tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModified Ch. 06

Modified Ch. 06



Jack was enjoying his half awake, half sleeping moments before he arose. His mind drifted to the previous evening, where following a pleasant dinner and chill in front of the tv, he'd once again found himself the centre of what could only be described as another outrageous sexual encounter. Debbie and Laura's flatmates came home and both were nurses who had tended to Jack during his hospital stay, in fact they'd shaved his nether regions clean before the operation. Whether it was a combination of wine and curiosity, or Jack's newfound "charisma", he'd ended up fucking both Mary and Anna in quick succession, while Debbie and Laura joined in and pleasured themselves and the other women.

While replaying the events of the evening in his head, Jack's now customary morning erection felt especially firm, until he realised it was in fact receiving a very soft, slow blow job from Debbie, who appeared awake and ready to take advantage of his arousal. He kept his eyes closed, and felt the sensation cease, then change as he felt Debbie's weight slide on top of him around his cock. He opened his eyes to see her head tilted back as she slide onto his full length and paused to adjust to it monetarily. He raised his hands to her breasts, gently caressing them while rubbing her nipples between thumb and forefingers. She smiled and looked at him directly before starting to slowly slide up and down his cock.

"Morning gorgeous...couldn't resist taking a turn on this since I didn't get a go last night." Jack shifted and started to match her thrusts, determined to have enjoy her start to the day. Debbie started to moan and gasp as he fucked her firmly and started to go quicker. She wasn't quiet, whilst the comatose Laura groaned, then pulled a pillow over her head. Determined not to disturb her too much, Jack motioned to Debbie who paused briefly. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, then lifting her up whilst still impaling her pussy, carried her into the living room, before depositing her on the couch where she lay back and let Jack pound her to a very satisfactory, and rather loud orgasm.

He collapsed on top of her, while they gasped for breath, giggling and kissing each other in the way that familiar lovers do. Jack became aware that they were not alone in the room, and he raised his head to see Anna at the table, slowly spooning a bowl of cereal into her mouth. She was wearing only a tee shirt and one hand appeared to be fidgeting on her lap, so it didn't take Jack very long to figure out she was masturbating to the performance she had just witnessed. Debbie laughed when she saw the scene, and asked "Are you not entertained?" Anna vigorously nodded, not taking here eyes from the lovers, and before long her own orgasm rippled through her, spilling milk and Cheerios all over the floor. Debbie wriggled out from under Jack and fetched a cloth to tidy up, while Jack walked over and gave her a hug.

He turned to Debbie "Are you working today?"

"No, we've been given extra time off before we travel. Yesterday was our last day." She beamed at this, and Jack nodded while deciding what was to be done that day.

"We need to shower, but I'd love to go for breakfast and coffee." Debbie quickly responded yes, and Jack watched as her naked ass skipped out the room to presumably start a shower running. Anna still sat silently, though with a definite smile on her face. "Would you like to join us?" She nodded, stood up and peeled off her tee shirt, and headed for the bathroom, her long dark locks freed from the pony tails of the night before. This was going to be an interesting shower.

Jack stepped into the bathroom, and Debbie was already under the water shampooing her blond locks. Anna pulled back the curtain and stepped in, then started to wet her hair before applying shampoo. Debbie turned completely unperturbed and started to help her, as though this was an every day thing. Jack let have the space in the bathtub while watching them wash each other's hair. It was a rather erotic experience, both women totally engaged in looking after the other.

Jack was sporting a decent semi when he stepped into the bath, just as the women commenced soaping each other. Particular attention was paid to breasts, legs and in between legs, which resulted in very erect nipples all round, and a cock that was demanding attention. Anna pulled Jack in between her and Debbie, and they started to soap his body, rubbing their own against his as well as exploring with their hands. Jack pulled Anna close to him, their bodies sliding against each other as they kissed with an unexpected passion.

