tagIncest/TabooMom Passed Out Again

Mom Passed Out Again


Annoyed is hardly a strong enough word to describe how I felt when my mother came to live with me. She and my father broke up for reasons that are still a mystery. I suspect that he was fucking around. I had a very powerful sex drive that I assumed I had inherited from him. I could never be satisfied with one woman and I'm sure that he couldn't either.

For whatever reason, I was stuck with my mother. Don't get me wrong - I loved her and wanted only the best for her. My apartment was roomy enough for both of us. My girlfriend and I had broken up just a few weeks before, so it wasn't as though I needed privacy for fucking. It peeved me that I could no longer sprawl naked in my recliner and whack off to porno on the big screen TV or walk around with a big boinker bobbing in front of me. I suppose those are small sacrifices that one must make when a loved one is in need.

We rubbed each other the wrong way for a few days, but then we both adjusted to the new conditions. Mom promised to find a job and her own apartment. Even without a job she was certain to be financially secure after the divorce. My prosperous father was no match for her bloodthirsty lawyer.

Mom had been a housewife all of her life, so job hunting wasn't her forte. She did, however, excel at strolling to the liquor store for a bottle of Jack Daniels. She took to drinking, and nothing I did or said could dissuade her from her self-destructive behavior.

Perhaps at this point I should describe my mother so you will better understand why certain things happened. She was a stunning beauty with long red hair, glorious tits, an ass as smooth and round as a watermelon, and long legs that once strutted down the runways of some of the finest haute couture salons. Mom had abandoned her promising career as a fashion model to marry my father. Perhaps that was one of the reasons she drank.

Mom's drinking continued far into the night. She never became violent or even argumentative. If anything, she was even nicer when she was drunk. She simply sat in front of the TV and quietly drank until she passed out. One night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to find her unconscious in my easy chair. It seemed fitting that an old Rita Hayworth movie was playing on TV. Mom bore a strong resemblance to the great actress.

Mom was clad in a bathrobe that had fallen open at the top to expose her breasts. I had always wondered what her bare tits looked like. I had been given a golden opportunity to find out. All I had to do was give gravity a little help. I carefully moved one lapel aside to expose a nipple. Mom continued snoring. I gently lifted the other lapel and moved it aside to expose the other nipple. Working carefully, I soon had her topless. Just as I had always suspected, her tits were a work of art. The perfect orbs were capped with nipples that cried out to be sucked. They were neither too big nor too small. By then, my cock was so hard that it hurt. I had no choice but to take it out of my pants.

I hurried to get my camera and snapped pictures of Mom's scrumptious tits. By then I was callously masturbating. How could any normal man keep his hand off of his cock under the circumstances? Emboldened by my success, I decided to take a gander at the rest of her. I carefully lifted one side of the robe and pulled it away from her beautiful body. Half of her cunt came into view. I peeled away the other side of the robe to expose the rest of her body. I was pleased to see that her cunt had a full bush of rust-colored hair. I prefer a natural bush to one that has been tampered with.

After snapping several pictures, including closeups of her tits and cunt, I took my eight-inch cock in hand and began to masturbate in earnest. By then, it was doing my thinking for me. I almost jumped out of my skin when Mom stirred in her sleep. Her hand came to rest on her cunt. It was almost as though we were masturbating together. "What if she wakes up and catches me jacking off?" I thought. "I almost wish that she would." I pumped my cock harder, and as I slipped over the edge, I did something truly insane. I stepped forward and sprayed my mother's body with cum. I don't think that I have ever shot a bigger load. Her tits were in the line of fire and took the brunt of it. The rest fell to her belly and one shot even sailed into her scarlet beaver.

I snapped several pictures of her with my wet salutation decorating her beautiful body. When the adrenaline in my blood stream reached a normal level, the inevitable shame welled up. What was I to do? If I tried to clean her up she might wake up and catch me. I decided that the best thing to do was to let the semen dry on her body. I very carefully closed the robe. By the time I went to bed, my shame had passed and my lust had reasserted itself. I had to jack off a second time just to get to sleep.

Mom was her usual cheerful self the next day. Her depression usually didn't take over until evening. I was very relieved to have gotten away with my first incestuous act. I believe that shooting a big wad all over your mother's naked body qualifies as incest. I vowed that I would never do it again, but if I had kept my vow, the story would end here.

A few evenings later, I again found Mom passed out in front of the TV. I carefully bared her body and began to masturbate. Then a wicked thought came to mind. "Why settle for jacking off when there are so many other possibilities." I caressed one of Mom's aureoles with my fingertip and was thrilled when the nipple popped out like one of those cheap timers on a Thanksgiving turkey. I teased the other nipple and got a rise out of it, too. I gave the nipple a hard pinch that would have made her say "ouch" if she had been awake. She didn't budge.

