Mistaken Identity Ch. 01


"But sweetie we shouldn't," I said as she drew my hands near enough to feel her body warmth.

"Go ahead daddy touch them," Christina moaned as she placed her breasts in the palms of my hands.

"Oh God," we both moaned simultaneously as she slid her hands on top of mine and squeezed, causing my hands to grip my daughter's breasts.

Christina raised her hands to my face and cupped my cheeks as she slowly began to guide my face to her beautiful tits. Using my thumb I began to press on her nipples and work circles around her areolas causing her to cry out in passion.

"Oh yes daddy," my daughter cried out as she pulled my face into her bosom.

Suddenly I found my face in my daughter's cleavage as she used her arms to press her breasts together. I still had my hands on my daughter's breasts, cupping them as I began to gently kiss her mounds. The soft flesh of Christina's breasts and the feel of her body heat felt so inviting as I kissed my way closer to her nipple.

"Oh suck my nipples daddy," my daughter panted as I slid my tongue over her areola and across her nipple.

Christina let out a squeal as I placed my lips over her taught bud and sucked. Her nipple stiffened even more against my tongue as I rapidly flicked my tongue over the her sensitive bud. I bit lightly on my daughter's nipple causing her to scream as she wrapped her legs around me tightly.

"Oh daddy, don't stop," Christina moaned as she finally removed her hands from my face. I removed my mouth from her saliva coated nipple and pushed both of her soft young breasts together until both of her nipples were touching.

"Please daddy," Christina begged as I looked into her lust crazed eyes.

"Please suck them both" she moaned as she leaned her head back in ecstasy.

Her nipples looked incredible as they were touching themselves. I lowered my mouth to my daughter's young breasts, sucking both nipples into my mouth at once.

"Holy fuck," my daughter moaned as I sucked and licked both of her nipples at the same time.

Using my teeth I scraped her sensitive buds until I felt her place her hands on my face. Ever so slowly my daughter began to push my head from her breasts down toward her stomach. I felt her stomach begin to quiver as I kissed and nibbled my way toward her navel. I paused there for a moment and swirled my tongue around her navel until I was again nudged lower by her hands. Suddenly I began to tremble as my lips touched the top edge of her thong.

"Oh baby we can still stop," I said softly as I kissed her bush through her thong.

Looking up into my daughter's eyes she smiled and said "But you don't want to daddy."

Again I felt Christina place her hands around my wrists as she placed my hands on her hips where her thong was tied together. I slowly wrapped the ties of her thong around my finger and pulled, causing her thong to become untied.

Using my teeth I bit the top of the material and pulled the material down exposing her neatly trimmed bush. At the bottom of my daughter's bush was the treasure I was waiting for. Her young pussy was swollen and wet. Her lips were puffed outward and parted as they glistened in the light. I could smell my daughter's scent which caused me to drip pre cum onto the carpeting below.

Again Christina placed her hands on my face. Our eyes met and neither one of us could stop now, even if we wanted to. Slowly my daughter began to guide my mouth closer and closer to her cunt.

"Oh daddy go ahead," Christina panted as she looked into my eyes as she placed my mouth on her wet sticky pussy.

Christina began to moan as she fell onto her back as I began to snake my tongue into her slippery cunt.

"Oh my God daddyyyyy," Christina moaned as she spread her legs even wider allowing me even easier access to her swollen wet pussy.

"Oh God eat me daddy," Christina began to moan over and over as she began to squirm on the mattress.

I reached up and placed my hands on her hips to try to steady her as she squirmed on my mouth. I could taste her juices as her cunt was wetter than my wife's ever got. I began to lightly flick my tongue around her clit eliciting even deeper more carnal moans. Her clit swelled to a length much longer than her mother's and I placed my lips directly on it and sucked.

"Mmmmmm I'm gonna cum daddy," my little girl moaned as she continued to thrash about on my bed.

