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Mistress Maxine


By day he was a high powered attorney who barked orders at everyone he passed. By night he went to visit Maxine. Maxine was his mistress and with her he could let himself go and let her be in charge. He grew tired of being the boss all the time.

When he entered Maxine's he immediately stripped down. He knew what the rules were and he knew there would be consequences if he didn't obey the rules. He went and sat in the chair that was put out for him.

Maxine entered the room, clad in a black skirt barely covering her ass, a black g-string, black tube top and black boots that reached to mid-thigh and held a riding crop in her hand.

She took the handcuffs from the back of the chair, using them to fasten his hands behind the chair. She slowly walked around the chair while he watched every step she took. He wanted to reach out and touch where those boots met Maxine's firm thighs, but all he could do was look. Thinking of licking that sweet spot of skin made his cock hard.

Maxine stood in front of him, and slowly trailed the riding crop across his neck, down his chest and held it just above his crotch. His cock was growing, waiting for Maxine to touch him. She stroked the crop across his cock and down his balls. He let out a moan and she told him to not to make any sounds. She continued to stroke him and teased his asshole ever so slightly with the crop while he fought back the groans that were building inside him.

Maxine knew he was hard, and she knew what he wanted, but she was in charge now. Maxine asked him what he wanted.

He replied "I want to fuck you." She angrily told him "It's not time for that yet."

She straddled his lap, lowered her top and told him to suck her tits. She ground her pussy against his bulging cock while he sucked and licked. He eagerly continued to work her tits while she ground and moaned. When she came she soaked her panties and ground further into his cock.

He begged to fuck her and again she said "NO!"

Maxine released the handcuffs and took him by the hand to the bed. She used silk scarves to tie his hands to the posts of the bed. He moaned with pleasure. Maxine used her tongue to play with his nipples, then worked her way down his chest, his stomach, and down toward his cock, while avoiding touching or licking it. She licked everywhere near his cock, but never let him have what he begged for. She flicked her tongue across the tip once, then moved away. He groaned and begged for release, but she refused to give it to him.

She said "I'll get what I want first" and moved up the bed to straddle his face.

He thought that he would get to taste her sweet pussy and prepared to devour her, but she stopped just short and hovered above his face. Maxine reached over and took a dildo from the nightstand. She rubbed it across her hard nipples while he watched. She moved the dildo down to her clit and rubbed herself with it, while hovering just above his face. He could see everything very clearly but could not reach out to touch her or even touch his tongue to her clit. She pushed the dildo back and with a quick thrust it was in her pussy. His eyes stayed fixed on the dildo as she pumped it in and out. He wanted to either taste her or replace the dildo with his cock, but she would not let him. She continued to fuck herself as he begged her to let him fuck her. Each time her answer was a firm "NO!" Knowing what he wanted, but would not allow him to have, she took out the bottle of lube, removed the dildo from her pussy and poured lube over it. She stood over him so that he could have full view of the dildo slowly slipping into her ass. He screamed as it slid into her ass all the way to the base. Again, he begged to fuck her and she replied "NO!" and told him that he was not to speak again. Maxine pumped the dildo in and out of her ass while she watched his face. She could tell that he was holding back and was ready to shoot his load. She moved the dildo back to her pussy and fucked herself furiously just above his face and out his reach. She knew she was ready to come. She shuddered with pleasure just above his face, as he panted.

She removed the dildo and he watched as she placed it in his mouth and told him to suck her juice from it. He sucked it eagerly and was surprised at how hard it made him and he shot his load. Maxine told him that he was a bad boy and would be punished for that.

He hoped that Maxine would now allow him to fuck her, but she still refused. She lowered herself onto his mouth and told him to eat her. He sucked her through her wet panties until she finally pulled the thin strip of fabric aside. He eagerly lapped up the juices she had just released. His tongue dove deep into her pussy and flicked across her clit, repeating the pattern until she flooded his face with her juices. She moved down his body and began to grind against his cock. She dropped her mouth to his and began to lick his lips, quickly probing the tip of her tongue into his mouth.

Maxine asked him what he wanted now, and he repeated his request to fuck her. She reminded him that he was a bad boy and needed to be punished for coming without her consent. Previous punishment had always involved spanking, but that is not what Maxine had in mind. She pushed his legs up in the air so that his cock and ass were in full view. She again reached over and pulled out a long, thin, beaded dildo. She told him that he was going to take up the ass. He was shocked when his cock sprang to full attention at the mere thought. Maxine lubed up the dildo and slid it into his ass up to the first bead. He let out a load groan and arched his ass further up trying to take in more of the dildo. Maxine slid the dildo in bead by bead and he bucked to meet every one of them. He was bucking and grinding as never before. When it was fully in his ass, Maxine began to twirl it as she ever so slowly removed it from his ass. He couldn't believe the sensation he felt. When only the last inch of the dildo was in his ass, Maxine quickly shoved it in as far as it would go. He was begging for more. She gave him a few more full strokes and asked him what he wanted. Dizzy from unexpected sensations, he could barely think, but finally stammered out, "I want to fuck you."

She replied, "You may now have yours" and lowered herself onto his cock. He let out a loud groan as she slid further down to encompass all of him. Maxine used her position to further tease him. She slid down his cock then slowly rose up until only his tip was inside of her. She repeated this move several times. She then ordered him to beg for what he wanted.

He responded "I want to fuck your ass." She told him that was not part of their arrangement and he would have to fuck her hard if that's what he wanted. He moved as fast as his restraints would allow and fucked her with an intensity he never knew he had.

Maxine slid off his cock and began to rub her ass against him, and again asked him what he wanted. "I...Want....To...Fuck...Your...Ass." She slid down once again letting his cock fill her tight ass, and began to ride him slowly as first. He matched her rhythm then Maxine started to ride faster. They bucked and rode in a frenzy until he screamed that he was ready to cum. She squeezed her ass tight around his cock, causing him to finally reach his peak. He unloaded into her ass as she continued to ride him to her next orgasm. She tightened around him as she milked the last drops out of him. She positioned her ass above his mouth and told him that he needed to clean her out. He eagerly tongued both her pussy and ass and licked every last drop of come from her holes.

Maxine released the scarves from his arms. He reached down and touched that patch of skin he had been thinking about. His hands slid up and down her boots to her bare skin. She began to moan in pleasure. He reached up and quickly fingered her pussy into one final orgasm. As they lay intertwined with each other he smiled and asked,

"Same time tomorrow?"

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