tagIncest/TabooMom Knows Best Ch. 06

Mom Knows Best Ch. 06


Jessica glowed as she lay in bed pressed against John's hard body with the cutest smile spread across her face showing off her perfectly white teeth. Her dark complexion set off her white teeth and the white in her eyes as she hugged John lightly while staring up into his eyes. She rolled up onto him and straddled his bare torso. She arched her back and stretched her arms high into the air while reaching back over her head.

"Mmmm," Jessica purred as she stretched her petite body. "You don't know how wonderful that was for me, John. Having you take pictures of me was such a turn-on and I loved talking dirty to you. I can't wait to see the photos, but right now I think we both need a shower."

John agreed with this wonderfully cute and sexy sex kitten and nodded in agreement. Jessica slowly got up and took his hand. They walked to Mary's bathroom for a shower. They enjoyed a long, hot shower taking their time to slowly help each other wash their bodies with shower gel and a white scrunchy, snowflake-looking bath sponge. The hot water and gel did their work as they caressed each other's bodies until they were clean. They dried off and exchanged several light kisses with both of them knowing the latest episode of their sex-charged relationship was coming to an end.

They dressed and as Jessica gathered her things John wrote a thank you letter to Mary for the wonderful evening and hospitality. They left the house with John giving Jessica a ride home.

During the ride, she explained that her mom worked at the carpet factory in town and her dad had left them when she was six. She asked eagerly when she could get the pictures he had taken of her. John said he would go to the office and burn them onto a CD since no one would be at work on a Sunday. He also gave Jessica his business card after writing his cell phone number on it when they arrived at her home. She explained that her mom wasn't home, but did not invite him in. Rather, she kissed him deeply before exiting his car and jogged to the front door. John watched longingly at her thick bubble butt as her legs pumped up and down while she jogged away from him. She got to the door, unlocked it and then turned and blew him a kiss before disappearing inside the house.

John went directly to the office to burn the pictures of Jessica onto a CD. He downloaded the camera and was amazed at the quality and hotness of the porn pictures he had taken of Jessica. He became turned on as he adjusted the color on each photo before saving them into a file on his computer and then burned them onto a CD. He made two copies -- one for him and one for Jessica -- before deleting them from the computer. He then rebooted his computer and double checked to make sure all of the sexy pictures were deleted.

Finally done, he left the office and headed for home. He drove past Jessica's house on the way home and saw her sitting on the front steps. She sprang to her feet when she saw his car and quickly walked to the curb flagging him down. He pulled over and stopped his car while letting down his window.

"Well, hello there," he said with a smirk.

"Hello! I miss you already," Jessica replied. "Do you have the pictures?"

John nodded and handed her one of the CDs. Jessica's face lit up with excitement.

"I can't wait to see them," she said. "I am going to start working on my new web site right now. Thank you so much!"

She leaned into the window and kissed him quickly so nobody would see them.

"Well, I guess I better go," Jessica said looking around nervously. "Bye and thank you again."

John smiled and nodded as he put the car back into drive and drove away.

John stopped and got a fast-food lunch to go before heading home. He ate his hamburger and fries while watching NFL football on TV and began to plan his Monday. He had a boring day ahead of him. John had to go get the results for a golf tournament from the country club and bowling league results from the local bowling alley. It would not require any writing, just typing in the results in paragraph form. Things would get worse as the day progressed on Monday with a junior high school football game to cover Monday evening. He finished his lunch and spent the day watching NFL games and drinking beer before going to bed around 11.

Monday started as expected. He got the golf and bowling results and headed to the office to begin typing them up. He was almost finished when his phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered after two rings.

"Hello to you too," Jessica said excitedly on the other end of the line. "I stayed up past midnight working on my new web site and want you to come see it before I put it online. My mom works the late shift tonight. Think you can come over?"

John wanted to go, but knew he had to work and would not be done until 10 p.m.

"I'd love to, but I have to cover the junior high game tonight," he said sounding depressed. "I won't get off work until 10."

"Silly you," Jessica said her her cheerleading voice causing John to feel excited for some reason. "Don't you know it's raining and they canceled the game?"

John was suddenly happy.

