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As a news and sports reporter for a small town newspaper, John is often met with suggestions on how to better cover the community, especially when it comes to writing about the student-athletes from the area high schools.

John loves his job, but does not care for the many complaints he receives regarding how the local high school teams are covered. Honey is sweeter than vinegar, but none of his readers seem to be aware of the power a compliment on his work carries compared to that of a critique.

Well, nobody seemed to know how to get what they wanted until Mrs. Tillerman came into the picture.

John went to cover a high school football game one night and thought he had done a good job when he left the office early Saturday morning. The story included all the scoring plays, two action photos from the game and one photo of a cheerleader doing her best to urge the fans to scream and shout for the Lions.

John went home at 2 a.m. and went to sleep only to be awakened by a phone call from Mrs. Tillerman around 9 a.m. Mrs. Tillerman was pleasant enough on the phone, but John knew something was wrong and kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She introduced herself as Mary Tillerman and asked John to just call her Mary. She then said she would like to meet with John in person. She said she knew he was new to the community and thought she could help him with a plan on how to cover high school football.

John was young, having just graduated from college at the age of 23, and although he suspected a hidden agenda he agreed to meet with Mary. He remembered a Josh Tillerman played running back for the Lions and thought one of the cheerleaders was also a Tillerman.

Mary invited him to dinner at 6 p.m. explaining that she just wanted to talk with him about the upcoming season and newspaper coverage. She told him to dress casual and to be prepared to eat a good home-cooked Southern meal.

John took a quick shower and then called the only person from the newspaper he felt comfortable talking with after only a few months there. He called Margaret, the advertising manager for the newspaper, and casually led the conversation toward the Tillerman family. He said Josh had not seen much playing time and wondered what the deal was with the family.

Margaret explained that Mary was a widow who's husband had been killed in a tragic car wreck three years ago. Josh and his sister, Mary Beth, were fraternal twins. It was not a lot, but John did not push the issue and made a lame excuse about having to go do laundry to get off the phone.

He watched college football on TV all afternoon. Around 4 p.m. John shaved and took another shower. He then dressed putting a pair of jeans and a golf shirt on his 5-7 frame. John was handsome with light brown eyes and brown hair. He weighed 130 pounds. He wasn't necessarily in shape, since he didn't work out, but he had a lean body with muscular legs, a narrow waist and a slightly muscular, yet boyish, chest.

He arrived at the Tillerman's house around 5:50 p.m. and was proud of himself for being early. John thought it was important not to keep people waiting.

He stepped onto the porch and went to ring the doorbell, but was greeted by Mary before his finger could make it to the door chime. Apparently, she had seen him drive up.

She explained that Josh was spending the night at a friend's house, no doubt another football player, and that Mary Beth was upstairs searching the internet for information to go in a paper she was working on for her American history class.

Mary offered John a glass of ice tea and then sat down. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a white blouse that buttoned all the way up the front. It looked like a man's dress shirt, but her body looked nothing like that of a man. She had long, slender legs that tapered off into a firm round ass. She had a very small waist and John wondered how she had given birth to twins. He guessed her waist to be about 28 inches, at the most.

The rest of her body was just as amazing. Mary had large breasts that seemed to be perfectly shaped and John wondered if money from a lawsuit over her husband's death in a car wreck had bought her new glorious globes. Her face was that of an angel. She had high cheekbones, light green eyes and shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights that captured and reflected the light every time she moved her head.

They talked for a little while about nothing in particular and then she asked John what his plans were for football coverage this season.

John suddenly remembered why he was there. He had been daydreaming about Mary as he watched her move like a perfect Southern Belle. She always sat up straight with perfect posture and her long legs were crossed as she dangled a shoe off her toe as she talked.

Before he could answer her, Mary said she knew he probably knew she was a widow and gave a quick recap of what had happened over the past five years in her life. She summed up her story by saying her two children were all she had and she wanted the best for them and would appreciated any photos or stories on them in the paper so she could cut them out for their scrapbooks.

