tagNonHumanMixed Blessings Ch. 02

Mixed Blessings Ch. 02


This is the second chapter in a series. Although it can be read on it's own, parts of the story may make more sense when read in order. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Alicia sighed. Laslie wasn't entirely certain what was wrong, but she had been very nervous of late. As he thought back, he realized she'd been this way ever since Valentines day. Surely she could still be worried about accidentally killing him. Could she? He looked over at her, briefly taking his eyes from the road before him. He almost became enthralled by the vision of her beauty and had to force himself back to the task at hand.

She had cut her hair, however it never lacked in body. Before, her light brown locks carefully enshrouded her head, to narrow at her neck and curl outwards once more and bounce just above her shoulders. No longer did the ends flip teasingly outward. Now, her hair narrowed daintily into a fine point at the nape of her neck. Laslie wished he knew how she managed to keep her hair so styled at those short lengths. Should he ever grow his hair it would instantly tangle. The other, added, advantage to his near-crewcut style was that the slight green tint of his otherwise dark hair was less likely to draw attention.

Alicia wore a light, cotton, blouse that normally billowed about her. Trapped in the car, with the seatbelt cutting across her chest, the light material seemed to cling to her wonderful breasts. What's more, pressed tight to her body, the thin fabric revealed the silhouette of the teal bra she wore beneath it. He knew, without having to look, that her bikini would match the bra. She was meticulous about such things.

Because of her size, she could comfortably sit in the jeep's oversized seat with her knees pressed to her chest and her toes against the edge. Her black skirt draped around her legs. He loved to watch it flow in the breeze, as she walked. He grinned as he thought, not for the first time on the trip to his Freehome, how easy it would be to slip a hand beneath all that material. As with every other time the urge came to him, Alicia's head spun towards him in indignation. He was pretty sure she would enjoy the torment, but resisted because of her look.

She didn't read his mind, but she did know what he was contemplating. Alicia, as heavily empathic as she was, knew exactly how lascivious his thoughts were. The two had been together long enough that she also knew he loved watching her squirm at the heights of orgasm. In fact, they had never had any kind of sexual encounter that hadn't ended in both of them finishing; usually at the same time. His grin widened as he contemplated making this the first time. With him driving, she wouldn't dare try to retaliate!

His eyes darted back to her briefly, before returning to the road. His heart nearly jumped to his throat as he noticed her expression. It was one he'd learned over the last month, one that caused instant desire and the slightest hint of fear. Her eyes spoke of a hunger far more primal than feeding. She spoke of being the hunter, and he no more than prey. It was a decidedly foreign concept for the Sidhe male. Laslie could put even the strongest mortal bodybuilder to shame with a single arm.

Alicia had proven, occasionally, over the last month, that she could dominate him completely. After so much futile resistance, the primal center of Laslie's brain instantly submitted to that look. His pride, however, could not let him concede without a legitimate struggle. Fortunately, that very struggle only seemed to excite her more.

He felt her breath against his cheek and his stomach knotted with fear and anticipation. She had leaned across the gap between the seats so quickly. Like her strength, she could move so fast that he could never hope to follow. The Sidhe knew tricks and spells to enhance their, already formidable, physical capabilities, but nothing could compare to her.

Alicia was a vampire. The Dhase, as they preferred to be called, did not feed on blood, but rather the spiritual energy, the Chi, of the living. Beyond that simple fact, most of the rest of the myths seemed to hold true. She could move faster than time itself, overpower even the strongest of Sidhe with ease, and even read the thoughts of those around her. Laslie knew each of those claims to be an exaggeration, but not by much. And she's only a little over a hundred! Imagine what the ancients would be like.

"You're thinking of slipping a hand beneath my skirt and tormenting me while you drive." Or, maybe she could read his mind. In his peripheral vision he could see her kneeling on the edge of her seat with her hands planted on his armrest. Mostly what he saw was her perfect breasts swell beneath the loose shirt.

"You're cheating! You never said telepathy was in the Dhase bag of tricks." His laughter took any potential sting out of the words.

