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Missed Opportunities


Dear Sexy,

Before you went to sleep, you asked me to rub your back. But I was busy surfing the internet, so I rubbed your back for a few minutes and I guess I didn’t try all that hard. Pretty soon you said, ok, that’s enough, the way you’re sitting on my back kinda hurts anyway.

Now I’m over here playing on the computer all by myself and you are sleeping, and I’m thinking- I could have done it different. I should have done it different.

Sure, we already had sex earlier today, and sure when I asked you if the back rub was going to lead to anything you said no. But I really didn’t try that hard after all.

Now I’m thinking about what I should have done and it’s this.

I should have walked over and wrapped my legs around your waist. I should have given you a good deep muscle rub, one that made your whole body relax, one that made you putty in my hands.

I should have pressed my full firm breasts into your back as I leaned forward to whisper in your ear, “Are you sure a back rub is all you want?”

If I had done that, I doubt that you would have turned down the chance to request another blowjob. You’d have rolled over and slipped your cock out of your boxers and pushed down at the top of my head with a silly grin on your face. And since this is what I meant when I asked the question, I would let you.

Down between your knees, I would rub my cheek over your semi-hard cock. With my lips and neck and tits I would tease you into a stiff and frenzied state. Then I would take you in my mouth, slowly at first. Yes maddeningly so, but you would thank me later, for letting your desire continue to build, for delaying what you really want.

I would softly blow on the head of your cock, then lick it quickly and then blown again. I would use my hand to pump at your shaft, pulling back on the head of your cock and sliding my tongue into the slit-like opening, sucking out the sweet pre-cum that would be leaking out of it by now. I would swirl my tongue around the head of your penis, then let it slide down to the top of the shaft, and around underneath. I would take the little mushroom top into my mouth again, this time slobbering and making sucking noises so you could see how truly hungry for your cock I had become.

By now, my pussy would begin to tingle and a slight wetness would be forming in the crotch of my thong panties. Bent in front of you with my ass in the air, you would have a good view of the thin string disappearing between my butt-cheeks as I devour your hard cock.

At this point my main goal would be to see how hard I could get you, how much I could tease your cock to life. Would a flick here make it twitch for me? Would sinking my lips down to your pubic hair cause you to let out a moan of pleasure? You know I can take it all down my throat, and I would- I would burry your cock in my mouth, humming and moaning around your thick tool.

If I had played my cards right, I’d have your cock in my mouth now, instead of sitting here at the keyboard, rubbing my fingers against the damp cloth of my silver thong and listening to your slow steady breathing from across the room.

It’s probably better anyway, since you have to get up early for work, but it’s only midnight, and I’m sure that neither of us would last too much longer anyway.

I’d be gulping down your thick hard cock and you would be holding fistfuls of my hair, pressing me down further on your shaft. I’d be using both of my hands for balance, but wishing there was some way I could get to my damp pussy. I’d be moaning over your big cock out of pleasure mixed with frustration as my panties continued to get wetter and wetter. I would hear you whispering to me about how you love having my lips wrapped around your cock and how you want to give me a beautiful pearl necklace.

I’d be moaning even harder as you called me your little cock slut. By now, I would have to chance it. I would have to shift my weight to one hand so I could reach up and slide my thong panties to the side. Never taking my lips from your delicious cock, I would poke my finger up inside my slit and rub myself eagerly. My finger would glide over my pussy lips, coated slick with my own juices. If I’d only done what I didn’t think about until too late, my juices would be leaking down my leg, my finger furiously working my clit. But wait- that is what’s happening now, only my poor empty mouth is completely lonely without your cock to fill it.

After working my pussy into frenzy, I’d be begging you to fuck me now. Only I know you. You like your blowjobs, especially when you’re tired. You’d try to keep me working at polishing your stick. And who could blame you- I am such an enthusiastic cock sucker. I relish in being your dirty little whore, and I’ll agree to almost anything you say when you get me in the right frame of mind. I don’t want to be so submissive, but something just seems to take over in my mind, and I am. You know this and you take advantage of it often. But there are times when I must insist, and my neglected pussy would be demanding that I do.

Right about now, I’d be straddling your thighs, poised above your massive cock. My wet pussy would be eagerly waiting to be spread wide and sliding down over your pole. You would be holding my hips, or maybe squeezing my tits as I impaled myself down on your hard eager member.

I would be shuddering as you filled me. I would be grinding against you as you flicked at my nipples and watched my tits bounce up and down from above you. I would be begging, “fuck me fuck me” and hoping that you wouldn’t come, that you could make it last because it would feel so good to have you inside me. I would have my eyes squeezed shut as I concentrated on bringing our bodies together in the most pleasurable way, while I tried not to be overtaken by the frenzy of ecstasy.

You would lie beneath me, thrusting back at me, yet generally relaxing, conserving your energy. I know that if I want you at this hour, I will have to do the work, yet it gets more difficult as my pleasure overtakes me. The closer I get, the harder it is not to simply collapse on top of you. And yet that would make everything stop, so I just try to keep my thrusts from getting sloppy. I want them hard and deep inside of me, and I tell you so under my breath. I don’t want to say it, but the words escape.

“I’m going to come,” you would tell me, slamming deep inside my womb.

“Come inside me,” I would cry, hoping that we could come together as I am very close myself, but instead you would pull out of me again and push me down to collect your hot load as it shoots from your loins. My pussy would gush as your cock slips out, leaving it empty and stretched. I would swallow hungrily your salty essence, savoring the taste of your cum before it slides down my throat. I would gulp noisily as you continue to squirt hot joy-juice into me, hoping that you enjoy my slutty display. I would continue to hold you cock in my mouth, sucking and swallowing until you pulled away.

I think you would have liked that. And I would have too. If only I hadn’t let a good opportunity pass. Now I’ve got myself all worked up the batteries are dead in my slim-vibe, so I guess I have no choice now but to use my hand. It’s going to be a messy job, but somebody’s got to do it.

I kind of wish I wouldn’t have dropped out of that yoga class when I did…

Frustratedly yours,


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