tagBDSMMistress Catherine

Mistress Catherine


I was on a business trip in Bay Area last fall. It was a cloudy evening; I was waiting for Mistress Catherine in my hotel room, fixed myself a Jack (Jack Daniels and coke) and lit my big Cohiba ... and just waited for her, she was bit late. She entered my hotel room, and seemed a bit pissed due to bad traffic and she put me in a fix right away. Literally.

Right away she asked me to take off my pants, I knew she meant business. I started taking off my leather belt, which she asked me to hand off to her, as she picked up my half smoked cigar from the desk, and dragged on it. Couple of satisfying puffs, and my leather belt in her hand, she ordered me on all fours. I was nervous as hell, as normally she was not this cold, I thought. My naked butts almost shivering and quivering in anticipation as she doubled that mean belt and slapped it firmly on her own hand to test, and then told me to count in very icey cold tone. I felt the first hard leather thud across my buttocks, groaned with pain and sting it caused. But she meant business, and leashed even harder second time, "You are suppose to count aloud."

My mind was puzzled and pretty much frozen, as usually I expect some warm make-out before she gets into BDSM mode, I almost cried on the 4th stroke," Froooour!"

She told me start again as I didn't count the first three strokes. My ass was already stinging with pain. Normally, I am pretty good at handling pain, but this was pretty brutal, I could feel my stinging behind as she continued the assault while puffing on my cigar. My tears were already rolling down, and it was just 14 leashes in all. My legs were trembling by then, I didn't wanted to piss her off further by asking for mercy, she must be really pissed already. Next 10 strokes were eternity, as I somehow able to keep my position and composure, though pretty much on verge of collapsing when I blurted out 25, and thought it was over, as I felt her warm hand caressing my butt. Feeling my behind with measured approach to see, if my skin is fine, not ripped. I gasped as she playfully slapped my balls, and laughed out in a mean way," I bet you want me to touch."

I thought Please, but didn't utter a word as I knew that I was not going to tell her to do what I wanted, because then that is the last thing I would get. I would rather wait for my reward when she is pleased with my submission, and then only it would be worth it. I knew my place.

As if she could read my mind, she took another long puff on her stogie, and exhaled before telling me that she was really pissed today and wanted to release it, as if I could help her in anyways. Could I? I wondered. And seemed puzzled right when she told me, "Count to 25 again!"

More puzzled, I wondered, could I take another 25? But she was in no mood to negotiate or any such nonsense. She meant business again - I felt the first stroke even harder across my already painfully mounds. I almost squealed like a little girl and winced with new wave of pain which only encouraged her to hit harder. I missed to count again, so learning from the previous mistake, I started counted on the next stroke. she was hitting harder as if trying to pierce through my skin, I cursed why I wore my 2" wide snake leather belt, it was a mean device to inflict such intense pain and I knew that very well, as I have broken several slaves of my own with same belt.

Again as if she could read my mind again, and caught my right butt on the next slash sideways, finding new unused skin, " This is good belt, I know you have used it on others before, didn't you?" as she broke into evil laugh and again almost cut my right side of thigh.

It was unbearable for me to keep my position, as pain and sting ripped through my entire body and I lost my balance and fell on the floor. My pain and demise didn't bother her at all, she just wanted to get off. She planted her boot on my back and pressed me harder, into the ground, as if she is going to ground me literally. Then continued to abuse my butts with my own belt. I just could not hold it anymore, I was crying like a little girl, not trying to hide it anymore, knowing that it wouldn't help. Knowing that if I ask for mercy, it would only piss her further, and in a way it would be asking for harder punishment. I lost count, she didn't care anymore either. She just continued to leash out on my butts, my thighs, my calves, my back and wherever until she couldn't find any more spots to hit or got tired or simply bored.

Finally, she stopped only to relit her cigar, picked up my Jack (Jack Daniel's and coke which we both love) from the table, and then sat down on the lazy chair and watched me cry like a little girl, rubbing my butts, my thigh. Just silently taking deep satisfying puffs, and sipping on my strong jack and watching me flinching with pain, quivering under my own touch while trying to feel my red sore ass.

After 5 minutes of silence and break, she decided it was time for some more fun, and ordered me," Crawl over here, be on all fours like a bitch with face away from me."