"It can be," she admitted, "but not one of mine. I just know what that expression means." A shudder ran down Laslie's body, powerful enough to force his concentration to his hands on the wheel, as Alicia's breath trickled across his earlobe. "I didn't even need a taste of that exquisitely naughty temperament. Nothing more than the look in your eyes." This time, her movement brushed against him like a gentle breeze. "Was this what you wanted?"

He glanced over, but that was all it took. His faded, blue jeans seemed to tighten. He couldn't quite get enough breath. Alicia was a master ~or would that be mistress?~ of this game. She sat in her seat with her knees together and flat against the cushion. Her body curved with feline grace, such that her right hip lay on the seat but she leaned against the door. Her large skirt draped over her, but somehow failed to cover her. His pulse raced as a hint of teal shone between her legs. She had perfected the art of the subtle flirt, in such a way that left Laslie feeling that he had snuck a glance at her. Every glimpse she offered felt like the forbidden fruit, and all the more sweet for it's felonious acquisition.

Of it's own accord, his hand reached out to touch her. She set the scene flawlessly, as she looked out the window and the terrain passed. Alicia was the innocent, unsuspecting, maiden and Laslie was the horny lech. His breath came in short gasps as his hand neared. She had never worn this set of underwear before so he didn't even know what they were made of. His heart raced as he contemplated the sensation of pressing the fabric tauntingly into her depths. He found it harder and harder to keep his gaze from sliding over in anticipation.

His hand stopped moving for a moment, then continued unabated. His glance over confused him. Alicia wasn't there and his wrist seemed thoroughly tangled in her seatbelt. He felt his body jerk and barely managed to keep the unusual reaction from effecting his driving. It did bring his eyes forward once more, and everything became horrifyingly clear.

Alicia, somehow, had managed to wedge herself between his seat and the dashboard. Furthermore, the odd lurch of his body had occurred when she used the combination of a fraction of her strength and speed to lower his jeans to his ankles. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief as she stared at his length, straining against the grey boxer-briefs. "You were right about something, Las. One of us won't be able to retaliate."

She ran her hands slowly up his exposed inner thighs. A shuddering breath left his body. The excited sentinel stood more firmly, which caused her to grin. Alicia reached the legs of his underwear and allowed her fingers to quest beneath. Once, he would have thought she would need to reach farther than fingers alone. That was before he realized she didn't need to touch the actual organs. She could play virtually any nerve in his body in an ecstatic tune. His body shook before she was even an inch away.

Laslie didn't know what she had done to his wrist, but the seatbelt held firm. With one foot on the gas, one hand on the wheel and the other tied, all he had was a single leg and a bad angle to work in his favor. Alicia took this into consideration and shifted. She placed his left leg under her arm and used not simply her minuscule weight, but her considerable strength, to neutralize him. This also helped keep her clear of the break pedal, should he need it.

Her thumbs reached the edge of the fabric. Well manicured nails traced smalls circles, to torment overtaxed nerves, as her hands crept beneath his sole remaining protection. Fire raged within him. She reached the tender crease between his legs and groin and the spasm nearly drove them off the road. His right foot came off the gas, headed for the break, when her nails suddenly pressed straight into his flesh. The painful shift was a warning. He was not allowed to stop driving. The moment his foot shifted back, another tormented shudder ran through his body as her short nails grazed the loose folds beneath his solid length.

He fought to keep his eyes open, in the face of her temptations. His neck ached with the tension of keeping it forward when instinct drove his entire spine to bow into her ministrations. One arm was tense from a futile, instinctive, war against the passenger side belt. His left arm and right leg burned from the concentration of maintaining the road. And all of his body screamed for release. His skin danced with sensation, his veins pumped molten lust. Pressure began under her delicate hands but had quickly built beyond her ability to control. But she had not yet begun the process that would force that pressure from his body in an explosion of euphoria.

