tagInterracial LoveMitzi Dupree

Mitzi Dupree


Mitzi had it together, she had a successful career, a nice house on the beach and a rich husband. It was her 2nd marriage, the first leaving her a little distrustful of people- however she found safety and security with Marvin. He sold medical supplies to hospitals and was ten years her senior. For her part, she was the typical trophy wife, very beautiful, petite and cultured.

She was not good looking for her age- she was great looking for any age. Since she was a youth she'd done fitness and dieted, fearful of loosing her shape. Her breasts were not large but neither were they small. Her nose was long and strait, her lips curved just ever so slightly and her cheek bones were high. Her eyes were green when she felt warm, and ice blue when she was angry.

Always dressing well, she had the latest styles, preferring a feminine suit but sometimes in a long skirt, opened exotically on the side, like in the orient and a silk top.

She'd look down her nose at girls who dressed flashy, calling them scamps under her breath- however she ordered her undergarments from Victoria's Secret and Frederick's often enough to have membership cards.

She did not dress for Marvin, in fact they hadn't had sex much in the past few years. She'd busy her time by working out at the fitness clubs, and working long hours at the property that she ran. She was a partner owner, with the help of her husband's fortune and with the icy coldness in her veins had fired the management team that had been on the property for ten years only to run it herself- she did so with cool efficiency and thee property turned more profit than it had in recent years.

It was on one of the late nights that the problems for her started.

Carol, a resident with less common sense then children came into the office just as she was ready to close. "Miss Mitzi! Miss Mitzi!" The heavy set black woman was panting and soaked through with sweat.

"What is it Carol?" Mitzi dumped out the last of the coffee and closed the blinds behind her small desk. She assumed Carol was going to be late with her rent again and was expecting to hear some new excuse as to how the woman lost her welfare check, yet again. She pulled her long black skirt down to hang strait from her flat stomach and slender hips. "What happened now?"

"Oh Miss Mitzi its bad, that bad man I told you bout last week he done stole my money and he over by the pool now all with no clothes on acting a fool!"

Calmly Mitzi counted herself as half right. "Well sit down Carol and put all that in writing for me."

"Oh I'm too upset!"

Mitzi put down the coffee pot and walked Carol over to her desk, provided her with a pen and a paper then set to the business of closing the office. She turned the signs around, closed the curtains and turned off the large plasma television provided for by her husband. "Did you call the police Carol?"

"You knows I cant do that, not with my boy Leroy staying with me."

"Oh right." Mitzi shook her head, how people could screw their lives up so badly. Maybe if she wasn't giving her ass out to everyone that came around... "How did the bad man, what's his name?"


"Ace..." Mitzi smiled, "How did he get into your house to get the money?" She locked the front door, so no other interruptions would happen before she got to go home.

""Well he wasn't always that bad." Carol blushed.

"You said he was a bad man last week... what he changed... he was a changed man and then reverted?"

"Something like that yeah."

"Carol... could you end your statement with how and when you plan to pay your rent and don't forget to add in the late fees, alright?"

"Yes Miss Mitzi- but you got to go back there and get him out of the pool I tell you he acting a fool!"

"Alright I'll take care of it Carol." She took the paper and stuck it in a file on her desk, she'd take care of the paperwork tomorrow. After re-locking the door she called the police and had asked them to come out and trespass Ace for burglary theft or whatever it was they wanted to but he was to be trespassed from the property. They would come out, she knew it and do whatever she wanted- the sheriff had a thing for her and though she could be guilty of leading him on at times, she was always polite and courteous to his officers and complied vigorously with whatever they needed.

In return they were quick for her evictions and such situations as these, the trespassing of bad elements from her property.

At home she told her husband about the excitement, but he didn't look up from the news paper. He'd heard about some antiques for sale and was searching through the counties' press for the elusive treasure. She had a glass of wine and stripped off her clothes. She stood before the mirror and looked at her body, she was beautiful, still, but how long would that last? The wrinkles gathered like wolves...

Soon her body would begin to sag... the parts would fall out of order. She closed her eyes to the notion and put on a bathrobe, she grabbed the bottle of wine and headed for the hot tub, "Marvin- wanna soak in the tub a while." she nudged him with her knee as she passed.

