tagIncest/TabooMom and Son Together

Mom and Son Together


Fifteen years of marriage had come and gone and then six more years and my son was about to graduate from University at last. It was time too for child support to my only to come to an end. It was that painful six years after the divorce was final that had tried me well.

My son had lived with me afraid to leave and attend University elsewhere and leave Mom alone. In that time I hadn't dated and yet I'd longed for male attention and even a night or two of naughty.

It all started one morning while fixing breakfast. I'd done as I always had. It was probably not proper for a Mom to get up and run around the house the way I had but it had been this way since shortly after we'd married. My husband had insisted on me preparing his breakfast wearing a shorty gown that barely covered my ass and he wouldn't let me put on anything under it. He'd always insisted that I turned him on this way and he needed the boost to start his day.

Even after our son was born and I'd suggested dressing more modestly my husband had refused. He told me that kids should get used to seeing their Mom undressed and even occasionally see him that way too. He said that it would be healthy for them. And so I'd bought several shorties that I was still wearing even though a few had gotten too worn and had to be tossed out.

On the particular morning when it started I was in the kitchen dicing a cantaloupe for our breakfast and had just made some batter for pancakes. I was standing at the sink as I worked and then I felt my son's presence behind me as he leaned down and kissed my neck while saying good morning. He always did this and I'd become accustomed to it too but when I turned to kiss his cheek I was caught by surprise because he was totally nude and sporting the erection of an excited man.

I was used to him running around in his briefs while he had breakfast and before he took his morning shower. I'd also seen him aroused more than a few times beneath the briefs and considered it normal for a growing young man. My husband too had always sported morning wood as he'd called it.

I was also aware that my son masturbated but presumed that too was normal. I'd first seen him doing it years earlier in a bathtub filled with bubbles from using my bubble bath. I couldn't see him actually but could tell by the way his arm moved and the way he held his head that he was doing it. Even later on a few occasions when I'd passed his room in the morning and he'd left his door open I'd noticed it and even one time I'd watched with fascination knowing he had no idea I was observing.

But now as I glanced down I noticed that he was even larger and longer than his Dad has always been and his Dad was big.

I was shocked for a moment and then looked into my son's eyes and said "You really shouldn't run around like that. Where are your briefs?"

He looked at me innocently without trying at all to hide it and said "That's what I was going to ask you. I guess they're all in the clothes hamper. I can't find any clean ones to wear."

That's when I realized I was a day behind in the washing but I hadn't realized he had so few pair of them.

I suppose I felt ashamed or should feel that way but I didn't. I glanced down again at it and said "You need a girlfriend to take care of that for you. Go slide some jeans on."

I turned back to what I'd been doing and assumed he'd head back to his bedroom but all was quiet and then he said "What about you Mom. Shouldn't you have a boyfriend to take care of your needs too?"

I blushed and said "That isn't something a boy should talk to his mother about." and continued working without turning.

Another long moment passed and I was still aware of him aroused the way he'd been when suddenly he stepped up slightly to my side and still behind me as he kissed my neck again. This time however he reached around and took the hand I'd been holding the melon with and pulled it to my side and behind locating it over his man-sized erection.

"Touch it for me Mom. Please? Close your hand around it."

I know I should have said or done everything differently but I'd become even more instantly aroused and my hand closed around it before I even knew it was happening.

It felt good and I didn't want to release it but instead I wanted to do everything with it.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?" I asked. "Do you even know anything about sex?"

"I've seen pictures and videos of it and we studied it some in a class long ago." He whispered throatily.

"Pictures and videos aren't the same thing. Do you even know how many kinds of sex there are?" I said defensively while still too aware of what I was holding.

"Do you mean how many positions?" he asked almost shyly.

"No. I mean how many types." I repeated.

"Well I guess I've heard of anal and oral sex as well as the regular kind." he said innocently.

"And what kind are you interested in?" I felt stupid asking him of it.

"I guess all of them but I guess I'm not certain." he said but before I could go on he was kissing me full on the mouth.

