tagIncest/TabooMom, Son... and Gran

Mom, Son... and Gran


My Mom, Deedee was a hottie. So I was told by my mates at college. I was 18 years old and starting college and had never thought of Mom as sexual being.

At 5' 9", forty four years old and 130lbs, Deedee was slim but with a voluptuous set of hips. She had very small boobs but had KILLER nipples that got hard as little pebbles when she was sexually excited. (So I found out). Her hips and ass were curvy in all the right places, augmented by a small waist and flat belly. She liked sex of any kind but her experience with her husband left her less than ready to look for another man in her life. She had been asked out by quite a few men from her work and her church but had never accepted. Anyway, raising Johnny WAS her life at this point.

Somehow I got my mom's looks and stature. She had blond thick straight hair that she wore long enough to put in a pony tail, but not really long. She had deep grey eyes, wide set, high cheekbones, and her face looked open, inviting, even when she wasn't smiling. The line of her lips used to fascinate me. Sensuous, full, as though an artist drew her mouth as he painted a picture of his beloved fantasy. Mom was tall and long limbed.

I came home from school a little early that day and not seeing her downstairs, I somehow knew Mom was doing something in her bedroom as the door was only slightly ajar. I decided that I would try to look through the crack in the door. I could feel an erection coming on in anticipation.

Going silently to her bedroom door, I saw Mum lying in bed with a negligee lifted above her chest with one hand holding the story whilst her other hand was busily occupied in her cunt masturbating to the stories I had written online. It looked like she had printed some out. She was totally preoccupied wanking to the stories unaware of my presence, moving her free hand deftly between her nipples and her clit. I had not seen her nipples ever before or indeed her breasts which had the effect of 40 plus years on her and were droopy but still full and made me harder just viewing them. Her nipples were surrounded by large areolas, but the startling thing were her nipples themselves stuck out about ¾ of an inch in sheer stiffness. They were obviously very sensitive as she was spending as much time on them as on her clit. Her nipples were shiny too from her wet cunt.

Her pushing the sheet down more made my cock really harden as she revealed wearing her suspender belt and stockings showing off the delicious white of her upper thighs near her fast moving hand.

Watching her through the doorway had such a deep effect on me that I was wanking my prick harder and harder. As I heard her moan from her own climax, I let go with a strong stream of my own; it finished up on the door and the carpet. I was so spent that I just stood there leaning against the door jamb with my cock resting in my hand.

Mom came out of the door so silently that I didn't hear her at first.

She didn't seem surprised to find me there.

"Johnny, were you just watching your Mother masturbate?"

I breathed deeply and replied guiltily, "Yes."

"Well, I am just going to take a shower, would you like to come into the bathroom with me?"

I didn't know how to answer that. So Mom just took me by the hand and pulled me along to the shower with her.

She was still wearing her sexy negligee, stockings and garter belt, and she turned to me and asked me to take them off for her, one by one.

I slid the straps over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I was then seeing my Mother in all her glory. This was even better than all the short glimpses I had of her over the past few years. I could see her puckered nipples and wanted so much to take them into my mouth and suck them like I used to do as a baby. I also saw her faint line of hair angling towards her Mount Venus, the place I so desired to enter from when I was old enough to know the differences between male and female bodies. After all I was still only 18yrs old and my fantasies were all centred on one thing, and at that moment, it was my Mom's body. I then knelt down and slid off her stockings and garter belt.

She twisted around and turned on the shower revealing to me her beautiful hips and thighs from the rear. I wanted to kiss her all over.

I watched as she stepped into the shower and adjusted the water temperature. Mom then held out her hand to me and pulled me in beside her. I still had my boxers on which she proceeded to peel off me.

I could tell at that moment that this wasn't going to be any normal shower. She looked down at my cock with a gasp. This was the first time she had seen me naked since I was about 8 years old. I can tell you that I had grown up quite a bit since then. I had seven and a half inch rod which was as thick as my own wrist, and it was already standing at attention.

