tagIncest/TabooMom Seeks Son's Advice

Mom Seeks Son's Advice


I had a choice to live with either my mother or father when they divorced. I decided to live with Mom because it was dad's fault they broke up. He left her for a girl he had been having sex with. Mom was devastated over the divorce and was afraid to live by herself.

I was age twenty at the time and was attending the local college. Mom had always dressed nice, but now she had bought rather sexy clothing to go out at night. She had a nice trim body with long blond hair. When she dressed in a mini skirt with a low cut blouse, even I had to look at her sex appeal.

She had been leaving by herself after we had dinner together and returned often to invite a man in the house. She usually came to my bedroom to see if I was still awake. If so, she would bring me into the living room to meet the man. Then I returned to my bedroom to leave them in privacy. I noticed it was rare for the same man come to the house. Guess she was playing the field.

One night after a man friend had left the house, she was crying when she came into my room. I asked, "Mom, what is the matter?" I noticed the only thing she was wearing was a very short sexy robe. The material of the robe was so thin, she looked practically naked. Her breasts looked beautiful as they were hardly covered. Her man friend had just left and I was wondering if she was dressed like this while he was here.

She said, "I'm so unhappy. I am interested in finding a man I could love again." She looked directly at me, "I need to talk to someone, but I don't have a girl friend to confide in. Can I talk to you, my son? It isn't the usual subject I would talk to you about, but I need to talk and get advice. It involves sex and love, but I'm sure I can't shock you at the age of twenty."

I told her to talk and I would listen. "I've been going out to a nice cocktail lounge to meet men. If I like a man, we kiss and I let him feel my breasts. I get sexually excited and am ready to go farther with him. When the man with me tonight was leaving, I asked if he would call me. He said no and said I was a whore. I feel so bad. You've been out with girls, maybe you can give me some advice."

"Yes, mother. I hate to see you go out to get picked up. Try running ads on the internet and get acquainted a little before you go out. Stop going to a bar to get picked up. The guys in the bar are there to get a girl for a one night stand." She responded, "Thank you, that is good advice. I love you."

She sat beside me on the bed and hugged me. My hand reached around her shoulders and landed on a breast. It felt so soft and good. I slowly removed my hand and apologized, "Sorry." She responded, "That's alright I would rather you feel them than the man I had tonight. Tomorrow night I'll stay home for you to help me put an ad on the internet."

The next night after dinner, we were both dressed in our night clothing. She came into my room to look at the internet with me. We surfed some web sites showing ads to meet other people. Some were very sexy and invited others to join in sex.

While we were looking for a web site where the ads were for friendship, some very sexy pictures started popping up. Mom wanted to see them. Mom was surprised to see pictures of all kinds of sex acts. My cock was very hard and pushing up my pajama bottoms. Mom was sitting beside me wearing a skimpy see though nighty. Seeing her nearly naked breasts added to make my cock even harder. I was very tempted to feel her breasts, but this was my mother and I restrained myself. We finally saw a site to post an ad for her. Then she wanted to see more of the sexy sites.

She saw my erection and said, "Looks as if these pictures turn you on." Then she rubbed my cock through my pajamas. That sent sexual shocks through my body. I said, "If you weren't my mother, I would kiss and love you right now."

She said, "Too bad, but these pictures turn me on too." We looked at some more sexy pictures, some showing incest with father and daughter, then some with Mother and son. She said, "That is so difficult for me to believe that people do this." She said we had better say goodnight.

She stood and turned to give me a motherly good night kiss, but the kiss turned out to be on the mouth and a little bit sexy. I thought I must be losing my mind to kiss my Mom like that. When we hugged, my hard cock punched her body. She reached down to take it in her hand and said, "Oh my, what have we done? Too bad you are in this condition.".

After hesitating as if thinking what to do, she finally said, "Lie down on your bed. I can't leave my darling boy like this." She untied my pajama bottom and lowered them down over my hips and said, "I haven't seen this in a long time. It sure has grown big since I last saw it." She sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over and took it in her mouth. Her breasts were nearly falling out of her nighty. I couldn't resist to reach over to feel one. She pulled back up from my cock to say, "Go ahead and feel them, I like it." Then she deep throated me as I cum in her mouth and throat. When my cock became limp, she sat up and said, "It sure doesn't take much for you to cum." She got up from the bed and said, "Good night, sweet dreams." After she left, I couldn't believe this just happened. Maybe I'm dreaming.

The next evening she wanted to look at the ads again. There had been no response from her ad as yet. I took her picture with my digital camera and we placed another ad with a picture. We looked at the adult web pages again, but this time she was interested in looking at the incest web pages. She seemed more interested in the mother and son stories and pictures.

