Mom Entertains at Sleepover

byGeorge VI©

When the song ended, an up-tempo track with a Latin beat blared though the tiny speaker. Jackie released her son, and started dancing by herself. "Who wants to dance with me fast?" None of the boys took the opportunity. They
were satisfied to sit back and watch Jackie dance before them. Jackie couldn't resist putting on a show for her teen audience. She wiggled her hips as much as she could, bouncing high. Jackie's large braless breasts flopped noticeably under her tight cotton nightshirt, her nipples still sticking out. Her bare thighs jiggled as Jackie
spread her legs and lifted her knees. Jackie felt her breasts heaving up and down, and flopping from side to side, as the boys stared at them. Several of the boys were sitting on the floor, and appeared to be trying to stare up
her nightshirt. Jackie allowed the sleepwear to ride up high, and in no time part of her white panty crotch was exposed.

Jackie turned her back to the boys, and wiggled her hips back and forth as fast as she could. Her ass flesh rippled and shook under her panty lines. Her nightshirt had ridden up in back also, and the boys could see part of her white
panties, and even some bare ass flesh. With all of the boys having previously put their hands under her panties, they had bunched up nearly to her crack, and now much of her bare ass was exposed. Even though it was winter, her
mounds were still noticeably whiter than her legs. Jackie looked back at the boys, smiling while watching them stare at her shaking butt. She put her hands on her sides, and slowly slid her nightshirt up farther, and soon it was bunched up almost to her waist. She stuck her ass out at the boys, causing her panties to ride up even further. Her ass flesh shook and rippled as she did everything she could to make it move.

Chuck and Steve couldn't help cheering Jackie on, yelling "Alright," and "Go, Mrs. Stuffer!" Others joined in, whistling and shouting, "Yeah!"

Jackie turned around and faced the boys again. Her moist crotch had caused her panties to stick to her pussy mound, and slid right up into her pussy lips, giving her crotch a "camel toe" appearance. Little tufts of brown pubic hair
stuck out on both sides of her panty crotch. Jackie grabbed the hem of her nightshirt with both hands and lifted it up to her navel, allowing view of her entire panties. She continued to dance with a big smile on her
face, throwing in every sexy little move that she could think of. She slowly rolled her hem up higher, exposing her midriff. Dancing with her hem nearly up to her breasts, holding the material out, she was starting to expose the bottom of her breasts. Steve and Barry were
yelling, "More!"

"You want to see more?" the dancing mom asked.

"Yeah, MORE!" all of the boys, even the smiling Kevin, hollered.

Jackie slowly lifted the hem more, exposing more of the bottoms of her shaking tits. Her fists were under her tits, and she massaged her dancing breasts. Finally, with a big smile on her face, she lifted the garment higher, and showed the smiling teens her naked, jiggling, tits. The
boys erupted which cheers and whistles as their friend's mom held her nightshirt up to her armpits, shaking her chest at them. The milky white bags were capped with very large, and very dark areolas. Jackie's hard nipples stuck
out nearly a full inch. Jackie pulled the nightshirt up over her head, dropped it, and continued to dance topless. She leaned forward to let her tits dangle in the boys' faces. Then she stood upright, and bounced as high as she
could. She could see her own breasts fly upward nearly to her chin, then crash down again almost to hear waist, dancing from side to side. Jackie enjoyed shaking them around as much as she could, having little control as to which direction each breast would take.

The teens loudly cheered the older woman on.

"Go, Mrs. Stuffer!" hollered Chuck.

"Yea, shake 'em, Mrs. Stuffer!" bellowed Reggie.

"More, Mom, More!' added Kevin.

Jackie put her hands on her panty hem, and teased the boys by tugging on the sides, exposing most of her front, then pulling it up again quickly, sometimes exposing a blink of pubic hair. She slowly wiggled the panties down, and slid
them down her hips, exposing a thick triangle of brown pubic hair to her son and his friends. Amid more cheers, she thrust her hips in and out, grinding her crotch at them. Jackie turned around, and shook her bare ass in the boys' faces.

Jackie faced the leering, cheering boys, her legs spread, knees bent, fists in the air, elbows bent. She heaved her chest at the boys, alternately gyrating and thrusting her pelvis. Jackie's chin was up in the air, a big, open-
mouthed grin on her face. The flickering firelight cast a reddish glow on her jiggling flesh. The ecstatic woman looked into the teens eyes, overjoyed at their uninhibited looks of lust at her forty-one-year-old body.

When the fast song ended and a slow one began, Jackie stopped dancing and caught her breath. The boys cheered her and gave her a loud round of applause. "Whew!" said Jackie. "Well, should I get dressed now?"