I was startled but then I suppose my long years of denial rose to the surface and I was kissing my own son back. He forced his tongue between my lips and I returned it. He was like a young animal as his hand found my naked breast under the gown.

His hand felt good and I couldn't bear to push it away. I suppose that's when I first realized that my hand had slipped upward with my thumb now moving across it's head and it felt good.

I felt the wetness already grown and my insides in turmoil. I knew I had to stop but couldn't.

"You must always take precautions." I told him breathlessly.

"Aren't you on the pill Mom? I've seen you take them even though Dad hasn't been around for a longtime." he said and began another long kiss.

When finally the kiss ended and my tongue had been stretched to its limit I think I told him that I'd meant he should take precautions when he was with any girlfriend.

He looked disappointed and said "I haven't found a girl like you Mom." and it made me feel good almost giddy.

"Perhaps you should learn something to appease this." I said and pressed my thumb harder against him. "Do you want to masturbate?" I asked.

"It doesn't do any good Mom. When I see you in the morning or coming out of a shower I just want to do something." he said.

I hadn't realized he'd ever seen me in the shower but then I guess I'd not been any more careful than he'd been in the bathtub.

I was beyond now and pushed him back toward the kitchen table without releasing him. He took the steps back until he was against the table and then I told him to sit on the table.

He did as I'd told him and I pulled a chair over and sat in front of him.

"I'm going to help it but I don't want you to think this will ever happen again." I told him and leaned over as I moved my thumb and then kissed it's head. In another moment my tongue was busy and I tasted the first fruits as they seemed to boil out at his tip. I was beyond help or resistance now and in moments with the taste still on my tongue I was taking him into my mouth.

It was like a sudden revelation of pleasure as his head filled my mouth and I worked it with my lips and tongue.

I was out of breath when I finally pulled away. I'd been so excited that I hadn't been breathing. I explained then "Girls like to feel a man's response to what they're doing. They like to feel you moving and your hands on their head or in their hair guiding and controlling them. We like to feel you losing control." I said without realizing I'd shifted from 'them' to 'we'.

When I was driven on again I felt his hands gentle at first but then he moved and in a moment he must have heard me moan because he managed to take control and I felt his body eager and working for more. His hands twisted and guided me and in another moment with supreme force it seemed he drove past the back of my mouth and into my throat.

It was perfect and I could feel his pulse on my lips and tongue as I swallowed again and again and he began long full strokes again and again and deeper than I'd ever felt. It was like sunlight breaking through clouds or going to the mailbox and finding a long wanted letter had at last arrived when finally I felt his warmth deep in my throat. He couldn't stop moving until finally his last had been released and then his hands released me and he slumped back on the table.

I suppose I'd been famished for it all and been needing it so long that I was overcome too but I managed to finish draining him and cleaning it completely.

Then I didn't know what to do and closed my eyes, turned my head to great gasps of air and leaned my head against his inner thigh. In moments I was feeling ashamed and couldn't believe I'd just done this with my own son. I'd never be able to face him again.

I was out of it until I realized he was calling me "Mom. Mom. Are you okay Mom?"

When I nodded without looking into his eyes he said "That was perfect Mom. I never felt better. Thank you for doing it for me. I hope I didn't hurt you Mom." and sounded as if in alarm.

I shook my head signaling that I was okay and he hadn't hurt me then he was climbing off the table and instead of helping me to stand he picked me up and carried me through the house to my bed.

"Mom can a guy give a girl oral too?" he shyly asked

"Of course. Why?" I asked even though I knew where this was going and I'd always wanted but never received before even from my Ex.

"I want to do it Mom. Would you show me how?" he asked with a red face.

I was instantly aware that I shouldn't and yet I was so intrigued with his interest and the look on his face while at the same I guess I wanted it as much as he did.

I spread my legs wide and then reached down and spread my lips. "Do you see this?" I pointed and asked then when he nodded. I continued "This is where you start. You can tease it with your hand or with the head of your erection by rubbing it but it is also the center of initial excitement for a woman. You can suck on it or lick it or even both but then do you see how wet I am?"