She already had her boots off, and placed her feet on my butts. I was her ottoman for next 10-15 minutes while she worked on her smoke and drink, rubbing my mauled skin with her tender feet. My tears dried, and I started feeling happy under my queen's feet, providing her beautiful feet a place to rest.

She dropped her done cigar into the glass, as I could make out from the hissing sound of it going out. And then she got up and removed her dress, and asked me to face her, still on my knees though. She settled in the chair again, and asked, "I am feeling so horny, can you smell me?"

I nodded, and almost licked my lips in anticipation as my eyes were fixated on her plum shaved pussy that she rubbed with her fingers, I moaned, and she laughed," You want it, don't you?"

I almost saw the light, as she rubbed herself vigorously, spreading her cunt lips and showing me her pink pussy, and then almost in slow motion inserted one finger in it, ever so slowly. Teasing me, and oh boy it worked. My cock twitched, it was hard as ever, my throat felt dry, I needed to lap on that nectar, forgetting all my pain, my bruised butts for a minute. And then out of nowhere, she fished out an ugly looking 10" dildo, and teased her own pussy, rubbing its mushroomed tip on her pussy," Oh gwwwaaaaaad, I am so horny, I need to get off."

I wondered, why she needed that dildo when I could help. My cock was hard as hell, and ready to go on her command. She looked directly into my eyes, as if reading me like a book, and firmly and surely pushed that dildo into her pussy, her experienced legs climbed on the side rests of the chair opening her further. Watching it closely, I still waited on my knees, waited for her command. But now with my tongue hanging out. She laughed again, reading me well, and told me as she slowing inserting that dildo in her pussy," Oh yes, you would help me. Believe me, you would!"

For now, all I could do is just watch and wait on my knees, as she pushed that ugly dildo further and deeper into herself, she slide her buttocks towards the edge of chair. Her brown asshole winced Hi at me, my cock twitched in anticipation. I thought I could be lapping on that pussy, could be sucking on those fat pussy lips, could be licking her clit, could be driving my tongue as deep as she wanted instead of that ugly monstrous dildo ... but she left me there to just watch. Then started fucking herself with that dildo, with firm and longer strokes, her pussy lips clinging to that thick ugly dildo. I could see how horny she was, and how wet she was from all the beating she had given me must have worked her up. That ugly monstrous of dildo started to shine with her juices, as she continued to stroke herself faster and harder.

And all I could do just watch her delicious looking pussy, from barely a foot away from me, as she played with herself, my cock aching from this painful torture which was worse than earlier beating with the belt. I needed that pussy, I needed to lap it, lick it, suck it until my damn tongue wore out. She was getting hornier and started stroking faster, and harder, getting closer to her orgasm, her pace quickened, her strokes started getting erratic, loud moaning and groaning, and then she pushed her butts further, and ordered me," Lick my asshole!"

I just leaped forward and without any foreplay, used my deprived tongue to lick her wincing asshole, she demanded to go deeper, and asked me to fuck it with my tongue. I did the best I could, and drove my tongue deeper into her orifice, not bothering about cleanliness, not bothering about somewhat pungent intoxicating smell that hit my nostrils, just drove my tongue as far as I could. I was there to please her.

She stroked that dildo harder with one hand, and with other hand she pushed my head into her ass, as if she was going to push my whole head in her asshole. I was gasping for air as I could hardly breathe. With my tongue going in and out of asshole, dildo drilling her well lubricated pussy, she started coming and pushed me further in, urged me to lick harder, suck harder... until I could do anymore, until she came hard, until she pulled out that slimy ugly dildo out of her pussy, shinning with her cum.

Then she threw that dildo on the floor like a bone, then pushed me away with her feet, and told me to lick it clean.

For next 5 minutes, while she was catching her breath, and watched me licking her juices off that ugly black dildo. It was pathetic as if I was cleaning a cock after my mistress was fucked by another man, but I was still happy getting the taste of her nectar, at last, nonetheless.

I kept licking her juices off that ugly dildo until she asked me to fetch the ugly dildo. I picked up the dildo and brought it to her, and sat on my knees right in front of her. She bent and asked me," Do you want to fuck me?"