Throwing caution to the wind, I tossed my clothing aside. I knelt beside Mom and examined her russet pussy. I gave her curlies a yank but she didn't stir. "My God, I can do anything to her," I thought. I toyed with her fat clit until it hardened. Was she taking pleasure in what I was doing to her, or was it just a natural response to a stimulus? As I attached my mouth to a nipple and began to suck, she snored in my ear. I used my left hand to masturbate her and my right to jack my cock. As my orgasm drew closer, I lost all sense of reason. "I don't care if this bitch does wake up," I thought. "I'm going to get us both off." Mom sighed and her thighs slowly came together. There is no doubt in my mind that she came, although it was certainly a very weak orgasm. I rose to my feet and sprayed her tits with cum.

No doubt many readers think that I am despicable for using my mother's body while she slept. Please do not be too quick to judge me. If you read on, you will find that this story has a happy ending.

I kept a log of my mother's activities and devised tests to determine how deep in sleep she was. A pinch of her earlobe was not very scientific, but it was effective. Mom started drinking at eight o'clock, passed out at one, and reached her deepest slumber between two and three o'clock in the morning. I adjusted my schedule accordingly. I went to bed at ten, awoke at two to have my fun with Mom, and went back to bed for a few more hours sleep before work.

One evening, I decided to take things to the next level. After sucking her tits for awhile, I spread her legs and put my mouth on her cunt. As I ran my tongue up and down her slot, she lubricated heavily. My face from the nose down was soon covered with her sex juice. After she had what I believe was a mild orgasm, I made my boldest move yet. Straddling her body, I molded her lovely tits around my cock and began to thrust. I ejaculated within seconds and left the cum to dry on her chest and neck.

I was encouraged by my success, so encouraged that I decided to fuck her. Nothing less would satisfy me. I preferred taking her on a bed. I had to find a way to have her pass out on her bed rather than in the livingroom. The solution was obvious. On her birthday, I bought a big screen TV for her bedroom. It cleaned out my bank account, but it was worth it. Mom began getting drunk and passing out on her own bed as she watched her new TV. In her more comfortable position, she fell into an even deeper slumber, and because she slept in the nude, I didn't have to remove her robe.

It took several weeks to work up the courage to fuck her. During that time I continued sucking her tits and pussy and jacking off on her. One night while I was sucking her pussy, I decided that the time was right. I didn't mount her. Instead, I stayed above her in the push-up position and lodged my cock in her slit. "You are about to become a mother-fucker," my conscience warned. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" The warning made me pause for a moment, then I answered, "Damn right I do," and speared my mother's pussy in one smooth thrust. My fat cock filled the same canal that I had emerged from thirty years before.

There are not many men who can describe the feel of their mother's cunt around their cock. I suppose it feels like any other cunt - hot, wet, and slick. By then I was confident that my mother was so dead to the world that she wouldn't wake up, so I fucked her pussy hard and deep but without any other contact between us. I wasn't wearing a rubber, so the sensations weren't dulled. I had had a vasectomy several years before, so there was no risk of knocking her up.

The desire to have Mom's big tits against my hairy chest was so overwhelming that I gave in to it. As I settled onto her voluptuous body, she suddenly woke up. "OH, MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" It took her a few seconds to comprehend that I was the source of her dream pleasure. She locked her legs around mine and raked her fingernails across my ass. "OH, MY GOD, IT WASN'T A DREAM! DON'T YOU DARE STOP! I'M STARTING TO CUM!"

The other orgasms I had given Mom were so weak that they probably shouldn't even count. The orgasm she had while I was fucking her for the first time was stronger than all of the rest combined. Her fingernails did so much damage to my back and ass that I never again fucked her unless she put on gloves. I pinned her wrists to the bed and delivered a fuck that even Casanova would take pride in. All of the sexual energy that had built up in her during two sexless years was released by my thrusting prong. "YOUR FATHER NEVER FUCKED ME THIS GOOD," she wailed. She came again and again until she passed out cold, for once from something other than booze. I can't even begin to describe the ecstasy I felt as I fired my buckshot into her.

The next day, Mom went on the wagon on the condition that I fuck her whenever she got the urge for a drink. The first few weeks tested my stamina, but as she dried out, her demands became less excessive. As she sobered up, she became even more beautiful. The dark bags disappeared from under her eyes. Her skin glowed and her beautiful hair became radiant. She told me that my father had neglected her sexual needs for years but that she hadn't taken lovers. She needed a lot of pronging to make up for it, and I was happy to provide the prong.

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