He nodded and I went on "You can also lick all of this and when you get way back here..." I shifted my finger and spread my entry. "This is where intercourse begins. You enter it with your tongue in oral or with your erection during intercourse."

He didn't wait for me to continue but lowered his face to me and a moment later I felt his tongue. He licked me thoroughly then glanced up and smiled. "I like it Mom." he said and continued. When his tongue hit my clit I almost exploded. It gave me the feeling I'd always known a tongue might but then it was even more than I'd expected. My legs closed automatically against his face and I had to fight to separate them. His tongue continued and then I felt him sucking it and when his tongue hit it again. I climaxed hard and a moment later I grabbed his head and began grinding it into his mouth and face.

When he pulled away he was laughing and said "You really like that Mom! I can tell and I want to do it more." as he dove in once more.

I don't know how long it went on and he didn't mind my thighs squeezing him so tightly even though I fought to keep them open for him. His tongue was magic and when he moved his hands to my ass and pulled it closer I was lost in it all. I didn't want any of it ever to end.

He must have been curious because when he did release my clit he licked downward and laughed at how wet I was again. This time he stopped and slid his tongue into my entry and worked it. My entry muscles responded. It had been so long since anything except my fingers or my dildo had entered me that I couldn't resist. He moved his fingers to it and spread it open so that his tongue could enter deeper and then began licking and working his tongue. I responded but apparently he wanted more because he stopped and asked where it would feel best.

My Ex had hit it with his erection a few times accidentally but never labored it. I was partly to blame because I never insisted more on hitting it but now I explained to my son where it was and that it took some pressure with his fingers or his tongue to excite it.

He didn't waste time with his fingers but immediately inserted his tongue and curled it forward and began tapping, pushing hard against it and stroking it with the flat of his tongue. It seemed almost instantly that I felt it rise and begin. The most powerful orgasm of my life swept through me and seemed to roll out then roll back again and again. I'd never climaxed that hard or that long and my fingernails dug hard into his scalp but he didn't resist or stop.

When it had passed I knew another could be following right away then when he pulled back and smiled at me he said "I liked that Mom. I could tell too that you liked it. I think you scratched my head but it was fun. I want to do that a lot for you." It went on for over an hour then his face was flushed and wet when finally he let me rest. I didn't think I'd ever be able to climax again. I was exhausted and ashamed at what I'd let happen.

"Mom can we do some more?" he was asking as he released my ass and stretched his arms.

"What do you want?" I said amazed at his persistence.

"I want to do what you do with that thing in your drawer Mom." he said.

"What thing?" I asked without suspecting what he'd meant.

"This thing." he said and reached into my drawer and withdrew my dildo. It was a huge man shaped penis I had to use to get to sleep most nights. Somehow he must have seen me or found it but I didn't know how.

"Do you mean..." I started and shook with shame.

"Yes Mom. It's okay. I think I know how to do it." he said with a smile then in a moment he was on top of me and his hands were busy. He found me and pushed in hard. I stopped him and explained that he couldn't just do that but had to work it in a little bit at a time.

"Okay. I think I know what you mean." he said and began short easy strokes but continued to go deeper and deeper as he worked.

I reached up and grabbed his ass and as he bottomed I pulled him tight against me. I'd never felt so completely filled before in my life and it had all of my attention now. I wasn't thinking any shame at all. I wanted more and everything he could give me right then.

He pulled my nightgown up to my chin and his hands worked my nipples as I watched his eagerness and slowly began to urge him on. I knew it was wrong in so many ways. Incest isn't something the public accepts and yet I also knew that somehow I'd rationalize it all in my mind. I couldn't get pregnant, we both enjoyed it, I was teaching him, we had no other to hurt and above all, perhaps, we loved each other even if in a familial way.

I'd never gone through the emotions or even the motions of what we'd already done and now it was culminating in feelings I'd always needed to experience. I'd forget of him as my son and only as my necessary lover.

