tagIncest/TabooMom Knows Best Ch. 03

Mom Knows Best Ch. 03


John followed Mary Beth down the hall into Mary’s bedroom and then into her bathroom. Mary was stepping out of the shower as they arrived. She was holding a towel about to dry off. John still could not believe how beautiful and sexy she was for a 40-year-old woman who had given birth to twins. She was standing there with droplets of water beading up on her gorgeous full figure. Tiny round drops of hot water were clinging to her skin. Her flesh was red from the hot shower and beads of water clung to her full breasts. The tiny circles of water were like bubbles on her huge breasts and nipples. They reflected the light in such a sexy way, especially on the dark skin of her nipples. Water droplets were also clinging to her moist snatch. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy with tiny bubbles of water barely hanging onto her brown pubic hair and the skin of her bright pink pussy and swollen clit. John could not take his eyes of of her sexy figure.

Mary Beth was staring at her mom’s body too and running her tongue over her shiny lips.

“Mom, are you already done?” Mary Beth asked. “John and I were going to shower with you and make sure you were clean.”

Mary smiled at her 18-year-old daughter as memories of her tongue on her young wet pussy raced through her mind.

“Well, I think I am clean,” Mary said with a seductive smile. “But, you and John can shower with me and make sure I didn’t miss any dirty spots.”

“Oh goody,” Mary Beth replied as her hands rubbed her own full young breasts. “I think you missed a spot or two. What do you think John?”

“I think we could all help each other get perfectly clean with a hot shower,” John managed to say as blood rushed to his groin making his cock hard again. “You know, there are some hard to reach places we could help each other clean.”

Mary dropped the towel and reached into the shower turning on the water. Hot water pulsated out of the shower head. It was set on massage mode and it tick-tocked down onto her breasts as she stepped into the shower making sure to stretch her long legs out so her juicy ass jutted up and out.

“I mean, I scrubbed my butt and I think it is clean. Yet, I may have missed a few spots,” Mary said as she took a sponge attached to a long white plastic handle and begin to rub it against her ass.

Mary Beth took the sponge away from her mom and offered to help as John watched. Mary Beth began to lightly rub the sponge against her mom’s thick juicy ass as it pointed out while she bent over to rub some soap into her hands. Mary worked the soap into a rich lather and started to slow rub her hands into her large, heavy breasts as the water pounded down on them. She rubbed her hands in big circles over her breasts. Her hands closed in as the circles became smaller until she was pinching her erect nipples between her fingers.

Mary Beth was leaning forward into the shower with her feet still on the bathroom floor. Her young sweet ass was sticking up in the air as she stretched her arms out and began to rub her mom’s ass with the sponge.

Mary looked over her shoulder at Mary Beth and noticed a few globs of John’s cum on her face. She pulled Mary Beth toward her face.

“Oh my sweet daughter,” Mary purred seductively. “You have something on your face. Let me get that off.”

Rather than wash her daughter’s cum-covered face with the soapy suds in her hands, Mary leaned down and began to lick John’s cum off her cheeks and then kissed her daughter slipping her dirty tongue into her mouth.

Mary Beth let out a slight moan as the hot water continued to pound into her mom’s busty breasts causing more steam to fill the bathroom.

Mary Beth took the handle of the sponge and slapped it against her mommy’s ass. She smacked it softly at first and then harder leaving a long red line in her juicy ass flesh.

“Oh, wow,” Mary said. “That feels good, but why are you giving me a spanking? Can’t mommy kiss you baby?”

Mary Beth pushed the handle of the sponge between her mom’s ass cheeks and leaned down to kiss her rump. She worked the handle into her ass and began to push it hard against Mary’s tight asshole.

“Mommy, you missed a spot her where John’s dirty cock left a trail of juice,” Mary Beth whispered naughtily. “Let me clean it for you.”

Mary Beth leaned forward and began to run her tongue over her mom’s ass cheeks and then between them until her tongue was probing the dirty, tight asshole.

John watched in amazement and began to stroke his hard cock slowly in his hand.

“I think my dick is dirty because of you,” John said to Mary Beth. “You should clean it too.”

John stepped into the shower behind Mary and pressed his hard cock into her ass cheek as Mary Beth tongued her asshole. Mary Beth looked up at John and began to lick his cock clean.

Meanwhile, Jessica was downstairs watching TV. She had left Mary Beth’s room in a hurry to give her best friend privacy with John. She had left in such a hurry she had simply grabbed her clothes and carried them with her.

Jessica, however, did not realize she had only grabbed her panties until she was downstairs in the living room. She thought she had grabbed her bra, too. She slipped on her panties and felt a chill go through her body as a cold, wet spot in the crotch of her panties hit her young pussy. She was still extra sensitive down there having just lost her virginity and the coldness felt good on her little tight pussy.

