I guess if you're going to shave your legs and pretend to be a girl, shaving your underarms and everything makes sense.

"And you've obviously had a lot of practice putting on your makeup. Lean down here." I bent forward at the waist, leaning closer to her. "Yes, I have to admit you've actually done a decent job on your makeup. Your lipstick, your pink blush and eye shadow, even your mascara look...well...quite feminine. I'm surprised. You don't look like a boy wearing girly makeup, you actually look like a girl." She pursed her lips. "So...all right. I'll let you be my little housewife.

"As I said, you are a little on the slutty side with those huge tits, all that makeup, that short little black dress with those bright pink spiked high heeled pumps and those big whore hoop earrings. But I guess I can put up with it." And she nodded, then waved towards the door dismissively.

"Fine – so get on with it. There's dirty laundry in my closet, and you need to vacuum and dust the whole house. And the bathrooms need cleaning, too. Don't forget the toilets and make sure you clean the kitchen completely." She looked at me sternly.

"I expect everything to be spotless." She started to look away, then looked back and made a shooing motion with one hand. "Now go on, get started. If you're going to be my wife, you need to get started on your chores."

"Yes, dear." I paused. "Um...do you think...maybe...just once in a while, if I'm a really good girl and do a really good job on all my chores, if I'm a perfect little wife, that maybe once in a while I could see your breasts? Please? Just...just see them, just once in a while, maybe?"

She sighed. "I knew it. Here is comes. Sex. I told you, you little pansy faggot – no sex! The idea of sex with you is repulsive, disgusting. Thinking of having you touch me makes me sick. I have no interest in sex with you. Sex with you was always a complete waste of time. That little thing you call a pee-pee is ridiculous it's so little, you never satisfied me, not even once. Quite honestly, you disgust me. I mean – what kind of man would wish he were a woman, would want be to be a wife? What kind of man would want to dress up as a girl, shave his legs and have his ears pierced so he could wear girly earrings all the time and spend all day and every night cleaning and doing laundry like a housewife? I'll tell you what kind – a sissy. A pansy. A little faggot. No real man would ever want that, and here you are begging me to be able to do it. You're a joke, a ridiculous disgusting little pansy faggot, and you can completely forget about every having any kind of sexual relations with me. Ever.

"You've always been totally useless as a man, I mean, that little thing of yours is so tiny...it's so small that sometimes I couldn't even tell when you put it inside me. It's ridiculous. Just like you, completely ridiculous. So I guess it makes sense for me to turn you into my wife – at least that way I'll get something worthwhile from you, finally. Because so far, you've been completely worthless, a complete waste."

"You are totally disgusting, a worthless, useless little sissy faggot, absolutely repulsive to me, to any woman. That little thing that you call a pee-pee is a complete joke, I'm surprised you're even able to piss out of it, it's so unbelievably tiny. No real man would have a pee-pee that tiny and no woman on earth would want to be anywhere near a little sissy faggot with a pee-pee like that, smaller than a person's little finger, even when it's hard. And of course the only way it gets hard is when you're being completely submissive, totally dominated by a woman.

"So since you're begging to be my wife, I'll let you pretend to be a girl. You're ridiculous, such a little faggot, you little pansy. And you can completely forget about having sex with me ever again. I just told you that. Forget it, you disgust me, you worthless pussy."

"Yes, dear. I know I'm worthless as a man. I know I disgust you, I know I'm not good enough to ever have sex with you ever. Or to ever touch you. I know I'm a worthless little faggot pansy. And I know you'll never let me suck your breasts, or kiss them or anything. But maybe...just once in a while...if I'm a really good little wife, and I do everything like a good little girl...maybe you could just let me see your breasts. Please? Maybe? Just see them....maybe?"

She rolled her eyes and sighed again. "Why? So that you can go away and masturbate while you think about my tits? Is that it? So you can go off by yourself, all dressed up like a little pansy, and jerk off thinking about my tits? Is that why you want to see them?"

I stared down at the floor, wincing, my eyes clamped shut as I forced myself to tell the truth. "Umm...yes, dear. That's why...so I can...so I can go away and think about your beautiful breasts...while...umm....while I masturbate. I love thinking about your beautiful breasts while I masturbate."

She shook her head and turned away, tossing over her shoulders, "Forget it. That's one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard. I have no interest in exposing my breasts to you so that I have to think about you playing with that worthless little cock of yours, to think about you masturbating while you think about my tits. Forget it. Now get away from me. You are just too disgusting for words. Get out of here and go do your chores you little faggot. The only time you'll ever see my tits again is when some other guy, some real man, is fucking me and playing with them."

I looked down at my nylon covered feet in my spiked high heeled pumps, holding the big basket of laundry. "Yes, dear. Thank you for letting me be your little housewife, dear. I love being your little wife, Tiffany." And I did. I instantly loved the name, and I immediately began thinking of myself as Tiffany, and I proceeded to do all of my chores for the first time ever, doing all the laundry, then folding it and putting it away for my wife, loving it when I was able to carry in the basket of folded laundry and move around her room putting it all away, knowing that she was probably occasionally glancing over at me, all dressed up as her sexy, pretty, super feminine little housewife.

While waiting for the laundry I put away all the clean dishes from the dishwasher, then cleaned everything in the sink and loaded it into the dishwasher, wiped down all the counters and cabinets in the kitchen, vacuumed the entire house, including of course my wife's bedroom, which was also delightful, moving around vacuuming in my skirt, nylons, high heels, makeup and wig, then dusted the whole house and finally cleaned both bathrooms, scrubbing out the toilets and the bathtub and shower stall with Comet cleaner to make sure they were spotless. The best parts were vacuuming and dusting Miss Jennifer's room, and cleaning her bathroom, because I noticed her looking up and watching me several times, her eyes following me around the room as I cleaned, still of course all dressed up, my long blonde hair falling way past my shoulders, walking in little tiny steps in my 5" spike heeled pumps. It took me almost 3 hours to finish everything, and when I finally had everything done I went back to my bedroom, touched up my makeup and put on even more mascara, blush, lipstick, and lipgloss, brushed my hair again, sprayed on more perfume, then went to my wife's bedroom and softly knocked on the door.

"Yes?" she answered, actually sounding almost inviting, not angry.

"Um...I'm finished with my chores, dear. Did you have anything else that you want me to do? Or did you want to inspect the house, to see if I did everything properly to your satisfaction?"

"Come in here, Tiffany." "Yes, dear," I said, and pushed open the door and went in, totally conscious of being completely dressed as a super feminine sexpot, of how much mascara and lipstick I had on, how radically high my 5" spike heeled pumps were, how big my tits were, and how short the little mini skirt of my dress was.

"Come here," she repeated, setting down her book on the bed beside her and pointing to the floor right next to her bed. Of course I walked in my tiny dainty little steps over to her, stopping exactly where she'd pointed.

"So." She said, and then just looked at me, saying nothing more. She just looked at me, first at my face, completely made up as a slutty ultra feminine girl, especially my glistening lipstick and thick heavy mascara which I had touched up just before knocking on her door, then down over me, her eyes taking in my huge tits, my short little skirt, so short that the tops of my stockings and garters showed, then down to my 5" spiked high heels.

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