Suddenly I felt Christina tense up as her legs wrapped around my neck like a vice. My little girl began to shake and tremble as she exploded into an orgasm on my mouth.

"Oh my fucking Goddddddddd," my daughter cried out as I felt her cunt begin to flood my face.

Her panting, thrashing, and screaming nearly caused me to cum as I knelt between her soft legs. Again my daughter reached down and pulled my head into her, smashing my face into her sopping wet cunt.

Finally after several minutes Christina slowed down. She released her grip around my neck as she spread her legs wider. Our eyes became locked together as we both had a lust crazed look in our eyes.

"Make love to me daddy," my little girl mouthed to me as she still laid on her back with her legs still dangling over my shoulders.

Slowly and with our eyes still glued to each other's I rose to my feet with my daughter's calf's resting on my shoulders. I pulled her back a bit until her ass was at the edge of the bed. Looking down into my daughter's eyes I slowly leaned forward until my cock was twitching just outside the entrance of her cunt.

"Fuck me daddy," Christina said softly as she reached up and squeezed her breasts with me towering over her.

Ever so slowly I pressed my cock against my daughter's pussy lips until I felt her cunt begin to part open

"Oh daddy your so big," Christina hissed as she slid her legs down my arms, wrapping them around my waist.

Looking over in the mirror I was breathless as I saw the image of my own daughter's legs wrapped around my waist while I gently made love to her.

"Look at me daddy," Christina said as she reached up and turned my face toward hers as I continued to thrust my swollen cock in and out of her tight wet hole.

"Fuck me," Christina said as she reached onto the night stand and picked up a candle that had been burning.

"Fuck me daddy," Christina said softly as she reached out and offered me the candle.

I suddenly stopped fucking my daughter but remained buried deep inside of her. I took the candle in my trembling hand and looked down into my daughter's eyes.

"Oh daddy do it," she cried out as I felt her tight cunt continuing to grip at my cock as I remained buried deep inside.

I tilted the candle until the melted wax was at the edge of the candle. Looking down into her eyes she licked her lips and nodded her head. Ever so slowly I tilted the candle until the wax dripped down onto her soft breast.

"Usssshhhh" my daughter inhaled sharply as she reached up and smeared the molten wax around her breast with her finger.

I dripped more wax only this time I dripped it closer to her nipple.

"Ugggghhhhh" Christina cried as the wax trickled down between her heaving breasts.

Again she raised her finger to her breast and smeared the hot molten wax around her breast. Again I tipped the candle, this time bathing her nipple with the hot wax.

"Oh Jesus Christ dad," Christina screamed out as her nipple sprung way out, farther than when I bit on them.

I glanced over to my side and reached for the tub of ice cubes. I took an ice cube between my fingers and while she smeared the wax around her elongated nipple, I placed the ice cube directly on her swollen bud.

I tilted the candle over her other breast. The look in my daughter's eyes was that of pure lust. Just then I tilted the candle and trickled hot wax onto her breast just as I pressed an ice cube onto her nipple.

"Oh my fucking Godddddd," Christina screamed as her hips began to thrust up and down, fucking me while I stood over her. I set the candle down on the night stand and left the container of half melted ice cubes on the bed. Reaching up, Christina pulled herself all the way up and kissed me with passion like I haven't seen since I was her age.

With her hand gripping my neck, her hips continued to thrust against my impaling cock. She kissed me again before looking directly in my eyes.

"Fuck me like you fuck mom," Christina said as she let go of my neck and fell onto her back in front of me.

I leaned down and placed my hands next to her head as I braced myself.

"Fuck me daddy," Christina hissed as she was already doing a pretty good job of fucking me.

I continued looking into my little girl's eyes as I began to rock my hips back and forth. The feeling of her shoes digging into my lower back heightened the sensations I was experiencing as I was nearing another orgasm.

"Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh," Christina moaned over and over as she began to bounce up and down beneath me.