"No!" the boys simultaneously shouted.

"Well, if I'm going to be naked, then everybody has to be naked. C'mon, guys, strip down!"

Steve and Chuck quickly ripped off their t-shirts. Kevin, Barry, and a reluctant Reggie soon followed. "That's it, keep going," coaxed Jackie. The four shirtless, slender boys looked at each other, then all simultaneously pulled
off their shorts, standing naked with raging hardons. "You, too, Reggie, please!" The chunky Reggie pulled off his shorts, and he, too, exposed a full erection.

Jackie emitted a genuine gasp at the impressive, naked teens. With an open-mouth gape, she marveled at the four slender boys' firm bodies that made their erect penises appear even larger than they were. And Reggie's unit was also a respectable size.

It was the most erotic moment of Jackie Stuffer's life: naked, posing for five virile teen boys, who ware naked and presenting their erect, hairy cocks, with big grins on each of their beaming faces, leering at her naked body, showing
their obvious pleasure in seeing the grown woman's nude form.

"My God, you are all real men! Oh, I HAVE to touch all of you! I'll let you feel me up, if I can touch you!"

The lads eagerly gathered around the naked matriarch. Steve was the first to put his right hand on Jackie's hip, and quickly run it up her waist, and over her left breast. Chuck grabbed her right breast. Reggie and Kevin each squeezed a butt cheek, and Barry rubbed his neighbor's
hairy pussy mound. Jackie reached down and grabbed the first two cocks she could get her hands on, which belonged to Steve and Chuck. She slowly stroked the firm shafts as the teens felt and jostled her.

While Chuck squeezed and massaged Jackie's breast, Steve played with her long nipple, pulling and pinching it. "Does that hurt?" he asked.

"No, you can be pretty rough with them," cooed Jackie. Steve yanked her nipple harder, stretching her areola. Chuck did the same thing. Soon both of the boys were lifting Jackie's big jugs by her nipples, shaking them up
and down. It did start to hurt just a little, but Jackie was thoroughly aroused by their attention and manipulation. Barry pinched her pussy meat and combed his finger through her long pubic hair. His index finger grazed her wet slit, causing Jackie to sigh. When Barry slid his middle finger into her lubricated lips, Jackie spread her legs, and grabbed Steve and Chuck's dicks harder. Steve and Chuck
each leaned over and sucked on her nipples and licked her breasts. Jackie took turns stroking all five cocks.

Jackie noticed that Barry was doing something strange. He held his dick in his free hand, and was rubbing the head along her naked hips and thighs. As the boys started taking turns with her body parts, Barry moved behind his mature neighbor, and rubbed his dick head over her bare
ass. Then he slid the head up and down the taller woman's ass crack, pressing his groin into her buns. Jackie wondered if he wanted to enter her from behind, but he seemed content to rub it over her body. "Barry, if you want to stick that somewhere, I've got a good place." Jackie slowly turned around and pressed her groin against
Barry's cock head. Barry grinned at her as he slid his purple helmet through her pubic hair, up and down over her dripping wet pussy lips. Jackie lowered her hips, and pressed the dick head against her swollen clit. Barry pressed forward more, and the tip of his cock disappeared
inside of her pussy lips. Thus Barry became the first teen to penetrate Mrs. Stuffer.

The other teens continued to feel Jackie all over, not even aware that Barry was inside of her. Jackie pressed forward, and felt the teen shaft slide into her lubricated slit. She looked over at her son Kevin, who was sucking on her right nipple. She put her hand over his head and held him to her breast, while his friend slowly slid his cock in and out of her. Jackie reached down and played with her son's balls and stroked his long shaft.

The other teens were realizing that Barry was fucking Mrs. Stuffer right in front of them. Barry was thrusting his hips in and out. Jackie had her legs spread as far as she could, and was meeting his thrusts. The angle wasn't quite
ideal, and Barry's cock wasn't in deep, but his shaft was making contact with her clit as it went in and out. Jackie was starting to pant and squirm. "Ohhh! Haaa!" The others kept feeling Jackie, but her attention was on her clit. "Ooooooh, Ohhhhhhh!"

Jackie suddenly felt Barry's cock squirt its warm jism into her pussy. "Ooh Oooh OOOH!" Jackie shuddered with her own orgasm, hanging onto Barry and the others for support, her eyes closed, her head spinning.

When Barry pulled out, Jackie sat down, panting. Once she had regained some composure from her orgasm, she looked up at the remaining four boys with their still-erect cocks. Jackie grabbed a sleeping bag that had been loosely stuffed
in the corner, and quickly rolled it out in the middle of the carpet. She lay on top of it on her back. She spread her legs wide, and smiled up at the boys. "Who wants to fuck me?" She never used the word "fuck" in public, but it
just naturally flowed from her lips.

