Mommy Had It Coming


My orgasm was approaching fast as I humped at my Mom lying there comatose with me naked on top of her gasping and moaning as my pulsing member slid between her fat, nylon encased thighs rubbing my penis against her cunt lips through the translucent gusset of her hose. My cock exploded and streams of hot semen flooded her knickers and soaked her thighs as my climax shook my body. I kissed my Mother's painted lips and drove my tongue inside her mouth and still torrents of sperm spurted out of my cock and into her panties. I humped and ground against my Mom forcing the head of my cock harder against her cunt lips forcing the gusset of her pantyhose inside her labia.

Slowly my orgasm subsided and I lay prone on top of my still sleeping Mom relishing the magnificent sensations as they slowly diminished. My cock never got totally flaccid; it remained semi-hard nestled in my Mother's hot semen-soaked crotch. Mom's satin panties and gossamer hose had a different feel now that they were drenched with my sperm; they still had that lovely silky feel but my semen provided a lubricant so that the material was slick and slippery against my hardening cock. My penis was soon back to full tumescence and now I was going to do to my Mom what I had set out to do from the start. It was going to rape her.

I reached down with my hand and put a fingernail against the pantyhose gusset covering her cunt and pushed until I felt the nylon tear. My mother remained unmoving as I lowered my lips to her heavily made-up face and kissed her again and slowly pushed forward with my hips. The tip of my cock forced its way through the hole in her pantyhose and nestled in her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of my cock enter her. My mind was racing. I was fucking my Mom! NO! I was raping my Mom!

I pushed in further and found no resistance. She was wet! I thought that Mom could not feel anything in her comatose state but now I realised that she was enjoying what I was doing to her. I didn't know if she knew that it was her son who was violating her, or in her drunken and drugged state she might have thought it was someone from the law firm. It didn't matter to me really; I just liked the fact that I had made her cunt get wet. I started a slow thrusting movement hardly moving my cock at all, just enough to get my cock deep inside her, millimetre by millimetre. We must have looked a sight, my Mom lying on the couch her legs apart and her skirt rucked up around her waist and her nylon encased legs spread wide with me between them slowly humping and forcing my kisses on her.

Eventually I was fully inside her and my balls came to rest against the silken gusset of her panties which I had pushed aside to allow for my entry. I was fighting off my orgasm; having to enter her slowly had helped. My pre-seminal fluid and her vaginal secretions had lubricated my Mom's cunt enough to enable my cock to fully penetrate her, but she was still very tight. My head was spinning with desire now and I knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly I fucked her.

I lifted her silken pantyhosed legs up and around me. Mom still hadn't moved or made a sound; she was just like a rag doll. I was fully naked and could feel her gauzy nyloned legs on my back and thighs. I pulled back my throbbing cock all the way and thrusted deeply into her, once, twice, three times. Each time I did, she grunted with the force of my thrusts; at first I was worried that she was waking up but it was just the air expelling form her lungs as my body pounded against hers. On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silky nylon-clad legs against my body. Then I felt her legs pull me against her body; I was right! My Mom was enjoying being fucked and was pretending to be fully comatose. My Mom's legs wrapped around me and her sleek nylons rustled against my body as she pulled me tight against her -- "come inside me you naughty boy" she whispered. I exploded; torrents of semen blasted out of my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful.

I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I had done it; I had fucked my Mom! That'll teach the bitch to lie around on the couch tormenting me with her pantyhose encased legs and satin panty crotch on display.

I got up off her and looked at my Mother lying there with her skirt hiked up; my wet semen soaking her thighs and knickers. Her fat thighs hid her crotch from view, so I forced them open and was rewarded with the view of her panty gusset pulled aside revealing the hole in her pantyhose. A rivulet of semen oozed from between her labia and soaked into her panties. She moaned and smiled to herself. I wasn't sure if she was fully awake or even realised that I had fucked her, or if she was just hallucinating that one of her cronies from work had bought her home and then had taken advantage of her in her drunken state. I didn't care really; if she thought someone from her office had fucked her while she was unconscious it would just help to give me an alibi.

My cock was getting hard again; one of the joys of adolescent pubescence, and I stroked it and fondled it to full tumescence. I rubbed it against her ankle and enjoyed the feel of the cool, sleek nylon against my sensitive glans. I reached out and pulled my Mom's legs out straight and then lifted her feet to my face, caressing and nibbling on her silken toes. Then I lowered her feet and pushed them together around my cock and began to foot-fuck her. I managed to last about five minutes before I felt another orgasm building.

As the first stream of semen shot out of my throbbing penis I dropped Mom's feet and sprayed my juice over her legs and thighs. I moved up her body and the second stream shot across the tight satin Vee of her panties and over her skirt; the third stream soaked her blouse and I aimed my final emissions at her face, covering her heavily made-up face with warm semen. I rubbed my cock on her face mixing my spend into her makeup and rubbing my glans in her eye-sockets and down her nose and over her lips; I shot the very last spurt of my semen onto her lips.

I left her lying there, raped and semen-soaked, and went up to the bathroom and had a long hot shower. If Mom woke up it would be too bad; I would have to deal with the consequences! She didn't wake up though; and when I came back down half an hour later she was still fast asleep on the couch. I struggled with her fat limp body as I undressed her; I wiped her down with a facecloth and warm soapy water and then dried her off as best I could. It took me ages but I managed to get her into a pair of clean panties and her nightgown. There was no way I could lift her off the couch and put her to bed as my original plan called for. I arranged her in a demure position on the couch and left her.

I put her bra and blouse into the washing machine and set it on a delicate cycle; I kept her semen-soaked knickers and hosiery for myself; they would add to my crusty collection under the loose floorboard. I put her skirt into a plastic dry cleaning bag that she kept in the laundry and took her jacket from the hall closet and tossed it in with the skirt. The bag smelled of booze and cigarette smoke from the Christmas party and also there was the musty smell of my semen soaking into my Mother's skirt. Would she notice when she took the bag to the drycleaners? Who cares!

The next day my Mom thanked me for taking care of her after she had come home drunk. She was puzzled by the fact that I had undressed her and put her in her nightgown but I told her that she had vomited on herself in her sleep. The stupid cow hugged me and thanked me again and told me I was good boy, she patted my head and winked at me. Did she know what I had done? Or was she indicating to me that she thought she had been fucked by one of her work colleagues and that I had helped her conceal the incident? It was ironic that the most affection that I ever received from my Mother came the day after I had raped her!

I spent the next few days enjoying the trophies that I had taken from my Mother's comatose body. As I shot load after load of semen into my Mother's undergarments, I planned and schemed about what I would do to her the next time.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous03/06/18

Mom's ready for a new smooth cock....

MOM said": I need you to wear pantyhose and high heels when you are with me."! "Yes mom I know that you have a fetish for the Smooth PANTYHOSE and the pretty outfits. "! We are always looking hot and sexymore...

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by Anonymous09/26/17

I love the story of the new order of the incredibly talented young cock in mom's pussy.


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