tagLoving WivesMoments with Moet

Moments with Moet


This story contains scenes of unfaithfulness. If this offends you then please do not read the story.

Jules closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of cool champagne trickling down her long stocking clad legs, closely followed by warm lapping tongues that seemed to take forever to lick at every last drop. This was sheer ecstasy and she did not want the moment to end.

It had been a pleasant evening. I had caught up on some work at home, and finishing off the remainder of the white wine that we had enjoyed for lunch. Jules was already excited at the prospect of the evening ahead. To all intents it was to be a ladies night out. About twenty-five of them to be precise. Jules and friends enjoying a get together and dinner at the local golf club. Very much a ladies night, although refined rather than crude.

During the afternoon Jules had tried on many outfits, finally settling for a close fitting cocktail dress. High-heeled black evening strappy sandals, and always her favourite finishing touch, barely black cuban-heeled sheer seamed stockings, were the icing on the cake. She looked divine as she walked into the lounge, and pirouetted for my benefit. Sensing my arousal, and a welcome break from my work,

My growl and rapid rise from the chair had been greeted with a mock 'you'll just have to wait won't you'

The drive to the club didn't take more than a few minutes. On arrival I accompanied Jules to the lounge to give my greetings to her friends, many of whom were known to me. The evening was already well underway, and I noticed that she received a number of admiring glances, as well as the customary 'death stares' from some of the more envious women present. Jules adored the attention of men, and so she particularly relished the looks from the group of young male musicians, who were to play in the band.

Tantalisingly she positioned herself in order that they could feast their eyes on her long and stocking clad legs. This was clearly an initiation for them, and I chided her softly for her teasing. 'they must have their education' was her taunting reply.

I kissed her softly on the cheek, and made my way out of the room, thoughts of even more work on my mind. During the remainder of the evening I occasionally thought of Jules's long legs. I knew that she would be having a good time. I had agreed to pick her up at about 2am, and not wishing to keep her waiting ensured that I was on time with just a few minutes to spare. I parked closely, and listened to the gentle tones of classic FM on the radio, waiting for Jules to appear.

Most of the guests had already left, and there were only four cars remaining in the car park. I imagined that they belonged to the staff, or the band who would now be packing away. I waited patiently for another 30 minutes, and became concerned when Jules did not appear. I got out of the car, the night air felt cool after the hot day, and I savoured this for a moment before approaching the large French windows that were being used as the main entrance. The lights in the room were still on, and as I approached, the sight that greeted me caused my heart to leap into my mouth and stopped me in my tracks. I hesitated and ducked quickly to one side so as not to be seen. Hidden in the darkness I tentatively glanced through the window again.

Stripped to just her nylons and high heels was Jules. She was lying back on a serving table surrounded by five young men in a state of complete undress. Her legs were held up in a V shape, and I noticed that her right shoe was half off. In between her legs one of the young men was fucking her mercilessly, his firm muscular buttocks clenching with each thrust. Jules tossed her head from side to side screaming with pure pleasure as his young and firm body thrust into her again and again. The others attended to her with their tongues and hands, slavishly kissing, licking and stroking every part of her over excited body. Her outstretched hands toyed and played with two huge cocks whose owners could barely contain themselves. As I watched, fascinated, her stallion withdrew from her before vigorously shooting cum all over the tops of her stockings.

I sank back against the wall; a mixture of jealousy and arousal filled me. I felt my own excitement beginning to grow, and a compulsion to continue this voyeuristic adventure.

A cry of 'Oh God yes, just fuck me' aroused my curiosity once more.

I peeked back through the window to see that the men had exchanged places. Two were holding up her legs, whilst the athletic young man between them teased her with his hard and massive cock. I watched fascinated as he slowly tickled her, teasing her beyond the point of endurance as he slowly rubbed his cock up and down over her clitoris. Jules was being driven into hysterics by her skilled and confident lover.

After what seemed like an eternity he thrust forward. Immediately she screamed in the relief of a powerful orgasm. Her body went limp. Like a well-maintained piston the young stud kept up the pace before groaning loudly and emptying his balls with a shudder. One by one, each took their turn. For what seemed like the youngest and shyest, the ordeal was clearly too much. As he attempted to move forward, his throbbing erection glanced against Jules's thigh. Even this was too much for him and he shot a string of pearls across her stocking tops. Embarrassed and teased by the others, Jules was seen to gently fondle and kiss him in a kind gesture of reassurance. He took his turn licking and tickling at her nylon clad foot, whilst another eagerly entered her. Jules turned her head to one side, and steered the nearest hard cock into her mouth. She gently licked and sucked, as much as her concentration would allow.

By the time they had finished with her, her legs, face and hands were covered in their excesses. In a final gesture of debauchery her legs were lifted in a wide V, and a bottle of MOET emptied down her legs. It tickled and Jules screamed her pleasure as her young attendants eagerly licked the last drop from her exhausted body.

I returned to the car. My legs and stomach felt like jelly, but it was so exciting. I feigned sleep and waited. After about ten minutes Jules arrived. She was fully dressed and looked as immaculate as when she had earlier left. She apologised for being late, and mumbled something to do with one of her friends being ill.

She dozed during the drive home, whilst my mind was racing. What were these emotions that were coursing through my body. Somehow the secrecy added to the sense of wickedness. It was clear that this was also to be Jules's secret, and I wondered how many other lovers she had.

We reached home, and Jules indicated her desire to go to bed, as she felt tired. As she walked up the stairs ahead of me, I feasted my eyes on her shapely nylon clad legs. With a wry smile I couldn't help but notice that the seams were slightly twisted, and that the only clue to the evenings activities were a couple of marks on her nylons where her ' boys' had become somewhat over excited!

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