"My, my, what have we here?" was Mom's breathless query.

I didn't reply just made my cock wriggle for her.

She turned toward the wall of the shower and passed me the shampoo, indicating that she wanted me to wash her hair. This I did, then conditioned it and rinsed it off. She then handed me the loofar and liquid soap. I was getting into this very quickly and started by washing her back and down her legs and sexy hips and thighs. I then turned her around and began to massage her, firstly with the sponge, then with my bare hands. I started at her neckline and worked my way down to her breasts, stimulating them with my fingers. I couldn't resist any longer and bought my mouth down to suckle those upstanding nipples. I stayed there as long as possible, all the while Mom was groaning and pushing her chest into my mouth and hands.

With one of my hands on her breast, the other went exploring and landed on her upper thighs. My fingers snaked their way into the crevasse of her pussy and she opened her legs. My middle finger eased its way into her now open pussy, and my middle finger was joined by the index finger and at last I was finger fucking my Mom.

I knew then that this was going to have a good ending. I rinsed her off quickly, wrapped a towel around her and led her back into the bedroom. Once there, I gently pushed her onto the bed with her legs draped over the side, and immediately knelt down in between her thighs and gazed at that delectable feast in front of me.

I lowered my head and breathed in the natural aroma of her sweet cunt. I softly licked her labial lips on either side, licked and laved her inner thighs, gradually easing up to the one place in the world I desired more than anything else. My Mother' cunt.

I then proceeded to let my tongue perform all the action. This was new territory for me. I had licked a couple of the girls at high school and even fucked a couple of them, but none so enticing as this. My tongue took over and my lips found the nub of her pleasure. Drawing it into my mouth and licking it with my tongue with every stroke, Mom began to wriggle and writhe beneath the pounding of my tongue and lips.

"Oh, Johnny, don't stop, Mommy's cumminggggggg," she cried.

"Let it go Mom, I want to drink your juices."

Mom shuddered as she climaxed and I felt her nectar flow out of her and coat my tongue and throat. What a wonderful sensation!

I pulled myself up beside her on the bed and finally got round to kissing her. We melded into an embrace so hot that I could feel my erection needing to be someplace else, beside where it was at the moment, just resting on Mom's thigh.

I raised myself above her and looked into her eyes.

"Are you ready for this Mom?"

Mom breathlessly replied, "More than ready, my sweet boy."

I then allowed my stiff rod to find its own way into her wet and willing cunt. I sank into that burning furnace like a submarine going underwater. I stopped and lay there, feeling like I was in Heaven. I then started to move inside her and gradually had my cock right reaching for her cervix. I worked my hips to a slow beat and gently increased the rhythm, while Mom also matched me stoke for stoke. We worked together like this for about 10 minutes, but I was unable to hold off any longer.

"Mom, I gonna cum soon," I cried out.

Mom replied in a gasp that she was on the edge too.

We both climaxed so strongly that it took a good 5 minutes to get our breath back, and for me to roll over and lay beside her.

This is what I had wanted for so long, and now it was mine. I knew at that moment that this wasn't going to be the last time that Mom and I made love.

A few days later I arrived home and noticed my Gran's car outside our garage. I raced in to see her, it had been months since her last visit.

I called out as I entered the front door but there was no answering reply. I raced up the stairs looking for either Mom or Gran. Mom's bedroom door was open and I glanced in, reeling at what I saw.

There was my Mom and Gran laying together on the bed in a 69 position. This was something that I really couldn't envisage.

They didn't seem to have heard my entrance or my rush upstairs. They were so engaged in their own activities. So I stood at the doorway and watched as they went ahead and enjoyed each other.

My Gran was the first to notice me and nudged Mom. Mom just smiled at me and at her Mom and proceeded to tell Gran about our relationship.

"Well boy, you had better come on in and join the party," quipped Gran.