Hell, I did.

I didn't know if it was a trick questions. I didn't care, and without thinking, I happily nodded. And out of blue, she slapped me, I meant she slapped me hard - stinging pain tore through, as it was hard flat crack on my right cheek, I must have turned red or purple. I immediately lowered my gaze, felt bad as my mistress had never slapped me before. She shot back at me," Look up," then waited me to meet her eyes, before told me," you are not WORTHY, or are YOU?"

I was puzzled as I have fucked her before, and have tasted her pussy before, but whether I deserved it. I didn't know, really. I thought about it a bit longer than expected, and she wasn't patient, and slapped my other cheek," I expect an answer when I ask something you fucking worthless bitch!"

Mincing her words, and before I could open my mouth she slapped me again on the other cheek. This was getting worse by the minute... No, I was making it worse. And I was confused like hell, and shook my head in an answer. Another mistake, and another slap. My cheeks were on fire, but finally, my eyes lit up as I realized my mistake," No ma'm, I am not worthy..."

And before I could complete my sentence, she jumped like a tigress and a flurry of hard slaps on both cheeks, I started crying again, telling her sorry, and telling her that I was worthless and all excuses I could come up with.

But she didn't need any excuses to hit me, or did she? She was just letting it go, and slapping me left and right, and finally pushed me away with her feet. And before I knew, I was on the floor on my back, and she was sitting on my chest, and asking me to open my mouth, I involuntary opened it, she spat in my mouth," You worthless bitch, you don't call me ma'm, I am your MISTRESS, or better yet your QUEEN! You understand, you fucking whore?"

She slapped me twice to make her point, barking at me face which was a mess with her spit, and turned beetroot purple from her stinging bitch-slapping. Funny thing is that my cock was hard like hell, twitching wildly, as there was a sub in me, who was enjoying this torture-some treatment at the hand of his queen. I was certainly blessed to be an object of her pleasure or to let out her frustration or whatever. Because in the end, I would get her love, no matter what! As a true sub, I knew that too well. I was determined.

While my mind was going through this Brownian motion, she decided what I was worth for, and she sat down right on my face with asshole right on my mouth, ordered me to start licking her asshole again, and she pinched my nipples to get me started. I started licking her asshole, slowly circling my tongue and licking around it. She pinched my nipple hard and ordered to dive my tongue deeper, "Fuck my asshole with your worthless tongue. I want that worthless tongue deep inside my asshole!"

She pressed her ass further into my face to make her point, almost blocking my air supply. I got the message loud and clear that I would need to make her happy, no matter what. I was determined. I darted my tongue, and started lubing her brown hole, putting good amount of saliva around, pushed my tongue into it, then darting my tongue in and out, and her asshole started to relax. I continued my ass-licking and then I felt that she started to relax as well, started to enjoy my tongue, giving me more air.

But still torturing my nipples, which by the way, she knew very well that they were the most sensitive spot on my body. But hell she cared. She was indeed in a cruel mood. I tried to please her with all I had, licking, sucking and fucking her asshole with my tongue with all the vigor I had. She sat there for good 10 minutes, enjoyed my ass licking skills, and then got bored. Or she had something else in her mind, I was hoping she could let me lick her pussy, but no such luck, as she just got up and asked me where my cigar pouch was.

She prepared a new cigar, while I nursed my bruised nipples laying there on the floor. She took couple of decent puffs, and picked up that ugly dildo again, I felt sad and looked at my hard cock, which I didn't even dare to touch, hoping she will permit me, eventually. But then she asked me to open my mouth, and without any further delay, inserted the thick ball at the other end of the dildo into my mouth, which is when I realized that ugly dildo had ball-gag for that purpose on the bottom end. Wondered why? Didn't had to wait for long, as I saw her strapping it secured on my mouth with a strap-on belt meant for that purpose.

Clutching the cigar tightly between her lips she bent down and made sure that the ball gag had been securely tied to my face, and now good 10" long black ugly cock jutting out of my mouth. And then I watched almost horrifying state, she positioned herself right on the top of it, and dove it deep into her already wet pussy, right in front of my eyes. She bent and threw smoke on my face, and told me watch her getting fucked.