The four boys looked down at Kevin's smiling mom on her back, her legs spread wide, her pink pussy glistening through the forest of hair, her big tits sloping slightly to her sides, but mostly piled up high on her chest. All four boys raised their hands and said, "I do!" But Steve was the first to kneel in between her legs. Jackie grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy lips. With a few instructions, Steve moved forward, and slid the full length of his cock inside his best friend's mom. He got down on
his elbows as Jackie whispered, "A little higher, honey." Steve got into the saddle, and pumped the older woman at a medium pace.

"OH, is this GREAT!" he grunted as he fucked Jackie. His friends encouraged him and cheered him on as Jackie wrapped her thighs around him, stroked his back and butt, and whimpered. As Steve got more comfortable, he stroked faster and harder, as Jackie's whimpers turned to moans,
then squeals.

Feeling the slippery cock penetrating deep inside her, Jackie was quickly reaching another climax. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oooooww!" She clamped her long thighs around Steve, gyrating her hips back and forth. She dug her fingers into his back. "UGG UUUUHHHHH! STEVE!" She had never had sex in front of anyone else before. Opening her eyes to see Kevin and his friends watching her, she lost all control, thrashing back and forth, almost throwing Steve off of her. "WOOOOO! FUCCCKKKKKK!" She felt Steve shoot his load
deep into her pussy. "UGGGGGG!"

Steve climbed off of Jackie and rested on the couch. Jackie lay on her back panting. She looked over at Chuck, who was sitting next to her staring at her naked body, his cock still stiff. Jackie reached over and stroked him. Chuck lay back on the carpet, and Jackie knelt between his
legs. She lowered her head down, opened her mouth, and took her former Sunday school pupil's stiff cock between her lips. Chuck moaned and laughed as Jackie slid her lips up and down on him. "God, what a feeling!"

Barry and Steve now sat on either side of Jackie on the carpet, reached under her, and played with her tits. "I can't keep my hands off of these!" explained Steve. Reggie knelt behind Jackie, and massaged Jackie's two ass cheeks sticking up in the air. He reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy before inserting a finger inside of it.

Jackie lifted her head, smiled back at Reggie, and said, "Reggie, why don't you fuck me from behind?" Reggie knelt upright, presented his stiff cock between her legs, and slid it into her pussy from behind.

"Ohhh!" moaned Reggie as he slid his cock in and out of his friend's mom doggie-style. He started to hump faster, slamming his full weight into Mrs. Stuffer, causing her thighs and ass cheeks to ripple and shake like Jell-O. Jackie moaned her approval as she sucked Chuck's cock, and
felt Steve and Barry groping her tits.

"Mmmphhhh! Mummmpphhh!" moaned Jackie as she got jostled around. She licked and sucked on Chuck passionately while getting her pussy slammed from behind. She started to squeal and convulse again.

Chuck mumbled something about cumming, and Jackie felt his warm jizm squirt into her mouth. The dick momentarily slipped from her mouth, and the next shot of cum splashed onto her nose and cheek. She regained the head in her mouth and sucked down the rest of Chuck's cum.

Jackie pressed her butt back at Reggie, and contracted her cunt muscles around his sliding cock. "OWWWWWOH!" she squealed, and thrashed around in the midst of another orgasm. She felt Reggie's hot jism spitting into her pussy as she thrashed about. Reggie pulled out of Jackie, and
she curled up on the floor.

Jackie pulled herself up from the floor, and sat on the couch next to Kevin. Kevin's cock was still hard. "Honey, are you OK?"

"Yea," Kevin said.

"Are you cool with all of this?"

"Sure, I'm enjoying it," Kevin told his naked mom while looking down at her tits.

Jackie put her left arm around her son, and put her right hand on his naked thigh. She gently stroked his balls with the tips of her fingers, causing his dick to spasm. Jackie wrapped her long fingers around Kevin's cock.

"You didn't mind me having sex with your friends?"

"No, it was cool watching it!"

Kevin reached up and massaged his mom's left tit. Jackie responded by stroking his cock.

"Did you want to have sex with me, too?" Cooed Jackie. Kevin looked up at his watching friends. "They won't tell anyone. Everything that happens tonight stays among us, right guys?"

The four other teens nodded an affirmative. Jackie got off the couch, and straddled her son. She lowered her torso down onto his lap. She aimed her pink pussy over his cock head, and let the shaft slide into her as she dropped down on him. Jackie wiggled into position, and kissed her son. Kevin reached around her, and put his hands on her ass cheeks. He moaned and smiled as he thrust up into his mom's pussy.

