tagIncest/TabooMom is Away Ch. 04

Mom is Away Ch. 04


Please read the earlier chapters for the background and how I ended up with the most sexiest women in my life.


Sam - I am 19, 5'11", toned body and short hair

Anu - My sister is just one year younger. My sister is about 3 inches shorter than me. our skin color is fairer than most Sri Lankans since my mom's father was from Italy. My sister has long dark hair that reaches her elbows and dark eyes that she inherited from my mom. Her thin waist ends with a butt that is the envy of most of my friends. Her hips are wide following the genes of most Sri Lankans and her thighs are nicely toned and in a pair of shorts they tend to drive anyone wild. Her breasts are 32 C with dark pink nipples.

Amali - My Aunt, 5 ' and is a 32C. Her hair is dark like my sister and has hair up to her shoulders. Her butt is smaller than my sisters and her hips are wide but not as wide as my mom's. She is more boyish until you get a glimpse of her chest.

Avanthi - My mom has dark hair which is cut to resemble a Meg Ryan hair cut in You've got mail. She is a 32B and has a sexy butt that I envy. Her hips are wide and she has this sexy walk that drives my friends wild.

We were happily into our family affairs with each lady having access to me whenever she wanted. We never dreamed of letting anyone else know about this and hence had to be careful when we went out to visit friends and family.

One day my mom took me to visit one of her friends. I met her once or twice when I was younger. Her name was Asha and she was close to her late thirties like my mom.

She lived down south close to the beach where she had a beautiful house in a place called Hikkaduwa. This beach is famous for its coral gardens. The one thing about my country are the beaches. It has one of the best beaches in the world and the dark well muscled beach boys that roam the beaches provide entertainment for ladies and gents alike. It was a three hour drive down Galle road with the most amazing scenery as the road snaked parallel to the beach most of the time. We reached my mom's friends place early in the afternoon.

We passed the big iron gates and drove up the path leading to her newly built house. The house faced the ocean giving it a view that was worth a million dollars. The door was opened by a young woman in a simple frock. She was a dark skinned beauty that took my breath away. Her hair was long, up to her hips and jet black. Her dress was tight showing off her fairly sizable breasts. Her waist was thin and her hips not too wide suggesting that she was young. We later learned that she was 19 and the niece of Aunt Asha. We were asked to sit and I almost had a heart attack when I saw my mom's friend climb down the stairs. She was gorgeous. She was dressed in a pair of long shorts that showed off her wide hips and her legs were nicely proportioned. Her bust must have been around 34c and her skin was slightly darker than my mom's. The best feature of her body was the face. Her eyes were dark and her eyelashes were long. Her eyebrows were fashioned to bring attention to her piercing eyes. Her mouth consisted of thick lips that were dark pink and full. I felt her eyes roaming over my face and then moving lower. My muscles were taut under the tight t-shirt I was wearing.

Then the eyes went over my mom appraising her in the same way. My mom rushed to her and they hugged and laughed like long lost friends, complimenting each other about how good they looked. I was next and before I knew it I was hugging Asha. I felt uncomfortable hugging her as I felt the length of her body cling to me for a while longer than was necessary. She appraised me again giving me a glimpse of her cleavage. My cock jumped a little, but was securely imprisoned in a tight pair of underwear.

I let them catch up and started to roam the front of the house looking into the sunset gleaming through the lazy clouds that seemed to sink into the horizon. The beach stretched for miles and the spray created a slight mist that seemed to have a magical effect.

There were a few foreign ladies who gave me looks of admiration. I acknowledged them with a gentle smile but made no move to approach them. After a while, my mom came out and called me into the house. I carried our bags and the young girl was there to help. As she bent to take one of my bags, I was presented with a rare opportunity to view a gorgeous pair of breasts nestled in a black bra. She smiled at me, realizing that she had given me an opportunity. She left me wondering whether it was intentional or not. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. I flexed my arms, quite unnecessarily over the bags as I picked them up and it was her turn to enjoy the scenery. I looked across at my mom and Asha and I realized that they were both aware of our little exchange. I felt blood rushing to my head, coloring my ears. The girl called out to me, smiling gently as her eyes devoured my frame and turned towards the staircase making her dress twirl, lifting it in an innocent but provocative fashion.

