tagGroup SexMollie's Chambers Ch. 01

Mollie's Chambers Ch. 01


I want to tell you about the dirtiest girl I ever knew.

I think it was Hanif Kureishi who observed that the most arousing images come from moments of real experience; those erotic images conjured from our wildest moments of youth, relived in a moment of private pleasure. That's not to say that my sex life has become boring; that I rely on dull recollections from my past to colour my dull middle age. My experiences have been far from it. However, there is something about those days of excitement, of exploration, where anything seemed possible; and for a brief window in our adolescence, it probably was.

My group of friends in college was tight. We came from a small group of villages, where it was difficult to find a large number of people with similar interests. For us, it was music. Any opportunity to get together, plug into an old amplifier and rock out was good enough for us. We soon started to form solid bands, performing anywhere we could, playing for drinks, for nothing, whatever, the thrill it gave was second to none. For my friends and I, there was nothing else to do; and we spent as much time together as we could.

I remember a day at Mollie's house. We'd spent all afternoon in her dad's garage, thrashing out some covers. I was on bass with my best friend Ben on lead guitar and Mollie's younger brother on drums; Mollie sang like an angel and played a mean rhythm guitar in between rolling joints. She had an amazing voice, singing Skunk Anansie and Alanis Morissette. Mollie's dad had been in an old blues band in the seventies. He said we always played too fast, needed to slow it down, and smoke some weed. We always tried to take his advice.


I'd been into Mollie from the moment I met her; we were in the first year of college but we'd known each other for much longer; as far as I was concerned, she was perfect. We'd been seeing each other for a few months while playing in the band together, and I'd discovered she was much more experienced than she seemed. She had a body to die for. Petite but curvy, with a generous behind over a tiny waist and white, white skin with a powder-puff of well-trimmed red over her tiny pink pussy. Her breasts were perfect; a C cup when she bothered to wear a bra and her hair fell about them, red as her lips, with a slight curl. She had no tattoos, but she had a piercing in one side of her nose. She took your breath away.

The day had been hot. We'd been playing great, but maybe we'd gone on too long. To be honest, I'd been finding it difficult to concentrate. Mollie had been dressed for the summer in a short denim skirt, which exposed her long pale legs. To top it, a tight, thin lacy purple top bared her midriff. Through her shirt, you could clearly see the outline of her tits with; no bra, allowing us all to enjoy the movement of her breasts as she sang and played. Every now and then -- to be honest, quite a lot -- I'd catch a flash of her panties, purple and lacy to match her top, as she bent over to pick something up or adjust her amplifier. I was sure Ben had got an eyeful a couple of times as well; and I'd caught him staring at my girlfriend's tits or arse a number of times throughout the day. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife.

It was a well-known fact, and a bit of an in-joke, that Ben fancied Mollie too. He didn't make too much of an effort to conceal it. We were all close friends and, to be honest, I enjoyed watching them flirt shamelessly with each other. Mollie was such a tease. She knew how to keep us happy, and the competition made me want her like hell. In the couple of months we'd been going out, I'd taken every opportunity to get her on her own. It's safe to say we'd been fucking like rabbits.

We retired to the front room, tired and hot, with the house to ourselves, and settled in front of the telly. Mollie dragged a blanket down to curl up under while her brother went up to his room to play games on his computer. "He's probably wanking off to Lara Croft," Mollie told us. Personally, I couldn't blame him, but at that moment, I only wanted his sister.


So there we were, the three of us on the sofa, just innocently watching T.V. I was acutely aware of the closeness of Mollie's body to mine. I could feel her warmth next to me, and her oh so sexy smell never failed to give me a hard-on. The privacy afforded by the blanket was the only excuse I needed; and the sleepy breathing sounds she was making, her lips slightly parted and her hot breath on my neck, only spurred me on. I decided to ignore the fact that Ben was only the other side of her and slipped my hand into her lap.