Jackie whimpered as she bucked her hips on him. She took his head, and held it between her breasts. Kevin buried his face in his mom's cleavage, then wrapped his lips around his mom's right nipple and sucked it. "OoooOOOHH!"
cried Jackie. Her moans blended with the creaking of the couch and the squishy noises made by the cock in and out of
her already-used pussy.

"Oh, Mom!" groaned Kevin.

"Uh, Uh, Oh, Kevin!" responded his mother.

Kevin leaned back and admired his mom's jiggling tits in his face as she bounced up and down on him. He toyed with her ass, thighs and hips, before he resumed suckling on his moaning mother's dark nipple. He had a hard time keeping
it in his mouth as his mom thrashed about, nearing another orgasm. Kevin couldn't hold out any longer, either. The two of them gyrated and bounced all over the couch, Jackie squealing, and Kevin sucking. Kevin shot his load up into
his mother's canal, as she collapsed on top of him.

After resting in her son's arms for a few minutes, Jackie looked back at the other teens. All were hard again. And Jackie was getting aroused again looking at them. "Did everyone get to fuck me?"

"I didn't," exclaimed Chuck.

"But you got a blow job," countered Reggie. "I'm ready again!" The others all announced their desire for more sex from their friend's mom.

Jackie pondered which one to take again. "OK, Chuck, lay on your back on the sleeping bag." The dark-haired teen did as he as told. Jackie straddled the lad, and slid her pussy down over his cock. While slowly humping Chuck, Jackie asked Steve to stand on one side of them. She
turned her head, and wrapped her lips over Steve's cock. She told Barry and Reggie to stand on either side of her, and she stroked their cocks and played with their balls.

Jackie moaned through Steve's cock as she sucked him, fucked Chuck, and jerked off Barry and Reggie. All were smiling and chuckling. Jackie glanced back at her son, who was sitting on the couch, his red, glistening cock still stiff, jacking himself off as he watched his mom and his
four friends. He was staring right down at his mom's asshole as she humped Reggie.

Kevin stood up, and knelt behind his mom. He slid his cock along her ass crack. The goosey feeling further aroused Jackie. She stopped humping Chuck for a minute, and temporarily took her mouth off of Steve's dick. "Kevin, can you put it in my hole?" she asked her son.

"Uh, I don't know. It looks so small." Kevin mumbled.

"Oh, try, honey, I've never had it that way!"

Kevin jabbed his slippery dick head at his mom's asshole. He worked it in circles, trying to force it in. As his mom grunted, Kevin managed to stuff his cock head inside her anus. From there, Jackie felt the shaft slowly work its
way into her anal scabbard. "UHHGG UGGG! It's tight!" she groaned, as her son took her virgin asshole.

Kevin also grunted, but once inside her, slowly humped her ass. Jackie felt like she was being split in two. It was a tight fit, tighter than any of the cocks she'd had in her pussy, but there was something about the cock pressing into
her that aroused her.

Jackie resumed her attention to the others. She again sucked Steve, stroked Barry and Reggie, and tried to get into a rhythm with Chuck and Kevin. It was awkward, her neck and back hurt, she had a hard time raising her arms to get to the cocks in her hand, but she was in ecstasy. Sweating between the five teen's bodies, she humped and
sucked and stroked as fast as she could. Barry and Reggie and Steve were all trying to feel her hanging tits. The cock in her mouth muffled Jackie's moans, squeals, and grunts.

Steve came first, spilling his jism all over Jackie's nose, eyes, and hair. As he pulled away, Jackie was able to get into a slightly more comfortable position. She emitted a series of loud, unladylike grunts. "UHHH! URRGHHH!

Reggie's cock shot cum onto her right tit, and dribbled onto her hand. Almost simultaneously, Barry's cock spit on her left tit and chest. Jackie released the two cocks from her hands, and fell on top of Chuck. Chuck and Kevin were
in a good rhythm as they fucked her pussy and ass. Kevin leaned over his mom's back. Though in some pain, Jackie loved to feeling of the two cocks inside her in close proximity. She felt like their two dick heads were almost touching. "UH, UH, UH, UH! HAARRGGGH!"

Jackie's long orgasm was dizzying. She gyrated and thrashed as much as the two lancing cocks would allow. "WWHHHOOOOOUUUG!" She felt Chuck shoot a load into her. And then she felt the new sensation of Kevin's warm cum shooting up her asshole. "HHHHHHAAARRRGGGGG!"

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