Mom Helps Me Use Her Sex Toys


Jenny braced herself for the penetration, but one of the things Jenny thought she'd llike about having sex with women -- slower, more giving, less hurried -- as it turned out applied to having sex with her mother. Melanie cupped her lotion-slick hands over her daughter's breasts and caressed them, massaging and pinching. A guttural moan escaped Jenny, and she nearly came on the spot. The warm friction of her mother's greasy hands filled her with heat. "Oh... Mom," she moaned.

With that her mother took the back of her head and drew her face to her. They kissed wetly, warmly, each groaning and slurping. With her other hand her mother caressed her boob, rubbing the nipple more erect than Jenny thought possible, pinching and mashing. "Mmm-- Mom," Jenny mumbled into her mother's mouth.

Wordlessly, Melanie moved her face down to the slick nipple of her daughter's breast and took it in, licking and tonguing. It smelled and tasted vanilla and had the lotion gave it a pleasingly gritty texture. Jenny's breath caught in her throat and she swallowed raggedly. Her mother moved to the other breast, her hands now around her ass, carressing, kneading.

As Jenny's head bobbed backward and her eyes closed, she gasped to feel a finger on her pussy lips. It stroked up and down, and found her erect clit. One little brush, a flash of lightning erupted in Jenny's head. Everything she'd ever felt welled up inside her and she came explosively, shouting "Mom... Mommy... Mommy!"

She blacked out, but it must have been only for a moment. She came to with her mother still poised over her. She kissed her again, their tongues dancing. Jenny's eyes blinked open as she felt the tip of the strap-on at her pussy. "Mmph-- MMmmm," she said. They broke their kiss and her mother eased the strap-on into her, filling her so completely. "Oh, gawd... MOM..."

"You were right, we didn't need it," her mother teased softly, kissing beneath her daughter's eye and beginning to slowly thrust in and out. Jenny wrapped her legs around her mother and met her thrusts roughly. "Shhhh," Melanie said, and Jenny eased up. "It's ok, sweetheart," she whispered. "Relax. It's Mommy."

"Mommy," Jenny repeated dreamily.

"Yes... yes, Jenny. Jenny."

"Mommy... Mommy... Mommy," Jenny whispered, in rhythm with each thrust.

"Jenny's Mommy's darling," Melanie cooed, stroking the strap-on in and out slowly but firmly.

Jenny was drenched with sweat and slick with lotion. Her breath caught again and she reached behind her mother's head, drawing her lips to her. "Mmmm," Melanie said, as they kissed sloppily.


"Yes, darling?"

"You're fucking me," Jenny whispered.

"We're fucking each other," Melanie said, her own breath catching.

They fucked slow and steady for minutes, cooing and kissing. Melanie laid her chest down on her daughter's, their breasts mashing, and she grabbed Jenny's ass. Jenny spread her legs apart from her mother in response and held them high.

Melanie massaged her daughter's tits, still greasy from lotion, with her own. Jenny bit her lip.

Soon enough, Jenny came in a torrent stronger than the last. She cried out, unbidden. "Oh, MOM... Mommy... oh, GOD... OH." Her mother kissed her, tongued her tongue, licked her face. Jenny slurped her mother's earlobe.

"Jenny, honey?"

"Yes, Mommy?"

"Can you reach the butt vibrator?"

She could and did. "Now, reach around and put it in my ass, please."

Jenny beamed and did. Her mother awkwardly used one hand to help. They turned it on, and slid it slowly into Melanie's asshole. Melanie closed her eyes and her chin jutted forward, her shoulders hunching with the new sensation. She began to work her ass and back and forth, churning the strap-on inside her daughter again. "Do you mind if I stay in?" Jenny thought she might cry. She shook her head.

Jenny held the vibrator and let her mother work her ass back and forth on it, which got them fucking again. But in no time, Melanie stiffened up and shit the vibrator out as a powerful orgasm wracked her. "Oh, JENNY. Oh, honey." Tangled together, Jenny's hands around behind her mother's ass, their sweat mingled and they writhed together, their friction hot.

Sweat dripped off Melanie as the orgasm passed wave after wave through her. Jenny kneaded her ass as she came.

They disentangled wordlessly. Jenny didn't think she could bear for this to end and face the awkwardness, so she quickly took hold of the strap-on and motioned for her mother to take it off. She did, and Jenny put it on.

"Can we do this sitting up?" she asked.

"I think so, but ther won't be as much touching," her mother replied. That was fine with Jenny just then.

They scooched together, facing one another, Melanie's knees over and around her daughter's waist and Jenny's on the bed around her mother. They guided the other end of the strap-on inside Melanie. Reading her daughter's mind, Melanie handed her the butt vibrator. Jenny lifted a cheek and stuck it inside, turning it on.

They held tight and rocked together, wave after wave of pleasure filling Jenny from the vibrator, the other end mostly teasing her mother. They panted and gasped, facing each other, Jenny's face screwed up with sensation, Melanie smiling dreamily. Soon Jenny came, crying out again -- she'd never been loud during sex! -- and collapsed forward, panting in her mother's arms. She had her mother lay down and negotiated herself on top of her, all without removing the strap-on.

"I'm fucking you now," Jenny breathed, pumping in and out of her mother.

"Ohh, honey. You fuck me so good," her mother growled. Jenny thought she might die. "You're a motherfucker," Melanie hissed. "Fuck Mommy."

They fucked slowly again, tangled up and caressing and kneading boobs, asses and faces. Their faces were just touching, and they looked in each others eyes as they fucked. They kissed and whispered to each other.

"I want to be inside Mommy."

"You are, darling. My darling baby's fucking me so good."

Melanie reached behind and grabbed her daughter's ass, kneading roughly. Her thumbs parted her daughter's asshole, and the pressure filled Jenny with warmth and joy. After a while she stiffened slightly. "Don't stop," she breathed, as her mother kneaded and pushed at her sphincter. Jenny grabbed her mother's head in her two hands as her orgasm mounted, staring, finally kissing her roughly as she came.

Her mother's breathing was still ragged as Jenny's orgasm subsided. She extracted the strap-on, and her mother whimpered. "It's ok, Mommy," she said, taking the strap-on off. She moved down between her mother's legs, and Melanie whimpered some more in anticipation. Jenny kissed her inner thighs tenderly. The teasing became too much.

"Jenny. Ohhh, Jenny, honey. Eat Mommy. Eat my cunt. Ohhh..."

Jenny's mouth massaged her mother's pussy, she sucked in and manipulated on her clit with her tongue. As her mother's passion mounted -- "Jenny, oh, Jenny, eat Mommy... eat Mommy" -- she penetrated her mother's pussy with her tongue, lapping her slickness and sucking the folds of her labia. Melanie exploded, screaming Jenny's name, wave after wave of orgasm sluicing through her.

Jenny drew herself up to her exhausted mother and caressed her wet, matted hair. They looked in each other's eyes, tender, glowing. Jenny kissed her mother, sliding her slick face along her mother's. Melanie inhaled deeply as their tongues fenced, her own pussy juices smearing her face. She licked her daughter's tongue and face, and Jenny sucked the sweat off hers. Finally they lay tangled together, cuddling and murmuring.

When Jenny finally dismounted from the bed, she asked her mother if she'd gotten her money's worth. Melanie smiled wryly.

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