I can tell you, that it didn't take me too long to strip down and join them on the bed.

Let me tell you something, if you thought my mom was hot, Gran was a completely different animal. 'Gracefully' just isn't a good enough word to describe how well that woman, at 65 years old, has aged. Her long silver hair fell just past her shoulders, silky and voluminous. She had sultry green eyes, her delighted, rose petal smile causing faint lines of age in her gorgeous face. She apparently didn't give my mother her rack, for Gran looked like she could have been bigger than a large C-cup, which was just fine with me. She did, however, bless my mother with that hourglass figure that I'm sure you've noticed. Sure, she had a bit of weight to her, but she filled out perfectly. Pleasantly plump, you might say.

Mom turned to me and encouraged me to make love to Gran. This really was going to be different.

Gran lay there as I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I could taste my Mother's cunt juices there and so I licked and levered her mouth open to accept my tongue. We duelled tongues for a few moments but I wanted to go a bit further.

My hands went towards her bounteous breasts, cupping them firmly in my palms. I then lowered my face and slowly made my way down her neckline to those peaks of passion. I then engorged first one and then the other, all the while keeping my hand securely fastened and busy with the other. They tasted so good.

My hand then made its way to Gran's mound, and I slipped my middle finger into her wet crotch. She sighed deeply and moaned with the motion of that finger as it moved in and out of her wet pussy.

I decided to go the whole hog and have a feast of pussy. I sat up and made Mom lie down on her back beside Gran. Then I positioned myself between the two of them, laying on my stomach and proceeded to lap first one and then the other until I had both females reaching an orgasm....all this while they were playing with each other's boobs, which I could see if I looked up. This was doubly stimulating.

"Oh fuck! No! No! You...didn't!" Gran mewled as my tongue danced on the surface of her clit, swirling about in tantalizing little passes, sometimes allowing myself to gingerly suck it, drawing it up between my lips, holding it there. I felt Gran's hands come down to my head, holding it in place, her deep throated moan unlike any I had ever heard before. "Oh my God! Johnny! Johnny!" she screamed. At the same time, Mom let loose with a great gush which I also lapped up.

I knew then I had to stick my rock hard cock into my Gran's cunt. So I moved up and over her and just slipped into her. She let out a gasp and took me into her hot crater and immediately we began to work together to achieve another orgasm for her and hopefully a big one for me.

We did. As I came down from those heights, Mom rolled me onto my back and started to suck my cock clean of the spunk from both her Mom and me.

I can tell you now that that was most definitely one of the best fucks a guy could have. I am still enjoying making love to Mom every night and every couple of weeks Gran comes over to join us.

I found out soon after that both those initial events had been staged to lure me into the relationships we all now share. Of course, I couldn't be sorry about that.

I am a very happy young 20 year old now, and at the moment, I am not even remotely interested in the young girls at College.


What?" I pressed kissing her neck, stabbing at her gingerly, though again the now tented material of my underwear kept me from entering her, though to some extent I was. I could feel her moisture already seeping through, the heat of her bathing my cock even as the tip pressed against the satiny folds of her sweet lips.

"How would we ever explain it?" she finally managed, her voice quivering, her obvious arousal now taking over.

"No reason for us too," I continued to whisper back to her. "It just is."

It was then that she released one of her hands from about my neck. Somewhat awkwardly, I felt her reaching down, fumbling between us. In the next instant she had freed my prick from the confines of my shorts, the waistband of which she had now pulled down beneath my hard firm balls. I felt her slide up, and then down. As she did, I felt her wet sweet passage suddenly envelope my prick. I felt her warm wet glove completely devour me, my cock sliding up deeply inside her. She once again shuddered with the sudden thrill and intrusion of it, though I merely held her there in place, unmoving as we both stood growing accustomed to the unexpected joining.

After a moment or two of this, I fucked. And she fucked back. I slid inside her again.

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