Mom, Please Help Me!

byL.A. Wicker©

His hot seed shot deep into Carrie's excited pussy and it was over for her too. "Oh baby! My baby!" she screamed as the most powerful orgasm raced through her like there was fire in her veins. "It feels so good!" Carrie screamed as his cock pumped and pumped her tiny pussy full of his sperm.

A few minutes later she lifted her head and asked, "Why'd you call me Carrie? I kinda like it when you call me Mom," she smiled, enjoying him still hard and deep in her pussy.

"I thought it would be cool and besides, it wouldn't be right calling my new girl Mom when I take you out on dates," he replied flexing his cock, hoping she'd want to do it again. He was ready for more.

"I'm your new girl am I?"

"Fuck yes you are. The hell with all the little ones at school. They can all kiss my ass."

"What if other people see our playing around with each other? We could really get into trouble."

"Fuck them. I got the prettiest woman in town and I plan on showing off," he smiled, but deep, down Jake knew she was right.

"I've been tossing around the idea of moving. What do you think? We could move far away and if you're serious about us...we could even say we're...married," she smiled, hoping he'd like the idea as much as she did. It would be so wonderful not hiding their love for each other.

He thought about what she said. It did sound great. "That would be cool. As long as I'd have you, I wouldn't care," he smiled, wishing he could grab her in his arms and hug her.

"Good! When you get all this shit off, you're going to screw me to death, and then we're moving away!"


Well, that's it. You gotta use your imagination for the rest, but...if I get a lot of comments and feedback. I will think of doing one last part.

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The Best Ever. I'am Cummin Now. Keep Writing More!!!!

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