It was incredible. He was huge and dominating as he rewarded me with intensity and adepth I'd never known and with a passion I could only have dreamed of before then.

"Talk to me Mom? Talk naughty to me." he asked in his deep throaty whisper.

"Fuck me hard! Give me your huge Dick! Show me what you can do to me. Pinch my tits but most of all pull my ass up hard against you while you're screwing me. I want to feel you slapping into me and listen as your balls pound against me. Most of all I want you to empty your balls. Fill me with your cum! Fuck me Honey." I said surprising myself in language and words I wasn't even aware I knew or could use and I did it all without shame.

He was sweating profusely but then so was I when suddenly he climaxed and held it deep within me. It felt good and I worked my hips as I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled myself up even tighter against him. I felt his cum squeezing around his manhood and up to run down into my ass. We remained wrapped together until finally I felt him growing soft and then popping out and he rolled onto his side looking at me.

"Was it okay Mom? I couldn't stop from doing it but I felt it coming and it felt good. I didn't know it could feel this good Mom." he managed to say and was growing shy again.

"It was nice sweetheart. You made me feel things I thought had died. But we have to talk about all this." I said hesitantly and knowing what I should say but really not wanting to follow through.

"What do you want to talk about Mom? It was great and you are so beautiful naked." he said innocently as his fingers teased my still rigid nipples. I was far overweight and I knew it but I'd forgotten it temporarily now it was flooding back threatening to drown me but even more and stronger was the lack of shame I felt but knew I should experience. It was mandatory that I had to stop it and make certain it never happened again but my body was crying for it and I felt would continuously demand it.

I explained the problems and the 'wrong' associated with incest and I held him as he seemed disconsolate with me. I insisted it wasn't acceptable for us ever to do this again. He tried to argue that there was nothing wrong with it and that we both enjoyed it and there was nothing wrong with it. He said we weren't hurting anyone else and we both needed it.

I understood but knew I had to be firm even though I'd somehow allowed it all to happen.

As he left me to shower and get dressed I lay quietly in bed thinking and remembering while feeling my shame.

I'd covered myself with a sheet and tears had my face wet when he came in and apologized then left quietly. Moments later I heard his car start and he left.

My day was miserable in so many ways and yet I somehow lived through it all and dreaded the moment when he came home and I had to face him again.

That evening he returned, kissed my cheek and asked what was for dinner. He seemed a little sad but also seemed resigned to the issue and I was grateful.

Three more mornings passed normally and then the fourth he was back and kissed my neck again. Again he was naked and sporting huge morning wood and I tried to admonish him but the moment I turned to express myself forcibly he had my hand again and brought it back to that same position that had started everything.

I was lost even as I tried to explain again that we couldn't do it and that we shouldn't do it... but we did and it was even better than the first. He tasted good and filled me everywhere and we spent that day almost entirely in bed together. His body was beautiful and his erection endless it seemed. Even when I tried to outlast it by pleasuring him again and again it kept returning.

I suppose I'd given in and already accepted the way things were and that they would continue and couldn't keep my hands, mouth and pussy from him. He'd even taken me different ways and I was beginning to get physically sore from his constant attention to my body but he always seemed to ease any pain I was feeling. He wanted my body and used it but he continued to adore me as much as I did him. I spent hours studying him and his body and at moments deliberately began teasing him. We spoke naughtily and each time ended with more sex. I suppose he taught me a few words I'd heard but never used but found myself begin using them freely with him. He liked my oral attentions and when I licked his balls or sucked his length he would place a hand on my head even as he talked. I'd never before felt happier or more comfortable about pleasing someone.

Things progressed this way for weeks and we shared the same bed waking each morning to the pleasures of a couple but then he came home one weekday and told me he'd been offered a very good job a couple of hundred miles away upon graduation. It came flooding back to me. He would be graduating in less than a month and moving away to begin his own life. I felt crushed and yet did all I could to pretend otherwise.

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