"Take me please Jack, I'm protected so if you ask me to run out there and get a condom I'm not going to be best pleased." Anna gave him a look that told him he need not doubt her, and so he lifted one leg up so she could guide his cock inside her. He slipped easily inside, then lifted her other leg while shifting so her back was against the tiled wall. He fucked her quickly, in no mood for niceties, and given her earlier orgasm Anna seemed happy to be taken this way. Loud shouts and gasps emanated from here while Debbie seemed pleased to watch and play with herself, one hand twisting and pulling on a nipple, the other attacking her pussy and clit, and given the noises it seemed to be doing the trick.

Anna was almost lost in the physical moment, but bit his lip and huskily told him to take her from behind and to spank her ass red. Two weeks ago this would have been shocking, but now Jack merely turned her so she faced Debbie, bent her over and administered 6 strong smacks to the very firm ass of Anna, who whelped and moaned with each stroke. After he had finished, she turned her face red but full of passion "Fuck me now, do it! I want that full load inside me!"

He grabbed her hips while she guided his cock inside her, and vigorously thrust back and forwards for a couple of minutes, while Debbie had her own orgasm (loud ass ever), when he felt Anna's body ripple with pleasure and heard a very loud moan as she came hard for nearly a minute. It was too much as her pussy milked Jack's cock, and he came hard deep inside her, each spurt generating a further moan from her.

For a moment there was only heavy breathing and running water to be heard. But Anna, who had sat on the edge of the bath beside Debbie, smiled and announced that it was very satisfactory. A few further minutes of actual washing of bodies, and the trio adjourned back to the living room in towels, sipping on tea made by Anna. Mary wandered into the room, still half asleep and yawning a lazy good morning. Anna sat her down and put the kettle back on, and returned shortly with a large mug of black tea for the Irish woman.

A few minutes of silence passed, until Mary finally piped up. "Why are you all in towels? If you've left a mess in that bathtub I will not be happy now. Jack were you making a mess in there?" At this the room erupted into laughter, with Jack promising he had not left a mess behind, while he place a kiss on her cheek. Mary blushed, surprisingly given the events of the prior evening, but took it all in good nature. Laura sloped in to the room complaining of the noise at this point, and again Anna played Mum and organised tea for her.

Jack, Debbie and Laura left to go for the promised coffee and a chat, and they went to the nearby mall. As they sat sipping on their cappuccinos, chatting about the forthcoming trip with the women remembering some last minute items to pick up, with Jack reminding them that Orlando is the shopping capitol of the US and not to worry if they forgot something. The two woman protested they had some more shopping to do anyway, and were all set to step away when up walked Audrey to a chorus of hello and continental kissing. Debbie and Laura made their excuses, with Laura giving a not very subtle wink to Jack as Audrey and he kissed on both cheeks.

"It's so wonderful to see you Jack. I wasn't sure I would get to see you before you went away." Audrey looked genuinely pleased to see him.

"I was hoping to take you up on those Italian lessons you offered the other day. Never know when a new language might come in useful." She smiled in response to this.

"That is true Jack. I spoke the other day to Julia about your trip to America. I hope you don't mind but she told me you would be near to Orlando. Well I have some news and I hope you won't be angry with me." Jack was puzzled and couldn't figure out what she meant. "I have cousins who own a restaurant in Tampa, and they've been at me for years to come and visit. So I took the bull by the horns and I'm going there in a couple of weeks time!"

"That's terrific. You can't be more than an hours drive away from where we will be staying, will you be able to visit?" Audrey smiled broadly and nodded.

"I'm going to spend a week with my friends Debbie and Laura on their holiday." She winked at Jack. "I asked them yesterday if it would be okay, and they could not have been more enthusiastic about it. But only if it's okay with you Jack."

He took her hand and smiled. "It's more than okay, and I now know that those two are experts at keeping secrets. They never even hinted at it. The villa is huge, we have plenty of space for you. I know you will want to see your family, but perhaps I can come and bring your friends to see you too."

"Miss Carlotta has approved my holidays and helping me with my holiday wardrobe." She giggled at this. "Your lady friends will have the best lingerie in all of Florida, and as for the bikinis... mamma mia!" Jack didn't know if she was joking or not, but figured he would find out soon enough.

