tagBDSMMistress Barbara Calls Ch. 04

Mistress Barbara Calls Ch. 04


Letter to the reader: This is a story of strong female domination and humiliation of a submissive couple as well as Male domination of that Female domme. It includes the man experiencing Bi-sexal things. Believe it or not, there are people who get sexual satisfaction from the experience this couple receives. It's a work of fiction people. If this is not your cup-o-tea, please find another story. Don't waste your time and mine reading it and making comments about me being a fagot or other asinine remarks, I will just delete them.

Constructive comments, both good and bad are welcome. So enjoy!

From Part I: Greta watched as his Mistress masturbated rite in front of him with no hope of getting to see or feel her body. As his miniature penis grew hard from the view, the skin of his ball sack tightened, and the clamps bit harder causing him great pain. He wanted to masturbate as well, but knew there was no way his Mistress would allow that. He just had to watch as the arousal and the pain battled within his body.

"Oh, Greta, My fingers feel so good. I know your worthless weenie would never satisfy me this well." She mocked him, as she fingered herself rapidly and pinched her nipple through her bra "Oh I wish there was a real dick here for me to enjoy. Miss Barbara needs some dick reeeeeeealy bad."

"Will this do?" Came a big booming voice.

Barbara's eyes burst open and Greta's head whipped around to see a mammoth of a man standing behind him holding his cock through his pants.

Now.........Part II


It was D'onte's father Luscious.

As soon as she heard that voice, Barbara stopped what she was doing at once and sat up in her chair. Then, without hesitation, she frantically stripped her clothes off. She got all the way down to just her garter belt, stockings and heels before she dropped back down to her knees and crossed her hands behind her back just as she always instructed Marci and Greta to do. "Oh you know it will Big Daddy" She replied with a gleam in her eye and a look of a dirty minded little teenage girl.

Greta was in awe. The man towered over him, and Greta was over six feet tall. The black man's shoulders were so broad and his and his chest was so huge, Greta was sure you could show a feature film on it. His arms were bulging with muscles and his legs looked like tree trunks, you could tell even in the loose fitting slacks he wore. The bulge he appeared to be holding in the crotch of his pants looked like a gigantic grapefruit that he was smuggling between his legs.

Luscious cracked a little smirk, showing his pleasure with Barbara's immediate submission. Then he spoke, "Well then, get over here slut and show me how bad you want a real cock." Luscious told her.

Greta was flabbergasted. He was sure his mistress would never stand for anyone calling her that. He was sure she would stand up and set this man straight. On the contrary, without a word, Barbara rose, scurried passed Greta to Luscious and sank to her knees again in front of him. She grabbed for his zipper, but he backed away.

"What do you say?" He scolded her.

"Please, Big Daddy, can your good little Barbie have your big, beautiful, black dick?" Barbara pleaded.

"Yes you may little one." He replied.

Barbara shuffled up to him, unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. His pants dropped to the floor, He wore no underwear, so his cock was in full view. Greta let out a gasp of surprise when he saw it. He couldn't believe the size of it. There was no need to measure its length or its girth; it was absolutely the largest cock he had ever seen.

Barbara lifted the massive tool and before putting it in her mouth, she held the underside of it with both her hands and just rubbed it all over her face. This went on for a few moments before finally she opened her mouth and sucked the monster in. She didn't just suck it; she made love to it with her lips and tongue. Greta looked on in awe as he watched his Mistress worship the powerful black cock. It got hard in her hands and her mouth. Greta watched as Luscious grabbed a handful of Barbara's hair and started roughly forcing his cock down her throat. Barbara didn't protest at all, she just accepted his pole down her gullet and moaned with appreciation. When Barbara had gotten it nice and hard and slick with her saliva, Luscious unceremoniously ripped his monstrous man meat from her mouth.

"NO, Pleeeeeeease Big Daddy, please, don't take it away. Please your little Barbie will be good, I promise, please just give it back to me. Oh, Dig Daddy I neeeeeeed it. Can't you see I need it" Barbara whined.

"I could fuckin' care less what you need, Barbie Doll," Big Daddy roared with laughter. "The only needs that matter around here are mine."

"Yes, yes, Big Daddy, of course. Of course, my needs are meaningless, Sir. Please forgive me for being so bold."

Greta couldn't believe his eyes. The woman who so dominated him and his wife, was just as big of a submissive whore as his wife. Well, at least she was to this man. And as Greta reasoned to himself, with a cock like that, how could he blame her?