I followed the gentle sway of her hips up the stairs. My eyes followed the minute changes in her body. She moved gracefully like a dancer and the sway of her hips were making it difficult for me to concentrate on anything else. I felt a certain amount of sadness to come to the end of my climb up the stairs.

The girl showed me to my room and it had a king size bed. I must have blushed again thinking of the possibilities. How was I going to keep my hands off my mom, I wondered. I watched the girls' body absently as I considered the possibilities that lay before me. This gave me a hard-on and I was glad that I chose to wear a tight pair of underwear.

The girl whose name was Anusha, went to the window and raised her arms to open the window. I saw her silhouette against the setting sun and the material of her frock left nothing to the imagination. Her body was shapely and slim. If she sensed my gaze, her reaction didn't give me any indication. I wanted to rush to her and hug that tight little body and it was with the greatest difficulty that I stopped myself. But my resolve was short-lived. She half turned towards me tossing her long hair provocatively over her shoulders.

"Can you help me with the curtain? It seems to be stuck."

I didn't need a second invitation. I took a chance and moved right behind her placing my body so close, but not touching. I could feel her body heat and had this strong urge to put my hands around her body and pull her close. I resisted the temptation. According to her instructions, I put my hands over hers and started to pull the curtain. Inevitably, I brushed against her butt and my cock was getting harder. I felt her lean back into me slightly. I got bolder.

"You will need to pull harder," she murmured, her thin hands holding my wrists.

There was no mistaking it. She was rubbing her ass against me.

"You can rest a bit if you are tired," she said, bringing my hands down and holding them against her tummy while rubbing them gently with her warm hands. She looked up at me, half turning as she pushed herself firmly against me.

"Does it hurt?"



"The hands."

"I wasn't talking about the hands," she said, leaning forward and pushing her hand between us. Her hand found my hard cock. She touched it tentatively, over the pair of shorts, while she pushed one of my hands up slowly to her bulging chest.

While standing with her back to me, she unzipped me expertly, reaching into my shorts through the opening and started rubbing my cock over my underwear.

I was breathing like a horny sea lion. She was in full control. Her other hand pushed my hand down. I moved my hand slowly to her crotch and started to rub her there, over her frock.

"The buttons on this dress are for a purpose," she whispered. I unbuttoned two of them after some amount of effort as my fingers were slow to respond. This gave me access to her crotch. Her panties were soft and warm. I rubbed her mound making her relax against me. Her hand continued to rub my cock. I couldn't believe this was happening. She lifted her face to me and I went over her shoulder and started to kiss her while one of my hands was on her breasts and the other on her pussy. I felt her panties get wet at my touch.

I sensed that she wanted more and I slid inside her panties. She lifted her leg and put it on a stool close by and my fingers slid across her slit. She was unbelievably wet. Her hand went inside my underwear and found my hard cock. After a slight struggle, she managed to free it from its prison and started to rub the head, sliding the foreskin over the head. The precum made it easier for her to rub my head. She reached into her panty, pushing my hand away for a moment. Then she put her wet and slimy fingers on my cock again reducing the friction and making me shudder.

I started to kiss her harder, while I rubbed her pussy. I felt the movement of her hips and it started to move faster and the hand on my cock faltered as she surrendered to my moving fingers. I squeezed her bra as hard as I could while my fingers worked feverishly in the confines of her panties, wanting to make her cum hard. I felt her moan into my mouth as her rhythm increased its tempo and finally with a slight scream she shuddered as she reached her peak. I held her tight as she let herself go putting her complete trust in me, enjoying the intense moment. She remained like this for what seemed like eternity, her mouth gently kissing mine and her hand on mine. She came out of it slowly turning towards me. She hugged me hard and kissed me once again.

She lifted her eyes at me and smiled gently, remembering that she had some unfinished business. Her hand reached into my shorts and started to rub my cock. She then brought her hand to her mouth and spit into it. Then she wrapped her palm around my cock and started to move. It was heavenly, as her palm slid easily down my shaft. I shuddered as it slowly gathered speed. I found her mouth again as I felt the pleasure building up. I was getting close to an orgasm. I stopped the movement of her hand and told her that I was close. She looked up at me and smiled and then she knelt before me taking my cock into her mouth.