We'd often sat in her room watching T.V and touching each other before, and she had always been more than ready to let my fingers wander to her pussy. This time though, she tensed suddenly, holding her breath for a second. I glanced around, but her eyes were closed and she made no effort to push me away. I looked over at Ben, who seemed not to be taking any notice. His eyes were fixed on the screen as I pushed my hand down between her legs. I smiled as she let out her breath, moving her hips slightly to push the front of her skirt against my fingers. Slowly, I traced my fingers over her crotch as my own jeans started to tighten, grinning to myself as she slowly wiggled her hips, letting her skirt ride up while I kept half an eye on Ben to see if he noticed. He didn't move. Either he was completely oblivious to what was going on right next to him, or he was hoping for a bit of a show.

Either way, I didn't mind. My fingers moved down over her panties and I heard her take a sharp intake of breath, her pussy nuzzling against my hand in encouragement. Gently, I slipped my hand underneath the thin material, brushing gently against her fine hairs and teasing slowly down the sides of her pussy before slipping ever so slowly between her lips and into her warm, pleasingly wet pussy.

All this time, my cock had been straining at the front of my jeans as I concentrated on moving my fingers slowly between her pussy lips, finding the sweet spot, and toying with her clit using the movements she'd shown me weeks before. I was aware of her hand nearest me still on top of the covers, the one on Ben's side underneath. Surely it should be the other way round? Finally she opened her eyes and looked at me with a look I'd never seen before. She was obviously turned on, but somehow tense. I gave her an encouraging smile and she leaned towards me to kiss me, moving her hand underneath the blanket towards my groin. Ben didn't move a muscle.

There is nothing so good as the feeling of a clandestine hand on your cock. The head of my penis was already protruding from the waistband of my jeans as she gently trailed the ends of her fingers over my glans and popped open my jeans. Slowly taking its length in her palm, my cock twitched in her grasp as she started to squeeze me, slowly moving down towards my balls and back up, brushing the head of my cock at the end of each stroke.

I'd never felt her pussy so wet, but I was struggling to get my hand into her pants in a comfortable position as she was kind of twisted away from me on the couch. So I decided I would use my other hand to reach over and turn myself into her body more. I desperately wanted to get inside her and make her come. Again, I looked over at Ben. There was no way he couldn't have known what was going on. Mollie's breathing had taken on a special quality by now, and there were some obvious wet noises coming from both our groins. Yet he made no movement or sign that might suggest he was aware. Come to think of it, he was looking pretty happy where he was.

"Dirty fucker," I thought. "Bet he'll be stroking himself off to this tonight."

I reached over with my other hand to get to her cunt.


In that moment I knew I'd made a mistake as the blanket slid forward off our laps. Mollie made a grab for it, but we'd left it too late as it slipped onto the floor. One of my hands went to my cock and the other to the blanket as I looked up to see Ben's face.

Something was definitely wrong.


For a start, it wasn't me that had sworn. It had been Ben, who was now reaching over try to cover his cock. Mollie sat between us, her skirt round her waist. She bent over, reaching for the blanket, while Ben and I on either side of her were leant over trying to hide our equally hard, exposed pricks.

Suddenly it all made sense. No wonder she had been tense when I had first started touching her. She had already had my best friend's cock in her hand. Suddenly I had a better idea of exactly how far their flirting went and realised I'd been a fool not to see it before.

I looked at Mollie. Her eyes were wide and she looked as if she was about to say something. I could feel the anger rising up in my stomach; a dark knot of bitterness; and was about to say something, but at that moment she kissed me. Her tongue was in my mouth, her body against me, the skin of my cock against her bare midriff. I kissed her back, confused but horny.

When she pulled away finally, I looked again at her face, her cheeks were flushed, biting her bottom lip and staring at my face intently, trying to read my expression. Fuck, she looked sexy, I'd never seen her so turned on as she was in that moment. Knowing she'd been turning another guy on just as much was horny as hell. She looked like a fucking pornstar, and what's more, was acting like one too. I couldn't believe it. I hesitated for a moment, my feelings still mixed, but then I caught my friend's eye. Ben had his hand over his crotch, watching us, but it was obvious he still had a hard on. At that moment, we both grinned. This opportunity would probably never come again.

I reached down and pulled up Mollie's top. Her breasts popped out from under her thin top with a satisfying bounce, her small pink nipples standing firm on top as I took them in my hands.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself there," I said, giving her tits a squeeze. She let out a little moan and glanced down at my still rock hard cock.

"You do too," she replied with a mischievous smile, grasping me around my shaft again. "You sure you're OK with this?"