He just stared in amazement as this huge, powerful black man reduced his Mistress to a needy black cock slut. Luscious grabbed his cock and held it up to Barbara as she kneeled in front of him.

"You want this nigger dick slut?" He asked her.

"You know I do Big Daddy. Fuck yes I want it, Sir" She replied eagerly and submissively.

The overtones of the father/daughter dynamic made Greta so hard he didn't know what to do with himself. He gasped again when he say Luscious swing his bat sized cock to the right and then smack Barbara across her left cheek with it. It didn't phase her one bit. She just looked up at him.

"Thank you Big Daddy." She told him.

Luscious repeated this to the other cheek and again Barbara thanked him. Then he teased her with it for the next five minutes, making her beg for it, only to have him smack her on the nose or the mouth or the cheek with it. Barbara thanked him each and every time he did it. Greta couldn't comprehend what he was seeing. Then Luscious spoke again.

"You want me to fuck you with this nigger dick little one?"

"Yes, please Big Daddy. gawd damn it yes! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I want that nigger dick in me, fucking me, fucking me hard and fast." She replied, giving him her sweetest, sexiest look.

"Well, I don't like the way you were treating this poor little white boy when I came in." He scolded her. "I thought I taught you better manners than that."

"You did Big Daddy, but he is my little wimpy, fucktoy, fagot, and he has a useless wee wee, Big Daddy, he doesn't deserve to be treated like a man the way that you do. Do you Greta?" She turned to Greta and shot an evil look his way.

"N....No... No Mistress" Greta replied in fear.

"All men, even little white boy fagot wimps deserve better than that when I'm around. You understand, Barbie Doll?" Luscious demanded to know. Luscious looked down at Greta and noticed the size of his penis and shot him a knowing smile. He could see all the clamps on his nut sack, and it amused him. He couldn't understand why these little white boys allowed a woman to degrade them like that?

"Yes Big Daddy, yes Sir I understand I'm sorry. It will never happen again I promise." She replied quickly.

"You're damn right it will never happen again! But since it did happen, you must be punished. So before you can have any of this" He told her, smacking her again on the nose with his rigid black pole. "You are going to have to take all of that." He told her as he pointed at Greta's stiff little Vienna sausage.

Barbara knew that she had no choice. If she wanted Big Daddy's lovin, she was going to have to do this. She accepted her fate and lied down in the floor at Greta's feet. Looking up at him she spoke, "Come on Big Boy, show Mommy and Big Daddy what you got."

Greta didn't wait to be told twice. He almost jumped on her with excitement. He was between her legs and lining up his pathetic willey with her cunt when Luscious interrupted.

"Hold on little man. Are you sure you want to fuck her pussy? I'm giving you access to any hole you want, but I don't have all night, you only get one. Which one would you like?"

Greta paused a moment. He was so conflicted. He figured he may never get this opportunity again. He was pretty sure if he picked his Mistress' perfect ass, she would most certainly punish him for that later, but he was not sure he could pass up that opportunity. He decided access to that fine ass was worth whatever punishment he may have to endure later.

"I would like to fuck her in the ass, Sir." Greta meekly replied.

"Great choice little man," Luscious commended Greta. "You heard him Barbie Doll, face down, ass up. Give the little pussy white boy fuck that tight little ass of yours."

Barbara flipped over and presented her ass to Greta. She thought about lube, but then realized his little pecker would slide in no problem. Greta placed his worthless pee pee at her anal ring and pressed it inside. Barbara liked the feel of it inside her, it was kind of like when she fingered he own asshole when she sometimes masturbated. She enjoyed the feeling as a way to heighten her arousal for Big Daddy. However, she could not let Greta know this. So she immediately began humiliating him. She had to be careful as not to upset Big Daddy, but she couldn't let Greta have the upper hand. Plus, she knew the more she humiliated him, the hornier he would get and the faster he would cum. She wanted that because the sooner he finished, the sooner Big Daddy started.

"Is that all you got, Loverboy?" She teased. "Give Mommy all you got Sweetcheeks. Come on fuck that ass like a real man. Can you do that Babydoll? Can you fuck Mommy like a real man?"

