tagIncest/TabooMom Goes Down

Mom Goes Down


Sean was 24 years old but unfortunately for him, he was still a virgin. Shockingly enough, there was nothing inherently wrong with Sean...he just wasn't real comfortable around girls. It seemed like whenever he was near a girl, he'd say something stupid or start blushing. In short, he wasn't a real ladies man. As you could imagine, he was just dying to get laid. He had no idea however that he would lose his virginity to his mother.

Sean's mom, Bianca, was 55 years old but she was in great shape. She looked closer to 35 than she did her actual age. She was 5'3 and could probably lose 10 pounds but the extra pounds gave her body some nice curves. She had a 36D chest and although her breasts sagged slightly, she was sure to get a second-glance from young men when she walked around in a tight shirt.

Bianca was the ultimate prude. The only person she ever had sex with was her husband and lately their relationship had become strained. She had not been intimate with her husband for years and in line with her strict religious beliefs, she was completely opposed to cheating on her husband or even masturbating. Having sex with her own son was surely something that never crossed her mind.

On the fateful day, Sean was upstairs in his bedroom engaged in one of his favorite "hobbies" which was masturbating into his mother's bra. For the last couple of years, Sean had become enamored with his mother's huge breasts. He knew it was wrong and hated himself for doing it but what could be expected from a 24-year old virgin? He dreamed of sucking on his mother's saggy breasts the way a newborn baby would breastfeed. He dreamed of sucking on his mother's nipples and making her moan in delight. He loved to jerk his dick off into his mother's big cupped bra. After he was done, he'd imagine his mom's droopy breasts sliding into his dried spunk.

Just as Sean was finishing with his mother's bra, he heard car pull into the garage. He threw the bra back into his mother's dresser and ran downstairs.

"Hi, Mom! How was work?"

"Horrible Sean, it was the worst day ever. The pharmacy was crowded and you wouldn't believe these two customers I had, they were so rude and impatient with me! I wound up calling security to escort them out."

Bianca had no idea that these two men would make her life absolutely miserable in a matter of minutes. The two men, Ronnie and Walt, were brothers from a low-income family and didn't have much of an upbringing or education. People around town looked down upon them and Bianca was no exception. Whenever they came into the local pharmacy to pick up their mother's medicine, she was rude and short with them. On that day, it was not Ronnie and Walt who were impatient, it was Bianca. Unfortunately, the two brothers were the ones who got kicked out of the store.

After the brothers were tossed out, they waited in their old, beat up truck.

"Hey Walt, just once, I'd like to get even with that stuck-up bitch. Who does she think she is?"

"I hear ya, man. But forget revenge. I'd love to bang her. Those freaking tits drive me crazy. I'd bet she'd love having me inside her...I'd make the bitch's eyes roll to the back of her head."

"Damn Ronnie, I have an idea! Whaddya say if we wait for the snob to get off work and then follow her home! I could teach her a lesson and you could bang the hell out of her."

At first Walt was a little hesitant,

"I don't want no trouble Ron. Let's just leave her alone."

But after a few minutes, Walt was convinced. The two brothers waited patiently for Bianca to get off work and walk to her car. Their plan was officially in motion.

They were able to follow her home and pulled off into a side street so she wouldn't notice them. They waited a few minutes before approaching the house.

They angrily knocked on the door and Sean answered it, "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, is your mom here? She knows us from work." Sean went to get his mother.

When Bianca saw who it was, she started to yell and demanded the men leave but Walt and Ronnie weren't going anywhere.

Ronnie pushed the door open and busted his way into the house, Walt was not far behind. Bianca began to scream but to no avail; Ronnie grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth. She was powerless in the grip of the larger man. Sean saw what was happening but he was scared to death, frozen in his tracks. Walt approached him, gave him one punch to the gut and warned him not to move or his mother would get it. Sean laid helplessly in the hallway while his mother was dragged into the living room, kicking and screaming.

"Is it money you want? You can have it. I have some upstairs, take the credit cards too. Just don't hurt us."

"We don't want money bitch. We want to teach you some respect."