Alicia's fingers shifted. Soft skin skated across his oversensitive flesh as her fingertips finally found his manhood. Barely regarded taps worked their way upward. Laslie had the first glimmer of hope that he would ever be allowed release from the exquisite agony that she prolonged. Eyes blinked shut for a moment, and his breath caught, as she tickled the firm ridge near the top. As she continued to trace the hard line, the remainder of her fingers worked the flaps of fabric, to reveal him. She opened him excruciatingly slowly!

Finally, her hands withdrew to let him sprout from the underwear. Laslie's breath began to even, though his heart still raced. She had leaned so far forward, to stare at him from inches away, as if to inspect him for any sign of imperfection. His pulse roared in his ears. She wouldn't go this far, imply so much, and turn back now. She couldn't! The thought sent blood pounding downward to strain, painfully, at the very limits of his skin. She didn't even flinch as it jumped towards her a few times. She simply crossed her arms over his thighs and rested her head on her hands to watch.

The cessation of her play kept the pressure within Laslie from building further, but already it strained against him. Already, his core literally ached to explode. His head drifted backward and his lungs began to fill for a scream. With so much tension, he was only allowed one way left to relieve it.

Alicia's head drifted languidly forward, even as he inhaled. With his head tilted back, she was out of even his peripheral sight. The primal scream found it's way into his chest as moist lips found his tip. His body reacted to the catalyst by trying to gasp air into already full lungs. Instinct warred with reality and resulted in a confused state of momentary asphyxiation. Her lips squeezed tighter as she descended down his shaft. Blood pumped helplessly throughout his body.

She leaned forward. His entire body shook. Air finally began to leak from his lungs as natural processes returned, but it was too late. The air had been nothing more than added pressure within him. From Alicia's new vantage, she was able to open her throat slightly. Her head dove forward to take him to his very base.

"GODS!" Tires squealed as Laslie's foot reached the break.

Alicia only remained a ~choking~ moment, fully burdened, before she began a retreat. She felt his life force pounding within her grip. She raced his seed up the solid length, only to turn aside at the last minute. Laslie's hips and legs bucked against her undeniable strength. His arm tore at the restraint. Instinct discovered his one free appendage. A moment after the first stream splashed against the inside of her cheek, his left hand cupped the back of her head to urge her down. He knew nothing but bliss, but his body wanted more.

Alicia grinned as she obliged both her lover's body and soul. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It had been a long time since Alicia had been genuinely afraid. It was virtually impossible to kill a Dhase. All of the legends of silver and fire, even sunlight, as the bane of vampiric existence, were false. They were humanities false delusions, specious tales designed to allow them to sleep comfortably, knowing they were safe from the 'monsters.' She didn't truly know if beheading would kill one of her kind. They were all to fast and resilient for the circumstance to arise within her knowledge.

Now, for the second time in a little more than a month, she knew fear. At long last, she had found something truly worth believing in. She had found the fount of her dreams. Not only did Laslie have boundless energy, but the two would live together for centuries. After lifetimes such as those, Alicia would gladly succumb to apathy when he passed. But he was more than just a source of nearly limitless food to her.

She loved Laslie. Alicia loved his sense of adventure. She loved that he could become excited about anything new, and still discover ways of integrating it into their traditional upbringing and natures. She loved the way his body writhed beneath her as he fought his own pleasure. She loved the way he threw himself into her as he dominated her. She loved that she had needed to trick him in order to focus exclusively on his pleasure.

That love bred fear. She feared losing him. But Alicia didn't resist the fear, it was simply one more emotion, she allowed herself to feel it without letting it take control. When she first felt it, on Valentine's day when she'd nearly killed him, it had driven her. Now, it was simply a companion, a passenger within her to be inspected and enjoyed.

What did she fear now? She still feared losing him, but this time not through her own actions or inactions. She knew the possibility remained that he would discover what it truly meant for her to be a Dhase and he a Sidhe. Would those at the Freehome know enough of history to inform him? When he learned, for someday he certainly would, would he leave her? Could she bare it if he did?

