Miss Kitty


Greg heard the cursing first.

He was dumping Halloween candy into a large bowl on the kitchen counter, with half an eye on the game on the TV, when 'damn bastard' filtered through the room. It was followed quickly by 'you ass' and 'I'm going to cut off your dick'. Curious, he carried the bowl with him to the front windows, where he pulled back on one of the curtains.

"What do you mean forgot?" The woman's voice had an edge to it, but the underlying husky tone had Greg ducking his head and trying to get a better look.

She staggered into view -- a vision in a skimpy black cat costume wobbling along on six inch black heels that gave Greg ideas. He winced as she explained, in great detail, how she was going to torture the guy at the other end of the phone call. Despite that, watching her long legs saunter topped by a tight little ass under a tiny black skirt with a bobbing tail had his cock swelling. When she turned in her pacing, Greg got a good look at her top and the swelling became a throbbing.

Two wee little black triangles clung to her breasts, held on by several tight little strings. As she shifted the phone, wavering a little on her heels, her full breasts bobbed a little and Greg's mouth went dry.

Okay, some guy's stupidity was going to be Greg's Halloween to remember. He opened the front door and set the bowl of candy on the front porch next to the door. "Trick or treat," he teased.

The woman gave a squeal, dropping her phone as she spun around...and lost her balance. Greg lunged forward to catch her arms before she fell. Startling blue eyes met his as brown curls spilled over her face and the cat ears on her head slid to one side. "Trick or treat," he repeated, his voice dropping. He let her get her feet again and then gently let her go.

"I believe that's my line," she pouted, stepping back and carefully stooping to pick up her phone. Greg was treated to a sweet view of tight bare ass with a tiny black thong as her skirt and tail flipped up. As she straightened and turned back to him, her pout (attractive as it was) changed to something wicked. Her eyes looked him down, up, and back down again.

"So...trick or treat," she purred, stepping close again, her hand stroking down his arm.

Greg grinned. He gave her the same look up and down, enjoying the view. "I think I'd like a treat," he growled, taking her hand and sliding it over his belt buckle. He watched her eyes darken as she licked full lips.

"Maybe we could go inside," she smiled, giving his buckle a little tug before trailing her fingers lower, over the bulge in his jeans, "So I could give you the...full experience."

Greg gestured with one hand. She sauntered by him -- marred by only a little wobble -- and into the apartment. Greg couldn't help the grin as he followed her inside.

As he closed the door behind his back, he watched the woman scan the apartment. She turned back to him with a sultry smirk. "Planning a solo football bash, huh?"

"At least I'm not chopping some guy's cock off," he retorted. She blushed and gave a breathy laugh.

"So neither of us are going to get the evening we planned," she murmured, taking slow steps forward until she reached him. She leaned into him, going up to tiptoe to let her mouth hover just barely below his. "I think it's going to work out pretty well, though."

Greg moved quickly, grabbing the back of her neck and crushing his mouth to hers. He swallowed her gasp as he tasted her, teasing her tongue with his as she slowly melted into him. Her arms circled his neck as she rubbed her body against his, her mouth hot and hungry against his. His pulse was throbbing throughout his body, his blood heating to boiling in minutes as they fed on each other.

Suddenly she pulled back. "I believe I'm supposed to be giving you a treat," she teased, wagging a finger at him.

Greg grinned, then playfully nipped at the finger. "So get to it, Miss Kitty," he returned, lifting his arms and resting his open hands against the door.

With a laugh, the woman tugged his tee out of his pants and slid her hands under to stroke his belly. She made a wordless purr as she stroked over his tight abs. "Mmm," she added as she sank down to her knees. Her hands stroked down over his hips, his thighs, then she looked up at him, one hand sliding up and down over the bulge in his jeans. Her wide dark eyes sparkled at him. "Let's go to the bed," she purred, pressing a kiss to his fly, "So I can do this properly." Her head dipped and she lightly swirled her tongue over his crotch.

"By all means, Miss Kitty," Greg offered her his hand, pretending his groin wasn't aching like a bad tooth. She took his hand and gracefully stood, then allowed him to lead her through the living room to the bedroom. He winced a little at the unmade bed, but was eternally grateful that he'd done laundry just this morning.

"Why don't you get...comfortable," she said with a wave to the bed, "and, be sure that you're naked when I get back."

"Wait...get back?" Greg stammered, turning back from the bed.

"Silly boy," she purred, stroking her hands over his arms, his chest, "Just get comfy." Shaking his head, he allowed her to push him back until his knees hit the bed and he sat. She stepped back, cocking her head to one side and tapping her finger against her lips as she studied him. "Take off your shirt..."

Even as he peeled his tee over his head, she stepped away from the bed and slipped the band holding the cat ears away from her head. She set it on his dresser. He tossed the tee aside and started on the belt buckle, his eyes locked on hers as she reached behind to undo her top. The tiny scraps fell away to reveal tight rosy nipples that made his mouth water. He tugged open his jeans, his eyes hungrily watching her breasts thrust forward as she reached behind her back to unhook her skirt. He couldn't stop the sigh of relief as his cock surged free from the tight pants, but his attention was solely focused on the tiny black thong revealed when her skirt fell to her feet.