"Yeah, white boy fuck that tight white ass." Luscious mocked Greta. "Give that white slut what she wants." There was a pause. "Oh wait, you can't give her that. She's a black cock whore. She wants black cock. Huge nigger dick, and we can all see you don't have that." He burst into laughter. Then he turned his attention to Barbara. He lifted her face to look at him, "See little one, if you had some manners, you could be enjoying this nigger dick right now instead of that little piece of white meat. Don't you wish this was what was up that fine little white ass of yours right now?" He waved his cock in her face again.

"Oh yes, Big Daddy, You know I do. You know I love your big black dick, Big Daddy. Your Barbie Doll needs it. She needs it so bad."

Slapping Barbara hard across her left cheek Big Daddy smiled wickedly, "What you need slut is a lesson in respect and humility."

Hoping to appease Big Daddy Barbara quickly agreed, "Yes yes yes Big Daddy I need a lesson. Thank you, Sir.

Greta was pounding Barbara's ass with all his might. Since he had cum already twice this evening, he had some actual staying power. Actually he was quite surprised he was able to get it up a third time. Then again, he was offered the one thing he had desired since the moment he laid eyes on Barbara, her ass. That was enough to get him hard after cumming ten times. He humped her perfect ass with all his might. He grabbed her hips and thrust as deep as his little man clit could go. Over and over again he grunted and thrust forward. His ball ached from cumming twice already and his nut sack was numb from the clamps, but he didn't care. He was fucking the woman of his dreams and nothing was going to spoil that for him.

Barbara again turned her attention to Greta," Fuck me you big stud." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Give it to me Sweetcheeks; give Mommy all of that big hard cock! You're gonna make me cum if you keep it up Babycakes.

Greta knew she was mocking him now. He knew the big cock comment was total cynicism. The humiliation only spurred him on. The assault lasted about five more minutes before Barbara started getting irritated. Suddenly making Greta cum earlier to torment Marci was backfiring, as it was only making him last longer now too. She intensified her mockery.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me fuck me good. You're gonna make Mommy cum keep it up big boy, that's it harder, deeper, yeah, deeper way in there just like that. Oh my you're Mommy's big stud aren't you?" She degraded him with her encouragement.

Luscious joined in as well, "That's it you little white boy, fuck my Barbie Doll like a man. Show her how much she needs a real cock to please her. You know she is thinking about this dick right now don't you?" He was slowly stroking his mammoth prick as he spoke. "Isn't this what you want my little Barbie bitch?" He asked her as he waved it just out of the reach of her tongue.

"Yes Big Daddy, I want it, I need it!"

Across the room, Marci couldn't help but notice Luscious' mammoth cock, even with three cocks inside her already. She just kept looking over at it as he teased Barbara with it. She wanted that cock and she wanted it bad. She tried to concentrate on the black dicks filling her, but she could help herself. She wasn't satisfied with what she had, she wanted "Big Daddy's" dick.

As Luscious continued to tease Barbara with his pole, smacking her across the face over and over again with it, he looked over to see what his son and his friends were doing. He noticed Marci was not paying attention to her customers. He turned his cock toward Marci and stroked it ever so slowly and seductively.

"Is this what you lookin' at you fat fuck?" he snapped at Marci.

Marci's eyes lit up and she nodded as she continued to suck the cock in her mouth. Luscious walked up to her and pushed Marvin aside, "excuse me young man."

Marvin yielded to the older man.

Luscious waved his cock inches away from Marci's mouth. "Beg me you cow."

"Please, Please Sir, please may I have your huge, black dick?" Marci asked, sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth when she had finished her request.

Luscious moved so her tongue was just out of reach.

"Again porky!" He snapped.

"Please, I'm begging, you, please give it to me, I love fat nigger dick. Please, I want it, I need it." Marci begged.

Luscious began to laugh, "Are you shittin' me? I wouldn't let this nigger dick anywhere near that fat fuckin cunt of yours, or any other hole for that matter." Luscious told her. He walked over to Barbara. "I only let fine white meat like this come near my cock."

Marci was furious. The envy for Barbara burst inside her and she seethed. She reached out for Marvin's cock and stuffed it back in her mouth. She sucked it with abandon as her blood boiled.

"That's right you fuckin pig, you keep suckin that little boy's cock. Real niggas like me would never touch a sloppy cunt like you." He told her. Turning back to look at Barbara, he said, "Come on Barbie Doll, Big Daddy doesn't have all night. You better make little white boy here come soon, or I'm gonna go find some other white bitch to take care of my needs."