"You have been around those poor people too long my dear, too long." again he didn't look up.

She loosed the robe to the floor and climbed into the tub with only her panties on. The bubbles embraced her. She poured some wine and looked up to the stars. Beneath, the waves crashed on the empty beach, the wind blew. "This is living." she told herself. "This is the life." she saluted the moon with her glass and downed it. "Look's like it is you and I, Mr. Moon."

The next day she got to hear all about how the police came and arrested the man from the pool. She heard that he had been having sex in the spa with a prostitute and that he'd run from the police but got his pants caught on the fence. Then She heard that the prostitute was one of the residents, a Tianna Banks, she had been a dancer until her 2nd child and the consecutive sickness that followed. She'd had herpes, Hepatitis, everything that was out there seemed to find it's way to that poor girl.

She listened, half wondering how exciting it would have been if Marvin had come to the hot tub with her the night before. IT had been so long since the two had made love... where was the passion? Was it lost on these depraved youngsters who had no clue of life?

Robert, an unemployed engineer, on workman's comp who had nothing better to do all day and every day but come into the office hit on her and drink coffee reported that Ace was back on the property, that he was shacked up with the widow Gretchen. "The old Nazi whore!" Robert called her. "I heard them banging' ALL night!"

"Now Robert, she is not old." Mitzi laughed at her quick reply to such a course comment.

The man appreciated it and laughed, "She's still a whore."

After lunch Mitzi worked up the nerves to go back to Gretchen's apartment and confront her. Maybe she did not know he was trespassed... yeah right. Gretchen was on the fourth floor, which most people would take the lift to, but Mitzi enjoyed the stairs. She wore a long silk skirt that was tight but opened on the sides and a shimmering top to match, red and black. Her hair a strawberry blond, she wore parted and neat, her perfume followed her and not only one door opened as she passed, the sound of her heals echoing through the stairwell.

She knocked, at first politely, then continuous then she banged on the door, wrinkling her nose slightly as she pounded, "Gretchen you open up this door right now!"

A cough sounded from the other side, "Who is it?" the raspy woman's voice came through the door.

"It's the manager, Mitzi now open up or I'll call the police!"

"What the hells the problem lady?" Gretchen opened the door, her hair in disarray, wearing a T-shirt and boxers, a cigarette hanging from her lips. though she was half Mitzi's age she looked twice as old as her. "Did my check bounce or something?"

"No, Gretchen but are you aware that a fellow named Ace has been trespassed from this property?"

"I am now." she blinked at Mitzi, unimpressed, "And?"

"I understand he is in there with you now...."

"Nope, just me."

"Would you mind if I came in to see?"

"I sure would." she planted a hand to her hip and stared at the smaller woman at the door. "What are you gonna do about it?"

Mitzi was vexed. She waved her finger at Gretchen, "You get him out! He is no good and if I hear your crying' story about how come you cannot pay your rent next month because he stole it I will evict you to the curb, do you understand?"

"Yaw..." she rolled her eyes, "Are we finished?"

"I am going to ask the Sheriff to come by tonight and if that character is in your place I am going to evict you as well..."

The woman nodded her head and closed the door on her face, "Bitch." she said under her breath.

"Hoodoo" Mitzi clutched her fists and stomped back to the office. In the 2 years that Gretchen had lived there she was always having unauthorized guests and causing disturbances. "This is the end of that." she said as she typed up a notice for the woman to vacate the property. Before she left for home she called the police and asked them to deliver the notice that night for her- they said they would and she left if for them at the door.

At home, she was invisible to her husband. She prepared a dinner for him which he complemented on and thanked her for but it was the same words he'd said for the past 16 years. The dishes were his part and she didn't bother to wait for him but went to the hot tub alone, again in only her panties. This time however, she wondered about the trouble maker and what he'd been doing in the hot tub. She curiously ran her hand down her belly to her crotch, her body tingled to the touch. As her one hand rubbed her pussy lips the other poured a bottle of wine. She dipped a finger in the red wine and brought it to her mouth, "Now this is living." she told herself.

Raising the glass to the moon, "Hello stranger."