"Enough about all that," she said quickly standing. "I invited you to dinner. I hope you like pork chops and I know you need some veggies. You probably eat fast food three times a day."

John smiled.

"Well, if this iced tea is any indication," John said trying his best to flatter Mary. "I can't wait for dinner."

Mary smiled and asked him to have a seat at the table and she would get Mary Beth.

A few minutes passed and Mary Beth walked into the dining room. John almost fainted. He remembered her instantly. She was the one cheerleader who had stood out the night before at the football game in her short skirt and tight lycra top. She was definitely her mother's child with the same long legs and large breasts.

"Maybe Mary didn't have plastic surgery," John thought to himself upon seeing Mary Beth's young breasts bounce under her tight-fitting T-shirt as she pranced into the dining room.

Mary Beth was wearing short, tight-fitting shorts from some cheerleading camp and a matching T-shirt that was obviously a few sizes too small. The shirt did not quite make it to her waist leaving her sexy tight abs slightly exposed. She also did not bother to put on shoes wearing ankle high white socks instead.

Mary Beth had been studying and did not have on any make-up, but she did not need any. She had her mom's high cheekbones and green eyes. Her hair was blonde, probably dyed, but it looked great in contrast to her well-tanned young body.

Mary walked in just after Mary Beth and immediately apologized for her daughter's "very casual" appearance.

"Hey, it's no big deal," John managed to say with a smile. "You said casual, right?"

Mary smiled back as she placed food on the table. After three trips to the kitchen all the food was on the table. The aroma was almost too much.

John dined on fried pork chops, black-eyed peas, creamed corn, sweet cornbread and topped it all off with the richest peach clobber he had ever tasted.

During the course of the meal, John was all too happy to listen to Mary. She came right out and asked if Josh and Mary Beth could be in the paper as much as possible. Her honesty was a fresh approach compared to that of the other parents who had told John how stupid he was and how bad of a job he was doing.

He also enjoyed watching Mary Beth. She was a hottie and only a few years younger than him. He was pleasantly surprised when her foot accidentally bumped into his under the table, but he fought off the urge to play footsie.

Mary loved her kids and wanted them in the paper -- it was that simple. John appreciated her honesty and said he would do his best to take pictures of Josh and Mary Beth.

Mary did not let up and asked if a story on her twins might not be a good idea.

John almost choked on a mouthful of pork when his dirty mind thought of her tits when she said "twins" but he was able to recover thanks to Mary Beth.

"Mom! You're embarrassing me," Mary Beth said, allowing John to swallow without choking.

"No, she's right," John said. "I think it would be a good story. It might be a little painful talking about your father, but I think it would be a good story and I could take some photos of you in your cheerleading uniform with John in his football uniform."

"Really!?" Mary Beth and Mary said simultaneously as grins lit up their angelic faces.

"Yes, really," John replied.

The conversation switched to one of 21 questions as Mary asked John about where he grew up, his parents, where he attended college and his life in general.

The dinner ended with John forcing the last bite of the delicious blueberry cobbler into his mouth. Mary Beth excused herself and Mary began to clean the table. She disappeared into the kitchen and John quickly grabbed his own plates and followed her.

"Oh my," Mary said as John walked into the kitchen. "You are a true Southern gentleman to help with the dishes. Just put them in the sink and let them soak."

"I have a surprise for you," she added as she dropped a plate in the sink and water splashed up onto her white blouse making it transparent where the hot soapy water landed on her right breast.

Mary wasn't wearing a bra and John's mind raced as he pondered what the "surprise" might be.

She turned and stood on her tippy toes reaching into the cabinet above the oven. Her firm ass cheeks strained against the tight jeans as she reached up and her blouse stretched tightly against her glorious breasts. John could feel his cock twitch to life watching her stretch. Mary removed a clear wine bottle halfway filled with a dark red liquid. She grabbed two plastic cups, turned and said, "I always break out the good china for my home-made strawberry wine," with a giggle and a smile on her face.

Mary offered John some of her home-made wine, and he was not about to decline. They went out the back door and drank small sips of the strong, sweet wine as Mary talked more about her life.

