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Mistress Michelle


"Tonight is going to be a lot of fun," my wife stated over the noise of the shower. I had already stepped out of the tub and was toweling off as she spoke. It was clear that she was excited, but I was nervous.

"Michelle... excuse me, Mistress Michelle said she has a surprise for us." She continued to speak as she turned off the shower. "Did you remember to..."

She opened the shower curtain and I was already dressed in the required garb. "Nice," she said as she looked me over. "Turn around," she said softly. I did as she asked and she gave me a playful slap on the ass. I laughed a little and turned back around.

"You better get ready, too," I advised, "She'll be here soon."

Michelle was a woman that Randi, my wife, had met in a special interest online chat room. They hit it off in conversation and it was not long that Michelle learned that Randi is my domme. In turn, Randi found out that Michelle is everyone's domme.

Over the course of several months of chatting, they decided to meet at a coffee shop. They kissed friendly pecks on their cheeks when they met and went into conversation as if they were old friends. They immediately had the chemistry needed to use each other for their exact purposes. Those purposes would later fit with me somewhere in the puzzle and per their planning I was to be in for a treat.

A couple of weeks later, Randi and I were in our bathroom getting ready for an evening of fun planned out by Mistress Michelle. As we got ready, Randi told me that she was instructed by Michelle as to what we would wear for her arrival. Randi was to wear a black corset, long black gloves, gartered stockings, high heels, and no panties. My cock grew harder and harder as I watched her get dressed. My hard on sat in direct contrast to the lace hot pants panties I was required to wear.

Randi did the last buckle on her corset and stepped toward me. She moved into me with authority. "I should fuck you before she gets here," she said with gritted teeth. My cock twitched with anticipation. Randi answered the twitch with a quick slap with the back of her hand over the tip of my dick. It stung a little, but made the point. I was going to have to wait for Mistress Michelle.

The doorbell rang and Randi grabbed me by the hand. We went down the stairs together and opened the front door. It was the first time I had laid eyes on Michelle and I could not stop staring. She wore a long, black coat that covered her body. Even still, I could see she was wearing tall heeled boots and leather gloves. Her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail. Her lips were a flaming red. She moved into the open door and kissed Randi deeply. It was much more passionate than their first meeting.

Randi still had me by the hand, so she pulled me over to meet Michelle. "This is for you," Randi said with a grin. Michelle looked me over, saw the raging bulge in the front of the panties, and smiled. "I think he'll do," she said. Then she continued, "and I brought some toys for you." I suddenly realized that she was holding a leash. Mistress Michelle did not come alone.

She tugged on the leash as she walked in and following in suit were three men wearing only blue jeans and collars. The collars were all connected by Michelle's leash. To that point, I had never thrown out a safe word, but I got very close. I had no interest in playing sex games with men. Randi knew that to be a hard limit and she had no interest in going that route with me either. I looked at Michelle then at Randi with a new fear in my eyes. I was ready to call it quits just before Michelle said, "don't worry. You won't be sucking any cock tonight. They are for your mistress, my slave, Randi." I was immediately relieved and then perturbed. I had not expected other men to be part of the scenario and I realized that I was wearing nothing, but panties in front of them. I was a little humiliated by it.

My emotional response was quickly thwarted by Michelle tugging at my hand to follow her upstairs. She did not waste any time. She made way to the bedroom with me in tow. Randi followed with her new toys still leashed.

"So, what are their names?" Randi asked about the three men she was pulling along, to which Michelle replied, "Slave 1, Slave 2, and Slave 3." Then she looked back at me and said, "and Slave 4." That incited Randi to slap me hard on the ass and I jumped a little.

Once in the bedroom, Michelle pulled me aside to allow Randi and her three new toys to pass. I watched as my wife led them expertly to the foot of the bed. She lined them up shoulder-to-shoulder facing away from the bed and ordered them to strip out of their jeans. They responded immediately and their pants became a pile on the floor. None of them wore underwear. None of them said a word.

I watched a greedy look rush over my wife's face as she looked down. She didn't care that there were living people attached. She just saw three cocks and could not wait to play. She dropped to her knees. For the first time, I saw another man's hardening dick at my wife's face. Michelle grabbed me by the face to break my stare. "Do you like what you see, bitch?" she asked me then she turned my face back to Randi just in time to see her engulf Slave 2's hard on with her mouth.