Inside, behind her, the television came on. Marvin began to flick through the channels and when he found what he wanted, the volume went down. No doubt it was a Spanish show, the women dressed like whores, Mitzi thought.

The next day was still more eventful, in came the gossip about Gretchen and Tianna fighting near the car wash over the trouble maker Ace. Gretchen also came in crying that she didn't mean to be rude and that she was sorry and that Ace wouldn't be allowed to be with her. Mitzi was polite to the girl, all the while looking down her nose at her, even though Gretchen was taller. "If I find out he is there Gretchen, your out, do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am..."

"Put that in writing." she handed her a pen and a paper then filled up a cup of coffee.

At the close of the day she walked out and turned the sign around then came back in, the phone rang and she answered it. "Sorry we don't have any vacancies." she replied to the question and hung up, when she looked up, to her surprise she was not alone.

A tall black man stood in her office. "Yes?" she said blinking up at him.

"You the manager?" his tone was fierce, and his demeanor upset.

Immediately she took him for Ace and wished she had a panic button in her office. "Yes I am." she strengthened her resolve and came from around her desk, like a little Schwa.

"You the one causing me all this grief?" he looked down at her in disbelief.

"Are you Ace? You are trespassed from this property sir, you cannot be here."

"Fuck you, I be where I be!" he waved a hand at her and plopped himself down into a chair.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me." she said placing a hand on he desk in front of him, "If I call the police you're going to jail."

He shrugged, "Call em, I give a fuck."

Why she didn't call them, she didn't know. "Why are you here? What are you hoping to accomplish?"

"A truce."

"Yeah right." she laughed with a snort, "Like that will happen." she straitened her skirt, "I hold all the cards, why do I need to make an overture to you?"

"Because I got what you need."

To her disbelief he grabbed his balls right in front of her. She blushed and stepped back, turning to the side. She had never been affronted like that before in her life. "I beg your pardon?"

"Yeah you be begging alright." he grabbed his pants at the crotch and shook himself, "All night."

She pointed at the door, "Go, get out of here before I call the police."

"You won't." he stood up, abruptly and looked down at her. "You cant, I see you tremble is it from fear? I doubt it... so what is it then anticipation."

"You must have a fever." her hands clenched, her palms were sweaty, he was right, she was trembling. "I am only going to ask you to go one more time."

He smiled, "Good, then we can move the conversation on to where it needs to be, about you- you're a pretty lady I bet you never been fucked good though."

She shook her head, "I marvel at your etiquette sir, how you must dazzle the ladies."

"Yeah you think so, go on." he smiled at her and eyed her slowly. "You weigh what one hundred and six pounds?"

Her smile faded and she took a step back.

"See, you ain't so hard to read... I know you're old but you don't look it, you fine and all... but you are up there shit you could be my mother's mother I bet, but you don't look like her, you're a MILF, I mean it."

The room became hot for her. The walls seemed close and it was getting dark outside. "The office is closed Ace, We can discuss this tomorrow."

"See... you hated me and now you want me back... which is it?"

"I don't hate you, your..."

"Trespassed, but you've invited me back, so already you're breaking the law for me, an we just met girl, think of what you'll be doing when I start feeding you this bone." he grabbed his crotch again. "Yeah I know you want it."

"How would you , a thug know what I want?"

"Because I see what you got, and I know what you don't have- and thought it seems like you got allot- with a Lexus a big house and a white man... what you don't got is free."

She gulped. "The office is closed." she began to repeat herself but he cut her off.

"Good than we won't be interrupted." he reached for her and caught her wrist as she tried to pull away and he drew her near. She opened her mouth to shout at him but he covered it with his. His lips were large, swollen and dry.

She could tell he had a temperature. Probably some infection he'd caught from Tianna, she thought. Meanwhile his thick tongue probed her mouth, pushing past her lips her teeth and mingled with her tongue. His breath stank and his nose was running, he definitely had something at the least it was the flue.

She tried to pull back but couldn't he was too strong. She pulled her other hand up to strike at him but the hand that had been massaging his balls caught it. She remembered where that hand had been and recoiled inside, outwardly she could do nothing. Her mouth was locked with his. He pushed her back into the desk and pressed his body against hers, dwarfing her little frame with his own.

