tagIncest/TabooMommies Are Great Dogs!

Mommies Are Great Dogs!


"Mom, can I please have a puppy?" I asked my mom putting on my cute puppy face even though I was 18 they still worked. My mom always melted under those eyes.

"No, Tia you may not have a dog in this house because you know I'm allergic."

"Pretty please?" I asked even more.

"No." She replied knowing she was weaker than I was.

"I know you will change your mind eventually, and when you do I'll be in my room."

Later that night...

I heard my mom knocking at my door and found out she changed her mind.

"Tia, if you want a dog you can have one but, we'll have to get it tomorrow."

My mom entered my room and stood in front of me.

"I aready have my dog here, Mommy," I said using the name I hadn't called her since I was 5.

I saw my mom's knees go weak like they do every time she talks to me.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see tonight."

Late in the night...

I snuck up in my mom's room with the rope I would need to bind her. I pulled the covers off of her and started to bind her in a hogtie. She woke up to a start but by that time I was putting in her gag. I ran my fingers over her tightly bound body.

"Who is ready to be a good puppy?" I asked my new dog slut. "I knew you would be so eager, Princess."

I tragged her to my room and pulled out the big brown bag in my closet. Inside the bag it had some chains to bind her in a dog position, an o-ring gag, a tail butt plug, a bedazzled collar, a pink leather leash, and some really exensive dog food. I started to untie her and stripped her and then put the chains on.

After all the chains were on I took her ass and spread the cheeks apart and grabbed the butt plug and put it in slowly to hear her cry. I got it in and saw her small pussy saw it was super wet.

I turned her around and saw her face tear stained and her eyes swollen. I untied the gag behind her mouth and put the ring gag in to limit her talking ability.

Then, I put the collar on and attached the leash to it. I started to lead her out of my room and into the bathroom. Once we were in the bathroom I grabbed some hair remover and ut it on her head so that only to ears were left. After that we went pack into my room and I grabbed the dog food.

Princess was having a tough time getting down the stairs. But once we were down I brought her to kitchen and got down a dog dishes and filled it with dog food.

"Come on Princess a doggy has to eat to stay alive." She had a hard time getting down to the dish but when she did she ate every piece of it. I then brough her over to the downstairs bathroom and put her head over the toilet. She seemed a little confused.

"Okay, Princess you drink the toilet water." I held her head over the toilet and she still didn't drink. "Princess you only drink twice a day and you have one minute to drink." After that she lapped it up. I had to beat her to pull her away from drinking it. I then brought her outside and showed her the inside of the dog house in the back and told her that this was the place she was to sleep.

I also told her about the potty tree. That she was suppose to pee at morning and night. I shoved her ito the house and said I would pick her up in the morning.

Tomorrow morning...

I went outside to collect Princess and saw that there was a wet ground spot and sniffed it and found it reeking of pee.

I grabbed Princess and brought her inside. Then I grabbed the riding crop on the wall and brought it down on her ass. I gave her 25 smacks on the ass. I saw her pussy was wet.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked her as I undid the chains all over her body. She brought her finger to her cunt and started to finger herself. I gave her 25 more smacks on the ass.

"Dogs don't finger themselves." After I said it I went down to the basement were I brought out my other pet dog, Sparkle. I showed Sparkle, who I had owned for about 6 months, to Princess. I told Sparkle to hump Princess with the fake doggy dildo in her cunt. I told Princess she could cum and then after she was done cumming I made her clean up her cum by licking it off the floor. I then felt left out so I got out another doggy dildo and put it in Princess's cunt and then I got on my hands and knees and had them hump me for over an hour. I brought the riding crop on my dogs asses for fun and then I brought hem both downstairs and locked them in Sparkle's cage.

To be continued...

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