Jessica grabbed a blanket off the back of the sofa and wrapped herself in it as she sat down to watch TV. She flipped through the channels until finally giving up on the idea of finding anything worthwhile to watch. She put the TV on one of the music video stations and watched the top 10 most requested videos of the day.

She turned up the volume and was watching the No. 1 music video of the day when she heard someone at the door. Jessica froze. She panicked and wondered instantly if her parents had come to get her.

She was pleasantly surprised when the door opened and Josh stumbled in. He apparently was not going to be spending the night out after all. He saw Jessica and mumbled something, obviously drunk.

Jessica perked up when she saw Josh. He had been the subject of many of her fantasies and they all started with her at her best friend’s house only to end up with her sexy twin brother.

Josh was the same height as Mary Beth standing 5-foot-7 with light brown hair and green eyes. He was more muscular than his sister after four years of working out in the school weight room as part of the football team’s strength and conditioning program.

Josh was a demon on the football field with excellent balance to go with his strong legs as he ran through defenders and past would-be tacklers. Tonight, however, Josh was not as nimble. He staggered across the living room and slumped down onto the couch beside Jessica. She could smell beer on his breath as he leaned back and began to cry. He was trying his best to talk, but sounded like a weeping baby with a pacifier in his mouth. The words came out in a mumble due to his drunken state as tears began to roll down his muscular face onto his square jaw.

Jessica felt sorry for him and slipped a bare arm out from under the blanket and put it around him. She pulled him close, holding him tightly against her chest trying to comfort him.

Josh managed to say that he had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend when she said he was drinking too much and acting like a fool.

Jessica sensed an opportunity and did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation.

“She’s an idiot,” Jessica said about Josh’s girlfriend. “I don’t know why you put up with her. And, I really don’t know why you would date a majorette -- even if Monica is the head majorette.”

“Josh, you are handsome and a great athlete,” she added. “When will you see you can do so much better?”

Josh perked up with the compliment from Jessica.

“You really think so?” he asked her. “I mean, you think I am handsome?”

Josh shifted on the couch so he was facing Jessica and said, “You know, oh I can’t believe I am about to tell you this, I’ve always found you attractive. I just never acted on it because you are Mary Beth’s best friend.”

Jessica took her other arm and wrapped it around Josh pulling him in for a hug as she let the blanket slip down and reveal her perky young breasts. Josh leaned into her chest with his eyes closed as the tears began to halt.

He opened his eyes as he wiped away the last of the tears and saw Jessica’s breasts just inches from his mouth. Josh looked up into Jessica’s eyes. She sat there, perfectly still, staring back into his eyes as he raised his head up slowly and kissed her.

Jessica parted her lips as he leaned in and met his mouth with hers. She slipped her soft tongue into his mouth and kissed him eagerly. Josh placed his hands on her small breasts and began to rub them between his large, masculine fingers. His strong hands kneaded her breasts as he kissed her warm, wet mouth.

Jessica broke free from his mouth and began to lick his ear, teasing him with her wet tongue.

“Josh,” she whispered as she let her breath slowly escape her lips and tickle his ear. “I’ve always wanted to be with you. I just felt the same as you and did not know what to do since I was your sister’s best friend.”

Jessica pushed Josh back and looked longingly into his eyes. She paused for a split second before saying, “I may be Mary Beth’s best friend, but I have always wanted you and I want you even more right now.”

Josh smiled and Jessica felt her pussy moistened as his light green eyes brightened up with desire.

“I want you too,” he said as he stood, he took her hands and pulled her to her feet.

Jessica let the blanket slowly fall down her petite body revealing her body in just her panties. Josh hugged her tightly against his hard body and ran his hands down her back until they came to rest on her bare ass cheeks. Her thong panties did little to cover her bubble butt and Josh squeezed it tightly, lifting her up off the floor as his big hands gripped her juicy ass.

“Oh my, that feels good,” Jessica purred. “You have such big, strong hands. Do you have anything else big and strong? Take me upstairs and show me.”

Josh uncurled his arms slowly placing Jessica back on her feet as if he were doing curls with free weights in the weight room. Jessica took his hand in hers and began to lead him across the living room and up the stairs.

Josh was suddenly much more light on his feet as he followed her up the stairs with her hand pulling his arm out as she towed him down the upstairs hall to his bedroom.

Josh glanced in Mary Beth’s room as they passed and noticed she was not there. He could hear water running in his mom’s bathroom and figured Mary Beth was taking a shower.

He did not have very long to think about it.

Jessica threw open his bedroom door and turned to face him. She could not believe her longtime fantasy of being with Josh was about to come true. She turned to face him and placed her hands on his chest rubbing his pecs through his shirt.

