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Mistaken Identity


Ritchie pretended to read his sports magazine as he listened to the conversation at the table next to him. The 6-foot tall 26-year-old with short brown hair and eyes could not believe that he was hearing Natalie Long talking about her personal sex life with the woman at her table.

Natalie was a very pretty 34-year-old mother of two. She had medium length brown hair, a pretty face and a nice 34-C, 26, 36 body that was often hidden behind loose fitting dresses. But today she was wearing a pair of jeans and a tight pullover shirt that showed her shape nicely.

Ritchie knew Natalie and her husband Rob, by reputation only. Her husband was a quiet man who kept to himself while Natalie was a little more outgoing. But the appearance she gave whenever Ritchie had seen her before was always one of a modest, morally upright woman. Overhearing her talk about sex had him fully aroused.

Natalie shared details with her friend about how Rob was the second man she had slept with, and the only one since graduating high school. She described their sex life as pretty ordinary most of the time. But said that they used to enjoy finding public places to have sex. She described the thrill of being somewhere where they could be caught as exhilarating.

But what she said next really surprised Ritchie.

He heard Natalie tell her friend about a costume party they were attending for her work at a local hotel. Ritchie knew the place well as he had been their recently for a friend's wedding.

It was that same wedding that had given Natalie her idea. The wedding was for someone that both Natalie and Ritchie had known from work. But Natalie had discovered an upstairs balcony that was pretty much hidden from view by curtains and other things. It was off limits to the public for various reasons, but she had discovered how to get up there.

Natalie explained that her husband was going to meet her at the party. She had a costume waiting for him. He was going to be Zorro while she would be a Spanish Maiden. She was going to lead her husband up to the balcony where they would make love just above everyone else at the party. She was even going to treat him to a rare blowjob, something that she saved for special occasions.

After they left Ritchie could think of nothing else but how much he wanted to fuck Natalie. And that's when he got a devilish idea.

He knew the hotel well enough to sneak around to the room where Natalie would be leaving her husband's costume. Since Rob had no idea what to expect, he didn't even know what their costumes would be, Ritchie believed that he could sneak in, steal the costume and try to trick Natalie into sucking him off. If caught he would explain that he had no idea what was going on.

He thought of nothing else until that Friday evening. Ritchie had managed to sneak into the coat room as planned, and had no difficulty finding the Zorro costume hanging in there with Rob's name on it.

Ritchie grabbed the costume and rushed to the bathroom to change. He put his own clothes into a duffle bag and sat it inside the door of the coat room. He put on the mask and hat and looked at himself in the mirror. He was roughly the same height and build as Rob. Their hair was different but it was fully concealed beneath both the mast and hat. And the fake mustache helped to hide any other differences.

He fought off his fear and walked into the costume ball. It didn't take long before he spotted Natalie. She was wearing a Spanish-style dress and top that showed off the top of her firm tits. Her hair was teased in a way that Ritchie had never seen on the attractive older woman.

Natalie came over and took him by the hand. He was thankful for the loud music and the noise of all the voices that helped him to hide his own.

Natalie led him around the corner and opened a door. Ritchie knew that this was the entrance to the stairwell leading up to the balcony.

She closed the door, leaving them in a completely darkened stairwell. Natalie pulled him halfway up the stairs before pushing him against the wall and unfastening his pants. He leaned back in silence as Natalie dropped to her knees and began pulling his hard cock free. She wrapped her lips around it then stopped and said, "Wow, you really are horny, dear. You actually seem bigger."

Then she took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him.

Ritchie could not believe that the straight laced woman who he had dealt with so often at work was sucking his cock. And best of all, she had no idea that it was anyone but her husband. He couldn't wait until she found out otherwise.

Natalie sucked greedily on the cock of the man she believed to be her husband. She was not a big fan of blowjobs. But she knew that Rob loved them so she agreed to give him one three or four times a year. This would be a bonus for him.