She took a step forward, cupping her breasts in her hands, lifting them, watching his eyes track the pale globes. "I believe I asked you to be naked when I came back to the bed," she pouted.

Greg shot to his feet and stripped off the rest of his clothes, his eyes hot on her body. "I'm ready, babe," he growled, dropping back down to the bed completely naked.

With a wicked smile, she sauntered forward. He leaned back on his hands, locking his elbows, enjoying the picture she made as she sank to her knees before him. Her hands stroked his thighs as she lowered her mouth. She began to lick the inside of his thighs, starting at his knees and moving up, switching back and forth between his legs as she pressed his legs wider with her hands. Greg's breath caught as she bent her head lower and gave him a light bite. His thick cock bobbed, fully erect and straining up from his groin.

"Feels good," he growled. She gave him a quick grin.

"I'm just getting started," she whispered, sliding her hands to cup the base of his penis, her thumbs brushing over his balls and up the underside of his shaft. His eyes narrowed as his cock pulsed and swelled, his tip oozing precum. He focused on her mouth as her tongue darted out and caressed her bottom lip.

Greg held his breath as she lowered her head again and began to tease the base of his shaft with her tongue. She lapped at him, little flicks of her tongue up and around his impressive length. She made little humming noises as she stroked him like the kitty he'd called her in jest.

Up and down, around and back, she tasted the salt of his skin, prolonging the anticipation for both of them as she slowly approached his fat head. Using her thumbs to push his length up towards his belly, she scraped her bottom teeth lightly under his head and he groaned. She followed with her tongue, then her teeth again, enjoying the way his body quivered.

She paused a moment, watching the white cream bubble in his slit. Then, her eyes locked on his, she slid her tongue over his slit, tasting him. Greg clenched his jaw as the tip of her pink tongue teased him, flicking back and forth over his tip. He could see her pleasure in her eyes, her hunger for his taste. Man, this was one hot little kitty.

The woman slowly wrapped her lips around his head, her eyes still watching him. His groin ached as she pressed her lips down over him, then pulled back, her tongue teasing his top the whole time. Down, then up. Again and again until his body throbbed with his heartbeat and his thigh muscles burned from the tension. His balls tightened, his cock swelled to new limits, and the veins wrapping his shaft visibly pulsed. Damn, he was going to lose it...

"Miss Kitty," he managed, reaching one hand towards her. Just as his hand brushed her hair, she popped him free of her mouth and he groaned hoarsely.

She gave him a wink as she wiggled her way to her feet. Turning her back to him, she hooked her fingers in her thong and wriggled her hips. Greg groaned as she slowly peeled the black satin down her legs, bending forward and spreading her legs so he could see her swollen pink folds. They glistened in the overhead light and, as she stepped free of the thong, parted to reveal her creamy pussy.

Before he could reach for her, she straightened and turned to face him again. She gestured at his legs with her hand. "Plump it up for me, baby," she purred, "I'd like to take you for a ride." She widened her stance and his eyes went to the little triangle of brown curls just above her shaved cunt.

Greg bit back the groan as he pulled his legs in, watching her ease onto hips lap with her knees spread. He felt her juices on his thighs as she leaned toward him and lightly licked his bottom lip. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft as she shifted forward, deepening the touch of her mouth on his to a kiss as she positioned herself and sank slowly onto his rigid cock. She settled inch by inch, her tight pussy rippling as his rod penetrated her.

Their breath mingled as she pushed her hips down, enveloping his penis within her soft heat. Her juices dripped over his balls as she rocked, fitting him completely inside her body. As his head rubbed her core, she shuddered. Greg lifted one hand to stroke her breast as she began to ride, sliding her pussy up and down his cock.

"Oh, yeah," she moaned, her body arching, her breast pressing to his palm, as she used his rock-hard penis to stroke her cunt. Greg gave a little buck with his hips and she gasped as he surged deep. He began to thrust each time she sank down, making her gasp and shiver. He gave her a clenched-jaw smile as he enjoyed the quiver of her inner muscles along his shaft, like stroking fingers.

"I need more," she whimpered, grinding herself against him. His cock swelled inside her, adding to the friction as his hands shifted to cup her ass, lifting and lowering her on his cock. She began to shake, panting, as he fucked her hard.

"Cum for me," Greg growled, his hands moving to her hips, slamming her down as he thrust up. She threw back her head, her body arching, as pleasure spiraled up through her body. He clenched his jaw again, determined to feel her climax before cumming himself.

"Cum," he grunted.

"Yes..." Her voice was breathless, high, as her body clamped around his cock, coiling tighter as her body shook. A wordless cry came from her throat as she came, her cum enveloping him with heat. Her inner muscles worked his length greedily, milking him, making his balls clench.

Greg felt the bubble of release shoot up his shaft and he groaned from the gut as his cock erupted into her core. Again and again he ejaculated, grunting, his head tilted back as he savored the melting heat swept through his body. He quivered as he emptied himself into her.

"Oh, baby," she purred, wriggling her hips, milking every last drop of his pleasure, every last shudder through her own body, "What a delicious treat..."

"Happy Halloween, Miss Kitty," Greg managed as he let himself fall back on the bed, basking in the sated feeling.

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