tagIncest/TabooMom Stays Home Sick

Mom Stays Home Sick


When I was eighteen I still lived at home and worked. One day they gave us the day off. I had already gone to work so I returned home. I didn't expect anyone to be there because both my parents worked. They commuted together so I figured they had gone.

I went to my room and put on a pair of loose shorts, no underwear I just wanted to relax. I went down the hall toward the bathroom, passing my parents room. The door was open. I saw my mom lying on the bed naked and sweating.

My mom was not the hot mom every guy wanted to do. But she had E cup tits, with nipples the size of the end of my thumb from the last knuckle, if you touched the ends of your middle fingers and the ends of your thumbs making a circle it would be the size of her areolas and she had a pretty nice ass. She was about 5' and weighed maybe 110 pounds. Seeing her lying on the bed with her huge tits showing and her nicely shaved pussy in view I got aroused. I tried to shake it off knowing that was my mom.

I entered the room and asked her if she was alright.

"What are you doing home?" she asked, startled trying to cover herself with her hands.

"They gave us the day off. Are you OK?" I replied with a slight tremor in my voice from the excitement of seeing my mom's body.

"Running fevers for some reason." she said relaxing and letting her hands fall to her sides revealing herself to me again.

"Let me get some cool water and wash you to bring down the fever." I said

She tried to get me to let her do it herself but was to weak to stop me from doing it. I started with her face and then her abdomen. I slowly worked my way to her gorgeous tits. I slowly washed them letting my hands roam around on them. She moaned softly then caught herself and said it was helping. Then I worked my way down to her legs. I washed them and worked up to her thighs. I slipped my hand and the clothe between them and moved up to her pussy. When my hand made contact with her clit and labias she jumped slightly and moaned again. I worked my hand around the area making sure I was manipulating her clit. She was wet by now, soaking my hand with her juices.

She let me work it for awhile I could feel her body tighten. Then she stooped me and said she felt much better. She took the bowl of water from me and put it on the night stand. She thanked me and patted the bed beside her to have me lay down next to her. I'm sure she could see my raging erection through my thin shorts.

"Lay down next to me and just hold me. I haven't been held in so long, I guess I'm just not your Dad's cup of tea anymore. I'm not a hottie I guess." she said sadly.

"Mom you are wrong. You are very hot. I know I am attracted to you." I said

"Thanks honey, I know you don't really mean that. Give your old mom a hug." she said with a sly smile.

I rolled toward her, wrapping my arms around her. She rolled toward me pressing her tits against my bare chest. I grabbed her hip with my top arm and pulled them toward my stiffy. She came willing forward pressing her hips tightly to me.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" she said in her May West voice.

"Extremely glad to see you." I replied laughing.

"I guess you do find me attractive after all. Maybe I'm not so bad." she crooned

I let my hand slip to her breast and began massaging it. She moaned and rolled onto her back to give me better access to them. I played with them and began sucking her huge nipples. She began to moan more loudly.

"Oh God it's been two years since a man has touched them and me. I know this is wrong but it feels too good to stop." she cried out.

"Its not wrong to love someone no matter who it is." I replied

"Do you love me, you know in that way? Like a man loves a woman or just as your mom?" she groaned between deep breaths

"I love you like a man loves his wife. I wish you were my wife I wouldn't ignore your needs like dad does." I said, angry at dad and deeply in love with the woman that gave birth to me.

She quit talking and was moaning loudly. I kissed my way down her stomach and made my way down to her wet waiting pussy. I pushed her legs apart and began licking her puffy, beautiful labia. She tried to push me away.

"What are you doing?" she cried

"Just lay back and relax. I'm going to pleasure you like never before." I said slyly.

She relaxed letting me lick pussy. My tongue made its way inside her causing her to jump.


I let my tongue go to her clit and began licking and sucking it . It was large to start with but now it was swollen and huge almost filling my mouth. She was thrashing around and thrusting her hips into my eager mouth. My tongue was frantically working her clit. Her juices were literally flowing. Her hands were next to mine on her wonderful tits playing with her own tits. I removed my hands and just watched her .

Her body stiffened up and she was struggling to breath.


She was squirting her juices all over my tongue. I was kicking and swallowing as fast as I could. I had never been with a woman that ejaculated before but I rather enjoyed it. Soon her body relaxed and she pushed my head away from her soaked pussy.

"Sorry, I should have warned you I squirt. Did it gross you out?" She asked

"No it turned me on actually, I liked it. It tasted good too." I replied.

"It always grossed your dad out. Come up here and make love to me." She said breathlessly.

I positioned my body beside her laying on my side with her legs draped over mine, giving me access to her wet, warm and amazingly tight pussy. I slowly entered her and grunted as I had to push harder than expected to enter. She groaned loudly.

"God you are so big, son I've never felt one this large." she moaned

"No your just tight, Mom. God you feel so good to be inside of. I love you, Mom." I cried

"I love you too son very muuuch." she cried trailing off as I drove my cock the rest of the way in.

We didn't talk again for some time. I was busy fondling her tits and slowly fucking her pussy and grunting and groaning. She was moaning and trying to catch her breath. We made love for quite some time. My mom orgasmed twice more. I was fucking her faster and harder now. I felt my balls swelling as I neared cumming.



I felt her pussy go crazy with her orgasm on my dick. I couldn't hold back any longer. I cummed harder than ever before. Shot after shot of my cum was pumped into my wonderful Mother. She willing and eagerly accepted it. I cummed for what seemed an eternity.

"If that don't get me pregnant nothing will. You cummed a gallon I think." she said laughing.

"I hope it does it will teach Dad a lesson about ignoring you." I replied pulling her to me to cuddle.

" This is so nice to cuddle after love making. I don't want to teach your Dad a lesson. I only stayed with him because of you. I want to leave him and be with you. Were you serious about wanting to be my husband? We could move to a new town and live as a couple." she said haltingly unsure what my reply would be.

"Of course Mom, I mean Eileen, I better start calling you by your name. I meant every word I am madly in love with you." I said

She smiled brightly for the first time in a long time and curled into me. We lay there until shortly before Dad was to get home. We showered together washing the evidence of our tryst off of each other.

Dad came home late we had been waiting for some time. We were sitting on the couch. Mom had her head in my lap.

"We could have made love again by now." I said

"I think he is having an affair with his secretary. He can have her." she said laughing and nuzzling her face into my crotch making my erection even harder.

When Dad got home I went to my room but left the door open so I could hear.

"Frank I'm leaving you. I know your fucking Amanda and don't love me anymore. Tim and I are moving to another town and you can have the house and your young tart. I found a man who appreciates me and my body. " she said calmly

"Who is the man Eileen?" he queried

"None of your business but if you must know it's your son." she said

My heart jumped a beat. What would he do.

"We fucked all day. He is good in bed. And he loves me the way a man should." she said breathlessly.

"He has always been attracted to you, and you him. I always thought it was just a matter of time. Well it finally happened. I wish you two the best and will keep your secret." he replied stoically.

Mom and I moved out a week later. Dad told me to take good care of her. She was a good woman and deserved better than he could give her. I told him I would love and take care of her.

We still live together and still have great sex. Every time is as good as that first time, maybe better because I got her to suck me and swallow. She enjoys it now although it took awhile. I would never go elsewhere because she satisfies me more than anyone could. It may be partially because of the danger of our taboo being discovered but who cares? I love her, she loves me and we are great together. And yes she got pregnant that first time. We have a child now and one on the way. And yes they are normal. The first one is a year old now and the apple of our eyes.

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