tagIncest/TabooMom and I in the Kitchen

Mom and I in the Kitchen


This story is real. It happened a few hours ago, and rather than think about it and keep it to myself, I thought I'd share with you a sort of diary of what just happened. I'll also try to update regularly if anything happens in the future.


I walked in the house from lunch with my dad. He dropped me off as my parents had divorced about five years earlier, when I was 18. As I walked into the kitchen, my mom was cleaning out some cabinets and drawers. She was wearing a light blue zip-up with a white top underneath and a pair of black yoga pants.

I could tell something was wrong, and when I asked about it, she told me she had a headache. She looked at me with her tired eyes and I knew she'd ask for a massage. She did.

She turned around and I started rubbing her neck as she described where the pain was coming from. I pushed hard so that she would have to resist a bit and so that I could really give her a good rub. She put her hands out on the counter in front of her and was in a bent-over position, almost as if I was going to be taking her from behind.

It was ridiculous. Without thinking, I started thrusting my pelvis. Not enough to hit her or anything, but enough that I started growing a hard-on. After thirty seconds of thinking what we'd be doing if we were both naked at that point, my bulge was pretty obvious. I should be safe, so long as mom didn't turn around.

And she didn't turn around, actually, but she did back up just slightly and bump her ass into my rock hard dick. Things then went from awkward to strange to amazing.

She reached her hand around thinking she must have felt something else, and she wanted to explore what was so hard. Realizing it was my dick - her son's dick - she pulled her hand back right away and turned around. I tried to cover my crotch with my hand somehow, but any way I tried was very obvious.

Oddly, mom turned back around and went back into the same position as she was in before and pointed to her neck to keep rubbing. I'm not sure if she just thought it was better to forget everything and not try to embarrass me or what, but she went back to normal as if nothing had happened. The next few moments of massage were normal, and my hard-on began to fade from the shock and awkwardness, though it came back immediately when my mom started pointing to her back.

She wanted me to rub down her back, that was fine, but now it's like I've got my hands on her back while I'm fucking her from behind over the counter.

I'm not sure where I went from here, but I remember my fully hard cock pressed violently against my jeans, and I thrust towards my mothers ass this time. I pulled away after one or two thrusts, and then she started pushing back a bit. I thought it started as if neither of us really understood what was going on, but it continued pretty smoothly for what felt like ten minutes but was probably less than two. I didn't know where to go from there, so I kept rubbing and rubbing, until my mom took it further.

She turned around and look at me, completely straight-faced, and said, "I've read what you want to do to me."

I of course put up a facade of confusion, knowing full well she had seen the stories I'd written about her on Literotica before.

"Burying your face in me, breathing on the sheets, I know about it all."

I couldn't say anything but, "Okay?" and hope that it all went away. Luckily, something better happened.

As if right out of a porn scene, my own mother stood up perfectly straight and took off her blue zip-up, not in an outrageously sexy way, but she kept her eyes locked to mine the whole time. I knew that once my eyes moved down to her body, I'd be officially caught thinking my mom was sexy, as if that wasn't obvious at this point. So I did it; I inspected my mom's chest knowing full well she was watching me do it.

She turned around and said, "keep rubbing my neck," and I again began doing it, but was very confused as to what was going on.

Almost immediately, we both began thrusting at each other, and I noticed my mom not only resting one hand on the counter, but another on her chest. I couldn't see if she had began to fondle her breasts, but I didn't care as I made my way down to the bottom of her back. I pushed off a bit and noticed her ass involuntarily come towards my crotch again as I massaged the small of her back.

From the front, she reached the bottom of her white top and pulled it up, signalling that I should massage her back from beneath it. I let my palms feel the top of her ass as my fingers made their way under the shirt. I could feel her bra strap under there while I massaged, and I rubbed both over and under it, not daring to try to take it off.

My mom was getting frustrated and I could tell she wanted this to go further and faster. She let out a few moans, more from frustration than satisfaction, and I could tell she wanted more thrusting, and probably fewer clothes.

She took the lead as she reached the top of her pants and pulled them down slightly. Only a few inches of her ass were exposed, but it was enough to give me the green light to begin playing with it. I began rubbing my mom's ass, and even took the liberty of pulling her pants down further. Everything was on auto-pilot at this point. Her pants came down to just above her knees and revealed the completely unsexy underwear she was wearing. It was totally sexy to me.

All I could think of at this point was that only one layer was between my mother's ass and pussy and my face. I crouched down a bit, and moved my hands around to the front of my mom's legs, right around her knees. I felt her knees buckle a bit and I didn't bother with any foreplay-like pleasantries. I buried my face in the crack of her ass, but was still blocked by her panties.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her panties, and pulled away to see a wet mark I left behind.

"Oh that's right, you have a bit of a bum thing, don't you?" she asked, obviously remembering the stories I'd written about her.

"Mm hmm," I replied, "is that okay?"

Without a word, she pulled her panties down a few inches and grabbed the back of my head and placed it between her cheeks. I didn't figure my mom for liking a face buried in her ass, but then again, I didn't figure her for now to let her son do it either, so here I was with my tongue tickling my mom's ass cheeks.

I tried to reach down to her pussy with my tongue, but couldn't get there no matter how I strained. She wasn't bent over enough, and frankly, I wasn't going to tempt fate by changing any part of the situation.

Then again, I did get up and make a pretty bold move. As I stood up, my hands smoothly slid underneath my mom's shirt and cup her breasts. She placed her hands over mine as we rubbed them together. She reached around to take her bra off, and as she did, I realized I was cupping my mother's natural, full breasts.

She turned around, still wearing her top at this point, though her nipples were poking through and very visible, and reached out for my cock.

She turned back around and said "put it inside me."

I did exactly that. I undid my jeans, pulled them down along with my boxers, and as my mom began to bend over, I saw a finger reach through her pussy. Her finger was glistening already, and I thought that I needed to feel exactly what that was like. I reached out a hand on her ass, and slid my thumb between her cheeks and to her lips. They were soaking wet, and I was a total rock between my legs. I pulled my hand away and guided my cock and her ass together, as I buried my dick into my own mother's pussy.

It was fantastic. We began thrusting, but now, she was half naked and I had my cock buried inside her. It didn't last long as I was extremely horny (fucking your own mother does that to you), and I came within about a minute or so. I could tell that she had climaxed at that point as well, and I fell on top of her, my now soft penis still inside her as we both were callously out of breath.

We both let out a few sighs of "oh my God" and began to put our clothes on. We went to separate rooms and haven't really seen each other since.

I'm excited and terrified at what will happen in the next day or so as we spend time together. Part of me wants to openly masturbate in my room so that she can see me. I feel like that would be the best way to see if she wants this to happen again or not. If she sees me and ignores it, then maybe we'll be able to just be naked in front of each other, perhaps fuck whenever we please, or just be okay with it. If she says not to do that in front of her, it might be a different story. Of course, she might say that I don't need to be doing this to myself anymore and I can simply come to her whenever I'd like some relief.

Thankfully, my brother has moved out and it is only my mother and I in this house now, so with any luck, I'll be able to have my way with my mom on a regular basis.


My plan is to update this story with new chapters if anything happens, as I truly hope it does. I haven't technically even seen my mom's pussy or tits yet, though my fingers taste good as I'm writing this. I really think I'll just "randomly" have a boner every time I'm around my mom now, knowing that I've done what I've done at this point. Let me know what you think so far and what we should try next, assuming I'm given the chance.

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