Like I could do anything else with her juicy pussy about six inches away from my eyes, as she grounded her buttocks all the way, swallowing that that ugly dildo, slightly touching my dried lips to keep me alive. And then she started picking up pace, fucking herself right on my face, but no pleasure for me except for watching her grinding her ass, rubbing her clit every now and then, puffing on thick long Cohiba that I smuggled from UK just for tonight to share with her. It was a painful torture, she was in complete control, my cock hard as ever could be, and I was completely helpless on the floor under her.

She hit her first orgasm and started fucking harder and harder, slapping her clit, juices started flowing into my dried and tied mouth, wetting my lips, I wished I could lick her. She kept on riding harder and faster, started almost gushing, and at the peak of her climax, she lifted her ass and squirt her cum right into my eyes - at last, my reward.

She continued to run her clit and squirt some more on my face, my hair, my mouth which was tightly hugging the gag ball, but some of the juices seeped through, and I could still taste some nectar. It was like watching an intense porno from 6 inches with 3D glasses, my cock was twitching wildly, and for a moment I thought I would come without even being touched once. But somehow I was able to control, as I didn't need any more punishment.

But who I was kidding, she never fails to surprise, as her orgasm subsided, she got up and stood right at my face and sprinkled whatever last few drops of her juices left on my face and laughed, "That was awesome, hope you enjoyed it too."

She bent over to wipe her hands with my chest, my hair towel for her, and which is when she noticed my hard cock pointing to the ceiling, she chuckled," That looks painfully hard, tells me you are having more fun that you deserved?"

This didn't sound so great! She immediately went to fetch a couple of saran wraps from het toy bag, and happily went down to tie up my balls and cock in hard and tight knots, with that diminishing my any hopes of coming soon. She slapped my cock around to make sure her knots are perfect, which always are. She puffed on her cigar and blow smoke on my wound up cock, making it even more painful. Then she went on make herself another drink.

With her cum drying on my face, I wondered how long I could last, painfully tight saran wrap was not making it easy, as I helplessly watched her swaying around, sipping on her jack and puffing away Cohiba, probably wondering what should she do next to make me more miserable. If that was possible.

With Mistress Catherine, you could always bet on that. There is always room for more misery. She enjoyed her drink and smoke, sitting on the lazy chair for next 10-15 minutes what seemed like eternity, but every now and then she rubbed her feet on my tightly wounded cock, keeping me alive and kicking. Then she got up again, and asked me if I was worthy to lick her pussy, as she opened her pussy lips to show how wet and horny she was. I shook my head, and she laughed sinisterly. and put down one of her feet on my chest, and pinched my nipple with her toes," OOH, poor baby, are they still sore."

I played along, and blinked my eyes to say yes, she laughed and told me that they could be worse. O Boy! This could not be good I thought.

And rightly so, as she went and brought her drink and then poured some on my both nipples and bent over to suck them, licking the jack off my nipples, my cock twitched wildly, as it has a direct connection with my nipples. And then my worst fear realized, as she bit my right nipple hard, it was not a typical nibble, it was hard bite as she stretched my nipple with teeth, and pulled it as far as she could without ripping it off, testing my limits.

I groaned in serious pain, and saran wrap knots made my cock worse. Then she gave the same treatment to my left nipple, without getting any bothered by my struggle. I had a temptation to push her away, as my hands were free, but I didn't want to prolong my pain anymore, pleaded for mercy through gag ball, showing my man tears again, but she kept enjoying nibbling on my nipples, alternating between them.

And then she got bit tired of bending down, so went to fetch a little leather paddle from her bag, and started slapping it on my bruised nipples, firm and hard strokes. Like always she meant business. I sobbed, I cried, I shook, I sweated. I most certainly was in sub-space, totally blanked out after 20 strokes on each nipple, I was sure I would be sore for next couple of days. And as if it that wasn't enough, she asked me open my legs, and picked on my other weak spot -- my inner thighs. Slapped my both thighs 20 each with that mean leather paddle. The pain and sting was so overwhelming that I just kept crying a little girl who got her first spanking. And then she informed me that she was horny again, and wanted to come again, and sat on that dildo, this time her asshole right in front of my eyes.

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