Their sex life at home was somewhat dull. They shared the usual Sunday night fuck after the kids were put to bed. But otherwise it was pretty much mundane. But whenever they had the opportunity to do something risky like this they did take it. Although that was nowhere near as often as it had been before they had children.

Ritchie grabbed Natalie's hair in both hands as she sucked him off. He slowly began pumping his cock into her mouth as he felt his balls tightening. He wanted to cry out in enjoyment but dared not make a sound before she finished him.

Then Ritchie began to cum in Natalie's mouth. His legs shook and toes curled as her mouth and tongue gave him the ultimate pleasure.

Natalie gulped down Ritchie's cum as she continued sucking his cock until she could feel that nothing else would spew out into her mouth.

Then she pulled his pants up, stood up and grabbed his arm and began tugging him up the stairs.

She opened the door to the balcony and they stepped out onto it. Natalie could look down through the curtains and see the crowd of friends and co-workers who were partying below. She could only imagine what they would think if they saw her up here with her husband.

She pulled up her skirt, revealing to Ritchie that she wore no panties. He saw her trimmed pubic triangle above her wet pussy and felt his cock begin to stir once more.

"Eat my pussy, honey." She said, pulling him down in front of her.

Ritchie dropped to his knees. Natalie sat back in a chair that she had placed their earlier just for this occasion. She could watch the party below her as her husband ate her pussy.

Ritchie drove his tongue between Natalie's legs, enjoying the taste of the unknowing woman's juices as he began licking her swollen clit. He raised his arms and began fondling her breast.

Natalie unbuttoned her blouse allowing his hands access to her braless tits.

Ritchie groped her tits in each hand as he continued to lick her pussy.

Natalie leaned back farther, enjoying the tongue between her legs.

"Damn, Rob. You've gotten better at this." She complimented.

Rob often went down on his wife. And Natalie had never failed to enjoy it. But he always licked her in the exact same manner and tempo. She found his use of his tongue tonight much more arousing. She half wondered if he had found another woman to teach him how to eat pussy but knew that there was no way Rob would ever cheat on her. Just as she would never consider having sex with anyone but her husband.

She didn't care what caused this improvement; all she cared about was how fucking well it felt. At this rate she would be cumming on his face pretty quickly.

Natalie was in heaven. She could see her bosses and co workers milling about downstairs. If anyone looked up, and managed to scan through the curtains, they might just see her leaning back topless in ecstasy as she was being pushed over the edge by her husbands tongue.

Then she saw Rob walking into the room below. He was in street clothes and was looking about for her.

"What the fuck!" She said as she tried to sit up. But Ritchie's hands pushed her back.

"Who the fuck are you?" She demanded.

Natalie tried to grab Ritchie's head, but he quickly grabbed a wrist in each of his hands and held her tight as he continued licking her pussy.

"You wanted this." He paused just long enough to say before returning to work.

"Please stop." Natalie begged. She knew that if she yelled for help that it would come quickly. But the thought of being caught up here with this stranger was mortifying. Especially since she was the one who had sought him out and brought him up here...

...and sucked his dick!

Natalie gasped at the realization that se had just given a blow job to a complete stranger, believing him to be her husband, and allowed him to cum in her mouth. No one but Rob had ever enjoyed that from her.

Natalie couldn't risk being discovered.

"Please just let me go." She begged.

But Ritchie was not finished yet. He continued licking Natalie's clit. He could tell by the way she was squirming that she was close to orgasm and he was not going to stop until he made her climax.

Natalie knew this as well. She wanted to scream for help. But there was no way she could let anyone know that she had so foolishly grabbed the first man she thought to be her husband and had sex with him. This was all her fault.

Her legs began to quiver as Ritchie's tongue brought her closer and closer to climax. She kept her mouth closed for fear of crying out and alerting everyone to her predicament.

"Oh my god." She whispered as she began to cum as Ritchie's tongue continued to lick her.

Ritchie could feel her juices spilling out onto his mouth and chin as Natalie climaxed for him. He held her even more tightly and continued licking.