She told him how she graduated from junior college only to marry her high school sweetheart and had twins a year later at the age of 22.

"John, I am 40 now with two great 18-year-old kids," she said. "I miss my husband, but I'm scared knowing next year I will be here all alone with Josh and Mary Beth both away at college."

She said Josh acted like a high-school football star and was probably a stud on campus, but he was smart ranking in the top 10 in his class.

Mary Beth was going to be the valedictorian and was a virgin. Mary said she knew her daughter was a virgin because she knows where she keeps her diary. She tried cigarettes and hated them, which fortunately meant she never tried pot. She did drink, but only at the so-called "big" parties like homecoming and prom.

The wine was sweet and did not seem to have any alcohol in it as they sat on the back steps to the house chatting. John felt himself listening very closely and liked Mary more and more each minute.

"Well, I guess I better leave," John said and began to stand.

As he stood the wine kicked in and he almost fell as the alcohol's effect became apparent.

Mary giggled and said, "You better slow down cowboy."

She stood quickly and grabbed his arm so he wouldn't fall. Their eyes met in the dim light on the back steps and before they knew it they were kissing.

John leaned forward slowly toward Mary. He forgot all about her age, not that kissing an older woman would have stopped him, and pulled Mary toward him as he kissed her. Mary kissed him back and wrapped her arms around pulling him in close so his chest was pressed tightly against her full breasts.

It was a long kiss, but when it ended they both stood there in an awkward silence.

"Ummm, well, you shouldn't drive home just yet considering your condition," Mary finally said. "Let's go inside."

John followed Mary inside. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't want to stay in the kitchen either.

"Where's your bedroom?" he asked in a whisper as the alcohol and lust gave him the courage to be so bold.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Mary retorted with a sexy smile and her green eyes were full of passion as they grew darker by the second.

John kissed her again. He pulled her tightly against his young body and let his hands slip down her back and onto her tight ass cheeks. He squeezed her ass hard as his tongue plunged into her mouth while her large juicy breasts pressed into his chest.

Mary kissed him back. She ran her fingers through his hair and let a quick, short moan escape her lips as they kissed. She reached down with one hand and pressed it against his pelvis feeling his hard cock. She rubbed it with the palm of her hand as her tongue left his mouth and left a hot trail of saliva as it darted to his ear and neck. Her hot breath tickled his ear while she rubbed his manhood.

She stepped back from John, took his hand and led him toward the stairs. She took the first step with a sense of urgency and then turned and put a finger on her mouth signaling him to be silent.

They crept up the stairs and John watched her ass flex with each step. He couldn't help it. He had to have her. He took off his shirt as they climbed the stairs.

Mary reached back and pressed the palm of her hand into his bare chest halting him outside Mary Beth's bedroom. A dim light was barely visible at the bottom of the shut door and John could hear stifled moans coming from the 18-year-old's bedroom.

Mary knocked on the door and there were a few seconds of silence before Mary Beth managed to answer. John could only imagine what Mary Beth was doing. Where were her hands? Was she playing with her young tight pussy? Was she rubbing her full breasts and pinching her hard nipples? The thought of her activities made his cock throb.

Mary announced she was going to bed and that Mary Beth should do the same saying she could work on her paper tomorrow after church.

The light creeping out from under the bedroom door disappeared as Mary Beth turned off a lamp inside her room. Then, Mary guided John 10 feet down the hall to her bedroom. She closed the door behind them.

John was too aroused to wait any longer. He dropped his shirt on the floor and kissed Mary again. His hands slowly undid the buttons down the front of her blouse one at a time. When the last button was undone he pushed the shirt off her shoulders and glanced down to see her bare breasts as her shirt fell to the floor.

Mary's breasts were gorgeous. They were firm and large with dark circles the size of silver dollars surrounding her erect nipples. John kissed Mary's neck and then began to massage her breasts as his tongue glided down her soft skin toward them. He made circles with his tongue around one breast and then the other teasing Mary. He finally let his tongue flicker across her nipples as he pressed her large aching breasts together.