Her soft lips worked its magic on my cock. Her hands cupped my balls as she moved her mouth over my cock. Within a minute, I reached my peak. I tried to pull out of her mouth but she held me tight as she kept sliding her mouth over my cock. I had no choice but to ejaculate into her soft warm mouth. She swallowed most of my cum. I made her stop as the slightest movement of her mouth made me shudder. Finally, she let me pull my cock out of her mouth. I lifted her up and kissed her on her mouth. I was surprised as she was at my reaction but I wanted to kiss her at that point because of the deep emotional attachment I suddenly felt for this young girl. We stood there for a while enjoying the warmth of each other. Then, we broke off reluctantly, to go downstairs. We started talking about the places that we could see in the areas as we climbed down the stairs.

At the foot of the stairs I spotted my mom, straightening up her blouse and Asha's hair was disheveled. I had a slight suspicion that we had interrupted something, but I couldn't be sure. My mom had a guilty smile on her face that confirmed my suspicions. Aunt Asha had a lipstick mark right above her upper lip. I pretended not to notice it.

I looked around and Anusha was nowhere to be seen. My mom, got up abruptly.

"I need to get cleaned up," she said, heading up the stairs. I was left standing in the middle of the hall with a lonely looking lady checking me out.

"Take a seat, young man," she said to me, patting the cushion next to her. I sat down about 6 inches away from the gorgeous lady, kicking myself for not moving closer.

"So, do you like your room?"

"Yes," I replied avoiding her gaze.

"You two were, up there for quite a while."

"Yeah," I said, trying to count the floor tiles.

She touched my bicep.

"Do you work out?" she asked, caressing my arm.


"Your arms are nicely toned."


"Do you have another bathroom?"

"Yes. Do you want to get cleaned up?"

I nodded and off she went making me salivate seeing the way her body moved. This reminded me of the way older women moved. Slow, sensual and confident.

She turned and caught me red handed, checking out her butt. She led me into what I guessed to be her room. She opened the door of the bathroom and let me get started.

I took off my shirt and shorts and was about to remove my underwear, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I opened the door to find Asha standing there with a towel in her hand. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of my body. She forgot all about the towel and I felt like a piece of meat being appraised by a butcher.

I took the towel from her hand and turned towards the shower, purposely leaving the door half open. I pushed my underwear down with my back facing the door and walked into the shower. I left the shower curtain open as I started to wash myself. I could see her gaping at me out of the corner of my eye and I pretended not to notice. My cock became harder at the thought of this woman as old as my mom watching me.

"Do you need any help soaping your back?"

I smiled and looked at her.

"Are you interested in helping me out?"

"Very much!"

"Well, be my guest," I said beckoning.

I turned towards her just in time to see her top come off. Her breasts were about to burst out of her tight black bra.

"Don't take the bra and panties off," I said, making her look amused.

"The water had better be warm, young stud," she said, standing at the outer edge of the shower.

I pulled her in and we stood under the shower.

She was nervous and daring at the same time. I could feel her hands shaking they held on to me. I hugged her closer, rubbing her back and making her feel relaxed. She sighed into my chest as she laid her head on it.

I pushed her against the wall and started to rub myself against her as I started to kiss her forehead. I moved down to her cheeks and sucked them. She moaned, rubbing my back. I could feel her hands on my back and it felt so good to feel them knead my muscles.

I moved to her lips. They were so luscious and kissable. I took my time, exploring every millimeter of the sensuality in them. I first sucked the lower lip, teasing it like it were a pussy. Then I moved up to the upper lip which was thinner than the lower and gave it the same treatment.

Her tongue started to come out and I made her close her mouth as I covered both lips and started sucking them without letting her open her mouth. Her lower body was responding to the emotions she was feeling. She tried to rub her pussy against my thigh, but I made her stay where she was, pushing her hard against the wall and not letting her move. I let her open her mouth and she started to kiss me in the most desperate way. I kissed her back and our tongues were like two wrestlers, neither giving in to the other. She took one of my hands and planted it on her right breast. I started to squeeze it while I kissed her hard. My cock was hard and resting against her tummy. She made a move to touch it and I stopped her. She moaned in protest, but I still kept stopping her every time she reached for it.