She sucked hungrily for a second before turning her head to Slave 1 and Slave 3. She did not spend any more time with one than the other. It was as if she could not make up her mind as to whose cock she should suck. She returned to Slave 2 and continued blowing him. Then she reached up to Slave 1 and Slave 3 to take their hardons into her hands and stoke them. That is when I felt Michelle reach down and begin rubbing mine through the panties. I was, to my amazement, still hard and she was letting me know it.

The sounds of my wife's humming and slurping suddenly stopped. She stood up from blowing and stroking the three and ordered Slave 1 onto the bed. "Lay down on your back across the bed," she pointed and ordered.

Slave 1 did as he was told. I watched him lay across the bed, his hard on poking upward. Then Randi grabbed Slave 2 and Slave 3 by their hands and guided them to opposite sides of the bed and instructed them to wait.

Randi and her toys had cleared the foot of the bed. That was the apparent cue for Michelle to walk me over to the foot board. She guided me over and turned me to watch as Randi climbed seductively onto the bed. It was almost as if she had forgotten I was in the room before turning to give me a light kiss on the lips as if to tell me she loved me.

I watched as Randi moved to straddle Slave 1. She reached down between her legs to grab his member and slide it into her.

Just then, I felt a hot breath whispered into my ear. "Bend over and grab the foot board." I could feel the heated passion growing in Michelle as she told me what to do. I did as I was told and placed my hands on the foot board. As I bent forward, Michelle moved around me and quickly slapped handcuffs on me. I was swiftly restricted to the foot board, bent over with my ass exposed, and watching my wife ride some complete stranger.

As Michelle secured me in place, she gave me a hard spanking on the ass with a few licks. Then she walked over the Slave 2. He was obediently standing behind Randi and from the hardness of his dick I imagined he was just waiting his turn. Michelle reached under the pillow at the head of the bed and withdrew a bottle of lube. Right then, I realized that Randi had orchestrated this entire plan with Michelle. "Sneaky little bitch," I thought with a grin. Suddenly, I felt a bit more turned on by my wife getting exactly what she wanted.

My attention returned to Michelle. She was standing behind Slave 2, but had reached around to stroke his cock. He glistened with lube as Michelle whispered into his ear. I could not hear what she said, but I could guess as Slave 2 climbed onto the bed. He straddled Slave 1's legs, but wedged in between Randi's knees. Randi stopped pumping just enough to allow Slave 2 to slowly push his cock into her ass. With that, Michelle peeled my panties down my legs and gave my dick a few strokes. She played with the precum at the tip until I was so sensitive that I could have exploded.

"Ah, finally!" Randi called out as Slave 2's cock disappeared inside her ass. She always wanted to know what it was like to be double penetrated and now she had her ultimate pleasure. Slave 1 and Slave 2, having adjusted to the tightness, started pumping once more.

I was so distracted by the carnal sounds Randi was making that I did not realize Michelle had left the room. Several minutes passed by as I stayed bent over the foot of the bed. I was only a few feet away from two men fucking my wife's ass and cunt. I could feel their heat. I could smell her sex. I was lost for where I was until I felt a cool drip run down my ass.

My head snapped up and I quickly looked over my shoulder. Michelle had returned wearing one of Randi's strap ons. She stood behind me rubbing lube over my hole and stroking her rubber cock. I could not see which dong she had chosen. All I could do was hope that she would be gentle. Then I felt her tip at my ass. I took a deep breath and sighed exhaustively as she pushed forward. I stretched open with a moan as the head popped into me. A sudden ache followed by a rush of chills ran over my body. Then something came over me. I no longer wanted gentle. With her tip inside me, I pushed back until I felt my ass cheeks rest against her hips.

"Ooooh, Randi," Michelle purred, "you didn't tell me your little cunt could take a cock so well." She spoke as she ran her fingernails up and down my back.

"He usually can't. He must want you to fuck him hard." Randi answered with a hateful smile. She still had the look of ecstasy on her face from being so full. With that, Michelle dug her clenches into the fronts of my hips and thrust forward. Randi was right. There was something about the situation that made me want to be pounded.

I felt Michelle's long shaft slide out of me to the tip and she returned it with a blazing force. It sent a moan from my body and that was her incentive to continue fucking me as hard as she wanted.