With that, Ronnie threw her on the couch and began to unbutton her white shirt that she wore for work. Bianca tried to get free but it was no use, Walt had her arms pinned down. Ronnie eventually got her shirt off and both men were nearly drooling as her breats were spilling out of her white bra.

"Damn, bitch. You've got some massive titties. I need some of that!"

Ronnie gropped at her enormous boobs through the bra and began to unhook it. Bianca was in tears. As the bra was removed, her breasts exploded out and sagged down to nearly her naval. Both men began to laugh at her enormous aereolas and nipples. Ron lowered his head to her breasts and began to suck on the monstrous melons. Bianca screamed louder this time, begging for someone to help her.

Sean was still lying in the hallway, scared stiff but eventually he reached his breaking point. He had to help his mother or at least try. He mustered up all the courage he had and ran into the living room, screaming at the two men. As he charged towards Ronnie, Walt leapt from the couch and punched Sean right in the chest. He went down like a ton of bricks. His plan backfired miserably. The two brothers were now furious.

"Look at that Ron, looks like the little boy wants to be a man. How about we help him along."

"Excellent idea bro, let's have momma help too."

Bianca had no idea what the men meant but she was terrified. Sean was dragged onto a chair at the other side of the room. Walt took Bianca's bra and tied Sean's hands behind his back. He used Bianca's white shirt to tie her son's legs to the chair. There he was, legs spread, hands behind his back. He was at the mercy of these two thugs.

"Come on momma, let's show sonny boy those kahunas you've got!"

Ronnie grabbed Bianca by the hair and dragged her over to Sean. The proud, religious woman was hysterically crying. Her boobs flopped all over the place as she was slammed down in front of her son. Sean was trying not to look but he was captivated by his mother's breasts. He couldn't believe how big her nipples were. The two brothers were aware of this.

"Look like the little boy likes what he sees."

Sean began to blush but it was no use, seeing his topless mother sitting in front of him was driving him nuts. He tried to keep his urges in check but his penis was becoming erect.

"What a little perv! Mommy turns him on. How bout that, mom! Your big ole titties are pretty popular. We'll give you a choice bitch! You do exactly as we say and no one gets hurt. You don't and then my hunting knife here meets your neck and then your son's. You understand!"

Bianca was terrified of the two men. She had no choice. Her husband wouldn't be home for hours and Sean was helpless. She gingerly nodded.

"Good choice, whore. Now, listen to me and Walt and you will be fine. Take the kid's shorts off. Do it now!"

Bianca edged closer to her son and pullled his shorts off. She felt sick to her stomach, so ashamed of herself. Sean was getting harder by the minute. When his mother was taking his shorts off, her wrist grazed his penis, he was losing control.

By the time his shorts were off, Sean had a raging erection. His face was completely red, the two men roared with laughter and his mom looked away in shock. Sean's penis was at least 9 inches long, she couldn't believe how large her son was.

Ron was now giving the orders.

"Looks like he's happy to see you. Suck on it mommy, or get cut." Bianca had never sucked on a man's penis before.

She refused to give her husband a blow job, the thought disgusted her. And now this trash was asking her to suck her own son's penis!

"Drop dead, you loser!"

Wrong choice. With that, Walt kicked Sean hard in the stomach. Bianca pleaded with the men to stop but they weren't playing games.

Bianca gradually lowered her lips around her son's penis and began to suck on it the best she knew how. She tought it would be best to suck as fast as she could, to get the ordeal over with. She didn't realize this was turning her son on even more. Sean couldn't believe his eyes. For the first time in his life, a girl was on his dick and it was his MOTHER! He stared down as her head bobbed on his penis, her saggy breasts heaving up and down. He was losing all control. He began to thrust his hips to meet his mother's mouth. Bianca was disgusted, she couldn't believe her son was enjoying this. Moments later, Sean let out a large moan, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and she shot several loads of sperm into his own mother's mouth. Bianca didn't expect it to happen so fast. She choked on her son's seed and began coughing violently. The two men only laughed harder.