To be honest, I wasn't sure I was but I managed to smile back.

"Fuck it," I said. "Always knew you wanted to really."

She didn't need much encouragement. Quickly, she lifted her butt off the sofa and hitched down her panties. I helped them off and threw them in Ben's face.

"Fuck!" He said, laughing. "Are they wet enough?" Then, he sniffed deeply.

"Why don't you come over here and find out you fucking pervert," Mollie replied.

Ben didn't need much encouragement and moved over to our side of the sofa. Mollie sat on the edge of the sofa, skirt around her middle, while I knelt in front of her between her legs and helped her out of her top to leave her top half naked. As I pulled it over her head, Ben came and stood beside her and, grinning at me, pulled out his cock, still half erect; so that when her head re-emerged it was level with her face.

"Hello!" She exclaimed and looked up at Ben's grinning face.

I can't tell you what I was thinking as I watched my girlfriend put her mouth around the shaft of my best friend's cock, but I remember that at the time I was too turned on to care. I could see she was really into it as she worked his dick back up to its full hardness. I remember that he wasn't quite as big as me, but thick and circumcised, so that as she worked her lips up and down his shaft it looked huge as it disappeared into her little red mouth. I watched, mesmerised, as she licked playfully at the head of his cock before taking it in one hand and moving her lips and tongue along his shaft.

"Dirty bitch," I muttered. She shot me a sideways glance, making her laugh and pull away for a second, retorting, "You love it you dirty fucker."

I laughed too as she went back to work, sucking my friend's cock slowly, looking up at him as he started to moan with pleasure.

"How does it feel to have my girlfriend's lips round your cock?" I asked.

"Fucking amazing," he replied. "Sorry dude."

I replied by standing up and pulling out my own rock hard dick, which by now was definitely in need of some attention.

"That's OK, I'm sure Mollie can make it up to me."

Mollie let Ben's dick out of her mouth with a little pop, a string of pre-come sticking to her lips as she did so.

"Think I can do two at once?" She giggled and took hold of my shaft with her other hand.

There was no doubt mine was bigger now that I was next to Ben, but he was still a good mouthful. There was Mollie, my first proper girlfriend, a cock in each hand and a devilish gleam in her green eyes. I watched in awe as she opened her mouth wide. First, she slipped the head of my cock, followed by the head of my friend, into her mouth at the same time. That was new. I felt my friend's cock twitch against my own as Mollie's tongue darted under my glans, eliciting the same response from me. I tried not to make eye contact with my friend and concentrated on how good Mollie's hot mouth felt around my cock.


Mollie looked up at me. "Have you got a condom?" she asked, biting her lip.

"Of course," I replied, knowing that ever since we'd been going out I'd kept a few in my jacket pocket just in case. I got up and walked to the hall.

From where my jacket hung, I could hear the giggling whispers from the living room of Mollie and Ben that I'd always dismissed as harmless flirting before. I can't say I wasn't jealous of their relationship. They'd always been close, and I knew Mollie told him things she would never tell me. Sometimes I'd been suspicious, but Mollie always made up for it when we were alone. Now that I knew the truth, I can't say I wasn't jealous. However, things had gone too far to back out now, so I was going to make the most of it.

I quickly grabbed a couple of rubbers and made my way back to the living room to find Ben down to his boxers. He had moved directly in front of Mollie so that I couldn't see her face from the door as I came in, but I could tell they were really getting into it. I tugged off my own jeans and moved over to join them again.

Mollie was wanking Ben into her mouth now at a slow rhythm, and Ben was moving his hips to fuck her face and moaning. My own cock had got a little floppy since my trip out of the room, and I could tell now was not the time to get in the way of my friend, who looked like he was in heaven.

Moving in beside them I looked down on my girlfriend, her eyes locked to my friends as she worked his cock like a pro. Her tits were jiggling ever so slightly to the rhythm, and below them, she was lightly playing with her glistening slit. As I moved closer, she took my hand and moved me towards her pussy, making Ben move over slightly but never once taking his thick cock from her mouth.

