tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

byColleen Thomas©

"Pass the sugar?" Angelique asked as she shoveled a last forkful of eggs into her mouth.

Santha pushed the little dispenser across the small table while staring out the kitchen window. The sun wouldn't make it out today, she thought. From the overcast sky she believed it would probably be raining before noon. Not that it would be unusual; it rained more often than not here in New Orleans, especially during the spring. Angelique tossed her head, sending her mane of long blonde hair over her shoulder and quickly scribbled in her workbook as she distractedly poured way too much sugar into her coffee cup.

Santha and Angelique were identical twins. So alike in body shape, that even their own mother couldn't tell them apart. So dislike one another in temperament that people could scarcely believe they were related. Angelique was outgoing and gregarious, while her sister was shy and retiring. People who knew them well could tell them apart by their mannerisms and speech patterns, but only in certain situations was it obvious which one was which.

Sitting at the small dinette in the tidy little kitchen they looked like a before and after picture. Santha was before, hair mussed from sleep, no make up and still wearing her nightshirt. Angelique was the after, hair brushed out, immaculately made up and wearing a red dress that was extremely daring.

Santha smiled and waited for her sister to take a sip of the coffee. When she did she nearly sprayed it all over everything and the shy blonde began giggling while her sister stared at her like it was her fault.

"Very funny," Angel said as she stood up, emptied the cup into the sink, and poured herself another.

Angelique was the wild child. Free spirited, daring, brash and uninhibited, she had been the most popular girl in school and that was based not only on her beauty but also on her rampant sex drive. Santha was the exact opposite, shy, retiring, a bit of a bookworm and content to stay home on even Friday nights curled up with a good book.

Angelique was a sexual dynamo, in high school she had dated boys, early in college she decided she was bi, but in the last year she had become very secretive and unusually discreet. Santha noticed this of course, but was not the kind to pry. Despite their different personalities the two girls had a very strong and loving relationship.

It was a Friday and just like every Friday, Angelique was getting ready for classes. Santha already had her undergraduate degree and was a teaching assistant in the Anthropology department, working on her masters. Friday was her late day, she didn't even have to be to the campus until 3:00 to hold office hours and she often didn't have any appointments so she could head home even earlier. Angelique was a fifth year senior and still struggling to get her MBA. Friday was her hell day and she didn't usually get in from classes before six.

Today Angelique wore a red mini dress that showed off most of her long, supple legs, with high heels and a black choker. The dress fit snugly across her small breasts and the scoop neck showed a daring amount of cleavage. Santha would be embarrassed to be seen in anything so revealing and she always thought the choker looked more like a collar. Still, she had to admit against her sister's pale skin and framed by her long blonde hair it was stunning.

Santha was still wearing her pink Winnie the Pooh nightshirt and hadn't even combed out her long blonde hair; in fact she was going back to bed as soon as her sister vacated the house. Angelique gulped down her cup of coffee and grabbed her book bag. Santha shook her head as she glanced at the clock, her sister was running late as usual.

"Still going home this weekend?" Angel asked, almost too casually.

"Yes, you and your boyfriend will have the apartment to yourselves, Just stay out of my room," Santha replied while sipping her coffee.

"You're great sis, love you," Angelique said as she kissed her sister on the cheek and bolted out the door.

Santha smiled and sipped on her coffee. She genuinely liked going home, but Angelique hated it. They came from a very small town that was very traditional and close knit. Her sister always felt caged there, unable to be herself. She went home only for holidays and left as soon as was practical. She considered Santha going home on the weekend and leaving her the apartment to be very sweet, but to Santha it was not a big deal. She loved New Orleans, but she never went out and her innate shyness kept her house bound so often she was actually glad for the change of scenery. At home she had a few friends and even if they weren't about, she loved sleeping in her own bed. She finished her coffee, placed her cup and Angelique's plate in the sink and ran water over them before returning to bed.

She has almost faded back to sleep when she heard a knock at the door. Santha rose sleepily and trudged down the hall. Angel was so forgetful and she wondered what her sister had left behind today. She unbolted the door and opened it without even checking the peephole.