"OK, what time?" he asked quickly.

"My mom goes to work at 5 so let's say 6:30 and bring your camera," Jessica said. "Is that OK?"

"See you then," John said. "Bye."

"Bye," Jessica said before she hung up.

It was 2 p.m. and John had plenty of time to get the sports section finished, except now he had a big hole where the junior high football game story was supposed to go. He improvised by going online and downloading a press release from the state college about its upcoming football game. He finished around 4 and then printed out his pages to proof them. He made corrections and was out the door with the camera at 5:30 p.m.

He went home, grabbed a bite to eat, changed into blue jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt and then waited anxiously until it was time to go see Jessica. He left at 6:15 p.m. He parked down the street at a public park and then put the camera in a gym bag. He walked from the park to Jessica's house.

Jessica was sitting on the front steps and rushed him inside. he wasn't sure if it was so the neighbors wouldn't see him or because she was so excited to show off her web page.

She was wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt with her short hair up in what was supposed to be a ponytail, but looked more like Pebbles hair from The Flintstones in a cute teenybopper kind of way.

She escorted him to her bedroom and, as always, his eyes were instantly drawn to her sexy full ass as she walked. All of her clothes fit her rump so tightly and he loved it. He loved the way her ass cheeks flexed with each step and the way her clothes clinged to her ass practically giving her a wedgie with each step she took. He wasn't sure if she bought tight clothes on purpose or if they just fit her juicy ass that way no matter what she wore.

Once in her bedroom, she plopped down in front of her computer and clicked on the mouse a few times until her web page came up. It was like the ones John had seen on the internet, although he was not about to confess that to Jessica, with a warning page that required the visitor to click on a button to enter the site. Jessica moved away from the computer once the warning page was up and said, "OK, it's all set. Give it a look see and tell me what you think."

John sat down and clicked to enter the site. The page loaded quickly revealing a photo of Jessica sitting in the chair in Mary Beth's room fully clothed in a sexy pose. There was a short introduction and welcome to the site with some "false" biographical information in which Jessica claimed to be a college student at a small junior college in Kentucky where she was on the dance team and studied the boys in her class more than her books. It was a nice touch, John thought.

There were several buttons to click on ranging from "About Me" to "Free Pics" and "Join NOW!!!!"

John clicked on the "Free Pics" button and a new page popped up on the monitor. Jessica was seated in the same chair in another sexy pose and John instantly remembered taking the photo. Under the picture were a few sentences saying Jessica was taking a study break. She had been studying anatomy and was now going to relax a little. John scrolled down and there was another picture of Jessica with more text and then a button that said "Continue." He clicked on it and almost pounced on Jessica right then when the next page loaded.

The second page of pics began with a tight shot of Jessica's pussy covered only by her tight shorts with her plump pussy lips perfectly framed in a camel toe with a tiny wet spot barely visible. John scrolled down and another picture of Jessica greeted him. She was on her knees in the chair with her shirt off, squeezing her perky little tits with each nipple covered only by a well-placed finger. He scrolled down more only to find another button to click on. This one said, "Click Here and Join NOW!!! For more pics with less clothes!"

"Well, what do you think?" Jessica asked. "You want to join and see my other pics don't you?"

John slowly turned his head to face her before answering, "No, I want the real thing and you are right here. So ... "

Jessica smiled as she interrupted him, "Nope, sorry. First you have to take more pics of me and I have a surprise for you."

Jessica stood up and peeled off her sweat pants to reveal a white thong that looked heavenly against her dark complexion. John, not for the first time, wondered if her mom or dad were of Spanish descent because of her sexy honey-colored skin tone and gorgeously shaped ass. She talked as she changed clothes.

"You know Mary Beth and I tell each other everything," she said as she walked to her dresser while removing her T-shirt. "I told her about you taking pictures of me and she wants you to take pictures of us in a twosome one day soon. I told her it sounded hot and would produce a good set of photos for my site. But, I told her we would have to wait a little while first."

Jessica removed a sheer white teddy from her dresser and began to put it on as she continued to talk. The transparent fabric did little to hide her perky breasts and her dark nipples were easy to make out through the fabric.