She kissed him deeply as she undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled it up over his head before dropping it on the floor. Jessica rotated as they kissed so Josh’s back was to his bed and then broke off the kiss and placed her palms on his big, manly chest. She pressed her hands into his muscular chest as she slowly pushed him back toward the bed.

The back of Josh’s knees hit the mattress and Jessica smiled as she gave one last push sending him falling back onto the bed.

Jessica leaned down and undid his pants and pulled them down his thick strong legs as he kicked off his shoes. She moved back up his legs and placed her mouth on his boxer shorts. She tongued his cock through the cotton making him hard. Josh was sitting up on the bed watching Jessica move and loved the way her mouth felt through his underwear.

Jessica pulled his boxers down and looked up at Josh with a big smile on her face.

“Just relax baby,” Jessica said. “I’ve learned how to get you ready for me.”

She cupped his balls in her small hands as she ran her tongue over his thick hard shaft. She rolled her tongue and swirled it against his hardness and could taste his salty sweat.

Jessica did not stop there.

She held his thick cock in her hand and brought the throbbing tip to her lips. She kissed it, just like Mary Beth had kissed John’s cock, and then slowly took it into her warm, wet mouth.

Josh let out a sigh as her lips vibrated on his cock. She hummed out a moan as his dick slid deep inside her mouth. Jessica sucked Josh’s cock nice and slow. She reached up and pressed her fingers into his chest as she sucked him. Josh was growing in her mouth as she loved every second of it. She moved her hands to his tight, firm, muscular ass and squeezed hard digging her fingernails into his flesh.

She let one finger stray between his ass cheeks and pressed it into his asshole as her tongue continued to wiggle against his cock as it slid back and forth into her mouth.

“Ummm, you taste so good Josh,” Jessica said. “I bet Monica never did this for you. Majorettes just like to play with sticks, they don’t know how to appreciate one.”

Josh reached down and ran his fingers through Jessica’s hair slightly pulling her down on his cock each time she slowly brought her lips up his shaft. Jessica tasted his pre-cum on her tongue and knew she had to have him in her.

“Josh, I want you,” she announced as she let his hard cock pop out of her mouth. “I want you in me!”

Josh hesitated for an instant and Jessica was scared she was going to miss her chance to have him fuck her. She responded by climbing up on the bed and straddling his waist.

Jessica reached down and took his hard cock in her fist. She pumped it in her hand as she squatted over him. Jessica held his throbbing cock in her hand, smiled and in one quick, fluid movement sat down sending him deep inside her.

Josh almost came instantly from the sensation of Jessica’s tight, soaking wet pussy wrapped around his cock. Jessica did not stall and let him enjoy the moment. She didn’t know it was his first time.

She bounced up and down on his hard cock with her bubble butt touching down on his thighs with each long, penetrating stroke. She was on her feet, straddling his waist and gyrating up and down as she rolled her hips letting his thick manhood penetrate deep inside of her.

She bounced up and down on the bed faster and began to moan loudly as she rode him. She reached down and rubbed her swollen clit as his cock disappeared deep inside her with each stroke.

She rubbed her clit hard and then brought her hand away and slipped her sticky wet fingers into Josh’s mouth.

He was lost in lust and licked her fingers clean as she arched her back and began to slam her body down on him hard. She pushed down so hard with each stroke his ass dipped deeper into the mattress as the box springs began to squeak.

Jessica added to the soundtrack of hot young sex with moans of pleasure. She wrapped her hands around Josh’s head and gripped his hair tightly. She pulled his face up off the bed toward her perky tits as they bounced up and down as she rode his cock.

Josh got the idea and tried to suck her tits as her body hopped up and down on his cock violently.

Jessica began to beg him to cum as she moved faster and harder. She wanted to cum and she wanted him to cum too.

Jessica bit her lower lips as she began to cum on her new lover’s dick. Josh was close to cumming too, but had yet to reach his climax.

Jessica leaped off his cock and began to rub her pussy as she turned around on the bed. She put her knees on either side of Josh’s face and lower her cum-soaked pussy onto his mouth as she reached down and began to pump his cock in her fist. She stroked him fast and hard while begging him to cum on her face.

Josh tentatively let his tongue brush up against Jessica’s pussy and after one taste of her cum he wanted more. He began to tongue her pussy deeply as she sucked his cock while jacking him off with her hand.

Josh’s muscular body tightened up, every muscle in his body went taunt as they flexed and cum erupted out of his cock and into Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica loved the way his toes pointed and his calf muscles flexed when he came in her mouth. She also liked the way his cum tasted and swallowed it as fast as she could as it jetted into her mouth while he licked her pussy clean.

“You were great! Wonderful! Perfect!” Jessica screamed at Josh.

Josh said nothing. He did not want to tell her it was his first time and that he had been a virgin until just now.

Jessica stood and looked at him.

“You did make a mess though,” she said. “I think I need a shower and you better come help me clean up.”

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