A very tall woman with black hair and aquiline features was standing there. She wore a black leather coat that fell to midcalf and black leather boots that disappeared under the coat. Her hair was worn short and her full lips were painted blood red. She was strikingly beautiful and there was an aura of power around her that took Santha's breath away. In one hand she held a heavy suitcase and in the other what looked to be a leash, but Santha didn't see a dog anywhere.

"What's this my pretty? Where's your collar?" she said as she pushed her way past a stunned Santha and tossed her suitcase on the sofa.

"Excuse me?"

"And no heels, someone is begging for a spanking I think."

"Spanking!" Santha exclaimed in shock, "Now wait just a minute."

"I see you have developed a rebellious streak while I was away," the tall beauty interrupted, "I suppose you need to be reminded of your place."

As the woman spoke her hand darted into her jacket pocket and came out with a black leather strap with a round red ball in the middle and buckles on each end.

"No wait, you're making a mistake," Santha blurted out as the woman advanced on her.

"Oh no my pet, it's you who has made the mistake. I see two months away is too long to leave you, luckily I expected a little rebellion, hmm?" the woman said as she moved suddenly and pressed Santha against the door.

Before Santha could even think the tall woman forced the red ball against her lips. The small girl held her teeth tightly shut, but the woman grabbed her nipple and pinched it hard, causing her to gasp and when her mouth opened the red ball was shoved in. It tasted like a rubber band and she tried to spit it out, but the woman's hands were already behind her head buckling the strap. Santha tried to struggle, but the woman caught her arm and twisted it behind her. Santha screamed into the gag, more from surprise than pain.

The woman held her arm behind her back and marched her down the hallway towards the bedrooms. With her arm pinioned behind her back, and the woman's height, she was forced to walk on tiptoe and could do little to resist. Santha thought of all the terrible and horrifying crime stories she had read.

Who was this woman? How could she get away? The tall woman shoved her into Angelique's room and threw her none too gently onto the big waterbed. Santha floundered, trying to get up and run. Her mind was racing and she desperately wanted to get to the alarm box in the kitchen. She had just rolled over when she saw the woman undo the lock on Angelique's footlocker. From the blue trunk she pulled out a set of black leather manacles connected by a short length of silver chain.

"Well, at least you have kept my presents in good working order," the woman said arching her eyebrow.

Her voice was familiar, tinged with a Slavic accent of some sort.

Presents? How did she get the key to Angel's footlocker? What were manacles doing in there anyway? Santha was so confused and so scared it took a few moments for everything to sink in. When it all did the only possible answer hit her like a ton of bricks. This woman was her sister's lover; the one who had been visiting while Santha was home. She was so shocked she could only shake her head.

"Now, let's get you out of that ridiculous nightgown," she said as she mounted the bed. Santha lunged upwards, but the woman seemed ready for her. She placed her hand between Santha's breasts and shoved down hard, forcing the small girl back onto the waterbed. Santha swung her hand up and hit the woman in the face.

"All right my pretty, if that's the way you want to play," the tall woman hissed.

Her hands grabbed the hem of Santha's nightshirt and roughly jerked it up and over her head. The small girl's breasts bounced free and she blushed crimson, rolling over quickly and trying to get a hold on the bed frame to pull her self away from this woman. She felt a grip like iron on her wrist, dragging it back behind her and then she felt the cuff being fitted around her it.

"No please," she cried, but only a muffled wail escaped the gag.

The woman in the leather jacket paid no heed and expertly secured Santha's right hand. In moments she felt her left wrist seized and dragged inexorably back. It too was secured after a few moments of kicking and screaming into the gag. Santha jerked her arms left and right, but the manacles were strong and she found she had only a little freedom to move her arms. From the trunk the woman seized another set of manacles. These she attached to Santha's arms, above her elbows and pulled the slack out, until her arms were pinioned behind her back, the elbows almost touching.

Santha screamed into her gag and began to twist and turn when she felt long; elegant fingers curl into the waistband of her panties. She clamped her thighs tightly together and continued to struggle until she heard the tall woman snort in frustration and rip them off her body. She was so humiliated, naked and bound, unable to tell the woman who she was. She felt the woman's weight on her back and screamed again into her gag when she felt her head jerked up by her hair, forcing her to arch her back.