"Mary Beth did come by earlier though," Jessica continued. "She brought me something when I told her you were coming over to take more photos today."

Jessica climbed up on her bed and pulled a dildo out from under her pillow.

"She brought me this to play with while you take pictures of me," Jessica said as she held up what John knew was Mary's dildo. "So, why don't you get your camera you naughty man and take some more hot pictures of your sexy little teen slut. Take pictures of me, your whore, as I pleasure myself with this big vibrating dildo."

John remembered how turned on she got the last time he took pictures and how naughty she talked. He was turned on by the memory and her dirty mouth as she continued to talk naughty. He quickly grabbed the gym bag and got the camera out.

"OK," he said. "I'm all ready. Is my little teen slut horny enough to get her picture taken and try to seduce me?"

He didn't wait for an answer and begin to take pictures. Jessica was on her knees in the bed facing him. She brought the dildo to her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue.

"Mmmm," Jessica purred. "Don't you wish this was your hard cock? See how my lips gently touch it and then how I let my tongue glide up and down its length? It isn't as tasty as your salty cock when it gets all hard and sweaty with precum dripping out, but it will have to do."

Jessica sucked the dildo wonderfully and John's cock was about to explode in his pants as he took pictures.

Jessica moved the dildo down and pressed it against her tits through the thin sheer material of her teddy. She then moved it lower and pressed it against her wet pussy through the white G-string thong as she pinched her nipples.

John snapped several pictures of her. He zoomed out and got full body shots and then zoomed in to get close-ups of her face as she made horny expressions and continued to talk dirty.

"Oh yes! This feels so good and I love being watched," Jessica said.

John scanned down her body with the camera and got close-ups of her hands pinching her nipples and then zoomed in on her pussy with her hand stuck down the waistband. He took several photos of her pussy as her hand rubbed herself while she moaned and filled his ears with nasty chat.

Jessica did not stop. She continued to tease herself and then removed her top. Her thong was gone a few seconds later and she lay back on the bed.

John stood up on the bed after kicking his shoes off and aimed the camera down at her snapping off several shots as she lay on the bed with her legs spread playing with herself. When she pushed the tip of the dildo into her pussy and turned it on so it began to vibrate he jumped off the bed and put the camera inches from her pussy. He clicked away capturing several photos of her wet pussy lips wrapped around the dildo as she fucked herself.

"Oh, this is amazing," Jessica said between deep breaths. "I love that you are watching me play with myself and I am going to cum for you.

"Yes, your little slut is going to cum all over this toy for you and then lick it clean," she continued. "You like watching me fuck myself? You want to fuck me? You want to feel my wet pussy on your hard cock baby?"

Jessica sat up so her face was at the top of the viewfinder with her pussy at the bottom of the frame. She made amazing fuck faces as she began to slam the dildo deeper inside of her pussy.

"Oh, I love being penetrated nice and deep like this," Jessica said. "It always make me, me — cum!"

Jessica's face was perfect in the last shot. Her eyes were squinted and her mouth fell open as the vibrating dildo made her come. She continued to slide it in and out of her and John snapped off a few more photos catching her sticky white cum on the dildo as it eased out of her tight swollen pussy lips.

Jessica wasn't finished. She brought the dildo to her mouth.

"This is the best part," Jessica said with her eyes now wide open as she licked the dildo and then slid it into her young wet mouth, "Mmmmm, now I know why you like to eat your little slut's pussy so much! I taste delicious!"

John moved in close to her face and took more photos as she tongued her juices off the dildo.

"OK, that should be enough photos for my next series of pics," Jessica said. "Thank you! Now, do you want to taste my pussy?"

John put down the camera and climbed up on the bed easing his face toward her still dripping wet pussy.

"You can taste my pussy, baby," Jessica said in a voice John had never heard before. He looked up only to see Jessica's face in a way that made her look possessed by lust. "You can taste my pussy, but you can't touch it."

Jessica slid the dildo back into her creamy pussy and slowly worked it back out.

"If you want to taste my delicious pussy juices you have to lick it off this," she said as she held the dildo out toward John.