I looked up to see that Randi had slowed her pace. Her attention was turned to Michelle who was now fucking me harder than I had ever taken before. "Yeah, fuck his ass," Randi encouraged. I moaned. Michelle continued to thrust into me with all of her force. Her hips slapped at my ass and I knew that would turn Randi on more. She loved the sounds of hips slapping against ass.

"I'm cumming!" Randi screamed and clenched. She wretched with her first orgasm of the evening until it subsided. Slave 1 and Slave 2 were still buried inside her, so she reached out to Slave 3. She grabbed him by the base of his cock and jerked him onto the bed.

Once he was kneeling on the bed, she swallowed his cock. She had a dick in her mouth, one in her pussy, and one in her ass. She was in slut heaven and she moaned like I had never heard before. She pumped and sucked and fucked until the groans and moans of the room were outshined by, "May I cum, Mistress?" Slave 2, to the hilt in Randi's ass, was begging to blow his load into her.

"No you may not," Michelle barked between thrusts into my ass. She continued to fuck me with ruthless fervor as she watched. I looked up to see that Slave 2 was sweating with the anxious build up. Then Slave 1 called our, "Mistress, may I cum?"

"No you may not," she replied again. "I suppose you need to cum as well Slave 3?" He couldn't even speak. He just nodded.

"Madam Randi, are you ready?" Michelle asked as if they had already discussed what was to come about. Randi, panting from another building orgasm, nodded as well with Slave 3 still in her mouth.

Randi shoved Slave 3 back, told Slave 2 to pull out of her ass, and climbed off of Slave 1. "I want you toys to cum on me," Randi ordered in a voice I had never heard her use. Her lust filled the room.

Michelle eased back a little and slowed her pace to watch. Her slaves were kneeling on the bed and circled Randi. They rubbed their cocks just over her. I watched as she reached down and began to grind her hand into her clit. She rubbed and fingered herself until she came again. Then Michelle ordered, "Cum for her slaves."

The three men began rubbing themselves faster until Slave 2 exploded. White streams of cum poured out of his cock and onto Randi's chest. Then Slave 1 moaned and twitched as he came onto her chest and neck. Finally, Slave 3 topped her off as his thick cum splattered across her face. Randi rubbed her hands through their slippery mix and sucked their juices from her fingers.

I'm not sure what came over me, but I screamed out, "May I cum, Mistress?" Michelle quickened her pace once again. She drove the full length of her shaft into me and slapped me hard on the ass. "No, you may not you little bitch!" She pumped a few more times. "Madam Randi, come over here."

I looked at Randi and could tell that Michelle was now improvising. Still covered in cum, Randi came to Michelle as ordered. "Get on your knees," Michelle ordered to Randi. Michelle had clearly taken charge of the room. Randi did so. "Now suck his cock."

Randi quickly took my cock into her mouth. She was still hot from her recent fuck and she sucked as if she wanted every last drop I had to offer. Michelle pushed forward, hard into my ass. Then she repeated. Every push forward sent my hard on deeper into Randi's mouth.

"Oh, may I please cum, Mistress?" I pleaded and whimpered. She gave me one last hard slap on the ass and said, "Yes you may, my little cunt."

I surged and twitched. I felt thick wads of cum run the length of my cock and squirt into Randi's ready mouth. She gulped as I continued to pump cum into her throat. My knees buckled and I struggled to keep from collapsing. My ass wrenched against the width of Michelle's cock. I ached as every bit went into my wife's eager mouth before she stopped sucking and Michelle withdrew from me.

Michelle then stepped out of the harness and let the strap on fall to the floor. She ordered her slaves redressed and reattached them to their leash. Randi collapsed to the floor beneath me. I stayed bent over, handcuffed to the bed, but panting. Then Michelle led her slaves to the door.

"But you didn't get to cum," Randi protested to Michelle.

Michelle replied, "Why do you think I was fucking hubby so hard? I came while I was in his ass." She smiled at Randi. "Don't worry. I always get mine." Then she gave us a wink and walked out the door with her toys following behind.

We heard the front door close as the group showed themselves out. Randi went to the nightstand and returned with the handcuff key to release me. Then we fell into one another like a pile of freshly fucked lovers. We thanked each other for a great time and lie there reveling in the wonders of the evening.

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