They chatted further, and with Audrey having only left the shop to fetch coffee, she had to return. There would be no time to meet again before leaving for America, but Audrey left him with a long sensuous kiss that left him in no doubt that she was looking forward to seeing him there. He sipped at the remainder of his coffee while his erection subsided, and returned home.

Jack went home and had spent the afternoon packing and making sure he had all the essentials for his trip, albeit some of his wardrobe would be arriving the next day. He cooked for himself for the first time in an age, and enjoyed a meal and was just settling down to watch some tv when the door rang.

He opened it to see Julia standing in front of him, smiling and so he quickly invited her in. After quick hellos and enquiringly after Natalie, Jack asked what brought her to see him.

"We have a problem Jack, and it is about our girl. I think she might have feelings for you, and she is massively conflicted about what that means for her at work and in her personal life." Jack was briefly stunned by this news.

"I've always like her Jools, you know that, but I never ever wanted to come between her and you. It's obvious you have something special together, and I'd never forgive myself if I was the cause of that changing."

Julia visibly relaxed as he said this. "I love her Jack, though I'm not sure she thinks I'm being serious when I say that. I think I would fight to keep her, but only if she wanted me."

"I promise you I'm never going to come between you and her. But I do have an idea as to how we might help to resolve this, at least I think I do." Jack quickly outlined that he knew of a clause in the agreement that his legal representatives had the right to inspect the arrangements in person at the expense of the pharmaceutical company.

"I want you and Natalie to come and stay with us for a spell while we're over there. To be honest, I'm still a little concerned that they might do something unorthodox, and frankly I'd be so much happier if Natalie was there to look after me." He paused briefly. "You need to be there to look after her. I think we need to spend time in proximity to let her work this all out, and I'm certain she will see what a special person you are." Julia was tearing up as he said this, so he pulled her close and gave her a long hug.

"You'd do that for us? But what is she decides she really doesn't want me anymore..." Julia dissolved into further tears, so they took a moment. Jack sat her down, put on the kettle for the obligatory tea. After making and handing it over, with Julia clasping it with both hands, she took a deep breath. "I guess if we do that we will know one way or the other if we're special or not."

"Take from one who knows what special is Jools, you and Natalie have it, in spades. I knew it with Susan, and I know it's you two. Right now she isn't seeing that, but perhaps some time away to spend together will fix that. We all deserve time to work on our relationship, when was the last time you took a holiday together?"

"Two years ago. It's not as though she's not out, she just doesn't want what we have to come out st work. But let's be honest, I probably need to sort that out. I can't continue lying about how I feel about her to the world. I don't want to do that." Julia seems to have some wind in her sails again.

"You shouldn't be hiding anything. If that means a new job, I bet you could find work as a PA without any problem, you would be magnificent at that." She smiled at this, and for the first time that evening, they both were comfortable in each other's company again.

"You do this in your own time Jools, I'm not going to rush you. But I'm serious in asking for you to come and look after me in America. How will Natalie feel about that?"

"She's your lawyer first and foremost Jack. She will make it happen, and the firm gets a payment to compensate for her time too, so I think they'll be okay about it."

They leaned in and hugged once again, this time Jools feeling much more in control of the moment than she had when she arrived. "You need to confirm that you will come and when to expect you."

"You will know first thing tomorrow Jack. I told you that you were a good man, and I think you just proved it. Now I'm off home to talk to my girl and make love to her." He walked her to the door after organising a taxi, and giving her a kiss on the cheek, she left to go home.

Jack looked at the time and realised that he'd been talking for almost three hours with Julia, and was exhausted himself. He felt good about his plan, and called Audrey, asking her to expect a couple of clients for swimwear and to see if Miss Carlotta would let him give them a gift in addition to anything they purchased, which she assured him would be okay. He loved hearing her sultry voice on the phone, and fell asleep dreaming of her.


Jack awoke to a very erotic dream of him and Audrey making love on the Florida sands. He'd almost become accustomed to his morning erection, but it still was a surprise at how erect he'd become. He was also aware of feeling really affectionate towards Audrey, and wondered where that might go. For now they were on a busy nudist beach, surrounded by couples and other groups busy fucking each other. They were building towards a climax when the ground shook, and a thundering roar announced the launching of a rocket, thrusting up into the sky. It provoked orgasms all around them, with he and Audrey climaxing together.