He hesitated for a second as thoughts of whether or not such an act would make him a cock sucker flashed through his mind. Passion and lust overtook any worries he might have had otherwise and he tentatively licked the tip of the dildo.

"No baby," Jessica purred. "You have to lick it like a yummy popsicle. Like this."

With that she pulled the dildo away from him and began to lick it slowly as if it were a yummy pudding pop. She cleaned it off with her pouty lips and then eased it back into her pussy.

"OK, now try again," Jessica said as she held the dildo in front of John. "He began to lick and suck it like he would want his cock sucked and loved the taste of Jessica's pussy juices."

John cleaned the dildo completely as Jessica watched as she continued to talk dirty to him.

"Oh yeah. You like that don't you baby," Jessica said. "You want me to suck your cock like that? You want to feed me your hard cock? You want this horny little bitch to let you fuck her face nice and hard?"

John nodded like a happy puppy wags its tail as he licked the final drop of pussy juice off the dildo.

Jessica, in a sexy but teasing voice, said "Lay down and let me taste your cock. The toy was nice, but your naughty little school girl slut needs to taste a real cock in her mouth and feel it throb against her tongue."

John leapt onto the bed and lay down on his back. Jessica slowly ran her hands over his body from his shoulders down over his chest and tight abs until she reached the button of his jeans. She shook her ass slightly back and forth as she undid the button and then leaned down and used her mouth to take the zipper in her teeth and slowly pulled it down. She sat back up and tugged his jeans and boxers down just enough to expose John's hard cock. It was throbbing with excitement and anticipation. Jessica took it in her hand and pumped it slowly before leaning down and using her tongue to tease his bulging veins and soft tip. She looked back at John's face and smiled an evil grin before returning to his cock.

She expertly held her lips so they caressed the sides of his thickness as she slid her wet, warm mouth down over it until her nose was pressed against his aching balls. She rocked her head up and down slowly deep throating him again and again as she hummed. The vibrations from her humming felt wonderful against his cock as did her tongue as it slashed against the sides of his cock as she fed it into her mouth.

She slowly sucked him for several minutes and then began to move faster while she pumped his cock in her fist. Precum eased out the tip of his long cock and she swallowed it down eagerly. She teased his cock a few more times with the slow up and down movements of her face sliding over his cock before stopping.

"John," Jessica said. "You can't cum. Not now and not today. You have to promise me that. Mary Beth and I have a big surprise for you tomorrow and we want a big dirty load of hot cum to share."

Jessica sat up and then leaned toward John and kissed him.

"I'm sorry for teasing you," she said. "But come to cheerleading practice tomorrow. We are working on a new routine for the state competition. You should come cover our dress rehearsal for the paper and afterwards I promise your dirty little slut and her friend will make you cum several times. You will cum in our tight little pussies, in our soft warm mouths and all over our faces and hard taunt bodies.

"But, right now, you have to go before I break my promise to May Beth and fuck you until we both cum," she added as she gave his cock one last pump and then got off the bed and began to get dressed.

John was angry and upset as he drove home. He did not want to play these childish high school games, but the payoff might just be worth it. He fought the urge to jack off when he got home despite the aching of his balls and instead watched Monday Night Football and went to sleep.

The next day, John went to work and called the high school. He told the receptionist a mother had called him and said her daughter was a cheerleader and the squad was practicing for some competition and the paper should cover it like the rest of the sports. It was a lie, of course, but the receptionist took it hook, line and sinker. She even said she bet she knew which mother had called the paper. She told John that practice began at 2 p.m. and continued after school and that he was welcome to come take pictures and interview the cheer coach and the cheerleaders.

Tuesday was another slow sports day and John spent most of his time downloading press releases off the internet and checking the wire for late-breaking news before leaving for the school at 2 p.m.

It was a short drive to the school and when he got there he saw the cheerleaders stretching on the front lawn, which is also used for band practice. The sight of 15 pretty young girls in skimpy cheerleader outfits doing toe touches suddenly lifted his spirits. He grabbed his camera and a notebook and headed over to the cheerleaders. He caught Jessica and Mary Beth watching him and whispering as he began to interview the cheer coach. The interview took all of 15 minutes and ended with him saying he would stick around and take some photos to go with the story.

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