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MMF: A Woman's View


I am 42 and a mother of two and my husband John and I began swinging about five years ago. I read so many angry comments posted to authors writing about sharing their wife with another man, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain it from a woman's point of view. It is not degrading. In fact, one woman with two lovers is a highly sexually charged scenario. There is nothing more intense than being pleased by two men. Why it's not more popular, I do not know. With fifty percent of working women cheating on their husbands, it's better to do it out in the open and in front of each other, instead of secretively and behind each other's backs.

When John first broached the subject of watching me with someone, I wasn't shocked. In fact, we'd been married fifteen years, the kids were older, and we had shared those fantasies many times in bed. But there were issues to work out: Fantasy is one thing, reality is another. Could he actually stand watching me have intercourse with another man? Would it be easier with a perfect stranger, or someone we both knew and trusted?

After many glasses of wine, we came to the conclusion that it would be easier to start with a stranger, and keep it simple. In short, and to be brutally honest, I would find some lad at the mall, take him back to our car, and I would masturbate him in the back seat. Short and sweet, plain and simple. And that is exactly what we did: I found an unsuspecting lad working in the mall one evening. He was about 19, long blonde hair, and wiry lean. I scoped him out, played the damsel in distress, and before he knew it, he was in the backseat with me, pants around his ankles, with a large erection and extremely nice set of balls sprouting up out of a thatch of thick pubic hair. "Ma'am," he tried to squawk as I slid my hand up and down. His penis was an angry red, and his pubic hair was brownish red. Irish? I worked the shaft only about 12 times before he erupted in a geyser all over my blouse. After the lad squirted, he got terribly afraid and ran out of the car, his erection still hard as a rock. I was incredibly horny, but my orgasm wasn't the issue. The issue was whether my husband could stand to see me tending to another erection. It was purely a biological function, to see if there was initial jealousy; and, if there was, it was a jealousy we could all live with. It was, after all, just a hand job. John was absolutely thrilled, and we had a dandy of a time afterwards.

There were many encounters since then, so long ago. Some with black men. Most with whites. It is absolutely incredible to have one in my mouth, one going down on me. One man fucking me, another suckling my breast. To leave a hotel room knowing you have just turned two men to mush and not just one is an extremely powerful feeling. To have sperm from two donors in your belly. The smell of threesome sex is absolutely incredible. Each man has a distinct flavor, a distinct scent. It allows me to enjoy my primal urge of fucking as much as possible without any jealousy whatsoever.

Odd, but women know so much more about male sexuality than men. All those shower room jokes, and hardly one of you has ever seen another man with an erection. What are you so afraid of?

And what do we know that you don't?

For all your talk, many men are afraid to ejaculate in a woman's mouth. For whatever reason, you just can't let go and give a lady the prize.

Black men are neither bigger nor better. More are perhaps uncircumsized, and their semen is thicker and ropier. They do have a different taste and unforgettable smell, and when you've been blacked, the scent gives it away.

Not all men can get an erection in front of another man. Fewer men are able to orgasm with another nearby.

We hate shaved crotches. This lady likes to feel a nice hairy pair of balls. When I see shaved I see gay or bi and run.

Yes, size matters.

My husband going down afterwards? One of the most erotic experiences ever. I love nothing more than sharing evidence of a lover with my husband. Sometimes he'll go down on me. Sometimes I'll just fellate my lover and kiss my husband. The scent, the smell, and the power I feel are all extremely intoxicating, there is no more intimate sharing than taste. And that's his way of tasting my sexuality.

So gents, do it with your spouse, or she'll do it behind your back. All we hear about is how the male fantasy is two women. Well, the age of women has arrived, and our fantasy is two men. And for this chicks, it's not just fantasy, it's a way of life that, much to your dismay, is gaining more and more attention in the world.

Hey~Bon Appetit

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