"Oh daddy you little girl is gonna cum," Christina screamed as I felt her begin to buck against my cock even harder.

I felt her pussy clamping down around my cock as my little girl began to quiver and shake. She thrashed her head from side to side as she bit her lower lip, the whole time her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"Oh my God I'm gonna cum again daddy," Christina moaned as she squeezed her long legs around my waist even tighter.

I could feel her juices flooding her pussy as my cock slid in and out easily. I increased my tempo even faster causing one long continuous moan to escape her lips.

"Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," Christina moaned as her young body thrashed out of control.

Looking down at my little girl, her eyes were nearly closed as she continued to tremble and shake. I could feel her begin to slow down as she released her legs around my waist and pushed me back. Christina jumped up and got on all fours with her knees at the edge of the bed. Her shoes fell to the floor as her feet dangled off of the edge of the bed.

Looking back over her shoulders Christina said "Fuck me like you fuck mom."

I couldn't believe my ears as my daughter reached behind her and spread her ass apart for me. I reached down and held on to her soft warm hips and quickly pushed my member into her now gaping pussy.

"Oh God daddy, I know this is how you like to fuck mom," my daughter said as she began to thrust back at my cock.

"Oh daddy fuck me with that big cock," she said as she held on to the bed and pushed herself back at me even harder.

I knew I wasn't going to last long as my toes began to tingle and my nuts began to ache. The sound of my hips slapping against my lovely young daughter's ass was like the sound of a symphony.

Christina and I both began to grunt as we watched ourselves in the mirror. We both knew we were doing the unthinkable, the unimaginable. As I fucked my daughter from behind I watched her tits in the mirror as they swung back and forth.

"Oh my God I'm gonna cum," my daughter screamed as she began to gasp and shake.

"Oh daddy" She moaned out as she gripped the sheets in a clenched fist.

Christina lowered her head into the mattress as she panted and moaned. Her young body shook out of control as she climaxed over and over.

"Oh daddy, I'm cumming again," she cried out as a sheen of sweat coated her body.

I too began to sweat as I continued to pound my daughter's pussy from behind.

"Baby, your gonna make daddy cum," I shouted as I was beginning to feel my nuts contract.

"I'm protected daddy, I want to feel you cum inside me," Christina moaned as she continued to push her ass back at my thrusting cock.

That was all the encouragement I needed as my balls began to contract.

"Oh Christina here it comes," I shouted as the first wave of contractions sent cum racing up my shaft and into my daughter's wet pussy.

"Oh daddy, that's so good" Christina said as she now held herself still allowing me to finish cumming inside her.

I began to grunt over and over as every nerve in my body was electrified. My balls pumped all of my cream deep into my daughter's tight cunt as she continued to watch us in the mirror.

"Mmmmmm daddy that was wonderful," Christina said as she slowly pulled off of my rapidly deflating cock.

Christina looked at me and giggled causing me to relax a bit and giggle as well. Suddenly there was a noise and we both looked at each other. Christina and I both looked at the clock and then back at each other.

"Mom's home," we both shouted as we jumped up from the bed!

"Shit" I said as I reached for the candles to place them in the correct spot.

Christina ran and picked up her bikini and shoes, running to my wife's closet to place the sexy heels where she got them. She took a couple of steps toward the door before running back to the bed to grab the bottle of champagne. I quickly grabbed the glasses and when I turned around I stood face to face with my naked daughter.

Christina and I shared one quick kiss as if we were saying thank you to each other before she ran down the hall to her room. I quickly picked up the wine glasses and ran into the bathroom to take a shower. Just as the bathroom door closed behind me, The bedroom door opened and my wife was home.

Thank you for reading my story. Please send me your feedback about what you liked best or maybe least. Would you like me to continue this into a series? Also I am curious as to who is reading my work. In your feedback if you would be so kind as to tell me your age and sex I would appreciate it. It is useful to help write future editions. Again thank you.

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