She said, "Today I bought more sexy undies I want to show you. Last night the internet pictures turned you on, but I noticed you kept looking at my body, too. I thought you might like to take my picture and look at me instead of these erotic photos. I can pose just as sexy as they can."

She went to her bedroom and returned in a very sexy matching panty and bra set. She said, "Get your camera and I'll pose." I took a picture of her in her panty and bra. Then she stripped completely causing my cock to punch out my pajamas. She had a beautiful body with all the curves in the right places. Just tell me what you want to see and I'll pose.

I took some more pictures in various positions. She said, "Don't you want to look between my legs and take some pictures there?" I wanted to see her cunt, but hesitated to ask. She spread her legs wide to give me a good view. She parted her cunt lips and inserted a finger for some of the pictures I took. She said, "Post some of these on the internet without my name. I can pose just as good as those other girls."

We posted the pictures, then looked at them on the internet. She seemed pleased. She looked directly at me, "Now, do I look as sexy as these models?" I said, "You are beautiful, Mom."

Suddenly, we were both quite and didn't say anything. My cock was obviously showing and Mom was completely nude. Her breasts were beautifully shaped. I longed to kiss her nipples, but didn't know if I should make the move. She saw me looking at her breasts. "Alright, son, if you want to feel them, go ahead." I put my hands on her breasts. I told her, "They feel so nice and soft." I leaned around to kiss a nipple causing her to breath irregular. She softly sighed, "That is nice, do it some more." She was feeling my cock through my pajamas.

She said, "Take your pajamas off." I got up to remove them and we laid on the bed. I was kissing her nipples some more when she said, "Turn around, put your legs up this way." When I repositioned myself, she took my cock in her mouth. Then I looked directly at her crotch as she opened her legs to give me access. There was her beautiful cunt just waiting for me to kiss. I didn't hesitate and rolled mom up on top of me. She was just kissing the head of my cock and playing with my balls. Last night I had cum so quick, she was probably going slow to make me last longer this time. I licked up and down her slit and sucked on her clit until she was beginning to act as if her orgasm was near. Then she started deep throating me causing me to cum as her body shuddered through an orgasm. She said, "We should have done this last night. I had satisfied you but I had to masturbate when I went to bed. It was my own fault because I resisted my sexual desires because you are my son. Now I've overcome my puritan belief. I dearly love you as my son, but I want to sexually love you too until I can find another man to love. I need sex like everybody else."

The next night we looked at the ads. She had a response from her ad with the picture. I helped her write an e-mail back to the man. She was so happy and I was happy for her. She was wearing a new nighty that made her look so sexy. She said, "I bought this nighty today just for you. I know you like to see me looking sexy because you always get hard when you look at me in something frilly and sexy. Let's go into my bedroom where I can show you more."

Once in the bedroom, she lifted her nighty up over her head to show me her shapely naked body again. My cock jumped to attention. She said, "I've noticed you get more excited when you can see my crotch. I'm going to pose to give you a good view between my legs. It turns me on to know you like to look at my pussy."

Mom then laid on her back to spread her legs. I crawled up on the bed and moved in a position to feel and play with her cunt. I couldn't wait any longer to taste her. My tongue was moving up and down her slit as her butt reacted to my movements. I pulled back so I could watch my fingers go in and out of her.

I heard her softly say, "That feels so good. Take all the time you want. The light is on so you can see me. It really turns me on to know you like to look and play with me."

I alternated between looking at her cunt and licking it. Every time my tongue touched her clit, a slight shock moved through her body. Many minutes went by as I leisurely remained with my head between her crotch.

Finally Mom said, "Take off your pajamas, this time we are going all the way. I'm on the pill so that is not a problem. She took my cock in her mouth and worked fast on me. I quickly cum in her mouth. Mom commented, "I knew you would cum fast and I wanted it that way. Now you can have an erection longer to satisfy me. I'll teach you some new ways for sex."

She taught me several different enjoyable positions. Mom had one orgasm while she was sitting on my cock riding me. After several oral positions and cock insertions, she wanted me to cum in her while she had another orgasm. I got on top of her while she put her legs up over my shoulders. I pounded her cunt until she became very vocal and screamed as she had a fantastic long orgasm. My cock jumped and jerked in her cunt while I filled her with cum.

We both laid exhausted together for a while. I finally rolled off to lie beside her for a while without either one of us speaking. I was wondering what she was thinking, but I was hoping we would have many more nights together like this.

As the days went by, Mom e-mailed back and forth to three different men who were interested in meeting her. Each night she wore sexy underwear and sleep ware to pose for me, then we would get naked and have sex. She finally met one man she liked and dated regularly for quite a while before she invited him into her bedroom. She was in love again. When he left the house after each visit, Mom knew I would have a hard on. Then she invited me to her bedroom to give me a blow job or let me fuck her. I have the most wonderful mother in the world.

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