Natalie needed him to stop more than she wanted him to. Her pussy was so sensitive after cumming that his tongue was driving her mad. She shifted about in the seat, trying to escape his probing flesh but it just continued assaulting her clit.

Then Natalie came again. And then a third time before Ritchie finally quit licking her.

She leaned back in the chair, too ashamed to look at his mask covered face as he moved up between her legs.

Then she felt something rubbing against her pussy and looked down to see him pushing his hard cock between her legs.

"No, you can't fuck me!" She insisted.

"You know you want it." He said as he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock into her sopping wet hole.

Natalie wanted to scream as this stranger, who she had seduced unwittingly, began fucking her. When she tried to push him away he grabbed her arms and held them tight.

Ritchie slammed his cock into Natalie, causing her tits to bounce up and down with each thrust as he buried his shaft all the way inside her.

Natalie could feel that this man was indeed larger than her husband, just as she had thought she imagined in the dark stairwell.

She looked out over the balcony and saw Rob drinking a beer and talking to someone. She could only imagine the look on his face if he were to look up here and see her being fucked by another man.

Natalie was ashamed at the situation she had gotten herself into. But worse, she was ashamed because her body was enjoying it so much.

Ritchie had made her cum three times already with the masterful use of his tongue. Now his cock was pushing her to another orgasm. Natalie could count on one hand the number of times she had cum twice with Rob. And now she was on the verge of her forth orgasm. And Ritchie was fucking her in a way that she had never been fucked before.

What else that bothered her was that she did not know who it was that was fucking her. She knew that he knew her. And she realized that she would have to face nearly every man she worked with or came in contact with through work wondering if he was the one who had done this to her.

Natalie moaned as she began cumming on Ritchie's cock. Her body thrashed about as he fucked her. She wondered how much longer he was going to fuck her, thinking that Rob would have already cum by now.

Then she began cumming again. Natalie's head rolled back and forth as her hips thrust upward to meet Ritchie's cock as she came.

"My turn." He said as his orgasm neared.

"No, pull out of me." Natalie protested, not wanting this stranger to cum inside her. Rob had had a hysterectomy and Natalie could not risk getting pregnant.

But Ritchie ignored her objections. He was not going to be denied the pleasure of cumming in Natalie's hot, wet box.

He fucked her harder and faster as his cock began spewing inside her. He moaned in delight as he came at Natalie's expense.

Natalie could feel his cock cumming in her pussy even as her last orgasm slipped away.

Ritchie pumped her pussy until he was satisfied that every drop of cum had been drained from him. He then got up and pulled his pants up.

"Thanks for everything." He said as he opened the door and rushed down the darkened stairwell.

Natalie sat there trying to compose herself. She could feel his cum, mixed with her own juices and slowing draining down her inner thighs. And she could still taste his cum in her mouth.

She could also see her husband mingling downstairs, no doubt wondering where she was.

Then she saw Zorro walk past her husband. The bastard even had the balls to shake Rob's hand as he went by.

Natalie quickly buttoned her blouse. She had to put this behind her and get downstairs. There was little else she could do. After all, she grabbed that stranger and dragged him up here and seduced him. Worse, she had ended up enjoying every minute of it. She didn't dare tell Rob what had happened. And she would probably never be able to fuck him without remembering just how satisfied she was right now.

Natalie cleaned up as best she could then returned downstairs. She found Rob and asked him if he had met Zorro. She wanted to know if he had gotten his name.

She silently cursed when he said that he couldn't remember it.

When he asked her where his costume was she excused herself to go to the coat room. There she found the Zorro costume lying in a pile. There was a note next to it. She picked it up and read...

"Thanks Natalie, for letting me to borrow everything. It was a real pleasure – Z"

She crumpled the note and threw it in the trash. She was going to have to explain to Rob that someone had borrowed his costume. But she would never be able to tell him that the same man had borrowed his wife and pleasured her in a way that he had never done.

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