"See bitch, we're not the trash. You are, sucking off your own baby boy!"

She knew they right, she was horrified with what she had done.

Unfortunately the brothers were just getting started.

"Ok, mom back away. Untie the boy, Walt."

Bianca slinked back to the center of the room while Sean was untied.

"Mommy got you off, now help her out, boy! Suck those fat cow udders!"

Upon hearing this, Bianca tried once last attempt to escape this hell. She tried to run out of the room but she was quickly grabbed by Ron and punched in the stomach.

"Do it again, whore and I will cut you."

Bianca fell like a ton of bricks and laid there, in tears.

"We better tie the bitch up. Put her in the chair, Walt."

Walt listened to his brother and tied Bianca in the chair. Ronnie noticed that the woman's massive nipples were hard as rocks.

"Damn, look at this, mommy's nips are hard. Did you like sucking on your son's cock.!"

The two men again burst out laughing. Bianca couldn't believe it. Her nipples were erect, she didn't realize it before. Sean was dragged in front of his mother and ordered to suck on her breasts. If he didn't, Ron told him he would slit his throat. Sean dreamed of this moment for a long time but he couldn't let anyone know. He pretended to hesitate but he was secretly longing to feel his mom's breasts.

Sean picked up the saggy breast and put the nipple to his mouth. His heart was racing. It didn't take long before he was sucking on those huge aereolas like a pro. The brothers were hysterically laughing at the shame this mother and son were experiencing. Bianca couldn't believe her son was enjoying this. She noticed that he'd glance at her breasts now and then and she even suspected him of being a perv but she never thought he'd enjoy something like this. To her horror, Sean wasn't the only one enjoying this. It had been years since her husband last played with her breasts. The sensation and thrill of her nipples being sucked and stretched were getting the best of her. She tried to resist, she even prayed for strength. It was no use. Her son was unmercifully working her boobs and she was lost in pleasure. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. After a few more minutes of her son working her boobs, she moaned lightly to herself. This proper woman, an upper-class wife and mother was giving in to this hideous incest!

Her low moans grew louder and she let out a large wail, "Oh my God!"

Sean was shocked, his mother thrust her chest outward to meet his mouth. She was completely lost in what was happening.

Walt and Ronnie were thrilled. Here she was, this prim and proper prude. The woman who talked down to them and his family all the time. Now she was the one who would be talked down to! Having sex with her own son and enjoying it. They decided to finish what the started.

"Sorry mom, that's enough. We know you liked that titty-sucking. But now, your boy will suck something else. Take off her underwear."

Sean knew he'd pay if he didn't so he slid the underwear from underneath his mom's fat, flabby ass cheeks. When he did, everyone was silent. Bianca had not shaved her pubic hairs in years. There was no reason to. She was not sexually active and did not mind have a hairy vaginal area. The amount of hair was mind-boggling. Her vagina was covered in a thick, messy bush and the hair ran along her thights. Sean looked in amazement as the two brothers mocked the woman. To make matters worse, the hair was glistening with juices; they had started to flow when Sean was sucking on her boobs.

"Damn, look at this bitch. Looks like Ms. Prude got off on that! Now let's see her get off some more. Suck her cunt, you perv!"

At this Bianca shrieked and begged the men to stop. No one had performed oral sex on her before. She didn't believe in it. No one had ever eaten her out, including her husband. The men only laughed. She struggled against ties but it was useless...as she did her large boobs swayed back and forth.

Sean knew he didn't have an option. He had no idea how to "eat pussy" and he was nauseated by his mom's pubic hair but he did his best. He lowered his head and began to slide his tongue in and out of his mom's slit. Bianca was almost immediately overcome. She did everything in he power to hold back her sexual urges but she was losing the battle. The two brothers hollered and yelled as the once proud woman's body began to jerk and convulse. Her large boobs heaved on her chest and she thrusted her face into her son's mouth. She was humiliated and disgraced but couldn't help it.

She was literally fucking her son's face. "OH MY GOD! SEAN! DON'T STOP! PLEASE!"