Jack woke, a smile on his face until he realised his ejaculation was for real, and he needed to change his pyjamas quickly or else the sheets would suffer! He quickly showered and got dressed, as he had to go collect currency for his trip from the bank, and be home in time for the arrival of Alex. She'd made it clear not to be late, and he wondered if he would get to spend time playing with her magnificent breasts later that day.

Before 10am, his phone rang and he saw it was Natalie. "Jack, Jools and I have been speaking and she told me about your concerns. I think given the exceptional nature of what's happening, I want to make sure everything is right for you." She paused briefly while Jack acknowledge, however he could hear Jools giggling in the background, urging her to tell Jack the best bit.

"So what's going to happen is that I will be travelling out to join you on a Sunday, and yes, all right I'm telling him, Jools is coming with me too. We will be there for a week, longer if we think it's appropriate. It's all taken care of at my end. Is that okay." Jack assured her he was very happy, and listened to the good natured laughter at the other end of the phone.

After the call he got a text from Julia which seemed to consist mostly of smiley emoticons. He called her right back. After being told he was a genius for suggesting this, he insisted that she and Natalie go right away to see Audrey. "I promise you there will be plenty of time to work on your tan, so you have to go get some of the brilliant swimwear they have there." Jools assured him they would be there at lunch time.

Next he called Audrey and set up the visit for Natalie and Julia. After an excited babble in Italian from her, he asked to speak to Carlotta. He was on the phone for a few minutes, describing exactly what he wanted, which Carlotta assured him would be taken care of and hand delivered to him later that day. A few hundred pounds lighter once again (he wondered if he was due any sort of discount for being a regular), he set out and attended to his remaining errands.

He returned just before 2pm when he got a text from Alex asking if she could come over now, which he quickly agreed to. Ten minutes later and he opened the door to a slightly out of breath Alex, who was dressed in a blouse and skirt. "See, I can do girl clothes too!"

She came in dragging a large suitcase and a trolley bag. Jack organised some juice while she set up. Before long jack was trying on the clothes that he had selected, and the fit on them was amazing. He'd never felt this comfortable in clothes in all his life. Alex had also organised shoes, shirts, a couple of ties (which of course went brilliantly with his selections) as well as the boxer shorts, which were in silk and hand stitched.

The piece de resistance was of course the tuxedo, which had an accompanying shirt, bow tie and cuff links. He poked in the mirror and gasped a little. He did not recognise the debonair James Bond like character that was looking back at him. Alex smoothed out the jacket, and sensing the moment stood closely behind him and whispered "The names Spencer, Jack Spencer." He chuckled, then turned and hugged Alex.

"I look and feel amazing in this...how...how...how did you do that?" Alex smiled, at him and enjoyed the moment.

"It's what I do Jack, it's what I do." There was a lot of money invested in what he had bought today, but right now he did not care.

"You're a genius. I don't think I'll ever go to Marks and Spencer again." They both laughed at that, but she knew he was a very happy client there and then. Alex helped him to carefully pack his new clothes, making sure they would not be wrinkled or creased too badly. When it was all done and she was packed away, Jack wondered for a moment if she was planning to leave, and he was more than happy to have that happen.

Alex handed him an envelope. "Right. The damage is in there, but don't look at it now. You can send me an electronic payment later, but make sure you're sitting down first." Again both laughed, and the time shifted slightly.

"So do I actually have to ask you fuck me, or am I not giving you enough hints?" They stepped close together, her blouse showing an incredible cleavage, her skirt tight around her ass, but looking fabulous (as anything she wore did Jack thought), and they kissed. Perhaps a minute passed while they explored the others mouth, hands starting to roam over the others body. Alex's nipples were poking through her bra and blouse, and were mouth-wateringly appetising.

Jack could wait no longer as he fumbled with her blouse, when Jack stepped back, ripped it open with buttons flying around the room, exposing her cream bra, undoubtedly purchased from Carlotta's but even with the size of her breasts, looked gorgeous and supported her brilliantly.

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