I grinned and leant down, pausing over her puff of ginger at the opening to her sex to breathe in her scent, then moving down between her legs to lap at the juices glistening in between her slightly parted labia. I loved the way her pussy tasted, and I never got tired of licking her out, making her shudder under the slow movement of my tongue over her lips and clit. She pushed her pussy up to my face as I licked her, making me push my tongue deeper into her wetness. She laid back into the sofa so that Ben had to kneel beside her. She was giving little squeaks of pleasure now as I circled her pussy and slipped my finger into her. As her breath became shallower, I could feel little shudders run through her body as I finger and tongue fucked her pussy while my friend fucked her mouth.

Suddenly, she stopped sucking and moaned.

"Oh my God, don't stop!" she gasped as she pushed upwards in a spasm, burying my face in her sopping pussy.

Spasms after spasm forced their way through her abdomen and made her arch her back, forcing little cries from her mouth. I kept up the rhythm with my tongue until she suddenly pulled away and sighed. I looked up, watching the little aftershocks run through her body just in time to see her upturned face, eyes closed in pleasure, get the full force of Ben's pent up spunk.

"Oh shit!" He cried as he shot his load.

It was an impressive load too; he must have been saving it up because it went everywhere. The first hit Mollie in the face, but it continued to spurt into her hair. She'd closed her eyes, but it continued to jerk his cock as she tried to swallow the little that ended up in her mouth. It seemed to go on forever, and I watched, transfixed, as spurt after spurt of thick cum shot into my girl's mouth and dripped down her chin onto her perfect little tits. We were all silent for a minute until Ben broke the silence.

"I've wanted to do that for fucking ages." he said. Mollie smiled and licked her lips.

"Seems like it's been a while!" Mollie laughed and reached over for a box of tissues on the sideboard, wiping the spots of thick cum from her face and chest.


Between the smell and feel of Mollie's pussy in my mouth and the sounds of her slurping on Ben's cock, I was definitely ready to go, Hard and erect, I stood over Mollie as she cleaned herself up. Mollie looked over at me, and her eyes locked onto my swollen prick. She sat forward and grabbed hold of it.

"Do I get you inside me now?" She giggled, arching her eyebrows as she looked up from beneath my aching prick and resting it on her lower lip while teasing the end with the tip of her tongue.

"Fuck, yes!" I replied as I slipped the rubber onto my cock.

Ben sat back and watched as I pressed my dick against Mollie's wet pussy lips, moving it up and between them a few times as she lay back on the sofa with her legs raised up slightly to allow me a delicious view of me slipping slowly into her cunt. She threw her head back and groaned as I moved further into her, savouring her tightness around my thick shaft. Lifting her legs over my arms, I pushed deeper, raising her buttocks as I did so until I felt my cock pushing against her womb. Mollie let out a little cry and looked up at me.

"That feels so good" She sighed.

I looked over at Ben, who was staring, transfixed at my cock pushed deep into the girl he was clearly infatuated with too. I enjoyed the fact that it was me that was fucking her after all. Although I knew Ben had fooled around with a few girls, I was pretty sure he'd never fucked any of them at that point.

I looked down at Mollie as I started to pump deep and hard into her, watching her face as she breathed hard and rhythmically in time with my thrusts. Briefly our eyes met,

"Don't stop!" She gasped, "Fuck me hard..."

At that moment I could do whatever I liked.

I fucked her hard like that for a good while, making sure she knew what a slut she was. I was pounding her harder than I'd ever dared before, feeling the mini contractions of her pussy around my shaft as her body responded to my deep fucking. I leant over her, pinning her legs back as I did so that our heads were close and bit her gently on the earlobe the way she liked as she cried out softly with every thrust, biting her lip as she breathed, "Fuck," into my ear.

I knew I couldn't carry on for too long, but I knew I should make my point. Feeling I was close, I stood up again as pulled my cock from her pussy and pulled off the condom as quickly as I could. I could feel her watching me as I did it just in time.

"Oh yes!" I cried as I climaxed. The first jet reached her face as I wanked hard over her naked form, letting thick jets of cum fall onto her stomach and breast before, with a grunt, I pushed the last thick drops onto her neatly trimmed bush.

I looked down at my handy-work, at her cum-streaked body, knowing she could take no more fucking for a while. She'd be feeling me in her aching muscles tomorrow when she woke up. She may be a slut, but she was my slut now.

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