A heavy leather collar was placed around her long, slender neck, forcing her to keep her head up. She felt her captor lacing it up behind her head and tried to struggle again. The woman was moving swiftly, and soon Santha found her legs spread wide and manacled into an expandable spreader bar.

She felt the tears start when the woman's hand was thrust roughly between her legs and grabbed a handful of her pubic hair.

"Well, my pretty. It seems you really want the works. No collar, a furry bush, and kicking and spitting. Very well, my pet, we'll do it your way," she said as she clipped nylon straps from the bedposts to the spreader bar.

With ease she lifted Santha's slight frame and jammed two pillows under her ass. From the headboard she clipped straps to D rings on the sides of the thick collar. Santha was totally helpless and the woman didn't seem to take any heed of the hot tears that poured down her cheeks.

From the chest she brought out a strange looking device of elastic straps, which she proceeded to fit around Santha's hips. Once fitted she tightened it up and Santha realized that it fit over her body like a pair of panties, but without cloth, a strap around her waist, and two between her legs. She felt a cold shiver where a metal circle was fitted over her entrance.

"Let's see, what do you think, the red or the blue?" the tall woman asked rhetorically, holding a fat red vibe and a long blue jelly dildo in either hand. Neither was extremely long, but both were significantly stouter than the small vibe she kept hidden under her mattress. That small vibe was larger than either of her boyfriends back in highschool had been and she felt her inner muscles contract in apprehension.

"I think red will do nicely," she said as she tossed the blue one on the bed and crawled between Santha's splayed thighs. The tall woman produced a tube of lubricant from somewhere and slicked up the vibe as Santha struggled and screamed into her gag. Tears of humiliation poured down her cheeks as she felt this strange woman's hands on her most private parts, spreading her lips and pushing the cold ring of steel tightly against her.

The small girl's eyes dilated and her nostrils flared when Katrina pressed the tip of the vibe to her entrance. Screams turned to a groan as she felt it being pressed home, nosing deeper into her body, shoving tissue aside and stretching her like never before. Along with the fullness was a deep and powerful vibration that seemed to shake her whole lower body. She heard the metallic click as the base of the vibe seated against the metal ring. The dark haired woman pulled a short leather strap across the base and snapped it to the other side of the metal ring, securing the vibe.

"Well, that should keep you out of trouble, my little brat. Now, you be good and enjoy your little friend, I need some coffee and to get unpacked," she said as she stood up and headed for the door.

Santha screamed into her gag and struggled, causing the big woman to stop and look back at her.

"What? Oh, how silly of me, I forgot your nipple clamps, is that what my baby was upset about?" she cooed as she returned to the footlocker.

She rose with a long silver chain dangling from her middle finger. On each end was a long thin clamp with a black knob near the springs. The woman walked around and sat next to Santha. She reached out and began to gently knead the helpless girl's breast. Santha shivered as she felt the woman's soft, warm hand. In contrast to earlier it was very gentle and warm. The shy girl was breathing hard, fast and shallow, causing her to feel lightheaded. To add to her predicament she felt acute shame when her nipple grew hard under Katrina's expert caress.

Santha squealed into her gag when she felt the clamp bite into her sensitive nipple. It hurt, a sharp shooting pain that quickly ebbed to a dull ache.

"Oh now, it isn't that tight, stop your wiggling or I'll really turn the screws up!"

The threat may not have been serious, but how could she be sure? She had never even guessed at this side to her sister in her darkest dreams. Petrified with fear, she held very still as the tall woman placed the other clamp around her nipple and released it. Another sharp pain, followed by that dull ache. Santha watched as the big woman laughed, got up and left the room.

As soon as she was gone, the small girl began to struggle against her bonds. It took only a short while to tire herself out, while impressing upon her how helpless she was. Unable to get away, she wondered what was going to happen to her, but her thoughts were disjointed and it was hard to concentrate.

Katrina. This woman sounded just like the real estate agent who helped Angel get this apartment and called occasionally. Santha realized now the woman was her sister's lover and the calls about real estate had just been to keep her in the dark. Even that thought was fleeting; it was getting very difficult for her to concentrate.

