tagChain StoriesModern Fairy Tales Ch. 07

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 07


Once upon a time...

My friends call me Puss. I'm a private investigator. I get the goods on cheating spouses and track down deadbeats. It's not glamorous, but it pays the bills.

I was a cop for ten years and damn good one. Then one night we responded to a fight at a dance club in the warehouse district. By the time we got there, it was a real brawl. Most of the fighting stopped once we showed up inside, but two males were still goin' at it.

My partner Rico and I tried to separate 'em, then the guy I grabbed went for my gun. I got him in a judo hold and he went limp. He was dead by the time the Paramedics got there. Turns out, he was the City Council Chairpersons nephew, so in no time the Police Department fired Rico and I. Excessive force they said. The Medical Examiner said an overdose, not that it mattered.

Rico found a job out west. Me, I got a P.I. license.

The nickname? Some three years back I was workin' undercover to get evidence on a cheatin' husband so his wife could slap him with divorce papers. I went in costume to a Halloween party at an exclusive club where he hung out and sure enough, he was there with another woman.

I was gettin' some good pictures of the lovebirds when some punk decided to swipe the night's receipts. I nailed him and the next thing you know I'm on live TV in my black cat outfit and stiletto boots. The crowd at McGinty's Tavern started callin' me Puss and it stuck.

My latest client is none other than Harland Christopher IV. Yeah. Those Christopher's. The electronics conglomerate.

He arrived at the office a week ago, mad enough to bite the head off a rattlesnake. He was convinced someone altered his fathers will after the old man died. He said to call him 'Ace' and I said call me Puss.

The senior Christopher had cashed in his chips while on his honeymoon in Antigua with his 26-year-old wife. Number six in his 75 odd years. A heart attack was the official cause. Unofficially he fucked himself to death.

Anyway, at the reading of the will, Rosalie, wife number six, got a bundle as spelled out in the pre-nup. Harland II got the company, Harland III a big bundle, and my client got a few mill and a jade cat. Considerin' Daddy was worth close to 900 million bucks, my client got chump change.

He was Daddy's favorite to hear him tell it, so after the reading of the will he figured someone had loaded the dice. He didn't know squat about hirin' a P.I. and asked his chauffeur' so enter yours truly.

I told him this wasn't my usual cuppa herbal tea, but he plunked a roll of bills on the desk that would gag a python and said pretty please. I'm a sucker for blond haired, blue eyed hunks in custom made suits, so I said okay.

The answering machine's light was blinking when I walked in my office after havin' lunch downstairs at McGinty's, one message from Ace plus three from Rosalie Harland. Hearing her voice made me hot. However, I needed to focus on the case. She didn't make it easy though.


I met her at the Christopher mansion, an ivy covered brick pile in a part of town where houses are a mile apart behind iron gates and high walls. Ace arranged for me to talk to the mansion's staff and see if they knew anything.

They buzzed me in at the gate and a half-mile later, I arrived. A butler met me at the door and had the staff assembled in the front hall. After talking to them individually, I determined they had no useful information.

I figured I'd better talk to Harland senior's widow, so the butler escorted me to the parlor and said he'd tell her I was here. I was checking out the wood and leather décor when Rosalie came breezing in. She musta been in the pool 'cause she was toweling herself off, her long brown hair glistening and wearin' a bikini that barely covered her tits and pussy. She saw the look in my eye and sat next to me on the sofa.

I tried to keep my mind on the case, but this babe was pure sex. My nips got hard and my panties were wet as she slid nearer, talkin' a blue streak about how much she missed her 'cuddle bear' and how it was so lonely in this big old house, then she stopped talking.

We sat for a minute looking at each other. I reached over and caressed her cheek. She took my hand and kissed it. Something passed between us that made me feel warm inside. I pulled her close and our lips met. Her tongue slid in my mouth and we exchanged lingering kisses. Our hands began to roam and soon we were naked on the couch. She turned around and gave me a mouthful of pussy while her head went between my legs. Damn, that woman could eat. I came four times and so did she. We took a swim, lay in the sun and fucked some more. When I left, my knees were wobbly.


Ace said he'd found several discrepancies in the company's financial records and could I call him. Rosalie asked if we could meet for lunch. I wanted to see her again, but back to business.

I had some contacts at the Hall of Records check out the Christopher will documents. As far as the court was concerned, they were all legal and proper. I asked if they'd send me scans of the signature pages.

One thing I did learn from the mansion staff; Ace was the old man's favorite. He had a different mother than the other two, so he wasn't close with his brothers. Harland Senior and Joan, Ace's mother, doted on him, so he led a charmed and carefree life through his twenties.