John stared up into Mary's face as his tongue worked its magic on her nipples. She tossed her head back as he bite down on one nipple and heard her let out a moan when his teeth teased her other nipple.

Mary jerked her head back up and pulled John's face up to hers. She kissed him and then let her tongue slide down his neck and chest until her mouth was at the waistband of his jeans. She stared into his eyes as she unbuttoned his fly and jerked the zipper down.

Mary never took her eyes of John's as she took the waistband of his jeans and boxers in her hands and ripped them down his legs. She pulled his pants off as he stepped out of them and then brought her mouth to his hard cock.

She blew a hot breath onto his throbbing cock as she held it in her hand rubbing and stroking its length. She rubbed the tip into her cheek as she pressed her other cheek into his abs. She lowered her mouth and began to tongue his balls slowly. Her tongue massaged his balls as her fingers lightly ran over the length of his hard cock.

Her tongue began to move slowly away from his balls and up along the underside of his shaft. When her tongue came to his throbbing tip she planted a tiny kiss on it before sliding it into her open mouth. Her mouth was warm and the sensation sent a shot of electricity through John's body.

Mary was pumping John's cock with one hand as she guided it into her mouth taking all of him inside of her. Her tongue swirled around his shaft as her other hand rubbed her breasts before sliding down her torso to the waistband of her jeans. She undid her jeans and her hand disappeared inside. She began to rub herself as she masterfully sucked and teased John's rock-hard cock.

"Ummmm," Mary moaned. "You definitely can't go home now."

She stood and kissed him again as he pulled her jeans down revealing her white cotton panties. John wrapped his arms around her and walked her backwards toward the queen-sized bed. When the back of her legs meet the bed, Mary sat down staring up into John's passionate eyes.

Mary stretched her arms high in the air causing her lovely full breasts to jiggle before she laid back on the bed. She looked like a cat as she stretched out her body and rubbed her legs together slightly tossing back and forth on the bed.

John was in lust and they both knew it. He fell to his knees and began to kiss her white panties. A small dark circle was growing larger on her panties from her wetness and John could smell the sweet aroma of her sex. He pressed his tongue against her panties massaging her clit through the cotton.

John slowly pulled her panties to the side to reveal a nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair that formed a small triangle pointing directly toward her now soaking wet pussy. He pressed a thumb into her swollen clit as he leaned forward and began to slowly run his tongue up and down her pussy lips. Mary spread her legs making room for him to get to her aching wetness.

John slid a finger across the opening of her folds and then slipped it deep inside of her. Mary moaned and begged for more. He placed his tongue just below her asshole and slowly slid it up toward her pussy lips. John spread her lips with his fingers and then darted his tongue deep inside her wetness.

Mary's juices were flowing. They gushed out of her spread pussy and coated his tongue as it darted in and out of her. John took her panties in his hand and yanked them down her long legs and then climbed up the bed and began to kiss her again.

Meanwhile ...

Mary Beth thought it was strange for her mom to be going to bed because she did not hear the front door close signaling John's departure. She had gone to her room after dinner and thought about John. She wondered why he did not react when she tried to play footsie with him under the table. She new he found her attractive because he stared at her body when she had walked into the dining room. Her plan to wear her tight uniform from cheerleading camp had paid off, she thought.

She had gone to her room and began to rub her breasts through her shirt as she thought of John. She fantasized about him playing footsie with her and could see his face in her mind as her hands had gone from her breasts down into her tight shorts. She was fingering her young wet pussy when her mom had knocked on the door causing her to stop before she had the chance to make herself cum.

Now, Mary Beth wondered where John was, even though, she had a pretty good idea.

She waited a few minutes to make sure her mom had gone to her bedroom and then walked down the hall. She stood with her ear pressed against the door and could hear her mom's moans.

"So, that's where John is," she thought.

Mary Beth began to glide her hands over her body as she listened to her mom moaning from the next room. When she heard John's voice her hands dove into her shorts. She began to rub and finger her tight young pussy again. She was very aroused, but wanted more.

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