tagBDSMMistress Ch. 02

Mistress Ch. 02


"Yeah, yes! You did hear him call me mistress. I stupidly went to a costume party dressed all in leather and he's been teasing me about it, ever, since...Mistress, this, Mistress, that..." She lied.

"I'm just tired of it."

"Oh, really?" Justin said laughing. "I'd like to see that costume."

The conversation went back to normal and they past the time easily, enjoying each other's company.

Justin walked her to her car.

"I had a really good time, tonight."

"So did I." She said, shaking her head earnestly.

They almost kissed, but embraced instead. Terry didn't believe in kissing on the first date.

"I hope to see you, again, soon..."

"...Well, I just moved into my new apartment..."

"I'm having a house-warming, this Saturday. You're welcome to come by. It starts around noon..."

"I'd love to" He said...

And he turned to walk to his car. They both looked back at each other, again. Smiling and waving.


Since that close call, Terry was on auto-pilot, when it came to her work. Luckily, clients took her indifference as dissatisfaction with them and they worked that much harder, for her.

She was gifted at her work. Embarrassed as she was about it, she was loathed to admit, she started to really like playing that character, dressing up in her intricate outfits. She felt like a goddess. That part frightened her. Was she some kind of pervert??

She just didn't want Justin to find out.


On the day before her house-warming, Kendra called her excitedly...

"Girl, you won't believe who just rolled into town, asking for your type..."

Kendra said nothing, probably hoping for guesses.

"...Well, don't leave me in suspense, girl, who?"

"I'll give you a hint..." Kendra paused again and said..."THIS.IS.SPARTAAA!!"

"No way...NO WAY!!"

"Girl, I told you, you'd be surprised who's into this stuff."

"Terry shook her head on the other end of the phone. It all makes sense now. He dated the queen of dominance, Naomie Campbell."

They both laughed heartily, over that.

"Well, all I can say, is I. AM. jealous..."

"Don't be...He may be fine, but I have no interest in bearing witness to his perversions..."

"Indulging them honey, Indulging them..." Kendra corrected.

"Just go to the Hilton Grand, room 206 tonight at 7."

"And you better tell me EVERYTHING..."

"Client confidentially, remember?"

Kendra started to cuss...

"I'm kidding.." Terry said laughing.

She replaced the receiver and took a deep breath...She'd never serviced anyone, this big before...

Millionaires, politicians, but never any stars. Kendra had, though. Tarentino was a particularly kinky one, he loved having Kendra shove her bare feet into his face.


Terry picked her sexiest outfit, all the while, second-guessing herself...

"What are you doing? You have a date with Justin tomorrow, remember?"

It was a glossy black, latex, halter, mini-dress, that flared out a bit at her thighs. She wore the highest stilettos she could bare and still walk in them and last but not least, she pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, which draped over her shoulder.

It was cold, so she had an excuse to be as covered up, as she was...but if anyone looked too closely, they would notice her shoes.


She took a deep breath and knocked on his door...

'Who is it? " He asked in his thick Scottish brogue.

"Your appointment." she answered.

The door, opened...

"Well, come in, come in." He said.

She entered his room and shed her coat...

He looked her up and down, smiling...

"Wow" He said. "Just as advertised."

"Mistress Xenobia, is it?"

"Yes, Gerald..." she said pronouncing his name in his native tongue...There is, she learned, much power in a name. "Your safe word is "fence".

He knelt before her..."What would you have me do, dark queen?"

"Mistress, Xenobia."..She corrected roughly angling his jaw up with her hand... This was not as rough, as with her usual clients.

In her head, she was shrieking like a fan-girl, but on the outside, she played the game, easier on him then the others, but she still played.

"Strip." She commanded.

He began to shed his clothes.

"QUICKLY!!" She said shoving him hard in the back of the head. He did as he was told, quickly taking off everything, down to his birthday suit...

She was impressed. Those muscles she saw in that movie, were no special effect. His hair had grown out from the Caesar cut, he had in the film...

"She flipped it with her hands, pretending to be disgusted... "Your hair is too long..."

"I'm growing it out for ro-"

She slapped him..."Did I give you permission to speak?"

He licked a spot at the corner of his mouth where there was a little blood.

She lifted her leg and placed her spiked heel on his shoulder...Digging it in painfully.


"No, Mistress..."

He eyes followed her lifted leg, giving him a nice view of her shimmering, sheer, black panties...

She quickly dropped her leg...

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing, Mistress." He said dropping his eyes to the floor...

She could see that was he hardening a bit, quite a lot, in fact.

"You want to touch me?"

"Yes, Mistress, very much..."

"You're not good enough to touch me..."

"I know Mistress." She slapped him again..."You don't follow instructions, very well, do you?"

She went into her usual script, belittling whatever she could...

"You're some kind of male slut aren't you? That's why you hired me."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I've seen you parading around with woman, after woman..."

"I bet you're diseased..." She said....dragging a nail across the back of his neck.

"No, mistress..." Another slap.

"...You're not even a good actor..."

"You should go back to Scotland" She said, bending over, to whisper into his ear...

"You deserve to be punished..." She said yanking him back by his hair.

She retrieved a thick white rope from her bag and proceeded to tie his hands, behind his back.

"You're touching me, now..."

"Are you grateful?"

"Yes, very grateful, Mistress..." He replied breathing hard.

She circled him, trying decide what to do next...Her mind was whirling...She could easily cross the line, but Justin, she thought.

She wanted to cross the line.

But her date tomorrow...

But oh, my God, he looked so sexy, completely nude, hard as rock...Breathing hard like that, he wanted her so badly...