Her body jerked as shards of pleasure lanced outward from her depths. Her hand came up and joined her face, flattened against the window that had reflected her gaze only moments before. Her other arm was trapped, by her own strength, against the jeep's door. Her legs were locked in combined paralysis; of too long in one position, and the surprise of the sensation. She was now, truly, the helpless one.

Laslie had played the perfect hunter; waited until the moment was secure for his prey. She had been sitting in the exact same position she had tempted him with earlier. The position didn't exactly open her to intrusion, but if the skirt fell improperly ~or in the earlier case, properly~ it certainly suggested it, even invited it. More important than the position, however, had been her concentration. His 'devious lust' spiked every time he seriously contemplated taking advantage of her. For her not to have noticed, one of her favorite flavors of his emotions, clearly showed how far in thought she had gone.

Perhaps it had been her subconscious that had placed her in such a position, so as to inspire him to change her mood. Fear may be a healthy sign for an elder Dhase, but it was still not a safe thing to dwell upon. So her body sought to allow him revenge for her earlier fun.

None of this passed through her thoughts until much later. In the moment she could only feel the sharply expanding wash of pleasure. A triple circuit arced at her very core as, he thrust deeper within. The feel of his force actually stole her vast strength. Her body responded to the surprise with true submission. In her long memory, Alicia had never felt truly overpowered. As a second wave of sensation roared outward, she discovered that she enjoyed it even more than the pretense that she had offered Laslie.

Her body shook already. Finally her empathy began to brush outward. Her body weakened further as she tasted Laslie's enticing cocktail; vicarious joy, anticipation, and, most of all, triumph. The rest of the world continued to elude Alicia. Only the constant, thrumming, sensation existed. It vibrated within her very bones. It coursed through her veins. It rushed across her skin with the power of a gale wind.

Her face and hand pressed against the glass, as if she could escape the unbelievable bliss through its embrace. Her legs curled in towards her body, but that only served to tighten the grasp of treacherous muscles that drew in the pulsing intruder.

No; intruders. Slowly, torturously, Laslie pulled at the device he had slipped past all of her defenses. She felt it drag against two sets of amazingly tender nerves. Two sets of muscles clutched at the humming toy. She found herself screaming. Laslie alternated resisting and assisting her traitor body in plunging the devastating, textured, artifact as deep within her as possible.

With each thrust, her body rocked her against the window. The smooth glass radiated a calm chilling sensation that washed down to her chest to harden her nipples. As her body shifted so forcefully, her nipples twitched and rubbed, slightly, within her lace bra. Pure voltage joined these two contacts with the other three already ablaze.

Her knees pressed with the tension and Alicia discovered the fifth and final torment. Where her breasts were likely an unexpected benefit, due to the cold March air, the tiny bullet shaped device folded within her nether-lips was cruelly, and spectacularly, intentional. Every slight movement intensified at least one of the toys he had snuck into her.

In moments her body began to buck as it sought escape, release, from each sensation in turn. Each avenue aggravated another until her body burned. The world had turned white within seconds, only to come flooding back. Muscles continued to seize and release and twitch and churn until her very form seemed numb with rapture. She quickly lost the linear world as time began to warp and twist within her very body.

Alicia heard a high pitched voice. It begged and pleaded before she realized it was her voice. She could not bear the force of sensation he raged through her. His fair strength thrust the toy deep, pushed her against the door, as it continued to vibrate into her very marrow. He was merciless in her pleasure, never relenting. Soon her screams and pleading turned to nothing more than whimpers as her body lost even that much energy; that much will to resist.

Oblivion became Alicia's blessed sanctuary from the untainted sensation. All the while, Laslie loomed above her, controlling her as never had happened before. Absolute triumph and contentment, for her pure bliss, were his only motives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Laslie stood in shock. In fact, he was so surprised he had to look around in order to make sure he was truly in the right place. This was the Freehome of the Barren Rock tribe, or at least the road leading up to it, however a man in a state police uniform stood at the end motioning for him to stop the car and turn around. A quick shift into other-sight confirmed that the man was Sidhe. Unfortunately Laslie did not recognize him as a tribesman. For him to be ushering people from the Freehome was disturbing to say the least.

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