Barbara's attitude became more urgent. She now needed Greta to cum and cum soon. She was suddenly the one moving her hips. She didn't wait for Greta to do the thrusting. She began rocking back and forth against his movements to help with the situation.

"Come on my little stud muffin, give it to Mommy, give to me good." She encouraged Greta.

This excited him and he began to hurry his action more as well. In a few minutes, the two of them were moving hard and fast in against each other, but it still wasn't working. Greta was hard and of course it was a fantastic fuck, but having already cum twice in the last hour, made it very hard for him to cum. Barbara soon feared that Greta may not be able to cum a third time and she became more desperate.

"Pleeeeese Sweetcheeks, Please, cum for Mommy." She pleaded. She wanted to demand it, but worried she may upset Big Daddy. She rocked back and forth even harder now, trying to make her fucktoy cum. The skin was slapping and the breathing became heavier. Greta tried with all his might as well, knowing if he failed his Mistress, he would have to pay.

"Fuck me Damnit! Fuck me hard!" Barbara screamed. She was getting really desperate now. She was beginning to sweat and her pussy was so wet thinking of Big Daddy and being teased with this little cock that it was literally dripping onto the floor. She clenched her anal muscles in an attempt to spur Greta's climax.

"Pleeeeeeeeease, Greta, Mommy needs a real cock in her cunt, pleeeeeeease cum for Mommy" She was close to tears she wanted this so bad.

Greta knew how frantic she was, because she was using his name, and not a pet name. He tried with all he had to help as well, and he was feeling the climax approach when his thoughts were interrupted by the deep booming voice of Luscious.

"Stop moving wimp. I want to see my Barbie Doll do all the work." He told Greta. Luscious could be so sadistic sometimes.

Greta stopped him hips and watched as Barbara fucked herself on his little hard shaft.

"Please Big Daddy, I need a real dick, I need your dick. Please don't. I will never be able to make this little pussy boy cum on my own. Please let him help." She pleaded.

"You better, or I'll have to go somewhere else for some white pussy tonight. In fact, you need to make the little white boy cum in the next two minutes, or no Big Daddy for you. Starting right.........now!" he told her looking at his watch.

Barbara panicked. She frantically began fucking Greta's tiny man clit with abandon.

"Cum Greta, cum for Mommy cum now." She encouraged him.

Great just sat there and watched, not moving a bit.

She realized how badly she wanted Big Daddy's cock. She needed to do something else and fast. Barbara though maybe if she made him think she was cumming, that it might make him cum. So she humped his penis as hard as she could and faked an orgasm.

"Yes, like that! Baby. Oh yea, you're gonna make Mommy cum. Yes, harder! Deeper! Right there! YES! That's it. Fuck Mommy's ass goooood. It's coming, Greta, yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh my, deeper, faster, harder!" She was really working it. She began to pant and shake her body.

Greta could do nothing but watch, but it was really exciting him. Barbara's hips were a blur, pounding back against his pelvis, and he could feel his orgasm approaching fast.

"Fuck Mommy good sweetie, yes, oh here it comes, yes, yes, yes. I'm Cumming!!" She shouted. Her head shook back and forth and she rolled her eyes back in her head."Yes, yes, yes!" She kept screaming as though the orgasm was rocking her. "You are so good Greta! Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" She really poured it on. She was sure this would work. However, as she looked at Greta she could tell he was nowhere closer to his orgasm.

"One minute!" Luscious barked.

Barbara's desperation was all consuming now. She could foresee Big Daddy leaving without fucking her, and she actually began to beg for Greta's cum, "God damn it please, Greta, please cum. Please Babydoll , Mommy is ... Mommy is ... Mommy is begging for your cum ... for your man seed. "

Greta couldn't believe his ears. His mistress was begging for his cum. He was so excited. He couldn't even believe he was not cumming right now.

Please, Sugar, I am ... I really am begging you .... pleaseeeee. Please, greta, pleaseeeee I really am begging. Please let me have it baby ... can't you see I need it so bad? I'm begging ... I'm begging ... I really am begging Greta." Barbara continued to plead with her wimpy little man.

Greta just sat in awe and watched her.

Barbara suddenly was disgusted with herself. How could she sink so low. How could she let Greta see her like that. She had actually stooped to begging her fucktoy for his cum.

"30 seconds!" Luscious informed her.

Barbara felt the humiliation and desperation really set in now. Her begging became frantic now.

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