"Fuck it" She thought and reached her hand out to touch his lips...He sucked her fingers into his mouth, saying "mmm..."

"Did I give you permission to, to..."

She felt delirious...

She pulled her hand from his mouth and stood back, trying figure out her next move...

He could tell her game, might be coming to an end...And he smiled.

She walked over to him, slowly...sliding up her skirt.

Her sex was mere centimeters away from his face...

She turned so her right hip brushed his lips...

"Bite it." She commanded.

And he knew exactly what she meant. Her panties had snaps on the sides...

"He used his teeth to undo the first and when she turned, he did the other side, as well.

Her panties fell away, revealing a neatly trimmed, pussy, glistening with her arousal.

"You, -you, want to taste me, don't you..."

"Yes..." He said softly. "Very much, Mistress..." He was breathing heavily.

She closed the gap between them and he leaned in exploring her pussy with his talented tongue...

She drew a sharp intake of breath. This was heavenly. Fuck, crossed lines...

He flattened his tongue and rolled it along her sex, like a wave, causing that very sensation, waves of pleasure flooding through her body. She shuddered and propped her hand on his shoulder, to steady her self...

Then he plunged his tongue, deeply into her pussy (my God! It was long) while his upper-lip pressed against her clit...

That was it...She came...HARD....


She propped both hands on his shoulders steadying herself. She felt like she might faint.

When her strength returned, she backed away from his wet mouth...He was a messy eater.

He looked at her intensely and she read his mind...

"Get these ropes off, so I can fuck you properly" His face was saying.

She ran around behind him, undid the intricate knot, and he immediately turned around, grabbing her around the waist. He picked her up, carrying her towards his bed...

She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. He cupped her ass, lifting her so her legs wrapped around his waist...

He didn't make it to his bed. They toppled onto a side-table while she leaned back on her hands, sweeping papers and knick-knacks off and gaining leverage.

He fucked her hard and fast....

She came first, his quick thrusts pounding away at her delicate flesh.


And then he came, "SHIT!" gripping her hips, pulling her flush against his body.

They looked at each other for a moment and then kissed again...This time, they made it to the bed.


When she woke up the next morning, she realized the gravity of what she had done...

And then she noticed the time.

Gerard, lay, still slumbering. She didn't want to disturb him. She gathered her shoes, slide on her skirt and picked up her coat.

She couldn't find her panties.

She wrapped herself in her coat and tip-toed out of the room...


When she got to her apartment, guilty emotions flooded her mind.

"What have I done?...I FUCKED a client..."

"I cheated on my date...My date who's coming over TODAY."

"Shit! Shit SHIT!"

She set about preparing for the house-warming, pleased to have something to do, to take her mind off...(that MIND-BLOWING sex with) Gerard.


Oli' and Kendra arrived first.

They could see, right away something was wrong...

Kendra said something first..."Okay, girl, what did you do?"

Terry looked up at her, guiltily.

"...Ooooooh, you didn't..."


Oli' looked at both of them, amped to hear something juicy.

"She didn't what?"


Oli's mouth fell open.... And then he said... "Huney, don't feel bad, I woulda' fucked him too."

"But I have a date today, with a really nice guy, who I like!"

"Listen." Kendra said, "It's alright...Honestly, I'm surprised it took you this long to slip..."

"You mean..."

"-Yes girl, with this banker so fine, you would look at him and cry."

"So, don't beat yourself up. Just count this as a memory to go down in the books. When you're old, you can recount the tale of your juicy night, with some old matinée idol."

"I guess, you're right...No big deal."

"That's the spirit! Now, let's set up."


When Justin arrived at around noon, the place was bustling with old friends...

They chatted, again hitting it off.

The party lingered into the night when everybody was liquored-up and dancing..."This Is How We Do It" played on the I-pod and everybody began to dance their asses off...Throwing up their hands and pumping it, like it was their birthday.

Justin lead Terry out to the fire escape.

The sat together, away from the noise, watching the few stars they could see, in the city night sky.

Justin reached out and took her hand.

"This is nice."

"Yes, it really is..."

They looked at each other for a moment longer and then kissed.....

Suddenly a drunken party-goer came hanging out the window, slurring...

"Shit, sorry I didn't mean to bust your groove, but there's some guy at the door, saying you have to sign for something."

Terry, excused herself and went to the door.


The delivery boy held up a large box. "Lady, you need to sign for this"


She quickly signed and looked at it, puzzled. "I wonder who this is from?" She thought.

"Well, open it up" ...one of her friends encouraged.

The other party-goers, joined in chanting.

She held her hand up..."Okay, okay!"

When she saw what was inside, she went pale and then darkened.

There were a dozen white orchids, HER MISSING PANTIES, and a note from Gerard Butler.

"There was a lot of tissue paper so she, slickly hid the panties and note underneath the tissue-paper and held up the flowers."

"Justin did you do this?" She said, holding an orchid in her hand, smelling it.

She was good.

Justin nodded no, while frowning. "You must have a secret admirer..." He said, not too kindly.

Terry chuckled nervously..."I don't have anything to put these, in..."

"I'll be right back..."

She went into the bathroom, stuffing the panties into her pocket...She paused to read the note.

Missed you this morning. 898- 555-2814 GB

She sighed deeply and stuffed it into her other pocket.

She quickly grabbed a basket, by the tub that was full of fancy soaps. She dumped them into another basket and arranged the orchids inside.

She left the bathroom, a triumphant smile on her face...

"How does this look?"

Everyone "Ohh"ed and "Aww"ed.

Except Justin...

He spotted her black panties, hanging from her pocket.


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