When his father brought him into the business, he locked horns with his older brothers immediately. Daddy ran interference for him, so he became a vice-president. Now that the old man was out of the picture, a nasty fight for control was brewing on the top floor of the Christopher Building.

My printer beeped and the documents came rolling out. I selected the signature pages, some examples of the old man's and the three brother's handwriting and went to see the Mole.

His real name is Jeremy Todd, but with his thick lenses, prominent nose and receding chin...well, you get the picture. Mole was one of the best forgers goin' until he tangled with some mob heavyweights over phony gold certificates. I owed him a favor so he asked me to help him do a fast fade.

I made sure I wasn't bein' tailed and soon he was peering at the signatures, whistling through his teeth as he concentrated. I looked around at the basement where he lived thinking it was about as cozy as a sewer pipe when he said, "These are fakes."

He went into a lengthy explanation about graphology that I half-listened to; his thumbs down on the will's signatures were enough for me. I left him some cash, hopped in the Z and called Ace. A plan was forming in my mind and I wanted to run it by him. He approved and we were on our way.


When I sauntered into Harland II's office I was dressed in a tight miniskirt, low-cut blouse showing plenty of cleavage and a pair of 'fuck-me' boots. He practically ran around his desk to greet me, holding my hand longer than necessary to shake it and looking me over appreciatively.

"Call me 'Hugh'," he said in his smooth baritone. "All my friends do." I smiled prettily at the inference and took a seat, crossing my legs and giving him a look at my shaved pussy.

Yeah, I know. I use my sex appeal when I need to. I'm a woman, dammit and let's face it, most of the time it works.

I proceeded to tell him that Ace had hired me to check out whether the will was phony or not, but I thought he didn't pay me enough for my trouble and wondered if Hugh could make me a better offer. He agreed immediately and doubled what Ace paid me. I was to report to him what I had found out about the will's possible forgery and any moves his baby brother was making regarding the company.

He patted me on the butt as I left his office and invited me to the mansion for a drink or three. I begged off sayin' I had an appointment but I'd stop by another time. Ridin' the elevator down my heartbeat slowed to normal. I was tenser than I realized. I had figured my appearance would distract Hugh to the point where he didn't question my treachery to his brother and I was right. Or maybe it was those blue eyes...


When I parked behind McGinty's, I noticed my office light was on. It was off when I left.

I pulled my Glock from under the seat, walked carefully up the back stairs and down the hall. Light shone from under the door, someone was still in there.

I kicked the door open and went into a shooting stance screaming, "Freeze motherfucker!"

Rosalie screamed and spun around in my desk chair, eyes big as saucers.

"I almost shot you! What the fuck are you doing here? How did you get in?"

"That nice man in the bar downstairs let me in," she said, lip trembling and eyes filled with tears. "I didn't mean any harm. I...I wanted to see you. You never answered my call. I'm sorry."

I lay the pistol on the desk and took her in my arms; we hugged until she calmed down. "Don't ever do that again," I growled halfheartedly. She nodded and raised her tear stained face for a kiss. As our lips met, I suddenly realized she was wearing a knee-length mink coat in the middle of summer. She was naked underneath.

I dropped my skirt and blouse next to her coat and we lay entangled on the carpet, hands roving as we swirled our tongues together. She sucked my nipples and finger-fucked my gushing pussy until I had two back arching orgasms that made the room spin. When I recovered I pulled her onto my face and ate her out as she screamed lustily, riding my tongue until she filled my mouth to overflowing with her love honey.

Snuggled together, she told me the Harland brothers were at each other's throats about how to run the business, and as a result, current operations had practically come to a standstill. Hugh demanded an accounting of every penny spent since the old man died. Harland III, 'Scooter' objected. Ace kept his mouth shut.

Rosalie wanted to stay, but I kissed her and sent her down the back stairs, promising to see her soon. If what I suspected was correct, I needed to turn up the heat on our forger.

Over the next three weeks, I played Hugh like a fish on a hook, feeding him real and phony information while Ace subtly backed me up in the office.

The brothers were still at odds, so we took it to the next level.

Ace called Hugh and said lets grab some lunch at a hole in the wall called Antonio's in a not-so-good part of town where no one would recognize them. He wanted to discuss some accounting practices he discovered that his brother didn't know about.

Sure enough, Hugh arrived right on time. Lunch went well and they were chattin' up a storm. Then Ace got up to go to the little boy's room and bumps into some dudes walkin' by their table. The guy Ace bumped into gets belligerent and a fight starts. Hugh boxed in college and in no time he decked two of 'em and the other one took off runnin'.

The owner wanted to call the cops, but the brothers waved him off, paid their bill and left.

