tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMolested in a Cinema

Molested in a Cinema


Let me tell you about this little honey I had some fun with last week, It was hot and I had been sitting in the park with some friends having a beer in the sun, on my way home I saw this fine piece of ass walking into one of those little arty cinemas, you know, the ones that show all the foreign art films. And man was this bitch hot she was about 18 studious looking wearing a loose fitting summer dress, brown hair down to the middle of her back, big brown eyes, cute face, a nice tight ass and small perky tits that jiggled slightly as she walked.

Well I think the beer was doing it’s thing cos I had to have her, as soon as I saw her I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. I followed her into the cinema and brought a ticket, the film was some weird russian thing but I wasn’t planning on watching much of it. I got in a took a seat a few rows back from her, she was alone but I figured I better let the film start and see if anyone comes to sit with her. Well the film started and about 15 minutes into it she was still there alone, the cinema only had about 10 people in it all spread out, the closest person to her was 5 rows infront.

I got up and moved next to her, she didn’t really seem to notice, I guess she was enjoying the film. I pulled out a knife I carry on me and put my arm around her neck, she jumped and turned to me, then she felt the knife on her neck, I grabbed her chin turned her face back to the screen and whispered in her ear “don’t take your fucking eyes of the screen and don’t make a sound” she nodded and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

I placed my free hand on her neck and ran it down onto her shoulders feeling the smoothness of her skin, she closed her eyes and winced as I touched her. I ran my hand onto her breast and started to squeeze and cup her little tit, I told her how hot she was and how I would love to watch those perky tits bounce as she rode my cock. She had her eyes closed and I could see she was trying to block out my words, this just got me more horny. I put my hand down the front of her dress and cupped her naked tit, her flesh was so soft, I gently played with her nipples until they started to stand up, I looked around the cinema and seeing that everyone was engrossed in the film, lowered the shoulder straps of her dress so her tits were easy to get out, lifting her tits free I bent down and took one of those lovely hard young nipples into my mouth, I knew she was crying now as I could here little sniffling sounds coming from her. I licked and kissed all over her tits and sucked her nipples for about 10 minutes. I kissed back up her to her ear and whispered to her, “you don’t want to, but you will cum for me”.

Placing my hand on her knee I slowly traced up her inner thigh her dress gathering round my wrist as I got higher, closer to her pussy. I ran a finger round the leg of her panties and squeezed her thighs, I told her to open her legs for me, sliding the knife up her neck to re-enforce my command. She slowly spread her legs giving my access to her panty covered crotch, I ran my hand over her pussy paying particular attention to her pussy lips, making her body want more. I pushed a finger between her lips pushing her panties into her dampening pussy. “Take of your panties and give them to me” She swallowed hard and fighting back tears did as I said. I placed her panties in my pocket and continued to play with her now naked pussy.

She had nice puffy pussy lips big and well shaved, the flesh felt smoother and softer than anything I had felt before, she kept the hair on her mound but obviously trimmed it. Her pussy was radiating a warm inviting heat, as I cupped it. Running my hand up and down her crotch brushing her clit, she was getting wetter. I pushed a finger between her lips and to the entrance to her cunt, not entering her but just enough to get the end of my finger damp, I then started to slowly circle her clit, she was trying to fight the pleasure but her body wouldn’t let her win, she was breathing deeper now gripping the arm rests tears rolled down her cheeks. she was rocking her pussy up and down as I played with her clit, I pushed my finger into her now dripping pussy, quickly I pushed in a second and resting my thumb on her clit started to finger fuck her hard and fast, the speed and sudden shock of me entering her was to much and she came, gritting her teeth, gripping the arm rests her body shook as her pussy gripped my fingers, she let out a few faint moans before slumping in her seat, her pussy contracting in spasms every now and then as her orgasm subsided.

I pulled out my fingers and wiped them on her face “you little slut” was all I said before I left, leaving her dishevelled, confused and pantieless.

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