Her juices were freely flowing. Her son continued to lap at her pussy. Not only did her fear for his life, he was loving this. His mom's giant boobs heaving up and down, her belly grinding against his face. He was once again completely erect. The brothers watched the perverse scence a little longer and they decided to do one more thing to the pair.

"Ok, you sucked each other, now it's time to FUCK!"

Ron was thrilled with himself. He had humiliated and ruined this snobby bitch. Bianca felt dirty and ashamed but even so, the thought of fucking her son was still sickening to her. She eagerly shook her head, indicating no. At that Ron brought his knife out.

"How bout I just cut these fat cow udders right off! You're gonna boink that kid and enjoy it, you fat slut."

Tears were once again flowing from her eyes but Bianca nodded her consent. She was untied and placed on the floor.

She was forced to spread her legs as her son approached her. Sean had lost all resistance and self-control at this point. His penis was completely erect and he had a glazed look in his eyes, almost as if he wasn't there. He wanted his mother, badly.

As Sean put his the tip of his cock to his mom's overly wet, sopping pussy, the two brothers began cheering him on,

"Fuck that cow. Fuck that cow!"

Sean easily slid his penis into his mother's wet vagina. There was no question that he was enjoying this. He grunted as he forcibly banged his mother. It had been years since Bianca had been fucked but she refused to have an orgasm or enjoy this. Try as she might, it was useless. Her son continued to thurst in and out her cunt. She was amazed at how he filled her. After a few minutes, her eyes bulged open and she threw her head back.

She tried to muffle the sounds but it was no use, she was about to have another orgasm. "Mmmph, OH NO! OH NO! Ahhhhh!"

Her son had brought her to climax again. Bianca began tossing her head up and down and grinded her hips to her son's. She had given in again.

The brothers peeled Sean off his busty, fat mom and threw on his back.

"Now you FUCK him, cow!"

Bianca was a beaten woman. She had nothing left. Upon hearing the command, she reached down to her son's shaft and guided it into her fat, hairy pussy.

As she lowered herself on her son's cock, she licked her lips and let out a large wail, "OH YEAH!"

Ron loved every minute of it, he grabbed her hair and yelled,

"see you snob! You are trash, not us. You fucked your own son and liked it! You are a piece of trash!"

All Bianca could do was nod in agreement and begin riding her son's thick, hard cock. This proud lady; she went to church every Sunday. She was a virgin until she was married. Her she was riding her own son's cock. She grabbed his shoulders for leverage and began to toss her head back and forth. She rode wildly on her son. You could hear his penis sloshing in out and off her mess of pubic hair. Sean reached up to his mother's breasts and began to moan loudly.

As this sick scene was unfolding, Bianca's daughter, Julie was stopping in for an unexpected visit. Julie was 30 years old and had a similar shape to her mom. Julie was married with three kids and it showed. Her boobs were saggier than her mom's. When Walt and Ronnie heard the door open they flew into action. They immediately grabbed Julie and stuffed her mouth with her mom's over-sized bra. Julie was helpless against these two men. She tried to scream and began crying when she saw her own mother fucking the daylights out of her brother. Sean and Bianca were in a trance, they never heard the girl come in. Walt and Ronnie ripped off the girl's clothes and forced her into the living room. Julie's 42D breasts sagged to her waist and her immense sized 40 ass jiggled behind her.

The mom and son eventually realized what was going on. They looked in horror at Julie and Walt began to suck on her enormous boob. Ron spoke again, "ok mom and brother, you know the deal. Sex or my knife, which is it!"

With that, the humiliated, sex-crazed Bianca walked up to Julie and began kissing her stomach, making her way up to her boobs. Sean got behind her and rubbed his cock against his sister's ass that would give J.Lo a run for her money. Julie tried to escape and pleaded with them but it was no use. Her mom was soon on her boobs and her brother's large cock was making it's way into her vagina! Julie was becoming part of his forced incest!

Walt and Ronnie high-fived each other and sat down on the couch to watch the rest of the show!

Little did Julie and her family know that it was just getting started!

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