I paid off Antonio and the three punch-drunk heavies from the local gym, complemented them on their acting skills and split. A little more smoke and our rat would be leaving his hole.


When I strutted into Hugh's office the next morning, his assistant said he was in the gym. My heart began to pound when I saw him, wearin' tight exercise shorts, sweat rolling off his broad chest, muscles ripplin' as he lifted weights.

He greeted me and asked if I exercised. I said sure and he asked me to join him. He offered me some workout clothes, but I declined and began exercisin' in my bra and panties. I had decided when I saw him I wanted to fuck him.

I wasn't disappointed.

He straddled me on the weight bench and began kissing me as I slipped him the tongue. He removed my bra and panties then I tugged his shorts down and took his thick cock in my mouth. I sucked him like a madwoman, deep throating him as he moaned and began fucking my mouth. A few minutes of this and he cried out, blasting thick cum down my throat while I swallowed eagerly.

Hugh pushed me back on the weight bench, lifted my legs on his shoulders and sucked my pussy as I screamed and quivered. His tongue on my clit drove me wild and I came almost immediately. When his thick cock spread my pussy walls I thought I would faint. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and we fucked in a frenzy of lust. He was splitting me open and I couldn't get enough.

Grunts, moans and screams bounced off the walls as we pounded against each other, my pussy tightening on his thick meat. Dripping with sweat, we hammered each other until he gasped and shot a hot load into my soaking pussy. My back arched as my orgasm hit me like a right cross. I came twice more as he continued to fuck me.

We showered together, and then I dressed and left.


Like I figured, after the fight Hugh and Ace became buddies, leaving Scooter out by his lonesome and he didn't like it one bit. The two brothers decided that a full audit of all company finances was in order and Scooter's objections were overruled. He raged around the offices, terrorizing the employees and generally making a nuisance of himself.

A rumor began circulating that the will was forged and there would be an investigation as soon as the authorities gathered more information. Ace's office spies told him and he really started to panic. I started the rumor of course and it had the effect that I expected.

Scooter began liquidating his assets and sending the money offshore. Due to a market slump, he was taking a beating selling off his investments but he didn't seem to care. All he wanted was out.

Ace called his brothers and Rosalie, saying he had a major announcement to make and that they needed to be in the mansion's drawing room at eight-o-clock that evening. They showed up right on time.

The gathering was painfully stilted. Hugh, Ace and I sat on one couch, Scooter, Scooter's wife Dorothy, and Rosalie on the other. Ace didn't waste any time. He told the group he had proof positive the will was forged, who was responsible and that he had already contacted the authorities.

Scooter looked like he'd swallowed a lit match, Dorothy's eyes were narrowed and her lips thin. They looked at each other, and then Scooter jumped to his feet.

"Okay, okay, I did it," he looked at Dorothy. "I'm not taking the fall alone, it was her idea to forge the will."

"Shut up you fool," Dorothy hissed. "You always were a weakling. You let your father walk all over you. You never got the recognition you deserved. It was all about junior over there. He would have gotten everything if it wasn't for me."

She grabbed Ace's jade cat from the coffee table and whacked her husband's skull with it. He tumbled to the floor spraying blood. In a frenzy of rage, she swung at Rosalie grazing her forehead. I jumped on Dorothy and tried to disarm her. She fought like a tigress as we rolled about on the floor, Hugh and Ace trying to separate us as she tried to brain me with the cat.

Dorothy shrieked as I twisted her wrist, feeling the bones snap. The blood-covered sculpture flew from her hand and shattered on the fieldstone fireplace in a shower of glittering stones.

Dorothy lay on the carpet, holding her wrist and sobbing. Ace lay in a widening pool of blood. I guess someone called 911 'cause right then the cops and Paramedics came bustin' through the door. They transported Scooter and Dorothy to the hospital for treatment and from there to police headquarters. Scooter was booked on forgery charges, Dorothy for forgery and assault.

Turns out the cat statue was hollow, and chock full of diamonds. Harland senior had left a treasure for his favorite son. Hugh and Ace gathered up the diamonds while Rosalie shivered in my arms. I lifted her face to mine and kissed her as she clung to me, love shining in her eyes.


Well, that's pretty much what happened. Ace received his rightful share of the estate plus the diamonds and bought an island in the Caribbean, leaving Hugh to run the company. Scooter and Dorothy are in separate prisons after plea-bargaining to lighter sentences. They should be out in a couple of years.

Rosalie and I held our commitment ceremony in the estates garden. We couldn't help laughing when we compared our guests. Her side looked like a formal dance at the country club, mine like the casts of 'Rent' and 'The Godfather'.

And they lived happily ever after...


Thanks to Mistress Lynn and SweetWitch for their edits and suggestions.

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