Anxiety gave her strength, but not enough, she wondered why it wasn't enough. She wondered why she did not fight more, did she want him? Did she want this? Surely not! She'd never been with a black man before and she wasn't about to start that life style either, not to mention committing adultery- even so with a thug? a diseased thug? How vile would she have to be?

But they were still kissing.


She realized that her tongue was now in his mouth. "What the hell was she doing?"

It was simple... she was horny... very horny. But she had been hit on by all sorts of people, from doctors to successful business men to the sheriff, why didn't she give in to any of them?

That wasn't her problem. She couldn't be concerned with that, for the moment her problem was trying to get her wrists free so she could undo Ace's pants. She rubbed her body next to his, feeling his stiffening member against her navel.

"Oh shit girl, you're a slut." he said breaking his mouth free for a second, "Yeah you want my big black dick don't you?"

"Yes." Mitzi hissed, and reached up to him with her mouth. He gave her more tongue and released her hands.

She made short work of his pants, which were lose already and fell to the floor.

"My turn." he pulled her skirt up over hear head and her blouse with it. white lace panties with silver side straps and a string of pearls waited beneath, with a matching braw. "Oh damn girl I ain't never seen nobody dressed so fine!" she stooped and sucked on her breasts through the braw leaving a wet stain where his mouth was.

Her nipples were already hard but he sucked them harder still and caressed them with his hands. Meanwhile she took hold of his massive cock and gave it a stroke or two before he kissed her again. "Do you feel how big it is bitch?"

"Oh it's big." she agreed bringing his mouth to hers and pushing her tongue through his mouth. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She was sure that already just being this close and doing what she had done with him so far, that she had picked up something, but she didn't care- in fact, the thought of being infected by him in some way- turned her on more.

He rubbed his body next to hers "Get up on the desk bitch." She complied scooting up and shoved her purse and folders out of the way. Her cell phone fell to the floor and popped open. "Say fuck me!" he said.

"Fuck me!" she said and kissed him.

"Say give me that black cock!"

"Oh give it to me!"

"Yes?" Marvin said as he answered the phone call, her phone had called him automatically as it fell. "Hello?"

"Say fill me with your dark seed and give me nigger babies!"

"Fuck me." she repeated as she broke her lips away from his then took to sucking his neck, it was salty and oily and smelled like old sweat, but she sucked it with her lips and bit on it with her teeth as he groped it.

"I am gonna fuck your lily white ass and pussy girl, you gonna be my bitch."

"Yeah, fill me." she cooed. Curiously she ran a hand between her legs and found that she'd already soaked her panties. "Oh fuck me." She rubbed his cock again and it was enough for him. He spun her around on the desk, "Get up on your knees bitch on all four like a fucking dog."

She moved to comply but it wasn't quick enough. He was stroking himself now and he was ready, "Fuck you white whore." he pulled her panties to the side, tearing free a buckle and scattering the pearls. Without hesitation he pushed the head of his dick into her pussy.

She yelped, "Oh you're so big!" she gasped, "Yes... oh you're huge!"

"Yeah bitch I ain't no little white guy... uh!" he pushed his thick penis in further, it took effort on both their parts to get it all the way in but finally it was done, "Oh yeah you're gonna be my little fuck slut- you want nigger babies?" he began to hump her. (SLAP, SLAP, SLAP) his balls pushed against her as his hips met her thighs.

"Yes... oh fill me up... oh... fill me up yes!"

"Say you want' nigger babies from this nigger dick, say it!"

She gasped as he ran the length of his dick in and out of her with precision, twisting his hips as he did so to direct his lengthy member to every inch of her cavity, "Oh yes I want nigger babies... uh give me your nigger cock!" she couldn't believe what she was saying nor doing, but she couldn't stop herself either. Mitzi gasped at her own whorish-ness, she couldn't believe it. She ran a hand down to her torn panties, now soaked by her juices and their sweat. She could feel on her belly as he thrust his dick into her- it was that big, she could sense where the head was. "Oh fuck me!" she exclaimed.

"Yea you nothing but a horny bitch aren't ya?" he tugged at her well kept hair, pulling her back on to his dick as he thrust forward rapidly, picking up the pace: (SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!)

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