I then lifted both hands above her head and held them by the wrists, not letting them move as I moved to her armpit, sucking the life out of it. She jumped as I realized that no man had sucked her there. I sucked it hard and moved to the other not letting her arms free. She liked the slight force I was using.

That was when I felt another mouth on my butt. I didn't want to turn around from what I was doing. Two soft hands parted my buttocks and I felt a hot tongue working down my crack. I kissed Asha as I felt the tongue bury itself in my ass hole. I felt another hand moving under my ass to fondle my balls. By the way I was being touched, I knew it was my mom. I surrendered my ass to her probing tongue and focussed my attention on Asha. I just ripped off her bra and her breasts popped out and rested against my chest. I bent to suck each hard nipple. They were big as the tip of my forefinger. I have never seen such big nipples and I started to suck them, ignoring the rest of the breast. Asha moaned my name as I sucked her nipples.

"Oh, what would your mom say, if she knew about this?"

"Well, Asha, why don't you ask her?" I said taking my mouth off her breasts.

"Oh no, she will kill me!"

"No, I won't," came my mom's voice.

Asha screamed and tried to throw me off her. I was too strong for her. I stayed put.

"Don't worry Asha, she is busy with her tongue up my ass," I grinned as I bent back to the dark sexy nipple.

My mom reached under my crotch and started to rub Asha's pussy. This made Asha go nuts. She pushed against me, wanting me to suck her nipples as my mom played with her pussy.

I pulled mom up and we pushed Asha against the wall. My mom got hold of one nipple and I picked the other. We started to suck her hard and Asha was moaning, screaming obscenities at us and urging us to do various taboo and kinky stuff to her.

My mom grabbed my cock and started to rub it against Asha'a panties as she kissed her nipple.

Then finally, she held me by the neck.

"Asha, do you want my son to lick your pussy?" she asked.


"I can't hear you!"

"YES!! You bitch, I want your son to lick my pussy, my ass and fuck them too!!"

"What else to you want, Asha?"

"I want him to cum in your mouth, you incestuous bitch!!" she screamed.

My mom just kissed Asha hard.

"First, I am going to taste it. I haven't tasted it for ages," she said, getting down on her knees. I watched in awe as my mom, took Asha's panties off and stuck her head between her legs and licked her. I got down to the floor and found my mom's pussy and started to finger it while she sucked her best friend.

The sight of what I was doing to mom, made Asha hornier. She pushed my mom's head deeper into her crotch.

I fingered my mom while my thumb rubbed her ass hole. It was so sexy to see them like this. Finally, my mom let go of Asha's pussy and pushed my face into the place that she had just vacated. I started to lick my mom's best friend's pussy with the same level of enthusiasm. Before long, she pushed me up and lifted one of Asha's legs and helped me enter her. Asha moaned as she felt my cock enter her with a little bit of help from my mom. I started fucking her standing up and it was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I consider myself fit, but fucking a woman in a very horny state, standing up, tests your leg muscles.

Her pussy was wet and warm and it was the first time I had entered a woman without a condom. The feel of the warm clingy flesh was so nice on my cock.

She licked my ass while I fucked Asha slowly and with the intense movement I came quite quickly. Asha wanted more but I was already going limp. My mom stepped into the rescue. She started to suck Asha's pussy dripping with my cum. She pulled me to her mouth and kissed me as my mom fingered and licked her pussy. Her intensity increased and she came screaming into my mouth and almost biting off my tongue.

She stood there, dazed trying to catch her breath while my mom pushed me down to the floor and got me into a 69 position. Within seconds she got me hard again and I started to lick her cunt in full view of Asha. She bent to lick mom's ass and finger it while I gave my full oral attention to her pussy. My tongue tasted her pussy juice and we kissed each other from time to time and I tasted my moms ass in her mouth and she tasted my mom's pussy in my mouth. After a while, she joined my mom and they fought over my cock. I lost track of who was sucking me. One finger found its way into my ass as these two horny ladies finally made me cum hard. I didn't have much cum and they fought over that too. I licked my mom hard and I felt her shudder and for a full minute, we lay there, trying to get some energy into our bodies.

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