She had never had anything as fat as the vibe inside her and it was starting to really become distracting. The vibration was deep and seemed to be shaking her bottom apart with its deep throbbing. She swore she could feel it in her ass. As time passed she felt her body responding to it, her pussy lubricating and her inner muscles gently squeezing the fat intruder. Time seemed to slow as the sensations became more and more insistent.

As good as it felt, she quickly realized it would be impossible to get off. The spreader bar kept her from using her thighs and the manacles kept her hands out of action. By the time Katrina returned Santha's hips were jogging and she was moaning softly into the gag.

"Nothing like a pussy pleaser to put a naughty girl in her place," she said as she patted Santha's thigh.

Katrina strolled into the bathroom and returned sometime later with a towel thrown over her shoulder and a plastic bowl of hot water in her hands. She placed the towel over Santha's thigh and put the bowl on the floor, then returned to the bathroom.

Santha watched all this with apprehension, but her body was going into overdrive and she was losing her fear. Her pussy throbbed with need and she could feel her heartbeat in her nipples, the dull pain now mixing with the heady pleasure. Katrina returned, with a pink razor in one hand and a can of silky shaving cream in the other. Santha suddenly realized what she was up to and began to struggle again, screaming into the gag as tears welled in her big eyes.

Katrina filled her hand with lather and then began to rub it into Santha's downy golden pubes. Santha twisted her hips and tried to dislodge the big woman's hand, but to no avail. She was still squirming when she felt the cold steel of the razor on her skin and froze.

"About time. Now hold very still, I wouldn't forgive myself if I cut you."

Santha held very still and closed her eyes, resigned to this indignity. For all her strength, the big woman seemed remarkably gentle, the first kiss of the razor was along the edge of her mound, no worse really than when she did her own bikini area. It was a strange thrill, feeling another person's hand in such an intimate place, but it was also mildly exciting.

Katrina was careful, but efficient, each stroke removing the fine hairs and only rarely abrading the sensitive pink skin. She worked from the outsides in, taking more and more off with each kiss of the razor.

Santha moaned into her gag. Sensations seemed exaggerated, the cool of the razor, the warmth of her hands, and the wild thrills that were emanating in her now soaked pussy and rocketing through her system to her dazed brain. It ended before she was ready, the soft terry cloth gently abrading her skin as Katrina wiped her now bald pussy clean. She followed with a handful of aftershave that sent a flood of minor burning through Santha's system as it found the many minor nicks.

"Mmmmmm, nothing like a freshly shaved cunt. Especially when it's fat and ready. Think I'll have some. Now you be good ya hear? Act up and you'll get the lash rather than the paddle for your insolence."

Santha couldn't have struggled if she wanted to she was absolutely petrified. She watched as Katrina slipped between her legs and shivered when the big woman kissed her inner thigh. She couldn't believe how different her pussy looked bald. It was fatter, more prominent and it seemed more open. She felt deliciously vulnerable and a shiver ran up her spine that had nothing to do with Katrina's soft lips.

With two fingers she pressed Santha's lips apart. The big woman flattened her tongue and ran it up Santha's pussy. Santha nearly orgasmed, nothing in her meager experience had ever felt so good. She had only had three boyfriends, mostly nerdish guys like herself and while she had enjoyed sex with them, none had ever eaten her.

Lost in the sensation, Santha wondered why the big woman had stopped. She opened her eyes to find the woman staring at her with a puzzled expression.

"Have you been sick baby?" she asked.

Santha shook her head, unsure of what was going on.

"Hmmm. Must have changed your diet then," she mused, "Or hell, maybe I've just been away too long. You taste sweeter than usual though. Whatever it is, I like it," she continued, winking before lowering her head back to Santha's pussy.

Santha was shocked that the woman could tell a difference in taste between herself and her sister. She wanted to say something, to get her attention, but before she could the woman's long tongue stroked over her sensitive inner folds and she involuntarily threw her head back. A second swipe sent shivers of pleasure through her, causing her to arch her back and push her pussy up, almost like an offering.

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